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Andy and Brian Kamenetzky bring you a daily look into the Los Angeles Lakers and the NBA. The Kamenetzky Brothers have covered the Lakers since 2005 for a variety of media outlets including the LA Times, ESPN and The Athletic, with a unique style combining traditional journalism, informal commentary and offbeat humor. They'll break down all the latest news surrounding L.A.'s premiere franchise on the "Locked On Lakers" podcast, a part of the "Locked On Podcast Network". #nba #lakers

Andy and Brian Kamenetzky bring you a daily look into the Los Angeles Lakers and the NBA. The Kamenetzky Brothers have covered the Lakers since 2005 for a variety of media outlets including the LA Times, ESPN and The Athletic, with a unique style combining traditional journalism, informal commentary and offbeat humor. They'll break down all the latest news surrounding L.A.'s premiere franchise on the "Locked On Lakers" podcast, a part of the "Locked On Podcast Network". #nba #lakers


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Andy and Brian Kamenetzky bring you a daily look into the Los Angeles Lakers and the NBA. The Kamenetzky Brothers have covered the Lakers since 2005 for a variety of media outlets including the LA Times, ESPN and The Athletic, with a unique style combining traditional journalism, informal commentary and offbeat humor. They'll break down all the latest news surrounding L.A.'s premiere franchise on the "Locked On Lakers" podcast, a part of the "Locked On Podcast Network". #nba #lakers






The Lakers Acquire Russell Westbrook: What's Good, What's Bad and What's Yet to Come

The Lakers have traded for Russell Westbrook. Yes, Russell Westbrook is now a Laker. There is A LOT to discuss. First, the Kamenetzky Brothers dig into what was arguably the craziest day around the Lakers since Chris Paul was a Laker for 45 minutes or so. The news was fast in coming, and very unexpected. What does it say about the front office that they went this direction? From there, it's all about the impact. What's good about Westbrook's addition to the Lakers? What is potentially...


Who Will the Lakers Select with the 22nd Pick? An NBA Draft Preview with Mike Garcia

It's Draft Day! The Lakers have been rumored to be using their 22nd pick as everything from a sweetener in a larger trade package, a mechanism to move higher in the first round, a mechanism to trade into the second round... and... well... a means of selecting a player 22nd overall. Whatever decision ultimately made will be dictated in part by whoever's most likely available for them at that spot. To break down the field of candidates, the Kamenetzkys welcomed NBA draft expert Mike Garcia...


Another Kuzma trade rumor! Lakers moving up in the Draft? Plus, Lionel Hollins out!

Another day, another trade rumor involving the Lakers and Kyle Kuzma. This time, he was reportedly offered, along with the 22nd pick, to the Indiana Pacers in exchange for T.J. Warren and the 13th pick. If that sounds lopsided in favor of the Lakers, that's only because it is. Like, a lot. But what's even more curious is the Lakers' reported attempt to move up in a draft. Could the Lakers have a specific player in mind (Chris Duarte?), or another plan altogether? In the meantime, there's...


Big Questions for the Lakers as the Draft and Free Agency Arrive: Guest, NBA Cap Expert Eric Pincus

With free agency approaching, and the Lakers negotiating several salary cap obstacles while trying to make roster upgrades, there's nobody better to break down the "how" of it all than NBA salary cap expert Eric Pincus (Bleacher Report, Basketball Insiders, Sports Business Classroom). The conversation begins with Pincus explaining exactly what the Lakers are up against while trying to make deals, particularly sign-and-trade swaps, which could potentially trigger a hard cap and create new...


The Trade Rumors Keep Flying: How About Buddy Hield or Joe Ingles for the Lakers?

With Draft week approaching, the NBA Rumor Mill certainly wasn't going to take the weekend off. So after Friday brought news of Russell Westbrook and DeMar DeRozan, it's no surprise, then, to see the Lakers connected to two more intriguing names: Sacramento sharpshooter Buddy Hield, and Utah's smooth shooting, savvy Aussie Joe Ingles. Would either be a good fit with the Lakers? Is Hield even the best guy on Sacramento's roster for LA to target? Ingles is an interesting name not just because...


Are the Lakers Interested in Russell Westbrook? Possibly. Is LeBron James a Billionaire? Definitely.

