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Jay and Dan - Season 2 - Episode 20 - "for the Week of January 14th, 2019”

Dan looks for a new vacation spot, the guys discuss the upcoming Tokyo Olympics and comment on the 10 year challenge. Jeff O’Neill drops by and chats about the Leafs struggles, the future of the Oilers and learns a couple new nicknames. PLUS; The boys are bringing rollerskating back! The pitches for CraveTV keep pouring in!…and we proudly announce the Jay and Dan Liquor Hole! Doesn’t make sense? Guess you’ll have to listen…


Jay and Dan - Season 2 - Episode 19 - "for the Week of January 7th, 2019”

Jay explains what he’s been going through, with a little help from Terry Bradshaw. Dan gives us an update on friend of the pod Tubesy and we find out what really grinds Producer Tim’s gears. TSN Soccer Analyst Kristian Jack joins the boys to discuss his new podcast ‘A Football Pod’, the current state of Canadian soccer and the potential impact of the 2026 World Cup on our nation.


PLAY THIS AT 11:49:26 PM - Jay and Dan - Season 2 - Episode 18 - “New Years Eve 2018”

It’s the Jay and Dan New Years Eve Countdown Special! Hit play at 11:49:26 PM and have the guys take you into the New Year (errr sort of). Dan recalls the time he spent New Years at a Trailer Park in Saskatoon, the guys share their favourite memories of 2018 and Jay sees love finding Dan in the coming year.


Jay and Dan - Season 2 - Episode 17 - "for the Week of Christmas 2018”

Welcome Santa with some cookies, milk and…the Jay and Dan Podcast Christmas Special! Gather the family by the fireplace and open gifts while the guys discuss the importance of gift wrapping, their best holiday memories and their favourite Christmas movies.


Jay and Dan - Season 2 - Episode 16 - "for the Week of December 17th, 2018”

Dan unveils the events from his weekend adventure, while friend of the pod Binksy calls in and provides a different perspective. Jonathan Torrens joins the guys with a few parenting tips for Jay, and shares his Christmas traditions (including ‘the getting of the wasted’).


Jay and Dan - Season 2 - Episode 15 - "for the Week of December 10th, 2018”

Jay is back and tells us about the magic of childbirth... while Dan tells us about the magic of sweaty knees. Ariel Helwani joins the boys to recap UFC 231 and, much to Dan’s dismay, Ben Teller calls in with another ‘riveting’ update on his love life.


Jay and Dan - Season 2 - Episode 14 - "for the Week of December 3rd”

In Jay’s absence Dan is joined by Tessa Bonhomme and Matthew Cauz. Dan recounts a visit from Ol’ Gil the Salesman, Tessa cleans her carpets and Cauz gives us his holiday wine picks. Danny Wright drops by with some of your social media feedback…and an epic Wild, Water and Wheels review! Time of your life indeed…


Jay and Dan - Season 2 - Episode 13 - "for the Week of November 26th"

The boys look back at the Grey Cup…and Grey Cup week, as Dan hit all the parties! Kate Beirness gives her account of the festivities in Edmonton and she is FIRED UP! Friend of the Pod (and proud house of week owner) Jeremy Taggart joins to discuss medical conditions such as kidney stones and Dan’s foot. PLUS; What do Wild Water & Wheels and Diego Maradona have to do with one another?? Tune into Jay and Dan Podcast News to find out!


Jay and Dan - Season 2 - Episode 12 - "for the Week of November 19th"

Dan rains on Kate Beirness’ parade and the guys look for an acceptable time to drink at work. Craig Button drops by for an epic in studio appearance; discussing his years in management, how the game has evolved and the challenges facing the Calgary sports scene. We also hear from Ben Teller, but the good times come to a screeching halt when Producer Tim snaps and shuts this (expletive) down!


Jay and Dan 3.0 - S2 E11 - "for the Week of November 12th"

Dan gives a thorough review for a local restaurant, Jay and Dan Podcast News features more Frank Thomas endorsements and we take calls from our bahds across this great nation in our Call In Segment.


