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Dedicated to Western Big Game Hunting, With a Craze for Mule Deer!

Dedicated to Western Big Game Hunting, With a Craze for Mule Deer!
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Dedicated to Western Big Game Hunting, With a Craze for Mule Deer!




Episode 087: What's New at Skull Hooker

Enjoy another Muley Freak Podcast Episode this time featuring Rob from Skull Hooker. Rob shares what his upcoming hunts are, how Skull Hooker started, new products and a couple of his favorite hunting memories. Rob also is generous and offers a coupon code to the Muley Freak podcast listeners. Enjoy!

Episode 086: Building Boots for Comfort

I was lucky enough to sit down with Kendall Card and Corey Beckendorf of Crispi Boots. They are part of small team that make Crispi North America possible, and allow us all to get our hands on these amazing boots on our side of the globe! I was really impressed with the model Crispi has developed for innovation and constant improvement along with their focus on hunting-specific footwear. I hope you enjoy!


Episode 085: When Black Bears Get Too Close

I'm joined by Clint Wirick, a Biologist here in the State of Utah and a contributing member to all things Muley Freak. Recently he was featured in an episode of Bear Wars in which his close encounter with a black bear was the highlight... or lowlight, depending. Clint discusses how they handled the situation, and how anyone out in the backcountry this Spring and Summer can react when or if they come across a wondering bear. Thank you for listening. Enjoy!


Episode 084: Your Bow String Really Matters

Ken Oetker joins me to explain to all of us why we should worry about our bow strings. If you've ever been frustrated about the consistency and accuracy of your bow, sometimes weeks after a tune, you may learn something here! Check him out on Instagram at @darkarchercustoms and on Facebook at Dark Archer Customs to place an order!


Episode 083: Erik's Loggin' Road Recap

Erik joins me on the podcast to talk about this episode of Bear Wars and their strategy behind hunting logging roads in this particular area. He accompanied a couple of the guys from OnX Hunt to do their best to bring home the bacon, and had a close encounter with a called-in black bear with some cool color markings! Check out all the Bear Wars footage and follow along the rest of the Muley Freak adventures on the YouTube Channel at


Episode 082: Tyler Okamura

The man behind the mustache! This episode is a little intro to Tyler and his role here at Muley Freak! He details how he took advantage of an opportunity and has ridden the wave ever since. He's a solid character, a wiz with the lens and a killer to boot. Hope you enjoy!


Episode 081: FLASHBACK - Erik's Dall's Sheep Hunt Recap

Erik gives us the behind-the-scenes of his Brooks Range adventure! This podcast episode covers a ton of things that you can use in planning your Alaskan Sheep Hunt. Accompany this with the video from the hunt and you'll be ready to hit the North Country! Check the video out HERE!!


Episode 080: Bear Wars - Hunting the Steep and the Nasty

This podcast series follows in tandem with the Muley Freak YouTube Series Bear Wars and covers the exciting behind-the-scenes of the first hunt covered in the project. Aaron and Garrett chat about the wilds of Idaho and what it took to hunt black bears spot and stalk in the steep, green country the bears love! Follow the series on YouTube HERE!!


Episode 079: Intro to Bear Wars

This episode accompanies the YouTube Video Series by Muley Freak dubbed "Bear Wars." Aaron and Erik help divulge the purpose behind the series and why it all got started in the first place, and it may not be as recent as you think! Bears have lingered on their minds for some time and it's now finally time to dedicate an entire production to their affinity for these critters! Check out the series now on YouTube by clicking HERE!! Enjoy, and thank you for listening!


Episode 078: Expo Shorts - Kryptek Outdoor Group - Justin Sparks, feat. Mike Dianda

Justin and Mike join us to talk about a bang-up year in Colorado last season and the joy of hunting with buddies! We discuss the "Old Timers" and how important it is to just listen to some of their stories and their wisdom. Just sheds light on his upbringing and what led him to Kryptek, as well as some of the new and innovative products coming to the lineup for 2019! Check out Kryptek and their killer gear at


Episode 077: Dan Pickar

Dan Pickar is a major contributor to Eastmans Hunting TV as well as Beyond the Grid TV on YouTube. On this episode, Dan, Erik and I sat down to talk about growing up in Grizzly Country, and how it effected hunting styles and tactics then and now. Dan explains how being a guide has become one of the best boosts to his abilities as a hunter, as well as a few cool stories from adventures past!


