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Dedicated to Western Big Game Hunting, With a Craze for Mule Deer!

Dedicated to Western Big Game Hunting, With a Craze for Mule Deer!
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Dedicated to Western Big Game Hunting, With a Craze for Mule Deer!




Episode 069: A 15 Day Elk Hunt - Aaron VanWoerkom and Clint Wirick

Aaron and Clint tell the story of their fall together on Aaron's Limited Entry Archery Elk Hunt this fall... If you have ever dealt with the disappointment of a grueling elk hunt, you will definitely relate to the recap! All of this podcast can be seen, in video-style, on the Muley Freak YouTube Channel! Dig in and enjoy! Grab your gear at!

Episode 068: Dealing With Crowds On Your Hunt - Tyler Crockett

As one of the Content Providers for Pure Elevation Productions, Tyler knows a thing a or two about getting in while the gettin's good! Unfortunately, sometimes that means dealing with crowds of other hunters. He breaks down some of the things he's learned to use to his advantage in some less-than-ideal situations in the backcountry!


Episode 067: BHA Western Slam - Arizona

Justin Nelson and D.J. Zor give us the insights of the Arizona chapter, and shed light on some very concerning issues within the state. Alongside Javelina cookouts, ATV use and tag allocation, we chat about proposed uranium mining in the Grand Canyon. It was interesting to hear the steps that BHA is taking to combat the threat. Check out our local chapter and join today!


Episode 066: BHA Western Slam - Washington

Cameron Lankhaar and Chase Gunnell join me to talk the intricacies of the Washington Chapter of BHA. From migration projects, to dealing with a less-than-ideal situation of the resident caribou herd, these guys cover it all! Check out BHA and join your chapter today!


Episode 065: The Death Hike and How the Craziness is Calculated

Tyler Okamura joined 30 other guys last month to trek 92.5 miles over the course of three days in some of Idaho's most challenging backcountry. On this episode he dives into the exactly how the Death Hike was laid out, what he decided to pack and decided to leave home, and how the mental side of the trip effected the group.


Episode 064: BHA Western Slam - Wyoming

There once was a man that fought for conservation issues for 15 plus years, before BHA was a thing! Then, he joined BHA and has been a vital tool in the fight for all things wild in the state of Wyoming and the region. That man is Jeff Muratore! He joins me on this episode of the BHA Western Slam to talk about some of the very impressive victories him and his team in Wyoming have accomplished over the years, as well as the fight that is currently on the table. Get over to the Wyoming chapter...


Episode 063: Hunter Weems of A3 Trophy Hunts

You ever wonder where to hit an animal to make the most effective use of your shot? You ever wonder what to look for AFTER the shot? How about what to do if you know you made a marginal if not mediocre shot? Or what to do when you think your shot was dead on? Hunter covers all of these topics for Aaron and I in this episode, and he's bringing it all to you with no Guide Fees! Be ready this Fall, give this episode a listen! You can find information on A3 Trophy Hunts at


Episode 062: Spencer Trippe - Offgrid Food Co.

Spencer breaks down the goal behind Offgrid Food Co. and the inspiration behind their unique flavors for backcountry meals and snacks. From DIY food kits back when he was guiding to a full on brand name that is making it into backpacks all over the country, the progression is obvious! Check them out at and get your pre-orders in NOW!


Episode 061: Adam Janke - Journal of Mountain Hunting

Adam is one of the editors for the Journal of Mountain Hunting. In this episode we talk about the Journal's latest project "Toeing the Line," their feature film about a late season mountain goat hunt in some of the worlds most formidable terrain. We also talk about a subject that may be lesser known to us "lower-fourty-eighters;" the B.C. Grizzly Bear Ban. Adam gives us a local's insight into the controversy, and explains why the situation was a scary precedent that all of us that hunt...


Episode 060: BHA Western Slam - New Mexico

Jarrett Babincsak, the Chapter Chair for New Mexico, dives right into some of the State's hardest hitting issues when it comes to the Natural Resources. You'll be surprised about a little known fact on tag allocation among landowners, and maybe even learn a thing or two about Stream Access and it's battles within the State. Check out BHA and find your Chapter at


Episode 059: BHA Western Slam - California

J.R. Young and Russell Kuhlman from the California Chapter of BHA discuss the often-uphill battle of sportsman within California, the lopsidedness of hunters and non-hunters, and some of the best kept secrets of the outdoors that California has to offer! We talk about watershed issues and current projects on the books for the chapter, as well as future issues that will be on the docket for 2018. Check out the California Chapter at and join...


Episode 058: BHA Western Slam - Alberta

Jordan Foote is on the board for the Alberta Chapter for Backcountry Hunters and Anglers and spends this episode explaining the similarities and differences between conservation in the US and Canada, particularly his province. We dive into everything from land designations to watershed issues to black bear hunting spot and stalk! Check out BHA and join your state chapter today!


Episode 057: BHA Western Slam - Colorado

I chat with Brien Webster and Adam Gall of the BHA Colorado Chapter about the intricacies and awesome growth of the Colorado team! They've got an incredible base of hard-working volunteers... which seems to be the basis of entry to BHA anyways! Solid dudes with a solid love for the backcountry! One major issue on the books is the GMUG (Grand Mesa, Uncompahgre, Gunnison National Forest) Revision Plan that is open to public comment NOW until June 2nd. Follow the link HERE voice your opinion...


Episode 056: BHA Western Slam - Utah

Joshua Lenart and Perry Hall are the Chair and the Secretary respectively for the Utah Chapter of Backcountry Hunters and Anglers. They were nice enough to sit down with me and talk about the workings of BHA, both in Utah and nationwide. We cover everything from the Land and Water Conservation Fund to losing decoys in steep canyon lakes! Find your chapter at


Episode 055: Chris Schabow of Enlightened Equipment

The Operations Officer of Enlightened Equipment, Chris Schabow, joins me to talk about the bare bones of their quilts, bags and lightweight equipment! If you want to shave pounds off your pack... not ounces... pounds, then give this one a listen! Get yours at today! You won't be disappointed!


Episode 054: Jordan Budd and Running Water Media

Jordan gives us the rundown on how hard work, miles in the mountains and a passion for capturing the adventure have culminated in Running Water Media. She sheds light on the world of reviews and what it takes to film hunts in way to preserve the memories forever!


Episode 053: Erik's Alaska Recap

Erik gives us the complete recap of his trip to Alaska hunting springtime brown bear with Jonah's Alaskan Outfitters. If you think hunting brown bears in the spring with snowshoes and a Super Cub is easy... wait until you hear how this trip went!


Episode 052: Aaron Van Woerkom and What's New at Muley Freak

Aaron and I sit down to hash out the newest of new at Muley Freak! From the Raw Series to the upcoming Gen2 Bino Harness and more branded gear, it's all at your fingertips! Check out the up-and-coming films on the YouTube Channel, as well as new products up on the store page. Rep the Western Creed!


Episode 051: Cody Voermans of Proof Research

Cody is the Hunting Prostaff Manager for Proof Research. We chat about everything from the science behind carbon fiber to words of wisdom learned from loved ones. You will learn something from this episode, and chances are you'll want to use that knowledge this Fall!


Episode 050: Daysix Outdoors and Being Better Stewards of the Land

Kory talks with the guys from Daysix Outdoors about the meaning behind "stewardship" and how we as sportsman can do a better job managing for wildlife, public or private. If you care about seeing game when you get out in the outdoors, then you'll like what these guys have to say!