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JABO's Last Ride

For the final week of JABO, the boys talk about the upcoming Conference Championship Games and make Super Bowl predictions. Charlie shares his five headlines and we talk about the College Football Landscape after the Clemson Tigers decisive victory. Finally, we reminisce on our time doing the show and share some of our favorite memories and interviews. We talk about our Ric Bucher interview, doing two interviews in 8 hours, forgetting to hit the record button, and our good friend of the...


Show #2.16- The Holiday Special

This week on Just a Bit Outside the boys have a special holiday episode. We do our Hot or Not list that features, Cris Collinsworth, Atlanta FC, the Chicago Bulls dysfunction, and Fantasy Football punishments. We discuss Christmas surprises such as Kemba Walker and Patrick Mahomes who have shocked us all this year. Also, the boys give out special JABO gifts to players and teams who could use a little present from Santa. Lastly, we debate the power rankings for Christmas movies. Follow...


Show #2.15 Staying ready in the bullpen, From Hawaii to the MLB, and representing the U.S. in Japan w/Padres pitcher Kirby Yates

This week on Just a Bit Outside, the boys are down a man as Charlie has to study for a law school final (Nerd). We do the five headlines and discuss the College Football Playoff decision. We also discuss the Colts goose egg and the Chargers late game comeback. In our Hot/Not List we mention Hallmark Movies, the UCF Golden Knights, the Rivers Family babysitting fees, and Parker’s Saturday’s. We welcome on a very special guest in San Diego Padres closer Kirby Yates. We talk with Kirby about...


Show #2.14- Ohio State or Oklahoma? Mack Brown back in college football. JABO Nation supplies HOTTEST takes. Debut of the BQBPI (Back-up QB Power Index)

This week on JABO, the boys let loose a little bit and have some fun. In the Fiveheadlines we discuss Phil defeating Tiger in the Match, Jimmy Butlers game winning dagger, and Amari Cooper’s impact on the Cowboys. We debut a new segment called "Judge and Jury" in which Parker and Preston debate whether Oklahoma or Ohio State most deserves to make the College Football Playoff. But there's a wrinkle. Also, we review some incredibly spicy hot takes from our incredible fans and Charlie debuts...


Show #2.13 w/Andy Holloway- Building a fantasy football podcast empire, what’s the best part of fantasy football, and some timely fantasy football advice heading into the playoffs.

This week on JABO, the boys are joined by award-winning podcast host of The Fantasy Footballers Podcast, Andy Holloway. Andy talks about building the Footballers podcast from the garage to 30 million downloads in a year, what happens when he gets a prediction wrong, and of course some fantasy football advice. In addition to the talk with Andy, the boys are joined by guest host Jordan Wright and do our normal fiveheadlines, hot list/not list, and a mailbag segment. Follow @showjabo on...


Show #2.12- Mailbag: Is the East the new West in the NBA, Who won the Jimmy Butler trade, NBA players and their condiment comparisons, NBA city jerseys, Is the NBA too star-studded?

This week on JABO, the boys do a mailbag episode. We answer some of the questions submitted by the listeners. We discuss the new NBA City Jerseys, the landscape of the Eastern Conference after the Jimmy Butler trade, and the star-studded teams in the NBA. Also, we discuss how to engage in conversation with not as intense sports fans. Also, in a special segment we pair NBA players with corresponding condiments. Which player is relish? As usual the boys cover the five headlines, do their hot...


Show #2.11- Talk w/Ric Bucher: Oladipo v. Ben Simmons debate, Ric's rise into media, Wise social media advice, Surprising NBA playoff teams, and Jimmy Butler's landing spot

-Intro and Fiveheadlines with Friend of the Show Kevin Miller (00:00-21:00) -Introducing Ric Bucher (21:40-25:14) -Ric's start in media (25:15-29:01) -"Sources" talk, changing forms of media, social media advice (29:02-42:15) -Oladipo v. Simmons...RIP Ben Simmons (42:15-47:33) -Finish this Sentence (47:33-52:03) -Weekly Forecast (52:03-54:00) This week on Just a Bit Outside, the boys welcome on very special guest Ric Bucher (@RicBucher). Ric is a writer for Bleacher Report and is the...


Show #2.10 with Cubs pitcher Steve Cishek and The Sportsletter CEO Jeff Yoder

Contest and host bet update (:33-3:15) Five Headlines with Jeff Yoder (3:17-21:00) Cubs pitcher Steve Cishek (21:05-44:54) This week on Just a Bit Outside, the boys welcome on special guest , Steve Cishek. Steve is a pitcher with the Chicago Cubs and joined the show to talk about his career, his rise to the majors, and his faith. Steve also shares some insight into his unique throwing motion and his experience recording his first career hit this season. We also welcome on Jeff Yoder, the...


Show #2.9- Offensive Lineman, NFL in London, and more with Special Guest Ross Tucker

This week on Just a Bit Outside we welcome on a very special guest, Ross Tucker. Ross played seven seasons in the NFL as an offensive lineman, and now calls NFL games on Westwood One and is the host of the Ross Tucker Football Podcast. Ross talked to us about the the rise of the NFL in Europe, gave us an offensive line lesson, and told us which stadium has the best press box food. Also this week we cover the five headlines sponsored by The Sportsletter, including the massive upset by Purdue...


Show #2.8- CTE and NFL Discussion with author Dr. Lori Leachman

This week on Just a bit Outside, the boys have great interview with Author Lori Leachman. We discuss her latest book, “The King of Halloween and Miss Firecracker Queen, a Daughter’s Tale of Family and Football.” With Lori we also talk about her father’s career as an NFL coach, the effects of CTE in football, and Roger Goodell’s legacy. As usual, we discuss the five headlines, including Eli Manning’s future in New York. Our hot or not lists features a disorderly Patriots fan, Jalen Ramsey,...


