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Show #33- NBA Playoff Talk and Parker Wants To Mention The NHL

This week on JABO: There is no guest, so the boys just talk some shop. The NBA Playoffs are exceeding expectations, Parker is determined to talk NHL (we don't know anything about NHL), the NFL draft is next week, and Francisco Lindor homered in his hometown in Puerto Rico. This short, but mighty episode packs a punch. Fair or foul, Parker employed his own mother to trash talk to Preston? All this and more on this week's new episode! Follow @showjabo on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook....


Show #32- NBA Playoff Talk and Conversation with Josh DeGraaf of the Dunedin Blue Jays

This week on JABO, the boys discuss whether Lebron or James Harden deserves to be NBA MVP. (Real shocker who Preston is arguing for). Parker defends Ben Simmons as Rookie of the Year, while also giving credit to Donovan Mitchell for his sweatshirt design skills. The boys ask the question, what will it take for Parker to get into baseball this year. Also, the boys have a special interview with Josh DeGraff, pitcher for the Dunedin Blue Jays of the Toronto Blue Jays organization. Here his...


Show #30- Bringing Back the Banter and a Conversation with Sports Spectrum's Jason Romano

This week on JABO: The boys bring back some banter with a new opening segment called 3 on 3. Baseball is back, the Final Four are set, and what did Charlie say to set Preston off? JABO has our first ever sponsor "Thoughts, Prayers, and Care Packaging" and we have our first ever contest! The boys also have a wonderful and honest conversation with former ESPN producer and current host of the Sports Spectrum Podcast. Like us on Facebook at “Just a bit Outside.” Follow us on Twitter and...


Show #29- Conversation with Olympic Medalist Nick Goepper

This week on JABO: Isn't Nick Goepper that snowboarder? No, no he is not. Nick joins the boys to talk about slopestyle skiing, the Olympics, when he realized that he could make it to the Olympics, what goes on at the top of a slope right before he drops in and much much more! Show us some grace for the audio as Nick joins us from the Italian slopes, a day after his birthday and a day before he went on to win gold in the Seiser Alm Ski Slopestyle in the Dolamite mountain range. Like us on...


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Show #27- JABO's New Vision and Behind the Scenes with Jason Lloyd, Editor-in-Chief of "The Athletic Cleveland."

This week on Just a bit Outside, the boys discuss the new vision for the show and what you can expect from the new and improved JABO. We introduce the first annual JABO March Madness Bracket Challenge! The Editor-in-chief of the Athletic Cleveland, and author of “The Blueprint: Lebron James, Cleveland’s Deliverance, and the Making of the Modern NBA”, Jason Lloyd, joins the show for a great and insightful interview. Stay tuned for next week as we welcome a special guest to the JABO family.


Show #26- "Relaxed Intensity" with Phoenix Suns coach Bret Burchard

This week on JABO: We have an engaging conversation with Taylor University grad and Phoenix Suns coach Bret Burchard. We discuss life as an NBA assistant coach, life in the G-League, the time he had a $100 bowling bet with Chris Paul, the purpose behind being a basketball coach, and Bret explains the work that he does with "Sight Shift Athletes." JABO has a special announcement at the end of the episode. All this and more on this week’s episode of Just a bit Outside. Like us on Facebook at...


Show #25- A show with no football

This week on JABO: With Preston out of the line-up, Charlie and Parker discuss who is more likely to win the win the dunk contest, a junior or non-junior. The Eastern Conference playoff race looks a lot different after the Cavs firesale of player and which mid-level team has the best chance to make a deep playoff run. We have an Olympic update, and attempt to understand if ice skaters are truly in love with each other. Lastly, we answer some of your mailbag questions and bring up painful...


Show #24- Interview with NFL Insider Benjamin Allbright

This week on JABO: A great interview with Broncos and Browns NFL Insider Benjamin Allbright. We discuss the Colts being hoodwinked by Josh McDaniels, the evaluation process for the NFL Draft, which QB's are "NFL Ready", and we play deal or no deal with free agent or potential draftee Qb's. We also get Parker's rousing response on the Philadelphia Eagles' Super Bowl win! All this and more on this week’s episode of Just a bit Outside. Like us on Facebook at “Just a bit Outside” Follow us on...


