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Guide to True Dungeon Tokens

Larry comes back to tell Rich and I all about True Dungeon tokens! These little plastic tokens will make or break high-end dungeon runs through this incredible game. There’s so many tips Larry shares with us: Buying, trading, selling tokens. Most common types like trade tokens, reserve, monster bits, transmuted, legendaries and artifacts! and of course tips on how to transport these very expensive and valuable items. We also discuss some True Dungeon news and correct some errors from our...


LEGO Gaming

This week Ryan returns with a new guest, Steven to share with us all the awesome things you can do with LEGO these days. Rich and I were blown away by BrickQuest and Mobile Frame Zero. The former being a classic fantasy dungeon adventure game and the latter is a custom mech fighting game! so cool! Steven and Ryan delve deep for us into the LEGO community talking about how to get into these games, find conventions, and join local LEGO User Groups (LUGS) LEGO Community locator:...


Samurai Drama Role-Playing Games: A fantasy alternative to European games

This week we are joined by returning guests Rob Croy and Ben from The Table is Yours Podcast. They’re here to talk about RPGs set in the east, Samurai Drama role-playing games specifically. We only had time for 4 games but it was a lot of fun. we run the gamut from old-school 1e Dungeons and Dragons: ‘Oriental Adventures’, to ‘Legend of the Five Rings‘ (4th Edition by AEG), to ‘Blood and Honor‘ another John Wick game, and lastly the completely strange and unique ‘Re [...]


Accessibility in Gaming

This week Rich and I are joined by the founder of an inspiring initiative, Jack Berberette of the DOTS RPG Project located here: https://www.dotsrpg.com/ DOTS RPG is a project focused on making tabletop gaming, RPGs specifically, more accessible for the blind and now other imparements and disabilities. The project has a ton of attention right now and they’re engaged with many companies, developers, and groups to try and make this world a bit better for people who’re unfortunately unable to...


GenCon Survival Series - Part 5: Food and Drinks

This week Rich and I follow a great suggestion from the GenCon facebook group to dedicate an episode to food and drinks at the convention and surrounding Indianapolis area. We take a DnD approach to this starting with 1st level GenCon attendees and the truly authentic first-timer experiences. Later we talk about midlevel attendee fun like food trucks and lastly some epic level advice to really maximize game time and enjoyment of the convention. If you’re interested in joining us for...


Pt. 4. GenCon Survival Series - New Attendee Q&A

We welcome Heather back to talk about how our GenCon event registration went (spoilers, it went crazy well!) and to answer all of the questions she had about the convention as this will be her first time attending GenCon. Heather is a seasoned conventenion attendee and helped me run events at some very large conventions in the past. Her questions are mostly centered around GenCon itself, and less about conventions in general. Places to find us: Facebook @ High Shelf Gaming Podcast Twitter...


B-Roll - side talk after our DM’s Corner recording

We kept talking after the DM Tips recording and ended up in a cool conversation about some of the current examples of play out in the role playing gaming scene. Not quite enough to be it’s own weekly episode but still a fun little conversation. Let us know if you’d like more of this behind the scenes chatter! Places to find us: Facebook @ High Shelf Gaming Podcast Twitter @highshelfgaming Friday Night Twitch /highshelfgaming Discord Chat https://discord.gg/tMPCXgN


DM’s Corner - Making the story and keeping it together

This week Mike joins us to talk about some Dungeon Master tips in DnD and other RPGs. This episode focuses on building the story and what to do when players throw you a curve ball. It’s a fun discussion as all three of us have different aproaches and expectations of our players and we get into the differences between running games for local friend group vs. running games at gaming conventions. Mike turned us onto a great DM toolkit available on the google play...


Party Games

This week Kelly joins Rich and I to go back to talking about board games, specifically games that are great to bust out at a party or particularly packed gaming night! We gave ourselves some rules: Places to find us: Facebook @ High Shelf Gaming Podcast Twitter @highshelfgaming Friday Night Twitch /highshelfgaming Discord Chat https://discord.gg/tMPCXgN


Guide to Origins Game Fair

This week Rich and I talk about Origins Game Fair, a simple guide to attend this lovely con! http://originsgamefair.com/ We’re on Facebook @ High Shelf Gaming Podcast Twitter @highshelfgaming Friday Night Twitch /highshelfgaming Discord Chat https://discord.gg/tMPCXgN


Pathfinder Role Playing Game

This week Vlad joins Rich and I to talk about where this lovely role playing game came from. How it came to be known as DnD 3.75 and chat a tiny bit about what we hope to see with the recently announced Pathfinder 2e. Pathfinder is made by Paizo http://paizo.com/pathfinder/rpg The new playtest for 2nd Edition is available here: http://paizo.com/pathfinderplaytest We’re on Facebook @ High Shelf Gaming Podcast Twitter @highshelfgaming Friday Night Twitch /highshelfgaming Discord Chat...


Owl-Con 2018 Recap

This week Rich and I are joined by Mark and his son Matthew talking about a smaller local convention in Houston, Owl Con. We chat about Scythe, Dr. Who Roleplaying game, Risk and the local flare around Houston. We’re on Facebook @ High Shelf Gaming Podcast Twitter @highshelfgaming Friday Night Twitch /highshelfgaming Discord Chat https://discord.gg/tMPCXgN


Pt 3. GenCon Survival Series - Event Registration

Part 3 of our Survival guide series on GenCon! Event Registration. Rich and I share all our tricks that we’ve leaned on over the years to try and secure spots to the games we care about. Also we’re planning a HSG dinner / drinks thing at GenCon this year, we’ll spill more details in future episodes. Event listing should come out near the end of April, Registration is May 6th. https://www.gencon.com/attend/policies#registration We’re on Facebook @ High Shelf Gaming Podcast Twitter...


D&D Boardgames

The mental break for Dungeon Masters In this episode Larry and Al join Rich and I in talking about the boardgames that Dungeons and Dragons has been putting out. Great games, tons of hours of play, interchangable heros from box to box, and excellent miniatures you can use in your Roleplaying games! http://dnd.wizards.com/products/tabletop-games/board-card-games


Pt 2. GenCon Survival Series - Running your own Event

This week Rich and I talk about the joy of running events at GenCon and other conventions. GenCon 2018’s Event Organizer sign up ends March 10th but these tips will help you for any con. We’re on Facebook @ High Shelf Gaming Podcast Twitter @highshelfgaming Friday Night Twitch /highshelfgaming


Dungeons & Dragons - an intro

Rich and I talk about the game we’ve loved for the longest, and certainly put the most time into over our lives. This kicks off a series of episodes we’re going to do about D&D. We’re on Facebook @ High Shelf Gaming Podcast Twitter @highshelfgaming Friday Night Twitch /highshelfgaming


Pt 2. Legend of the Five Rings - #depends

Robert and Ben join Rich and I again to discuss Legend of Five Rings, the new card game. This episode focuses on the game itself, some basic strategy considerations and how layered the experience can be. We get into the role that tornament winners play on impacting the game for every player in the future, uniquely this game changes after major tournaments in a way that no other game has attempted with player decisions impacting the story, and even the game rules for individual...


Pt 1. Legends of the Five Rings - LCG - Game Lore

Robert and Ben join Rich and I to tell us all about this very tactical card game. We’re breaking this conversation up into two episodes. This one focuses un the world of Rokugan, the game setting for Legend of the Five Rings, the new Living Card Game from Fantasy Flight. Fantasy Flight game page: https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/products/legend-of-the-five-rings-the-card-game/ L5R Discord: https://discord.gg/jnVXhv Card Database: https://fiveringsdb.com/#/ Play online for free:...


Board Game Geek Convention Fall 2018 wrap up

This week Ryan joins Rich and I to talk about a convention in Dallas they put on 4 times a year. Twice in Dallas and twice on cruise ships! An excellent style of convention to load up on tons of unique games with over 3000 titles to chose from. https://boardgamegeek.com/ https://boardgamegeek.com/wiki/page/BGGCON


Women in Gaming

Rich and I talk with several of our friends about their experience as women in the gaming scene. They share a lot of great experiences both possitive and negative about the games and events they’re apart of. This episode is more serious than our normal afair but we wanted to talk about this subject. We need to thank all of the people who asked to be apart of this episode, the timing didn’t work out for everyone but the guests we had on were...