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Rich Paul Rule | AB's Helmet, Feet & Legacy | Dak vs QB Salaries | Bears Pre-Season | NBA Schedule

The Chicago Bears beat the Green Bay Packers in 23 days!! but first... Rich Paul Rule - (6:16) The NCAA, aka the National Clowns Against Athletes group, created and reversed "The Rich Paul Rule" all in the matter of a week. What was the REAL reason for the rule? LeBron reminds everyone #StayWoke! & it's clear, the NCAA is all about optics. Not real change Antonio Brown - (23:39) Antonio "AB" "Boomin" Brown is a wild boy!! First gets his feet frostbitten in Europe and has a laugh about it and...


Is Jeremy Lin Soft? | NFL Holdouts | Cubs Cant Win on the Road | Bears Getting too Much Love??

The Chicago Bears beat the Green Bay Packers in 37 days!! but first... Grab your "CHICAGO BREEDS LEGENDS" t-shirts: Jeremy Lin -- (2:29) Linsanity is currently not on an NBA roster and his life is in shambles. Jeremy Lin made $65M dollars in his NBA career, is fresh off an NBA title and has a movie made about him called "Linsanity". He's been winning for a solid decade but according to him he's at "Rock Bottom" --- Apologies for the bad J.Lin audio. Full clip here:...


NBA 2019 Free Agency "Recap"

We're back!! - Summer break and we have a TON NBA happenings to talk about. The 2019 Free Agency period will go down as the craziest, off the court, few weeks in NBA history. Kawhi the maestro! LeBron wins MVP this year? Jimmy chooses lifestyle over wins?? Folks sleeping on Houston? Jared Dudley greater than Melo?? FOLLOW US - WATCH RECAP EPISODE: SUBSCRIBE ON YOUTUBE:...


NBA Finals Talk - Game 1 | Siakim Puttin' on for Cameroon! | KD, Is That You??

You saw what happened last night! -- The Raptors lead from tip to the final buzzer & take a 1-0 series lead in the 2019 NBA FInals. Can the roll players and defense for Toronto keep it up? What's up with Kawhi's health? When is KD back? Draymond...Where you at Draymond?? DROP A 5 STAR REVIEW IF YOU ENJOYED THE SHOW!! FOLLOW US - WATCH FINALS PREVIEW EPISODE: SUBSCRIBE ON YOUTUBE:...


The 2019 NBA Finals | Magic Johnson, Rob Pelinka & The Lakers | Blue Chipper RJ Hampton to Australia

Magic Johnson, Pelinka & The Lakers (2:20) The stories keep coming out about Magic Johnson and the climate within the Lakers. Employee abuse? Rob Pelinka lying about dinners he set up for Kobe live on camera, Rich Paul pulling up on an Adam Silver lunch?? The 2019 NBA Finals (24:00) Kawhi ran through the Bucks last week for four straight W's after being down 2-0. Game 1 of the NBA finals is Thursday in Toronto. Is Kawhi going to stay in Toronto? Odds released with the Clippers favored....Can...


NBA Playoffs: GSW Sweep, Kawhi Holding Down Raptors | Lonzo Ball to Bulls? | Fav Ex Chicago Athletes

We HAD to get the Game of Thrones takes off our chest. We open the show with GOT, Derrick Rose and Sprint wireless Western Conference FInals (8:40) Can Toronto or Milwaukee win a 7 game series against the Warriors!? -- The Warriors sweep up the Blazers with relative ease. I know Steph and Draymond are playing out of their skull but the Blazers couldn't get 1!!? Still a successful year for the Blazers? Warriors better without KD?, Is this a bad look for Durant that the warriors got a sweep...


What Should Bulls Do With Pick #7? | Should D Rose Come Back to Chicago? | Ben Zobrist Divorce | NBA

QUICK 30 min episode this week with Dion Williams of EC Sports The NBA the last few days has been nothing but pure entertainment. Has the new lottery percentages killed tanking? Should Zion refuse to go to New Orleans? (2:02) Should the Bulls take the best available player at #7 or address the PG position by any means necessary? What type of deal would you give D Rose to come back to Chicago? (8:30) Cubs talk: Yu Darvish did his thing in Cincy on Wednesday night. Best game as a Cubs starter...


NBA Playoff Special: Lakers in Shambles | Warriors vs Rockets | Three Game 7's Sunday??