Show #2.7- NBA Talk with Atlanta Hawks Coach Melvin Hunt

This week on JABO the boys bring back our first ever guest and friend of the show Melvin Hunt. Hunt, is the assistant coach of the Atlanta Hawks and gives some great insight into managing the long NBA season, helping the growth of young players, and the power of Vince Carter. Also, Coach Hunt relives his glory days and tells some high school basketball stories. This week, Charlie gives his perspective on quarterback injuries in the first installment of Richert’s Ruminations. As usual we hear...


Show #2.6- Fan Appreciation Week

This week on JABO, the boys bring some friends on the show for a little bit of fun. We welcome Nate Miller to help us with our hot or not list of the week, including Parker’s fantasy team. Colin Dunn joins for some MLB Playoff talk, and we do a Backyard Baseball 2003 Player Draft. Spoiler: Pablo Sanchez is not the top pick. Lastly, Jordan Wright joins to discuss all things fantasy, including football, dungeons and dragons, and Renaissance Fairs. Also this week, we run through the five...


Show #2.5- Steroids? Marketing? MLB Playoff Predictions? Conversation with USA Today's Bob Nightengale and more

This week on JABO, the boys talk with baseball writer with USA Today Bob Nightengale. We talk with Bob about his career, steroids, the declining popularity of baseball, and he gives us some things to look out for in the upcoming MLB playoffs. Also this week, we run through the five headlines (including some bloopers), discuss the magic of Baker Mayfield, and compare QB’s to fast food restaurants. Which QB is the Chili’s of the NFL? Follow @showjabo on twitter and visit www.showjabo.com to...


Show #2.4- The Nitty Gritty of Negotiations with SI's Andrew Brandt

This week on JABO, the boys talk with SI’s MMQB writer, former Green Bay Packer executive, one-time player agent, podcaster, and current Villanova Law professor Andrew Brandt. We talk with Andrew about the nitty gritty of player contracts and negotiations, when Le’veon will be back on the field, and how he got mixed up with Master P and Ricky Williams. Also, Fiveheadlines sponsored by The Sportsletter, Hot List and Not List, and some NFL Week 2 picks. Follow @showjabo on Twitter and visit...


Show #2.3- The Crazy Stories of the USFL with Jeff Pearlman

This week on JABO: The boys hit the Fiveheadlines of the week sponsored by The Sportsletter (www.thesportsletter.com). NCAA football, NFL football are back. MLB playoff races are HEATING up and more. Hot list, Not list including Nike gear, Aloe Vera, and degenerate gamblers. The boys talk with New York Times best-selling author, former SI and ESPN writer Jeff Pearlman about his rise in journalism, his new book "Football for a Buck: The Crazy Rise and Crazier Demise of the USFL", and the some...


Show #2.2- Boys only with football talk, games, and a groomposal

This week on JABO: IT's a boys only show and we talked a lot of good stuff. Check out the timestamps below! 2:23 Groomprosal 3:35 Fiveheadlines sponsored by The Sportsletter (www.thesportsletter.com) 12:30 Hot list or not list 19:30 Things more likely to happen this NCAA football season 26:40 NFL contract update 27:20 Contract clauses for OBJ 32:35 Better deals than OBJ's deal. Applebees appetizer sampler 36:25 Remember the Titans Fantasy Football 37:48 Things better than Preston's fantasy...


Show #2.1- Conversation with LA Lakers Joel Berry II

This week on JABO: The boys are back! Summer break is over and Parker is still talking too much in the intro. The boys talk about some preseason football and then spend some time with LA Lakers rookie and former UNC star, Joel Berry II. Joel talks about playing at UNC, dancing with Roy Williams, getting ready for the NBA season, and what it's like in a cryochamber. All this and more on the first episode of season 2! Follow @showjabo on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Credits: Logo-Luke...


Show #33- NBA Playoff Talk and Parker Wants To Mention The NHL

This week on JABO: There is no guest, so the boys just talk some shop. The NBA Playoffs are exceeding expectations, Parker is determined to talk NHL (we don't know anything about NHL), the NFL draft is next week, and Francisco Lindor homered in his hometown in Puerto Rico. This short, but mighty episode packs a punch. Fair or foul, Parker employed his own mother to trash talk to Preston? All this and more on this week's new episode! Follow @showjabo on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook....


Show #32- NBA Playoff Talk and Conversation with Josh DeGraaf of the Dunedin Blue Jays

This week on JABO, we start with a 3 on 3 segment (1:00-32:30). The boys discuss whether Lebron or James Harden deserves to be NBA MVP. (Real shocker who Preston is arguing for). Parker defends Ben Simmons as Rookie of the Year, while also giving credit to Donovan Mitchell for his sweatshirt design skills. The boys ask the question, what will it take for Parker to get into baseball this year. (32:45) Also, the boys have a special interview with Josh DeGraff, pitcher for the Dunedin Blue Jays...


Show #31- Fandom: A Story of Blind Loyalty

This week on JABO: The boys go solo. 3 on 3 segment includes the shape of the NBA landscape with 4 games to go, Villanova is the greatest team in the land, the Masters start this week, and a bonus: What is the biggest "what if?" in sports history. The boys also discuss this crazy thing we call fandom. What makes grown men cry? sports. What makes friends hate each other for a few hours each Sunday? sports. Why do non-athletic couch-sitters feel as though they personally helped a team win? The...