As it turns out, Chris Paul isn't the only future Hall of Fame point guard at the tail end of his career that's now linked to the Lakers. Marc Spears of ESPN/The Undefeated has reported discussions between the Lakers and Wizards about a blockbuster that would send Russell Westbrook to L.A. in a complicated scenario involving signed-and-traded(s) Dennis Schröder/Talen Horton-Tucker, Kyle Kuzma... and very little logic on either side. Westbrook remains a great player, but he makes zero sense...


The Lakers, Free Agency and Trade Season: Who's Coming or Going? What's Possible? With Cap Expert Danny Leroux!

The NBA season is now officially in the books, which means it's officially time for Offseason Rumor-a-palooza, with the Lakers at the center of it all, as always! The Lakers have several players heading into free agency (most notably, Dennis Schröder, Alex Caruso and Talen Horton-Tucker), another who has the option to follow suit (Montrezl Harrell), and two players prominently in the rumor mill (Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, Kyle Kuzma). They also have the 22nd pick in the draft to potentially...


What Milwaukee's Title Says About the Lakers This and Next Season. Plus, Scouting Jared Butler!

The Milwaukee Bucks are NBA Champions, capping off a crazy season that was, frankly, often difficult to watch. But beyond being a great story and reward for some outstanding people, like Giannis, Jrue Holiday and Khris Middleton, the Bucks showed a few things that are instructive for the Lakers. First, it's a reminder of how thin the margins are, and how easily things could go the other way. If Brooklyn's Big Three is healthy, do the Bucks make it to the Finals? Maybe not. If Anthony Davis...


Kuzma, Harrell and Schröder: Who's Most Likely on the Lakers Next Year? Plus, Scouting Chris Duarte.

The Kamenetzky Brothers open up the Locked On Lakers Mailbag. (Direct all questions to @KamBrothers on Twitter, kamenetzkybrothers@gmail.com, and on the iTunes show page.) First, from Will Powell (@willpowell_4): Who is most likely between Dennis Schröder, Montrezl Harrell and Kyle Kuzma to open the season with the Lakers? Could all of them stay? None of them? From there, Aniket Mohan (@Aniket_Mohan24) asks who'd they'd rather have for the last five minutes of a game: Anthony Davis or...


Reviewing LeBron James and Space Jam: A New Legacy. Is it Good? Plus, a Scouting Report of UT Guard Jaden Springer.

How was your weekend? Good? Well, LeBron's was better. The Lakers superstar's new movie, Space Jam: A New Legacy, opened Friday, and despite a plethora of very bad reviews, did nearly $32M in sales, more than 10 mil above industry estimates, despite still dealing with the effects of the pandemic and the movie simultaneously streaming on HBO Max. All in all, this was impressive, and audiences seem to have liked the movie. For that matter, the Kamenetzkys liked the movie better than the 1996...


Will the Lakers do any Sign-and-Trades? Plus, LeBron's Space Jam, and Scouting LSU G Cam Thomas with Matt Moscona!

It's getting close to the draft and free agency, which makes it a great time for an examination of various implications with both for the Lakers! First, the Kamenetzkys scout guard Cam Thomas, an absolute scoring machine during his lone season at LSU, who's been linked to the Lakers in a few mock drafts. Just how talented of a scorer is this kid who averaged 23 ppg? What else, if anything, has he demonstrated capable of consistently doing other than get buckets? Is he ready to contribute...


How Kawhi Leonard's ACL Injury Impacts the Lakers Next Season... Plus, NBA Draft Scouting Report: Florida's Tre Mann

The Lakers have the 22nd pick in this year's NBA Draft, and names of potential draftees are flying around. We've discussed the priorities for the Lakers heading in - shooting, playmaking, and perhaps most important, the ability to contribute quickly - and begin our scouting reports talking Florida guard Tre Mann with Brandon Olsen, host of Locked on Gators and Whole Nine Sports. Could Mann, who played two years with the Gators, improved considerably between years 1 and 2, and even grew a few...


Mirin Fader discusses Giannis Antetokounmpo's Inspiring Career, Obstacles Overcome, Relationship with Kobe Bryant, and more!

