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189 - Grappling Dummies and Other Tips to Train When You Can't Make It to Class

Does training with grappling dummies actually work to improve your skills? And what else can you do to get better when training time is limited and it's difficult to make it to class as often as you like? This podcast rant is also available in written and video form as an in-depth blog post at Regardless of how you decide to solve the problem I wish you good luck with both your time management and your training! Stephan...


188 - The Philosophy of Sport with Daniel 'Philosograppler' Bohigian

Daniel Bohigian is a Guerrilla Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt under Dave Camarillo, competes actively, and also teaches 'Philosophy of Sport' at San Jose State. In this episode we discussed philosophy vs jiu-jitsu, work vs play, mind vs body, teaching people how to think, why 'leaving your ego at the door' is a bad idea, and much more. Follow Daniel on Instagram at @philosograppler And download my FREE app for iOS and Android devices with more than 457 minutes of black belt BJJ technique at...


187 - "In Volume We Trust" - Lessons from Ironman for BJJ, with Paul Kindzia

Paul Kindzia was immersed in the world of marathon and triathalon for many years before immersing himself in BJJ, even going so far as to write a book on the topic called 'Master Jiu-Jitsu, Master Life'. In this episode we focus on the lessons that can be brought into BJJ training from the endurance sports world, including efficient training, effective recovery, minimisation of injuries and maximising your time on the mat. I really think you'll like this episode and come away with some good...


186 - Attacked in the Street: Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt Adam Nadow on his Viral Streetfight Video

Jiu-jitsu black belt Adam Nadow was recently attacked in the street and used his training to defend himself and control his attacker until the police arrived. The video of this confrontation later went viral in the BJJ and self defense community. Adam came on the podcast today to talk about this incident, his training, and the relevance of BJJ to self defense. Video of that fight can be seen here: In addition to breaking down the street...


185 - Training Predictions for the New Year; In 2019 You'll Be BOTH the Hammer AND the Nail!

In this coming year it's 100% certain that some days you'll be the hammer and other days you'll be the nail. This is normal and to be expected. In this podcast I share some advice from Japan and from Ancient Rome that might help you deal with the highs and lows that are inevitable when you're putting it on the line and chasing any sort of goal. Welcome to the New Year and good luck with your training in 2019!! Stephan


184 - Intrinsic vs Extrinsic Motivation

How to figure out what makes you train and how to use that to improve your skills. Being self aware about whether you're intrinsically or extrinsically motivated is sports psychology 101 and super important; it will increase your longevity in the sport, keep you enjoying training, and give you some powerful levers with which to manipulate your motivation levels! Check out my latest instructional on the No Gi de la Riva Guard with Rob Biernacki at...


183 - Canoeing Wild Rivers with Cliff Jacobson

Cliff Jacobson wrote 'Canoeing Wild Rivers' which was a HUGE influence on me as an outdoorsman (the other two cornerstone books were 'Path of the Paddle' by Bill Mason and 'The Complete Walker' by Colin Fletcher). Cliff has spent decades paddling dangerous rivers in the remote corners of North America and Northern Europe and has some incredibly important lessons to share about mindset, teamwork and risk management. I'm thrilled that we had the opportunity to get him on the podcast. And if...


182 - Training and Rehab for Stretching the Envelope with Dr Mark Cheng

Dr Mark Cheng has rehabbed TONS of combat athletes, has trained with some of the best instructors in the world, and has a wealth of experience in the martial arts. In this podcast we cover pressure testing of traditional martial arts. The 8 exercises of the Functional Movement Screen. How training should be for stretching the envelope, not breaking the envelope. Dog Brother's full contact stick fighting. Punch drunk boxers and CTE. Break falling on dirt and concrete, and much more. Check it...


181 - Why is Sparring so Hard, and How Can You Do It Safely?

In this episode Ritchie Yip and I go deep into the sparring process. We explore why it's so hard to transition from from hitting pads to full on sparring, how to avoid head injuries while kickboxing, the importance of continual learning, how to avoid getting tired, and the best ways to have low risk training with high benefit. And if you didn't know it already, I've just released a really cool instructional called The Precision Kickboxing Masterclass in which Ritchie Yip takes you through...


180 - When Should MMA Fighters Retire?