Show #23- Advice for an awkward Super Bowl fan

This week on Jabo: The Redskins trade for Alex Smith, and send Kirk Cousins to the Free Agency Carousel. We give you things to say that can reduce the awkwardness of a super bowl party. Charlie and Parker wager a McRib on Super Bowl prop bets including, what will be the color of the winning coach’s Gatorade bath? We breakdown the Blake Griffin trade, and examine why The Clippers just became a lot more attractive to Lebron James in the offseason and we take a trip back to Secaucus New...


Show #22- Interview with Dallas Mavericks Director of Basketball Analytics James Brocato

This week on JABO: Super Bowl talk, NBA All Star snubs and what's with the new format?, MLB announces Chipper Jones, Jim Thome, Vladimir Guerrero and Trevor Hoffman make HOF, an update on “The Real Housewives of Secaucus” aka the NBA drama, Exciting interview with Dallas Mavericks Director of Basketball Analytics James Brocato, And some walkoffs (mini segments) to end the show. All this and more on this week’s episode of Just a bit Outside. Like us on Facebook at “Just a bit Outside”...


Show #21- A backup QB fan's perfect playoffs and what's with all the drama?

This week on JABO: The boys discuss the wild and crazy Divisional Round weekend in the NFL. A debut of a new segment called “Go Go Power Rankers” (insert Power Rangers theme song). Is the NBA drama too much? Who is to blame in th NBA refs vs. players dispute and how can the player on player violence be solved? Is Major League baseball broken? All this and more on this week’s episode of Just a bit Outside. Like us on Facebook at “Just a bit Outside” Follow us on Twitter and Instagram...


Show #20

This week on JABO: The gloves are off from the very beginning about...Blake Bortles??? Also, NFL divisional round predictions, contender or pretend with B-list NBA teams, how long did Charlie practice the name of the Alabama QB?, and is 50-Cent getting a chance to redeem himself? Follow us and tweet at us: @showjabo Subscribe and leave us a 5-star review in the iTunes store! Credits: Intro Music: Vibe Tracks, Outro Music: http://www.bensound.com/royalty-free-music, Logo: Max Romanowski


Show #19

This week on JABO: Some of us are angsty about an all-SEC matchup in the CFP Finals, which NBA team and superstars do the guys pick for the future, favorites for the Superbowl, shout out to garlic bread, Charlie is on the road at his Papi’s condominium, and who should replace Jon Gruden in the […]


Show #18

This week on JABO: Carson Wentz out for the season with torn ACL, Devin Hester retires Tom Brady panic meter? Did the Patriots trade the wrong QB? Giancarlo Stanton unites with Aaron Judge and Yankees may not be done making moves. Rick Pitino wormhole- Pitino suing Louisville, Louisville suing Pitino Dennis Rodman trying to organize […]


Show #17

JABO Fiveheadlines of the week: (AKA what we are going to talk about on the show) Alabama is in and Ohio State is out- Last CFP rankings released Giancarlo Stanton trade waiting in the wings? Ohtani sweepstakes in full force. NBA viewership is up, Okafor to the Nets, who won the Kyrie-LeBron divorce? Changes in […]


Show #16 and Melvin Hunt Interview

This week on JABO: We discuss Championship Weekend in college football, Eli Manning’s benching, and we welcome on a special guest: Dallas Mavericks assistant coach Melvin Hunt for a great interview. He tells us stories about LeBron, Dirk, and even a good Kobe story. He talks about why he does what he does and some […]


Show #15

This week on JABO: The Commissioner’s crazy contract conundrum, Are the Rams legit?, The 76ers are finally above .500, Parker got a speeding ticket, and College Football Tinder. Swipe right? Swipe left? Gurl, how you doin’? Follow us and tweet at us: @showjabo Subscribe and leave us a review in the iTunes store! Credits: Intro Music: […]


Show #14

This week on JABO: Parker does his best starting lineup introduction of Charlie, New segment called “Things still better than Charlie’s fantasy team”, Is Goodell to blame for NFL recession? What’s wrong with the Cavs? Where will Giancarlo Stanton go? Should undefeated teams automatically make the NCAAF Playoffs? All this and more on this week’s […]


Show #13

Man down! The show this week is without the most important member…Coach is down with an illness! Charlie and Parker discuss the crazy World Series, The NFL trade deadline deals, The Shield (NFL) is losing its best players to injury, and College Football’s first playoff rankings. All this and more on this week’s Just A […]