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Dead of Winter by Plaid Hat

Heather's triumphant return! we talk about a great game she introduced to our Friday night Twitch streams: Dead of Winter. Rich and I love this game, it's crazy fun and pretty tough when you get away from the starter scenario. It has so many game tags too - worker placement, action economy management, crisis management, pvp, pve, cooperative, betrayal, zombies! but the real star is the fantastic flavor text that draws you into the game and the horrific decisions you make as...


Scythe by Stonemaier Games

This week Rich and I talk about an early favorite of our Friday Night streams, Scythe by Stonemaier Games! When we first started our friday night streams we played this game a ton and finally made time to talk about it. Part instruction, part review this episode goes all over the basic board game and talks about the 3 expansions as well. The thing about this game is that it combines a lot of the things we love from other games, with a dramatic setting that evokes real feelings of strife....


Gaming Illustrators: Crystal Sully and Jabri

This week two accomplished artists from the RPG and gaming community join us to talk about all kinds of stuff! we talk about their relationship to the industry, their specialties and cover some important social topics as well. Rich and I mostly hold on as Jabari and Crystal reveal some fascinating underpinnings of the industry from their experiences. Huge thanks go to both of them for coming on the show and being cool during our technical difficulties during recording! Crystal's work can...


LEGO Mindstorms: Super Robo Rally with Steve Hassenplug

LEGO Super User, Steve Hassenplug, joins us to talk about some truly remarkable creations and how they came to be. Steve created Super Robo Rally using LEGO Mindstorms and Raspberry Pi based on the award-winning game, Robo Rally by Richard Garfield (of Magic the Gathering fame). Steve is an accomplished builder, joining a special group of adult Lego builders to help improve LEGO Mindstorms. He was featured in Wired Magazine talking about the experience and of course, we get into it on the...


A Latin American Gamer Experience

This Week Hugo and Fernando share their story of coming to D&D. They have adventures in getting books! It's quite a tale and shows some of the challenges o gaming in Latin America. Other places you can connect with the HSG Squad: Facebook @High Shelf Gaming Podcast Twitter @highshelfgaming Friday Night Twitch /highshelfgaming Discord Chat https://discord.gg/tMPCXgN


Pandemic: Reign of Cthulhu

This week my great friend Phillip joins us to share his newfound love of Pandemic: Reign of Cthulhu. Rich and I have played the pandemic series extensively, never this game and Phil is the opposite of us! so lots of good discussion about the game, how it compares to the base editions and a ton of good details on how to get into the Cthulhu lore (Phil is quite the expert) Other places you can connect with the HSG Squad: Facebook @High Shelf Gaming Podcast Twitter @highshelfgaming Friday...


The Witcher RPG: An Interview with Cody Pondsmith Part 2

This week we continue our talk with Cody Pondsmith from R. Talsorian games who just designed and published the tabletop RPG of The Witcher, based on the video game series by CD Projekt Red. The co-creative projects between these two companies have been a favorite topic around here at High Shelf Gaming. Getting to talk with Cody covering so much material has been a real treat for us. This episode covers much of the lethality in the system, some mechanics discussion and reasoning behind those...


The Witcher RPG: An Interview with Cody Pondsmith Part 1

This week we're joined by Cody Pondsmith from R. Talsorian games who just designed and published the tabletop RPG of The Witcher, based on the video game series by CD Projekt Red. The co-creative projects between these two companies have been a favorite topic around here at High Shelf Gaming. Getting to talk with Cody covering so much material has been a real treat for us. This episode covers much of the genesis of the game, their process for putting it together and the depth that Lisa and...


GenCon Survival Guide Part 6: New Attendee Impressions & Lessons Learned

This one is special. Heather (AKA @Kratrina) returns with a friend from the Critical Role community, Conner (AKA @Cybrwulf1201) joins us to talk all about their first time at Gen Con. We cover everything from the many live shows and panels they got up to, lessons learned, and some great laughs as Rich and I are exposed to a completely different side of the show from anything we've ever seen. Huge shout out to the amazing and wonderful Critical Role show and their community (critters as they...


GenCon 2018 Highlights

This week Rich and I recap our best GenCon yet! we played several great games but more importantly had a ton of really great moments with other creators, fans of the show, and some special celebrity interactions that really couldn't happen anywhere else but GenCon. What we got up to And of course an excellent Gen Con Meetup with the High shelf gaming family Special thanks to Amy and Paul for taking such great care of the HSG family, you rock! Hugo and Fernando for finding us and...


