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MUTCast (MUT Weekly) w/ SWAG 205, Alex and Thuney

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Weekly MUT Podcast, updating you on all the latest MUT Topics We'll also give you additional help on building squads on a budget and specials centered around each promo drop!!!!!

Weekly MUT Podcast, updating you on all the latest MUT Topics We'll also give you additional help on building squads on a budget and specials centered around each promo drop!!!!!
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Weekly MUT Podcast, updating you on all the latest MUT Topics We'll also give you additional help on building squads on a budget and specials centered around each promo drop!!!!!




LTD's Aren't A Promo, ANDREW LUCK RETIREMENT LIVE REACTION, plus Theme Diamonds and more!

Today, we discuss Signature Series, Theme Diamonds PLUS LIVE REACTION TO ANDREW LUCK RETIRING!!!!! Thanks for listening and be on the lookout for more Content from MUTCast and look for Jacob on YT @MUTHeadOSU94


First MUTCast 20 : Coin Making, Game Issues, Best Cards, No More Tokens, Vick and Impromptu Recordings 3 All-In-One Special

IT'S HERE!!!! The very first MUTCast 20 is here to please your ears!!!!! Today, Alex, 205 and Jacob go over the biggest news so far! Listen and get smarter about MUT 20!


Final MUTCast of MADDEN 19!!! (Please read description)

So today, we have THE FINAL MUTCAST FOR MADDEN 19 and with it comes a heavy heart. Appreciate all the love and support and remember life is short. Even you can't donate anything, please keep my girlfriend's family in your thoughts and prayers but also, please, please share, as it could make all the...


Confessions of a MUTHead: Series 7 is a slap in the face and the Golden Rant:Why Golden Tickets are being taken away (if they are, no confirmation yet)

In this episode, we talk about why Series 7 is a slap in the face content wise and why Golden Tickets need to be revamped and have stricter stipulations on them and Golden Tickets prove the community can't have nice things. Also we talk late draft and the new Senate Bill about Loot Boxes!!!! Follow my YT: @MUTHeadOSU94 same as my Twitter! Also follow 205 on Twitter @solo_reject


Post-Draft and A Look at Madden 2020 (Start of the Madden 2020 Gameplay Series)

We talk about the Post-Draft Excitement of MUT and we begin (kind of) our Madden 2020 Gameplay Series. Wanna watch some gameplay while listening? Head over to the link below to check it out!


Easter, Draft and the Debate of a Skill Gap: The Fun (Semi) Return of MUTCast

Alex, 205 and Jacob are back with another fun episode of MUTCast! We debate the Easter and Draft and the existence of a skill gap, among other things! Enjoy, everyone! Music: Intro- Hail to The King- A7X Outro- The Thunder Rolls (Cover)- All That Remains


Impromptu Recordings 2:New Team MVPs

We're back with another Impromptu recordings session for the new Team MVPs! 205, Alex and Jacob give their picks for the MVPs, plus give thoughts on the need for more creativity in House Rules and Weekend League rewards! Intro: Say What's Real- Drake


Series 5 Team MVPs and Building Teams Wisely Dont Grind To Level 80 in one day ala Texas and other thoughts from this past week in Madden 19

We talk Series 5 and Team Builders promo. We sincerely appreciate your patience in waiting for this episode! Intro: Unstoppable (Remix)- Drake (ft. Santigold and Lil' Wayne Outro: Bria's Interlude- Drake (ft,.Omarion)


Ultimate Legends are Here, House Rules are okay, but we want more fun, UPDATE WEEKEND LEAGUE REWARDS and other thoughts from the past few weeks of Madden 19

We're back! We apologize for the delay in the release of the newest episode!!!! Today, we talk The End of the Super Bowl Promo and the use of currencies in other programs going forward. We also discuss Ultimate Legends being daily and how House Rules (as at the time of recording we didn't know the rules for today's edition) and how going forward they could be AMAZING!!!!!! Also, we rally to get Weekend League Rewards and stuff like that updated!!!!!! Intro: No intro today. You guys waited...