Jay and Dan 3.0 - S2 E10 - “for The Week of November 5th, 2018”

Dan takes his conference calls into the shower, the guys have some new Coors slogans thanks to Paul Maurice and we debut Jay and Dan Podcast News. Kevin Burkhardt joins the boys to recap the World Series, comment on A-Rod’s rebrand and tell us how only Nugenix can save Halloween. Owwhh!


Jay and Dan 3.0 - S2 E9 - “for The Week of October 29th, 2018”

Dan cries to Justin Bieber while Jay sells his body…for a surprisingly good amount. Overdrive’s very own Jamie “Noodles” McLennan joins the boys in studio to chat movies, tell stories and take a look at where each Canadian team is at in the young NHL season.


Jay and Dan 3.0 - S2 E8 - “for The Week of October 22nd, 2018”

Dan becomes Lost Dad Dan, Jay wonders where the orders have gone and the guys end up back at the D Bar. PLUS; It’s the Friends of the Pod Special!! We pick up on last week’s chat with Engineer Jim, social media guru Danny Wright has an interesting story about running into Dan in the Online Dating world, and we catch up with Jay and Dan 2.0 Megastars Bernie Kim and Mike Boticello.


Jay and Dan 3.0 - S2 E7 - “for The Week of October 15th, 2018”

Max Kerman and Nick Dika from the Arkells kick off the pod chatting about their new album, Mike Babcock’s bod, Kyle Dubas’ glasses and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Friend of the pod Engineer Jim calls in to share who he feels should be inducted into the hall.


Jay and Dan 3.0 - S2 E6 - “for The Week of October 8th, 2018”

Dan tries to observe a choir before being pulled into the action and Jay can’t escape Producer Tim’s concert tales. ESPN’s Ariel Helwani joins the boys to recap the mayhem that took place at UFC 229. Former NHLer Stephen Webb calls in to discuss the NHL preseason experience in Europe.


Jay and Dan 3.0 - S2 E5 - “for The Week of October 1st, 2018”

Dan plays the lottery hoping to strike it rich, but Jay would like him to continue working if he wins. TSN Hockey Insider Darren Dreger gives us an NHL primer for the upcoming season and even gives his two cents on ‘Gritty” the Flyers mascot. Ben Teller makes his return a bit early for Dan’s liking…resulting in a poll to seal hit fate once and for all (his fate on the pod that is).


Jay and Dan 3.0 - S2 E4 - “for The Week of September 24th, 2018”

After months of painstaking research we finally reveal the findings of the Vegas Pool Water Test, the guys Experience Regina and Dan makes his first visit to a Toronto landmark. Friend of the pod and author Robert Lusetich joins the guys to discuss Tiger Woods’ epic weekend.


Jay and Dan 3.0 - S2 E3 - “for The Week of September 17th, 2018”

Fresh off their tour of Saskatoon (ToonTown!) the boys chat concerts, golf tournaments and Jay clogs the toilet! Just another day on the Jay and Dan Pod! TSN NHL Analyst Mike Johnson drops by the studio to share some classic tales from his playing days.


Jay and Dan 3.0 - S2 E2 - “for The Week of September 10th, 2018”

To look at him, you might not know it…but Dan O’Toole is a poet…and he drops some heavy stanzas on this very pod! PLUS; The Orono Fair recap, the boys consider getting tear drop tattoos and we ponder if carnies have special healing powers? Former NHLer Carlo Colaiacovo calls in to chat about his playing career, his brand new morning show and reveals the secret to Michael Landsberg’s hair.


Jay and Dan 3.0 - S2 E1 - “for The Week of September 3rd, 2018”

Jay and Dan 3.0 Season 2 is officially underway! The boys recap their summers, preview the Orno Fair and if you’re looking for an abandoned beach (who isn’t?)… Dan’s got one for ya! Tessa Bonhomme drops by the studio to tell the boys what goes on at TSN during the summer and discuss her golf squad. Come on, it’ll be fun!