Android: Netrunner - An LCG in its Twilight Months

Rich and I take this week to talk about a game Rich loves that's going away soon. We just got back from Gen Con 2018 (Episodes are coming!) but for this week we wanted to just bask in the memory and fun this game provides Rich and his family. Uplifting Bonus! he has an awesome idea on how to hack this card game into the likes of Cyberpunk 2020 / Shadowrun. We'll be spending some time in the coming months working out the kinks and when we're ready we'll roll out the system hacks for everyone...


Cyberpunk: Night City

This week Mike returns to talk with Rich and me about Cyberpunk 2077/2020's primary location: Night City! We had to come back to talk about the history of the city, take a safari and discuss the local wildlife... Gangs, Corps, and of course the Combat Zone. We also talk DM tips for finding great floorplans for any combat scenes you want to put together. Mike talked about this Soviet-era abandoned airbase which he uses regularly to inspire firefight terrain. RPG books worth picking up...


True Dungeon Events & True Raid at Origins

Our True Dungeon Guru, Larry, returns to share with us some more basics about this game, talking event types, difficulty levels, and volunteering opportunities. But the real fun of this episode is hearing Rich and Larry talk about True Raid, a special invite-only event that they got to participate in. At the end of this episode we talk N1 - Journey in to the Astral Bliss, the first part of the new True Dungeon storyline. There are a couple spoilers at the end so if you're hoping to go into...


Origins Game Fair 2018 Recap & Highlights

This week we bring Al back to join Rich in telling us all about Origins Game Fair this year. They played a ton of games and give us a rundown. The Pathfinder 2E sneak peek they got is in an earlier episode, and the True Dungeon they played will be covered in a future episode. This is all about the smaller games and passion projects they got to enjoy. Games they played: Rich brought an escape roomThey played D&D 3D - 1st Edition (battle royal style D&D)Clout!Gunfights and GamblingRobot...


Shadowrun: Intro to Sci-Fi Fantasy

Heather (@kratrina) returns to tell Rich and me all about Shadowrun 5th Edition (affiliate link)! This is such a large game to unpack. We just scratch the surface and provide an introduction to the game and setting. We'll be revisiting this game to dive deeper into the storyline and system. Bonus towards the end: Heist sessions can involve a ton of planning, where characters figure out how to do the heist. If your game struggles to fit all that planning time in at the table and still do the...


Pathfinder 2e Sneak Peek

This week Al comes back to chat about his and Rich's time at Origins Game Fair, and their experiences with the upcoming playtest for Pathfinder 2nd Edition! This episode is packed full of system detail and commentary about what they gleaned from a short 2-hour game. Quick plug for Glass Cannon Podcast, Al had listened to part of their series on Pathfinder 2e and shared some tidbits from their own research. Great guys! give them a listen. We talk about the Tripple action economy, 3 Phases...


Cyberpunk 2077 & its Origins

This week Mike returns to talk about Cyberpunk 2020, a roleplaying game from the 90s and how it influences the upcoming PC game Cyberpunk 2077. We talk about the system a bit, how lethal it is. Mostly we focus on the setting, Night City, and about how that's likely to be present in Cyberpunk 2077. We're super excited about this project from CD Projekt Red. If you're as excited as we are about the game and want to try your hand at the pen and paper RPG we've got lots of resources in the...


Guide to True Dungeon Tokens

Larry comes back to tell Rich and me all about True Dungeon tokens! These tokens are critical to the success of any True Dungeon adventure. There are so many tips Larry shares with us: Buying, trading, selling tokens. Most common types like trade tokens, reserve, monster bits, transmuted, legendaries and artifacts! and of course tips on how to transport these very expensive and valuable items. We also discuss some True Dungeon news and correct some errors from our first episode about True...


LEGO Gaming

This week Ryan returns with a new guest, Steven to share with us all the awesome things you can do with LEGO these days. Rich and I were blown away by BrickQuest and Mobile Frame Zero. The former being a classic fantasy dungeon adventure game and the latter is a custom mech fighting game! so cool! Steven and Ryan delve deep for us into the LEGO community talking about how to get into these games, find conventions, and join local LEGO User Groups (LUGS) LEGO Community locator:...


Samurai Drama Role-Playing Games: A fantasy alternative to European games

This week we are joined by returning guests Rob Croy and Ben from The Table is Yours Podcast. They're here to talk about RPGs set in the east, Samurai Drama role-playing games specifically. We only had time for 4 games but it was a lot of fun. We run the gamut from old-school 1e Dungeons and Dragons: 'Oriental Adventures', to 'Legend of the Five Rings' (4th Edition by AEG), to 'Blood and Honor' another John Wick game, and lastly the completely strange and unique 'Reflections' which turns...