PR 101 For MUTGuru, The New 'Legends', 'Stream-Sniping' and Other Things we found necessary to discuss during this improtu recording

A very impromptu recording, 205 and Jacob discuss the new 'legends', Jacob gives a free lesson in PR 101, we talk about how stupid streamers sound when using the phrase 'Stream-Sniping' and other important issues we felt necessary to bring up in an impromptu recording! Shoutout to @cookieboy17 on Twitter for the artwork!!!! Sherman-Andrews interview is property of NFL and FOX Sports! Intro: Fade-Kanye West


Team Of The Year Preview, Speed Isn't As Important As We Think, Zero Chill Review and Other Thoughts From The Team Of The Year Reveal, Zero Chill and the Playoff Promo in MUT 19

Jacob and 205 discuss TOTY, the Playoff Promo, how speed isn't as important as we think and other items from the previous week in MUT 19!


Zero Chill Review, Playoff Preview, Zach Ertz Needs an Upgrade (which he got), Moldy and Jimmy the Big Ballers now, !falseaccusations and other things we found interesting during the calendar changeover from 2018-2019 in MUT

Jacob and 205 review Zero Chill, preivew the playoff promo, talk about the Zach Ertz upgrade need (as we recorded before the TOTW update), and Jacob gets into what seems like heavy corruption in r/MUT. Music: Hit 'Em Up- Tupac and Takeover- Jay-Z


We'll Be Back Next Week!!!

Just A Reminder About The Recording Schedule! Follow @MutCastW and @MUTHeadOSU94 if you're not already to get the latest updates about the Pod!!!!!


SERIES 4 IS HERE!!!!, Christmas Promo Thoughts (Before The Ghosts), Thank You, Zirksee, You the Real MVP and other thoughts from the past week in MUT 19

It's MUTCast Time again!!!!! 205, Jacob and Thuney (who's back after a long break from college finals stuff) talk Thanksgiving (for 2 minutes), Christmas and Series 4. Also, we wanted to thank Zirksee again for the grind he put in to hit Level 70 in 16 hours, as we couldn't have had as much content without him!!!! We will not be recording again until after Christmas, so Merry Christmas everyone!! Intro: Logic- Everybody Dies Break: Kanye West ft. Pusha T, John Legend, Lloyd Banks, Kid...


There is No Chill to Zero Chill, Can we get a TE Shazier?, Dwight Schrute joins for an interview, Series 4 preview and other MUT thoughts from the Zero Chill promo

Jacob and 205 talk Zero Chill (and there is NO CHILL for the guys on their thoughts), Series 4 preview, ideas to save the Zero Chill promo and other things from Madden Ultimate Team!!!! Sorry for the audio quality, best we could do!! Hopefully, the issues are resolved by the next episode!!!!!!!!!


Blitz Review, Make Dan FASTER EA! and other thoughts from the previous couple of weeks in MUT

We ARE BACK! Jacob and 205 talk Blitz, Dan Marino and Chuck Bednarik's new cards and so much more in this episode of MUTCast Weekly! Intro Music: American Wedding- Frank Ocean (skip to 0:59 for the start of the episode) Outro- Strawberry Swing- Frank Ocean Check out our Twitter page @MUTCastW Also, if you're interested in a Salary Cap Leauge, hit up the main Twitter page! As always, enjoy and we'll be back next week!


We're Coming Back!!! Also Warning Shot!

Jacob explains the long absence and leaves a warning shot for a certain moderated site. Intro: Without Me- Eminem Outro: Litty Freestyle- Joyner Lucas


Thanksgiving WITH ADAM SANDLER (for only like 2 minutes), The Potluck Packs? More like The Poopluck Packs, The NAT Turkey Bowl Prizes, and other stuff from Madden Ultimate Team 2019 Thanksgiving Promo

THANKSGIVING IS HERE! 205 and Jacob talk the good and bad of the Thanksgiving Promo and discuss the sets, cards and preview Blitz! Intro: Adam Sandler- Thanksgiving Song


Another Filler Here! We're In Week 15, Can You Believe It?

We recorded this episode on Friday November 9th. Sorry it took so long to get it out, I've been busy with personal things. We talk about cards we like, don't like, and a few other things you guys might like! Stay tuned for the next episode, which we talk Thanksgiving and a special segment!


The Power-Up Debacle, TOTW Heroes not that Heroic, Series 3 is here (but kinda meh) and other stuff from Madden Ultimate Team this week (Episode 14)

We talk Series 3, the issues with TOTW, Power-Ups and other stuff from Madden Ultimate this past week. We miss ya, Thuney! Hope all is well in Minnesota! Check out our new show 'Back Inside The Box' premiering November 5th!!!!!!