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Dan Feldman brings Pistons fans inside the team with a the daily podcast Locked on Pistons part of the Locked On Podcast Network. #nba #pistons

Dan Feldman brings Pistons fans inside the team with a the daily podcast Locked on Pistons part of the Locked On Podcast Network. #nba #pistons
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Dan Feldman brings Pistons fans inside the team with a the daily podcast Locked on Pistons part of the Locked On Podcast Network. #nba #pistons




Locked On Pistons - 6/18/18 - Pistons Front Office Candidate Have Already Missed Crucial Experiences

Detroit Pistons executive Ed Stefanski has blown a chance to get valuable experience for whoever comes into the team's front office soon. Vince Ellis of the Detroit Free Press had a great look Sunday at the hiring of coach Dwane Casey and we detail that today. Also, a look back at Isiah's Ankle Game and The Robert Horry Game, all and all bad memories for Pistons fans. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


Locked On Pistons - 6/15/18 - Why Pistons Hiring Processes Sucked And Helping Puerto Rico Recovery

Ed Stefanski saw a power vacuum with the Detroit Pistons and walked right through. Host Matt Schoch talks about why that sucks for the Pistons and their fans. We also talk to Gaby Aviles of the Desde las Gradas podcast in Puerto Rico about how he became a Pistons fans and how hurricane recovery is going in the P.R. Pistons Playoff Playback also takes a look at championship victories from 1990 and 2004 and what you may have forgotten about those nights. Check out the J.J. Barca...


Locked On Pistons - 6/13/18 - Who Gets Credit For Raptors Rebirth: Dwane Casey Or Nick Nurse?

As the Toronto Raptors have elevated Dwane Casey's former right-hand man Nick Nurse to the big chair, the natural questions are now coming in The North: Who gets credit for the success of the last five years of the Casey tenure? It looks like Massai Ujiri of the Raptors has made his pick. What does that mean for the coach the Detroit Pistons have hired? Host Matt Schoch also has some thoughts on the top few prospects in the NBA Draft. For Pistons Playoff Playback, we look back at a trio...


Locked On Pistons - 6/11/18 - Dwane Casey Finally Hired As Coach Of The Detroit Pistons

Dwane Casey was hired Monday as the 36th head coach for the Detroit Pistons. The former Toronto Raptors leader, a finalist for the NBA Coach of the Year, will be introduced next week by the team. The selection marks the end of a long search during a strange offseason in Detroit under owner Tom Gores. Host Matt Schoch goes back deep into Casey's past, explains why he's kind of like Jim Caldwell with the Lions and passes along some thoughts from Pistons nation. Learn more about your ad...


Locked On Pistons - 6/11/18 - Lowdown On Potential Pistons Coach Dwane Casey From Raptors Expert

Dwane Casey looks like he could be named coach of the Detroit Pistons any moment now, so we learn all about him from Locked On Raptors host Sean Woodley. Woodley talks about reasons to get excited about Casey, but also some of the things that caused his. downfall in The North. We also run down Friday's NBA title win by Golden State, the 2019 NBA Championship odds from Las Vegas, and a look back at a special performance under tough personal circumstances by a Pistons all-time great in the...


Locked On Pistons - 6/8/18 - Is It Ime? Spurs' Udoka Still Very Much In Pistons Coaching Search Mix

As the Detroit Pistons coaching and front office searches have now reached infuriatingly long delays, one name that we don't know much about is Ime Udoka. The San Antonio Spurs assistant coach is very much in the mix for the coaching opening for the Pistons and we talk about why he might be the man in Detroit, and why that news could be coming as quickly as today. We also preview tonight's Game 4 of the NBA Finals and the weekend's NBA 2K League tournament. Plus, a look back at the 1989...


Locked On Pistons - 6/6/18 - Boban The Assassin And What To Expect As Coaching Candidates Visit California

Host Matt Schoch talks about what he really wants to see as Boban hits the big screen in John Wick: Chapter 3. We also break down the latest in the coaching search, and what we should expect to see as Dwane Casey, John Beilein and Ime Udoka assess their options. How Ed Stefanski is screwing this up, let us count the ways. We also take a look back at two of the biggest road wins in Detroit Pistons history which both happened on this.date 14 and 13 years ago today. Are they the biggest...


Locked On Pistons - 6/4/18 - Three Head Coaching Candidates The Detroit Pistons Should Definitely Not Hire

The Detroit Pistons coaching search has revealed some unexpected names -- and most of them should now unconsidered. Host Matt Schoch has a look at the three of those names and why they shouldn't be hired by Ed Stefanski at the end of his process. Matt also reveals who he wants leading the front office and the bench... for now. We also have a look at the NBA Finals and where it goes from here, as well as a look back at Scottie Pippen's migraine Game 7 in 1990 and how that played out for...


Locked On Pistons - 5/31/18 - The Pistons Coaching And Front Office Searches Have Turned Into A Joke

So, that Detroit Pistons front office and head coach search has yielded off the path names such as Kenny Smith and Juwan Howard, and meanwhile, names like Shane Battier from the front office have ran away from the team. Owner Tom Gores continues to make a mess out of this, from at least an optics standpoint, and Pistons fans should have no reason to believe any of this will end well. Host Matt Schoch also has part 3 of the interview with former Pistons public address announcer Ken...


Locked On Pistons - 5/30/18 - Ken Calvert On Bill Laimbeer, The Final Countdown And John Salley's Phantom Assists

Detroit radio legend Ken Calvert, the former public address announcer voice of the Detroit Pistons, joins us for Part 2 of his interview, touching on topics such as the Pistons theme song, Bill Laimbeer's vacation home and John Salley's phantom assists. We also talk about the Twitter controversy brewing in Philadelphia about executive Bryan Colangelo and his burner accounts. Pistons Playoff Playback brings us back to 1987 and a disappointing finish to a promising season that ended with a...


