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151 - Concept of "What's the Score" to Know When and How to Attack!

How do you know when to attack? It's actually pretty simple math!! In this episode I share the "what's the score" concept that I learned from Rob Biernacki. At any given point in time both you and your opponent have a score, determined from your base, posture and structure. The relative score tells you whether an attack will succeed or fail. This is a very useful idea and it will allow you to create and recognise opportunities for your sweeps, submissions and guard passes! Videos referred...


150 - Sparring to Win; How to Train Effectively with Smaller People So You BOTH Benefit!

In this short rant I talk about 3 or 4 training methods you can use when sparring someone significantly smaller than you so that you BOTH come out winners! These methods also apply, to some degree, to sparring people who are less experienced and not as good as you are. Training time is a limited commodity wo you really want to maximise what you get out of your sparring sessions!


149 - Martial Artist and Clinical Neuropsychologist David Brown

David Brown has spent many decades studying and teaching martial arts, including Muay Thai and Wing Chun. He's also a clinical neuropsychologist which gives him a unique insight into the mindset at work within martial arts cults. Then we also went down some major rabbit holes, including the science of sticking people's brains into scanners and the elimination of disease through new genetic technologies. I hope you like this one as much as I did! 01:02 - A journey through the martial...


148 - Environmental Awareness and Dirty Fighting with Alex Kask

In a self defense situation you have to have a high level of environmental awareness to keep track of multiple attackers, improvised weapons, escape routes, etc. Today I'm joined by classical Japanese Jujutsu practitioner Alex Kask to talk about how this important aspect can be incorporated into your training. We also talk about gun grappling, multiple-opponent MMA, 'dirty' fighting techniques like eye gouging and biting, and more! In other relevant news, check out the brand new...


147 - Why Your Game Needs to Change Every 10 Years

If you're doing any kind of martial art - be it BJJ, MMA, Kickboxing, Taekwondo or whatever - then your game needs to evolve every decade to accommodate the changes in your body. I got this from the legendary Dan Inosanto who started training at age 11 and is still practising martial arts in his 80's.


146 - Dodging Polar Bears and Offshore Tides on Hudson Bay

A little trip down memory lane today. In my twenties I did an 82 day, 1600 mile solo canoe trip across the Canadian north. This is an account of the last 3 days of that journey, traveling along the dangerous shore of Hudson Bay. The written form of this account is available here: and the Blood, Sweat and Sparta piece I refer to early in this episode is available here:...


145 - What Really Happens When Traditional Martial Artists Spar for the First Time?

Sparring for the first time is always a shock, but especially for traditional martial artists who may have spent years perfecting their techniques in the air or against a compliant partner just to watch it all fall apart against real resistance. No sparring, no miracles folks! A lot of listeners know that is my main site, but did you know that I also have a second, self defense oriented site? Check it out at for more self...


144 - The Battle to Make Aikido Functional with Rokas Leonavicius

I really enjoyed this conversation with Rokas Leonavicius, the European Aikido instructor who became famous on Youtube trying to make his aikido functional against resisting opponents. Find out about his journey into Aikido, BJJ, Aikido and Boxing in this fascinating episode. 02:05 - Rokas's background in Aikido 04:21 - Wrestling in Eastern Europe 05:43 - What attracted him to Aikido? 14:20 - How long should you train before Aikido is applicable? 20:20 - Testing Aikido on...


143 - Can You Still Train If You're Dealing with Knee Injury?

Can you still train if you have an injured knee? Well, it depends... Here are some solutions, tips and tricks for dealing with a bum knee in a BJJ or grappling setting.


142, Self Defense and MMA Controversies with John Hacklemann

In this episode John Hacklemann discusses the Conor McGregor bus attack, training Chuck Liddell, differences between MMA and self defense, the single most important thing you can do to stay safe on the street, sparring vs drilling, and more. This is an incredibly informative episode, especially if you're interested in self defense and/or MMA! Follow John on Youtube at and on Facebook at


141 - What Getting Smashed in Kiteboarding Taught Me About Learning BJJ

I was recently dragged through the waves, under the water and then lifted up into the air while trying to figure out the sport of kiteboarding, and figured out that there is one hell of a learning curve in that sport! But many sports and activities worth doing have that same initial hump - a difficult learning curve that makes most people drop out. Ultimately if it were easy to do then everyone would do it, so the key to doing uncommon things is to grit your teeth and break on through to...


140 - BJJ Specific Exercises, Routines and Supplements with Ben Zhuang

I talk with personal trainer and BJJ black belt Ben Zhuang going DEEP into the supplements, exercises, and conditioning protocols, and recovery procedures to help with Brazilian jiu-jitsu and other grappling arts. Follow Ben on Instagram @coachbz


139 - BJJ is a Martial Art First and a Martial Sport Second!

There are many reasons to train BJJ - fitness, camaraderie, having fun, taking on a challenge, spiritual development, learning to deal with challenges, wanting to compete - but at its core, Brazilian jiu-jitsu is a martial art and not a martial sport. Martial arts means self defense. Self defense is a huge and diverse topic, but a big part of it means being able defend yourself against an attacker choking them into a unconsciousness if need be. In this episode of The Strenuous Life...


138 - National Football League Yoga Instructor Jessica Huneycutt

Jessica Huneycutt is the yoga instructor for the New Orleans Saints National Football League team. In this episode we go deep into how Yoga and other techniques are used at an elite level to help athletes recover as fast as possible, prevent injuries, and prolong their careers. We also talk about surviving sexual assault, travelling to India, living in ashrams, doing yoga for improved jiu-jitsu performance, and her own personal BJJ training. This is a really good one - I hope you...


137 - Riccardo Ammedolia, BJJ Analyst Extraordinaire

In this episode I talk with Riccardo Ammedolia, BJJ black belt under the Mendes Brothers, ADCC commentator, and worldwide jiu-jitsu ambassador. We talked about training in Brazil, rolling with Rafa Mendes, judging and reffing in BJJ, staying well rounded, curriculum development and more. If you train BJJ then I think you'll really like this one! Riccardo trains and teaches in Hamilton, Ontario at You can also follow him on Instagram at...


136 - The Differences between 'Sport' and 'Self Defense' BJJ

In this (likely controversial) episode I argue that the differences between 'self defense' and 'sport' jiu-jitsu have largely been exaggerated. The real magic of jiu-jitsu is in training against resistance and learning to deal with pressure, not learning a set of magical 'self defense approved' techniques. If your interest is in self defense then you should still train at the best BJJ school you can find and then, if necessary, supplement the curriculum with a little bit of additional...


135 - How Muay Thai Fighters, Karateka and Boxers Make Themselves More Powerful

In this episode I discuss the different forms of exhalation and 'kiai' used in various martial arts, ranging from Thai Boxing to Kajukenbo Karate to traditional Japanese Ju-Jutsu. Then I break down the four reasons how vocalising while striking not only makes you more powerful but can also increase your endurance and improve your resilience to getting hit. If you enjoyed this or found it useful then please remember to subscribe to the podcast and, if possible, give it a rating or a review...


134 - Conditioning for Combat Sports with Jason Kapnick

In this episode I talk with elite powerlifter, kettlebell instructor and BJJ practitioner Jason Kapnick about conditioning program design, building a balanced body, functional movement screening, injury prevention, and training for optimal athletic performance. It was a great conversation, and I hope you come away from it having learned as much as I did! You can find out more about Jason, or go to him for training, at Finally, if you found this episode...


133 - Can You Learn from Seminars?

Today, should you go to seminars, can you learn from seminars, and the funniest thing I ever saw at a seminar...


131 - Kirik Jenness of The Underground Forum

I loved this talk with Kirik Jenness who is mayor for life of the underground forum at, the author of The Fighter's Notebook, the official records keeper for mixed martial arts, and has "done every job in MMA except for being a ring girl."