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#129 - Half a podcast!

Have the file was corrupted and we have real jobs, so you missed 20 minutes of Pete's analysis of a 0-0 tie against SKC and 2 minutes of me calling some of you racists. You get listener mail and the world's most half assed USOC preview. Tweet @morrisonicpod or email Seriously though, if you boo Adi going in or out of games, we don't want you.


#128 - San Jose USOC recap! A bunch of nonsense! SKC preview!

Guys, it's our second pod of the week, don't expect it to be good. @morrisonicpod


#127 - LA Galaxy recap! Around MLS! USOC Preview! A bungled marriage bit!

Pete raises his energy level at the end of a long day to tell Pat what happened in that 1-1 draw against LA, then about how Seattle still stinks and finally a quick preview of the USOC. Then some listener mail that ends with some marriage talk that goes off the rails because, let's be honest, who knows anything about anything. Tweet @morrisonicpod or email us at


#126 - Colorado recap! Around MLS! LA Galaxy preview!

Pat calls Pete to talk about a win over Colorado, check in on the stupid sounders and do a quick preview of LA. Pat tried out some dating material but it is too hard to do bits without eye contact so he bailed. Sorry. @morrisonicpod


#125 - LAFC recap! Around MLS! Listener mail! Colorado preview

Pete and Pat absolutely puncture what was a massive depression ridden 3 days for Pat by reliving a win over LA, making fun of Zlatan, answering 37 questions from Sean Spencer and previewing Colorado. THERE ARE FOUR LIGHTS!!!!!!! @morrisonicpod


#124 - Stupid Seattle Recap! LAFC Preview!

Pete and Pat brave the heat to celebrate a 1-0 win over Seattle then preview next weekend's game against LAFC. This week's Morrisonic is brought to you by the Portlander Beer Fermentation Lab in Buenos Aires. Email or tweet @morrisonicpod. Take that, stupid Seattle.


#123 - San Jose recap! Thorns! Around MLS! Seattle Preview!

Pat calls Pete from Buenos Aires to celebrate a win at San Jose (finally!), talk Thorns, go around MLS and then preview a classic trap game against a TERRIBLE Seattle team that we are probably going to lose because we live in a hell world where any horrible thing that can happen does happen. We're at @morrisonicpod but frankly you should probably leave us alone until Pat's been back for a few days.


#122 - San Joe Preview! Some other rushed stuff!

Pete and Pa do, I know we say this a lot lately, a very rushed preview of this weekend's game against San Jose and then some stuff that is even more rushed. Thanks to Andy Freed and Justin (aka Hootie Smirf) for doing better prep on the #somepity allstars than we did.


#121 - NYCFC Recap! Yes, the Winterhawks logo is racist! Around MLS!

Pat was in such a good mood following the 3-0 win over NYCFC that he completely forgot to eulogize his beloved 2017-18 Blazers, maybe next week. We also nod in agreement at each other over @themkriz's question as to whether the Winterhawks appropriation of Native American iconography is OK (spoilers, it isn't) and the go around MLS! Email and @morrisonicpod.


#120 - Blazers in 7! Dating apps! Some other crap!

There's swearing in this one. Apparently we swear now. Pete lets Pat talk about the Blazers for like 25 minutes, and then about himself for like 25 minutes. It really was a dream project. There's like 2 minutes of soccer content at the hour mark, but if I were you, I would skip this one. Although we establish in this one that I really am kind of a gloomy Gus. This is Pat by the way. Pat from Morrisonic. @morrisonicpod


#119 - Minnesota Recap! Around MLS! NYCFC Preview

Pete rushes back to the office to do - let's be honest - the most rushed pod in recent memory, but hey . . . . a win is a win and a Monday pod is better than a Friday one. @morrisonicpod


#118 - Orlan-DOH! Minnesota preview! Maybe one un-bleeped curse word!

- - - - WARNING: I noted 3 f-bombs as we recorded this but could only find 2 to bleep when I edited. Consider yourself warned. - - - - Pat and Pete head straight back to the office after a crushing 3-2 collapse against the grossest franchise in soccer, then talk about cycling trainers and do a preview of what is sure to be a glorious victory over Minnesota in our home opener. Pat's back on Twitter @morrisonicpod, and you can email us to get more info on Zwift (or anything else) at...


#117 - Chicago recap! Around MLS! Orlando preview!

الحمد لله ! Pete is back in town so we can finally pod in the same room, and we use the time to review a tie on the road, go around MLS (19:45) and preview a game against Orlando, our new least favorite team in MLS (30:00). Email us at or tweet into a Pete-managed void @morrisonicpod.


#116 - We're late, we're late for a very important FC Dallas Recap! Also a Chicago preview!

Pete skypes in from Spain to recap a game against Dallas (5:05) that he claimed he didn't remember and then does about 20 minutes off the top of his head with no help from Pat before previewing Saturday's game at Chicago (29:00). Don't bother tweeting @morrisonicpod because Pete won't check it. Proof of life available via email at


#115 - NYRBloodbath! Thorns preseason! Around MLS! Dallas preview!

Pat and Pete close the office window to try to find something nice to say about that game, then talk about both kids of cats, Black Metal and Bodega, then talk a little Thorns and MLS before previewing the game against Dallas in two weeks. Email us at or look at cats @morrisonicpod.


#114 - LA Galaxy! Around MLS! NY Red Bull(s) Preview!

Pete and Pat try to find the bright side in a 2-1 loss in LA, go around MLS and finish with a preview on NYRB, who didn't play an MLS game this week and have 10 new players, so are essentially unknowable. Fitch's paradox, people! Eat at Mekong Bistro at 82nd and Siskiyou!!! Email or tweet @morrisonicpod.


#113 - Preseason wrap up! MLS Jersey review! LA Galaxy Preview!!

Pat and Pete stay late to wrap up preseason, review every stupid jersey in the stupid league (21:35) and preview our season opener against the Galaxy (48:45)! Tweet @morrisonicpod or email


#112 - More preseason! Savarese expectations! TAM! USSF Financials!

Pat and Pete talk about a meaningless preseason loss to Dallas and a very very very meaningful 4-1 stomping of the Red Bulls (5:00), then talk about preseason expectations for Savarese (21:30), then Pat gives a completely garbled explanation of GAM/TAM/TAM2 (Electric Boogaloo) (31:30) and Pete gives a less garbled review of offseason TAM usage (38:00), then some hair talk and finally a rushed review of US Soccer financials (50:30). Email or tweet @morrisonicpod.


#111 - Pete watched this Houston preseason game and now you don't have to!

Pete gives 30 minutes (30 MINUTES!!!) of analysis on an utterly meaningless preseason game against Houston. I know! I didn't even watch it! I had trouble even thinking of questions to ask him. Email or tweet @morrisonicpod if you want in on a replica Greek-American club Savarese jersey.


#110 - Preseason derby against Seattle! Cascadia jerseys! Podcasts news!

Pete ane Pat try to get through their various maladies to recap the preseason test against the Stupid Sounders, then talk a little about the latest USSF clickbait, talk about the new jerseys in Vancouver and Seattle and then Pat ruins the podcast by sharing terrible things about the state of podcasting. Listen to this interview with Kaniela Ing. Email us at, tweet @morrisonicpod. Appled pod data:...