It's a bit of a change of pace for today's show. We bring on one of the great writers working in sports today, The Ringer's Mirin Fader, whose biography of Giannis Antetokounmpo, "Giannis: The Improbable Rise of an NBA MVP" comes out August 10th. (Preorder wherever you get your books!) Having had a chance to preview the book, it's a fantastic look at a wholly unique player and the conditions and circumstances that made him what he is today. In a wide-ranging interview, we talk with Fader...


LeBron Says He Wants to Retire (many years from now) as a Laker! Plus, the Lakers' Draft Needs.

As part of his Space Jam promotional tour, LeBron James appeared on the "Smartless" podcast with Will Arnett, Jason Bateman and Sean Hayes, and among many subjects, touched on his basketball future. In a nutshell, he wants to play another several years, and all of them in a Laker uniform. What's crazy is how absolutely sane the notion of him playing well into his forties feels. LeBron also talked about his future in Hollywood, and what he could have in common with Denzel Washington, Liam...


Harrell and Drummond Take Shots at Vogel. One is Definitely Serious. The Other is Definitely Selling NFT's.

Andre Drummond and Montrezl Harrell, the former a free agent to be and the latter potentially so, both made recent headlines with what appeared to be swipes at Frank Vogel on social media. Drummond claims he was intentionally making headlines to help promote his new NFT's, and didn't mean any of it. Whether sincere or not, the stakes with Drummond's theoretical unhappiness are fairly low, because he might not be back even if he were totally pleased with time in L.A. Either way, he's selling...


Kyle Kuzma Talks Team Chemistry, His Scoring Potential and TV Shows... Guest: Daman Rangoola

He's one of our favorite people, and a hugely popular figure on NBA social media, and Lakers Twitter particularly. Daman Rangoola (@damanr) joins Locked On Lakers, on a busy day in the NBA. After a quick breakdown of Game 2 of the Finals, and talking about our respective rooting interests, we dive into some provocative comments made by Lakers forward Kyle Kuzma, who is out promoting his new TV show. He thinks with a more consistent role and opportunity, he can be an All Star. Is he right?...


Mailbag! Lakers trades, Free Agency, LeBron's role and more. Plus, Adam Silver Speaks!

The Kamenetzky Brothers often take listener questions during a show, whether solicited over Twitter (@kambrothers) or email (kamenetzkybrothers@gmail.com). But every now and then, they go into full-on mailbag mode! Like today! First, however, they addressed NBA Commissioner Adam Silver's press conference before kicking off the NBA Finals, which were fairly frank about how crummy this past year was for the players, whether physically or mentally, in ways that may not be fully understood until...


Kyle Kuzma, Talen Horton-Tucker, the 22nd pick and... ??? Assessing the Lakers' trade chips

Silly season is here! On Tuesday, NBA Twitter was made crazy by a fairly implausible trade rumor generated by a fake version of a somewhat shaky aggregator site. BUT WHO CARES! This stuff is fun! So after debating whether Kemba Walker (the subject of the aforementioned fake rumor) is a good fit for the Lakers, we break down what the Lakers have to offer in trades. And, using the guys on the block for the Indiana Pacers as a stable metric, try to figure out what caliber player those assets...


What do Lakers Fans Want in the NBA Finals? (and Did the 2019 Raptors Give the Lakers a Blueprint for Anthony Davis?)

The NBA Finals are here... have Lakers fans checked out? We fire up the Twitter polling machine to find out. For those fans who are still engaged, what are the best stories? Is it possible to root for a team with Jae Crowder on it? Why does Chris Paul make it so hard to be happy for his success? The Bucks have some guys, too. Jrue Holiday is one of the best guys the league has to offer. So is Khris Middleton. And what if the Bucks win... and Giannis barely plays? Lord help us all. From...


Happy LeBronniversary Day! Assessing the impact of LeBron, playing "What If?" and rethinking Paul George and Chris Paul

July 1 might as well be a holiday for Lakers fans, albeit a new one. In 2018, that's when the news broke that LeBron James would be coming to Los Angeles to join the Lakers. It took a minute, but James dragged the franchise out of a near-decade long rut, and even if he doesn't win another title in purple and gold goes down as one of the most influential Lakers of all time, just based on impact. We talk about that, then look back at the alternate universe in which James doesn't come, and the...