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USA Cycling 2018 Pro Champion: The Newly-Crowned Jonny Brown

We watched Jonny Brown attack the breakaway with a lap and a half left at the 2018 USA Cycling Pro Championships in Knoxville, TN and knew we had to get him on the show. A Tennessee native and current Knoxville resident, the 21-year old Brown is the youngest rider ever to win the “Stars and Stripes” jersey for the U.S. national champion. His cycling history started early. His dad was a former pro, and his brother Nate was the first Tennessean to race in the Tour de France with EF Education...


“Mr. XTERRA” and SwimRun Standout Marcus Barton

Marcus Barton has made a quite a journey in the off-road triathlon scene. From training on a $50 used mountain bike before his first race to taking podiums at races all over the U.S. and abroad, he’s become known as a formidable opponent as well as a friendly face to veterans and newcomers alike. He was named “Mr. XTERRA” in 2016 for exemplifying the values of community and volunteerism that off-road triathlon espouses. Recently, he’s added SwimRun events to his already-busy XTERRA race...


Shred the Highest Mountains with MTB Pro Kaysee Armstrong

Kaysee Armstrong a pro mountain biker with the the Liv Trail Squad team. She won the grueling Trans Andes stage race in 2017 and 2018 and swept the collegiate mountain bike nationals a few years ago. She also helps others get hooked on mountain biking through her involvement in the Bell Joyride Clinics, the Little Bellas cycling program, and the Smokey Mountain Bears middle and high school mountain bike teams. Some topics covered include:


Round Table: Inside the Twisted Mind of a First-Time 140.6 Triathlete

In this impromptu roundtable, one-and-done Ironman Derek Tingle quizzes host Chris Gerard at the eight-week-out mark from his first 140.6 at Michigan Titanium. Many topics were covered, most resulting in incredulous laughter on Derek’s part.


Strength Training for Triathletes with Patrick Morris

Patrick Morris is the Performance Lab Director at Podium Sports Medicine, certified personal trainer and brand-new triathlete! He stopped by the show to talk about: Follow Patrick on Instragram and stop by to see him at Podium to learn how to build total-body strength and wellness for [...]


Lori Nedescu — Pro Cyclist, Marathoner, Instagrammer and Recovering Triathlete

Lori Nedescu is a pro cyclist, elite marathoner, and has created quite a buzz on Instagram with her amazing pictures of healthy, portable recipes and her adventures travelling and living out of a retrofitted van. In this episode, we talk to Lori about: Welland Racing


Triathlete and Coach Kristen Seymour of Fit Bottomed Girls

On this show, we talk to Kristen Seymour, co-owner of the Fit Bottomed Girls brand. The site just celebrated it’s 10th year with a new look and a combination of their sites into one. Kristen is a triathlete and USAT Level One Coach and writes extensively on nutrition, goal setting, and many other topics. She’s heard weekly on the Fit Bottomed Girls Podcast. Fit Bottomed Girls


Record-Breaking Masters Runner and Coach Pete Magill

Pete Magill is pretty darn fast for an old guy. OK, that should really read “record-breakingly fast.” After a nearly two-decade hiatus from running working jobs that were not terribly friendly to fitness (nightclub manager on an island and screenwriter in California) and battling through some substance abuse issues, Pete made a roaring comeback in the master’s running circuit, setting the 5K world record for athletes 49 and up with a 14:45 performance. He also holds American records...


Dr. Simon Marshall and Lesley Paterson on “The Brave Athlete” (Rebroadcast)

(This interview first aired in June of 2017) Dr. Simon Marshall and Lesley Paterson are the dynamic duo behind Braveheart Coaching and the new book The Brave Athlete: Calm the F*ck Down and Rise to the Occasion (2017, VeloPress). Lesley is a three-time off road triathlon champion, Ironman champion, coach, actress and screenwriter. Simon is a PhD. and former professor at University of California at San Diego and San Diego State. He’s written extensively and currently provides performance...