Tito Ortiz vs Chuck Liddell got us all talking about it again: when should an MMA fighter retire? In the last 10 years we've learned that brain damage in combat sports is a HUGE problem. CTE makes this retirement question even more critical because if you go beyond a certain threshold of damage then there's no coming back. For more of my thoughts about brain damage and MMA check out...


179 - Dietary Experiments Gone Bad, and Near Death on the Ketogenic Diet

The ketogenic diet is really hot right now for weight loss, health, disease prevention and longevity. But when your doctor calls you in a panic then you find out that, like with all diets, individual results may vary. This episode is a quick summary of what I ate, how my energy changed, and how my bloodwork went absolutely crazy on the ketogenic diet.


178 - The 5 Ranges Every Martial Artist Should Be Familiar With

There are 5 ranges of combat, but many martial artists only train in one or two of those ranges. Ideally though you should be at least familiar with each of those ranges to be a complete martial artist and not have any gaping blind spots! I know that many of my listeners will already be familiar with but also check out my self defense oriented website


177 - Mental and Physical Training for Championship Wrestling, with Nick Ugoalah

How to train mentally and physically to become a world calibre champion wrestler, with Commonwealth Games gold medalist and 5 times national team member Nick Ungoalah. We go DEEP in this episode and really dig into physical conditioning, honing technique, developing a winning mindset, recovering from injury, fixing imbalances in your body, optimal mental state for competition, and much more. I think you'll like this one, and if you do I would love a rating or review of this podcast on...


176 - Guard Passing Strategies in BJJ with Stephan Kesting and Rob Biernacki

Rob Biernacki and I sit down to discuss BJJ guard passing from a strategic point of view. When should you pass standing and when should you pass on your knees? When should you go for submission based guard passes and when should you try to force your opponent into a different type of guard? Check out Rob's groundbreaking BJJ Formula at and his amazing leglock instructional at


175 - That Technique Used to Work Great, So Why Did You Stop Using It?

A quick rant about the absolute easiest way to add effective and proven techniques to your game, namely going through the memory banks and trying to figure out what you used to do that worked great that you then stopped doing for no good reason! Check out my Grapplearts BJJ Master App for iOS and Android for free at It comes with a TON of free material on it, including a complete standalone module on weak side back attacks! Good luck with your...


174 - Why Jiu-Jitsu is Best for Self Defense: Stephan on The Great Flip Podcast

I was thrilled to appear on The Great Flip Podcast to talk about jiu-jitsu, specifically why it's probably the best self defense martial art for women and girls. I hope you enjoy it! Catch up with the work Coach Jody is doing at, on Facebook at, or on Youtube at And, as always, a rating or a review of this podcast is super-appreciated. It helps the show grow and acts as...


173 - Self Experimentation, Ketosis and Crazy Chicks

In this episode I talk about the importance of self experimentation and how your results may be different from most other people's. I share some dietary experiments I've been fooling around with and exactly what I've been doing to limit the potential downsides. And yes, I do talk about limiting the downside when dating crazy chicks. Stephan


172 - Martial Arts Frauds and Other Buffoons with McDojoLife

Rob from McDojoLife has been relentless in his attempts to expose martial arts frauds, exposing everyone from from chi-based knockout masters to ninjas who practise bending joints in the direction they are designed to bend. Honestly some of the videos he's shared with people over the years have been hilarious for all the wrong reasons! In this episode we talk about his favourite frauds, where he gets the biggest hate and pushback from, his own martial arts training history, and his big...


171 - The Best Way to Train Those Super-Deadly Techniques for Self Defense

If you're interested in self defense then how do you train techniques that are too deadly to spar realistically, like eye gouges and groin punches, and combine that with the safer sportive techniques that you can learn to apply to against resistance and get really good at? This rant should give you some answers to this perpetual dilemma. Check out my two sites: and And if you're a grappler (or interested in grappling) then...


170 - Why People Want to Believe Crazy Things, with the Genetically Modified Skeptic.

My guest is the science advocate generally known as The Genetically Modified Skeptic. In this hard-hitting (and likely controversial) discussion he discusses magical thinking in the martial arts, essential oils, alternative medicine, cult leaders, Jordan Peterson, religion, the anti-vaccine movement, fake cancer cures and much more. I hope you find it interesting and though provoking. Check out Drew's popular youtube channel at