Episode 076: Expo Shorts - Bonetats - Jeff Peterson

Jeff took his skills in the dental field and rolled them right into one of the most unique forms of art I've ever seen; engraving on bone! In this episode he gives us the back-story and how he got started, and leads us into the nitty gritty of the business of carving sheds and euros. Check out his website HERE and follow him on Instagram and YouTube as well! You won't be disappointed!


Episode 075: Expo Shorts - Top Priority Hunting

The guys from Top Priority Hunting came by the booth during the 2019 Western Hunting and Conservation Expo! We talked about the crew of guys it takes to make Top Priority such a standout in raw, real hunting filmography! We dive into the collab they did with us here at Muley Freak called Bear Wars, and what the purpose behind the project was. From the joy of the terrible packout to upholstery-loving black bears, a lot was laid out in the episode! Check out Top Priority Hunting, and...


Episode 074: Expo Shorts - Adam Weatherby and Kevin Wilkerson

Erik joins me on this episode as we hear from Adam and Kevin at the 2019 Western Hunting and Conservation Expo about some of the crazy adventures they've already had in their short time living in Wyoming. As part of the Weatherby move from California, they have dealt with the stress and busy schedule by getting out after some amazing critters in big, wild country! We talk about the Wyoming One-Shot event and it's traditional links between generations, and a little bit about aviation...


Episode 073: Tough Tags Fill Freezers - Aaron VanWoerkom

This episode is a companion to the Muley Freak YouTube Feature Film about Aaron's cold, low-success-rate any deer hunt this last year. Straight from his mouth, it's the coldest hunt Aaron has ever been on! We also dive into what it takes to hunt some of these low-kill areas in the West and how to keep your expectations in check while still having a blast in God's country! Enjoy!


Episode 072: Engineering the Perfect Broadhead - Bill Vanderheyden - Iron Will Broadheads

If you have ever questioned what the best broadhead is for (insert game animal here) hunting, this podcast will answer that question. Bill is a Mechanical Engineer who, through his own experiences with misfortune in the field, decided to take the business end of his arrows and make it, well, a business! Through Rockwell hardness testing, to push force analysis and even audio recording data, his broadheads are completely picked apart to provide the best blade for your archery setup. I myself...


Episode 071: Whitetail in the Wind - Erik VanWoerkom and Hunter Okerlund

Accompanying the video on the Muley Freak YouTube Channel, this episode is a behind-the-lens look at the entire hunt, plus some input from the cameraman, Hunter. Erik divulges some great advice on what it takes to be a consistent killer each fall, and how to battle the mind to overcome weakness in the field.


Episode 070: Back When There Was Velvet - Erik VanWoerkom

Erik and I bust out a companion to the Muley Freak YouTube Video of his stud velvet Utah Archery Buck! If you haven't seen the video, watch it! You won't be disappointed. The camera-work, scouting and weather all came together to make this a great hunt, not just for Erik, but for all to remember.


Episode 069: A 15 Day Elk Hunt - Aaron VanWoerkom and Clint Wirick

Aaron and Clint tell the story of their fall together on Aaron's Limited Entry Archery Elk Hunt this fall... If you have ever dealt with the disappointment of a grueling elk hunt, you will definitely relate to the recap! All of this podcast can be seen, in video-style, on the Muley Freak YouTube Channel! Dig in and enjoy! Grab your gear at!

Episode 068: Dealing With Crowds On Your Hunt - Tyler Crockett

As one of the Content Providers for Pure Elevation Productions, Tyler knows a thing a or two about getting in while the gettin's good! Unfortunately, sometimes that means dealing with crowds of other hunters. He breaks down some of the things he's learned to use to his advantage in some less-than-ideal situations in the backcountry!