Locked On Pistons - 5/29/18 - Former Pistons Public Address Announcer Ken Calvert And Bad Boys Memories

Ken Calvert came into the gig as public address announcer for the Detroit Pistons at the perfect time. The former Detroit rock n' roll radio legend had a front row seat for two championship seasons and some of the greatest moments in Detroit sports history. Calvert talks Bad Boys memories in the first part of a two-part interview that we'll share with you this week. He was also there for today's Pistons Playoff Playback, a look back at when the Bad Boys walked off against the Chicago...


Locked On Pistons - 5/25/18 - Welcome To Detroit, Ed Stefanski; Is Dwane Casey Next?

Boring basketball man Ed Stefanski is now in charge of the front office and coaching searches for the Detroit Pistons, who are really extending this thing now. Stefanski's hire brings about a lot of questions for host Matt Schoch, as well as some connections such as former Toronto coach Dwane Casey and also former Pistons great Tayshaun Prince, who worked with Easy Ed in Memphis. We also look back to 31 years from Saturday and the day that there was a Steal By Bird. Learn more about...


Locked On Pistons - 5/24/18 - The Anniversary Of The Most Famous Defensive Play In Detroit Pistons History

Tayshaun Prince's block of Reggie Miller in the 2004 Eastern Conference Finals goes down as the most famous defensive play in Detroit Pistons history and it happened 14 years ago today. We talked about that play on Pistons Playoff Playback today. We also talked to Ferndale's Jarrett Stephens, a former Penn State basketball great, about Nittany Lions prospect Tony Carr and what Stephens has been up to lately in the basketball world. Host Matt Schoch also shares the story of getting 360...


Locked On Pistons - 5/23/18 - Bob McAdoo On Playing For, Coaching Against, Working With The Future Of The Pistons

Basketball Hall of Famer Bob McAdoo has had his life intersect with the Detroit Pistons a few times, playing for the team for parts of two seasons and coaching against Chauncey Billups and the boys twice with the Miami Heat. He also still works with the Heat and may be working alongside the future of the Pistons in Detroiter Shane Battier, who has been connected to the Pistons as a current front office candidate. And hey, we had some compelling conference finals basketball on Tuesday...


Locked On Pistons - 5/22/18 - The Pistons Got Pick No. 2 In The Greatest NBA Draft Ever 15 Years Ago Today

Fifteen years ago today was a joyous occasion for Detroit Pistons fans who had their team in the Eastern Conference finals and also earned the No. 2 pick in the best draft in NBA history. Alas, our Pistons Playoff Playback would have a sad ending, as you know. We are also joined by Kevin O'Connor of The Ringer website about possible Pistons draft prospects and what the Pistons need to do to turn things around. Host Matt Schoch also talks about some names to remember as the draft...


Locked On Pistons - 5/21/18 - NBA Draft Prospect Moritz Wagner On His Love For Michigan, Ann Arbor

Michigan's Moritz Wagner is an interesting NBA draft prospect, going through the workout and combine process for the second time. He met with the media at the combine in Chicago on Friday and we were on hand. Host Matt Schoch breaks down the terrible conference finals, a big PistonsGT win on Friday night, and a look back in Pistons Playoff Playback to 1989, and a Game 1 surprise by Michael Jordan in his first playoff game at The Palace of Auburn Hills. Learn more about your ad choices....


Locked On Pistons - 5/18/18 - Miles Bridges Of Michigan State And New Pistons Technology At NBA Draft Combine

Michigan State's Miles Bridges came back to East Lansing for his sophomore year for a disappointing finish. He hopes his pro career gets off an inspiring start next month at the NBA Draft but first went through the media session Thursday at the combine. In Chicago, the Pistons ragtag front office is trying an innovative approach to test prospects, while we take a look back to holding off the King, as the Pistons kept LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers at bay back in 2006. Learn...


Locked On Pistons - 5/17/18 - Intriguing Names And Duds Surface As Pistons Front Office Candidates

Following the Woj Bombs has led Detroit Pistons fans to a new list of possible front office candidates as Tom Gores and Arn Tellem look to shape the franchise going forward. Some - like Kiki VanDeWeghe and Ed Stefanski - are cringe-worthy, while others like Gersson Rosas, Trajan Langdon and Shane Battier are intriguing. Host Matt Schoch breaks down his favorites of that bunch. We also check in on the Western Conference finals and what the PistonsGT team is up to this weekend. And in...


Locked On Pistons - 5/16/18 - 5 Detroit Pistons Prospects We'll Be Watching At The NBA Draft Combine

The Detroit Pistons couldn't get any luck on Tuesday night at the NBA Draft Lottery in Chicago, losing their first-round pick to the Los Angeles Clippers from the Blake Griffin trade. We talk about what's next, with host Matt Schoch talking about the five prospects he'll be looking at this week as it pertains to the Pistons second-round pick. We also break down the conference finals, including LeBron's 0-2 deficit and Houston's must-win Game 2. We also go back to 2003 for a big series...


Locked On Pistons - 5/15/18 - Sports Gambling Coming, But First... An NBA Lottery

Monday's big Supreme Court decision paves the way for states to approve sports gambling, but where is Michigan at in a timeline of bringing it to the state. We also take a look at the Golden State Warriors continuing their run through the NBA playoffs and what to expect in tonight's Boston/Cleveland Game 2. We also do the official Locked On Pistons NBA Draft Lottery simulation, and update the coaching search. For today's Pistons Playoff Playback, we go back to 1988, when the Pistons...