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Collect, Rescue, Repair, Sport: We talk guns collecting, rescue, repairing and the joy of shooting.

Collect, Rescue, Repair, Sport: We talk guns collecting, rescue, repairing and the joy of shooting.


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Collect, Rescue, Repair, Sport: We talk guns collecting, rescue, repairing and the joy of shooting.




Hawk's Eye Guns Podcast 43: The Black Aces Is Coming to Texas

In this rambling show, Sean and Jake cover everything from the Black Aces lever-action shotgun coming to Texas from Jake's house to shooting clays with aliens. Honestly, we don't know how that happened either but hey we had a great time and hope you will too!


Hawk's Eye Guns Podcast 42: Weatherby's and Gun Shows

This week Sean and Jake go over the state of gun shows and what happens when people from all walks of life decide they must have a firearm. Sean Scores a sweet new Weatherby SA-08 and goes shooting with it. Yep, all this and plus Pink shirts and AR's on this week's show - join us!


Hawk's Eye Guns Podcast 41: Rifles

This week we talk rifles of all kinds and trends going on in the market for those folks buying their first and those who aren't. Jake continues his lust for a Henry .357 lever action and Sean has an addiction to flipping low-end guns. You know, about par for the course.


Hawk's Eye Guns Podcast 40: Henry 410 Lever Action Axe

Jake's Henry lever action finally arrived and he got to shot it this week. Reactions and what he thinks of it plus we talk gun shop stories and buying guns you may or may not need.


Hawk's Eye Guns Podcast 39: Remington Sportsman 48 / Mohawk 48

For cast 39 Sean gets a 48. A franken-gun showed up at the local shop and Sean just had to have it. It was old, cheap, beat up and weird - of course, Sean gravitated to it like a moth to a bug zapper. It turned out well and he didn't pay a lot for it but he had to get it anyway.


Hawk's Eye Guns Podcast 38: Jake's Kid May Get a .22

That's right, after years of his kid not being interested in shooting he may have cracked the code and gotten something she's willing to grab a hold of and put lead downrange. We are all excited and can't wait to hear how it turns out.


Hawk's Eye Guns Podcast 37: Rock Island 1911 & Other Topics

In this cast recorded over two weeks prior, we cover a bunch of topics from handguns like the excellent Rock Island Armory 1911 to the birth of the Hawk's Eye Guns 'Tournament of Junk' we just thought up. It's a far-ranging cast as far as scope goes and as usual, we don't stay on topic much. Pretty much what you've come to expect from us!


Hawk's Eye Guns Podcast 36: Black Aces Lever Action Shotgun

This week we cover a ton of ground not the least of which is Sean's lust for Jake's newest member of his gun cabinet in the form of the Black Aces lever-action shotgun. Sean's girls get their hands on sixty-year-old bolt action .22's and while the girls are shooting those Sean runs his project gun Lakefield Mark II through its paces for the very first time. All this plus tons more on today's show - join us!


Hawk's Eye Guns Podcast 35: Han Solo's Mauser C96 & Other Stories

This week Sean and Jake cover a complete range of topics from housebound flame wars on YouTube to the coolest podcast listener on the planet to Han Solo's c96 Mauser and how Sean is going to purchase/build one of those one day. Yeah, we really stay on topic this cast. Join us for Ramblefest 2020!


Hawk's Eye Guns Podcast 34: Browning Silver Hunter

So what happens when the lockdown lets up a little and Sean has some money in his pocket? Well, he goes and buys a new shotgun of course! Though when we say new its more of a new to him type situation, I mean, let's not get crazy. Then again he did buy something from this century for once. Join us and Sean and Jake break it down like a fraction for you!


Hawk's Eye Guns Podcast 33: First Time Shooting With The Kids

So this week on the show Sean takes his girls out for the first time shooting an actual gun. It goes great and couldn't have been more perfect. There are a basket of things to worry about when taking kids shooting for the first time but this turned out great and gave Sean hope for the future. Jake also made a new addition to his accessory collection and reports that it integrated well into his setup. All this and old men laughing at their children coming up in this episode!


Hawk's Eye Guns Podcast 32: Taurus Rocks

This week on the cast Jake rolls us through the many wonders of modern Taurus guns and how he has come to own several in a very short amount of time during this time of lockdowns and plague.


Hawk's Eye Guns Podcast 31: Holsters & Hunkering Down

Sean and Jake are still locked down like the rest of the nation this week and since they tend to ramble on we cut the cast in two and are posting the second half of that chat here. They go over holsters, hunkering down, and buying and selling guns in today's environments. Join us for an excellent time talking about one of our favorite subjects!


Hawk's Eye Guns Podcast 30: Lockdowns & Mini 14's

We couldn't help it when we've got nothing else to do we talk about guns. So for this episode, we have further news on the Corona Gun Rush 2020 and what folks are rushing to and away from when it comes down to purchasing decisions at the wire.


Hawk's Eye Guns Podcast 29: Corona Gun Rush of 2020

This week Jake and Sean break down the Corona Gun Rush of 2020. Jake is out there on the front lines working the counter in a gun shop and Sean is doing the same thing behind the lines. We can't believe how different the landscape looks in just a very short amount of time. Join us as we give you the real dope on what's going on right now with buying and selling firearms.


Hawk's Eye Guns Podcast 28: Ithaca of Days Past

It's another exciting episode of Shotguns of the '70s with your favorite basement deal shopper this week as Sean picks up another relic with a giant flaw he's completely stoked about. Jake meets a firearm friend on the street and of course, we end the show talking about everyone's favorite 9mm. Join us!


Hawk's Eye Guns Podcast 27: Handguns and Heavy Barrels

This week on the show we start off a bit political and wind up relaxing with talk of handguns and heavy barrels and Jake's march to 9mm nirvana with his continuing journey in the land of middle-aged men getting a handgun that lines up just right. Join us!


Hawk's Eye Guns Podcast 26: Shot Show 2020

This time on Hawk's Eye Guns podcast Jake and Sean tackle their favorites from the 2020 Shot Show, talk a bit about Virginia, and hatch a plan to buy a second hand Yeet Cannon... yeah, we don't why either.


Hawk's Eye Guns Podcast 25: Stormtrooper Shotgun & Pistols Aplenty

Jake and Sean talk about Sean's renovated J.C. Higgins Model 20 12ga and how it has turned out. Jake talks pistols and we chat a bit about Sean's brother's pistol buying habits. We have a great time and talk guns - as always. As a side note, I have to apologize for the small hiss in the audio. I switched computers due to a motherboard failure and hadn't dialed in my new rig yet. It should be fixed after this cast!


Hawk's Eye Guns Podcast 24: Last Minute Guns for 2019

Jake and Sean go over our last-minute purchases of the 2019 year. In Jake's case a pair of pistols that he's been looking forward to for a while and in Sean's case he's actually down one... sort of. We look forward to an excellent 2020!