Endurance Athlete Entrepreneur: Orange Mud’s Josh Sprauge

Josh Sprauge grew up with the crazy adventure that an outdoorsy life in a small town brings. His passion for design and “taking what sucks about a product and making it better” combined with his passion for endurance sports to create Orange Mud. From humble beginnings and hand-stitched prototypes in 2012, Orange Mud has become known worldwide as the purveyor of premium hydration products for serious endurance athletes. They’ve branched off into other products as well, such as their...


Diet Trends, Nutrition Myth Busting and More with Andrea Kendrick, RD

We looked back through the show archives and noticed it had been a while since we did a show on nutrition for endurance athletes. After Chris finished off his quart of ice cream, he typed up a note to Andrea Kendrick, RD, and this show is the result! Nutrition is a wide-ranging subject, and so was our conversation. Some topics covered include: reliableEatRight.orgSCANCPS [...]


Jumping Back In: Open Water Swimming Skills for All Levels

Our local lake is like…56F. Some of us have races coming up really soon. Ready or not, it’s time to start thinking about open water swimming again. Whether you’re considering your first open-water race or you’re looking to go so fast that you capsize the support boat in your wake, now is a great time to start thinking through the unique challenges that swimming in open water offers. Topics Covered:


Race Day Rundown: Planning Your Best Race Day

In the final installment of our three-part series on race planning, preparation and execution, we talk about what is, in fact, the ultimate goal of all our planning and training: race day. Topics we cover include:


“Life’s Too Short to Go So F*cking Slow” - Author Susan Lacke

Our chat with writer, professor and endurance athlete Susan Lacke. She’s just released the new book “Life’s too Short to Go So F*cking Slow,” which examines her transformation from a junk-food loving, pack-a-day smoking new professor battling alcoholism to an athlete and writer for fitness magazines with the help of her hard-driving boss (who also became a great friend). Topics we covered include:


Pre-Race Preparation

Lana, Derek and Chris discuss some tips on preparing for a specific race–from registration and planning to the morning of the race. Covering topics like:


Roundtable: How We’re Planning our 2018 Race Season

In this round-table discussion, Lana, Derek and Chris talk about their 2018 race plans, how they go about planning a season, choosing races, and what they’re looking to get out of the upcoming year. Topics we covered include: process-focusedThis is part one of three of a round table we’re having on planning, executing and learning from our 2018 race season. Installment two will focus on individual race prep and strategy. The third [...]


Retire Pro Cyclist Andrew Talansky On Transition to Triathlon

Andrew Talansky spent nearly a decade grinding the gears with Cannondale-Drapac Pro Cycling. In that time, he won U.S. Time Trial Championship and the Criterium Dauhpine, as well as top-10 finishes at the Tour De France, Vuelta, Tour de Suisse and Tour of California. The schedule of a UCI-level pro cyclist is daunting. Up to 80 days a year of racing, weeks of travel, living in multiple locations, training camps, you name it. After becoming a father, Talansky wanted to reclaim his time...


Dr. Kevin Sprouse Talks TUEs, Tech and Testing for Triathletes

Fan-favorite Dr. Kevin Sprouse returns as the Lost in Transition recordholder (this is his fourth show!). Kevin is the “Head of Medicine” for a UCI Pro Cycling Team with perhaps the longest name in the spot. “EF Education First Drapac Presented by Cannondale.” At this time this hits the show feed, he’ll be in Italy for a spring training camp with the team. We talked about the recent doping controversies in cycling and triathlon, as well as the process that athletes have to go to get a...


Unique and Challenging–SwimRun RockyKnox’s Inaugural Race

We talk to RTMC and KTC board member Larry Brede about bringing the SwimRun format to Knoxville. Larry jumped in with both feet (and running shoes …and a pull buoy) to the SwimRun format last year, along with his sister-in-law (popular Lost in Transition Guest and multisport standout Jaime Brede) at SwimRun NC in 2016. We covered topics like:


How to Find and Work With a Triathlon Coach

Starting off the new year with a roundtable with Lana Burl and Derek Tingle about finding and working with a triathlon coach. We field some common questions such as: