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Locked on Indians: Indians Catch a Marlin

We take a quick look at the Indians win today after another strong start by Jefry Rodriguez. We talk about the upcoming series with the Astros and the interesting pitcher matchup for Friday night. Then it is time to dive into the Rubberducks to see who is performing so far and what names to know down in AA. Plus a guest appearance by my cat, what more could you want?


Locked On Indians : The Fish Got Away

Jeff Ellis takes a look at the Indians loss to the Marlins. He digs into Neil Rameriz and wonders not only why is he on the team but why did the Indians offer him arbitration. After this, he looks at Eli Morgan's start for Lynchburg and takes a deep dive on the Hillcats roster in general.


Locked on Indians: Preview of the Marlins plus Lake County Talk

The Indians are off today, so instead, we take a deep dive on the Marlins. We go through the lineup and the starters the Indians will face. Unsurprisingly for a team in a full rebuild, it is not the strongest squad. After this we spend the second half on the Lake County Captains a team loaded with former day one picks, and interesting prospects to know.


Locked On Indians: Braves vs Indians

What started out looking like a great weekend, turned into a bummer as the Indians lose two of three to the Braves. The bullpen took the blame from some, but maybe the manager should also take some of the blame. In spite of the series loss, the Indians look to be healthy and trending upward.


Locked On Indians : How do They Stack up

The Indians might have had a day off, but that does not mean I get one. Since there is no game to talk about instead we compare their team stats against the rest of baseball and see if the offense is as bad as we think and if the pitching as good as we think. Then we look at the Lake County Captains and boy did Will Benson have himself a game.


Locked On Indians : Some Minor Time

After some talk about the sweep of the Mariners and a brilliant performance by Cookie Carrasco. It is then time to take a look at the top three levels of the minors talking about top performances, prospects, and some names to watch.


Locked On Indians : Indians Get a Free Man

The Indians promoted a shortstop, no not that shortstop, no not that shortstop either. Mike Freeman is his name and minor league production is his game. We take a look at the top flight pitching go Bieber and Bauer. Give some love for the cornerstones of the Indians offense Satana and Martin, and even go down to A ball to talk about a pitcher who should be in AA soon.


Locked On Indians : it's not Miller time

Brad Miller is no longer an Indian. People lost there mind over a mediocre player, which goes to show just how bad the Indians offense has been this year. We take a look who is trending up and down and again plead for the Indians to give Chang a Chance.


Locked On Indians: A Weekend to Forget

It was a rough weekend for the Indians who failed to win a single game from a Royals team that was on a ten game losing streak. The starters were bad, the hitters worse, and nothing is looking good for the Indians as they try to stay above .500 early on this season.


Locked On Indians: Carlos Santana Appreciation Night

The Indians get another win thanks to a strong performance from Shane Bieber and Carlos Santana's perfect day at the plate. Some hitters are starting to put it together and others are not, but it is time to show all the love for Carlos Santana. Oh and I reveal who I mocked to the Indians in my yet unpublished 247 MLB mock draft.


Locked On Indians: Going Long

We look at the loss to the Tigers and some concerns with Trevor Bauer's start and Jose Ramirez's year. We look at some advanced stats and go a little longer than typical to explain what a "barrel" is.


Locked On Indians: Explosive Power and Another Injury

The Indians had a power explosion on Tuesday hitting as many home runs as they had hit all year and more than the Tigers have hit in total. While the game gave us plenty of good news, it was all weighed down by the bad news of Mike Clevinger's injury. We will talk about the game and try and figure out where the Indians will go from here in terms of replacing Clevinger.


Locked On Indians: Talking Tigers with Chris Brown

No game on Monday, but a series with the Tigers is on deck so what better source than Chris Brown from the Locked on Tigers podcast. Chris joins us to talk about a Tigers team that looks very different from the recent squads Indians fans remember.


Locked on Indians: Get Those Brooms Ready

Good Times are here again after a four game sweep of the Blue Jays. The Indians offense still had struggles, but the pitching as expected is carrying the team so far. We take a look at the Indians three best performers and two worst so far this year, and take a quick dive in AAA looking at names to watch.


Locked On Indians: Near No Hitters All Around

Indians get a win, thanks to a strong pitching performance from Trevor Bauer. Carlos Santana again carries the offensive load. The Rubber Ducks were part of a near no hitter themselves. Also want is up with Jose Ramirez? Is he playing hurt, is he pressing? We take a look at last season and the extremely small sample size of this year to figure out what has gone wrong with the Indians best hitter.


Locked On Indians: Rubber Ducky You're the One

Host Jeff Ellis will quickly go over the 8-3 loss to the White Sox. There will be some talk about the offensive offense. After that it will be time to talk about the Francona extension and the general meh feelings it inspired. Then the show will finish up with a look at the players to watch and names to know from the Akron Rubber Ducks minor league roster.


Locked On Indians: Got Those Lindor Blues

The Indians have another off day, which might be good as the Indians offense has been offensive. We look at the Lindor injury and why it means it is time to give Chang a Chance. The season is only two percent done, but still there are reasons for concern when it comes to players who have a history of not producing. Lastly legitimate question would the Indians be better off DHing for their catcher or shortstop instead of their pitcher.


Locked On Indians : Home Opener

The Indians win the home opener, thanks to a masterful performance by Mike Clevinger. We take a look at who performed well, who did not, and are thankful to see Naquin move down the order. Host Jeff Ellis talks about what his ideal Indians lineup would be and he wants you to "Give Chang a Chance"


Locked On Indians: Week Two Blues

Jellis Ellis looks at the games from the weekend and discusses the recent article on the Athletic that talked about the Padres and their pursuit of pitchers notably Trevor Bauer.


Locked On Indians : Opening Day

The Indians start 2019 the same way they ended 2018 by losing. There were high's, Corey Kluber was excellent and had a no hitter into the 6th. There were lows, pretty much everything else. While one does not want to over reacted to just one game it was hard watching the offensive as it is currently put together. Tyler Naquin batting third what kind of hellscape was that?