CANT MISS EPISODE!! -- Hopped on the celly w/ Big Nick Da Quick & talked all hoops for an hour+ - Pour some out to the Boston Celtics. RIP. - The LA Lakers are in shambles. How bad of a look is the Ty Lue hiring situation? Is it getting overblown? Anything LeBron can do? - The Warriors are KD-less but can they go old school and beat Houston without him? Harden & CP3 HAVE to win this series. Right? - Potentially three game 7 matchups on Sunday. We talk Philly/Raptors & Denver/Portland. Could...


NBA Playoffs - Harden vs Refs or Flopping? Bucks in Trouble? | Bears NFL Draft | CAP or NO CAP?!!

The NBA Playoffs don't REALLY start until the 2nd round and we've been blessed with some fire matchups. Rocket vs Warriors 2.0 got off to a "entertaining" start in game 1. Is Harden really getting a raw deal or is he flopping??.....The Bucks got rolled over in game 1. Is that enough to write them off for the series? We discuss. (8:01) I’ve never been less excited about an NFL Draft in my entire life. I didn’t watch a pick in round one or two on Thursday and Friday night. I found out about...


A "Little" Rant w/ Sean Little | Cubs Bullpen is TRASH! Kyle Malzhan of @Cubs_Live Joins...Panic!!?

Sheesh....What an opening few weeks for Chicago Cubs baseball. The Cubs have lost 5 in a row and have the worst bullpen in the league. Cubs pitching as a whole to start the season has given up: 46 runs, 61 hits and 41 walks in 49 innings. Absolutely brutal. I hopped on the phone with Kyle Malzhan of @Cubs_Live on Twitter - - to talk pitching, the Brave series & panic level going into Milwaukee tonight. Lock in!! DROP A 5 STAR REVIEW IF YOU ENJOYED THE SHOW!!...


Jay Cutler Trade 10 Years Later | NCAA Tourney Wild Elite 8 | Cubs...Sad! | RIP NIPSEY HUSSLE

Rest in peace Nipsey Hussle. May your music and message live on my brotha. Jay Cutler was traded to the Bears a decade ago today. Crazy its been 10 years. Kevin Fishbain and Dan Pompei of The Athletic dropped an oral history of the trade that has details from Jerry Angelo and co. about how the trade came together -- Me & big Nick relive the Cutler years, if the trade was worth it and what we think about Cutler now (8:34) The Elite 8 was bonkers over the weekend and made up for the trash...


The Pale Hose Report w/ Pat Voit | White Sox Season Preview | Eloy Jimenez | Young Prospects

The White Sox are back & that means The Pale Hose Report is back!! The Pale Hose Report is for the No Ketchup Chicago White Sox fan. It's Strictly dedicated to the boys on the South Side and brought to you by the White Sox lifer Pat Voit. Pat discusses the White Sox offseason including: - Failure to sign Manny Machado - Injuries to young White Sox prospects - The minimum wage payroll. - Eloy Jimenez beginning his major league career and his new contract Pat closes the show with projections...


A "Little" Rant w/ Sean Little | Chicago Cubs 2019 Season Preview w/ Kyle Malzhan of @Cubs_Live

El Mago SZN aka Cubs baseball is back! Official opening day (none of that Japan BS) across Major League Baseball is tomorrow and the Cubs are in Texas to play the Rangers. I love the Cubs but not like my guest, Kyle Malzhan of @Cubs_Live on Twitter. If you're a Cubs fan and don't follow him, you're missing out on a ton of fire Cubs content. He joins A "Little" Rant to talk about: - Cubs expectations in 2019 - Thoughts on the new Hendricks deal & Haap being sent down to Triple A. - Lester, Yu...


Jim Boylen Love | Chicago Bears Off-Season | WHITE SOX PROMO NIGHT IDEAS | Zion, NCAA Tourney

St. Patrick's Day in Chicago to open the show! The Bulls have a handful of games left in the 2019 season and it would be ideal if they lost them. Jim Boylen doesn't care about any of that! He's getting ejected from games for calling our hard screens and calling time outs with 40 secs (in a win) to draw up plays. Do I think Boylen is the long term guy for the Bulls? Nah, but the difference? I like the guy now (8:28) The Bears signed Ha Ha Clinton-Dix to fill the hole at the safety. Ha-Ha on a...


Bears Free Agency...Le'Veon Bell? | NFL FA: Odell Beckham To Cleveland! | NBA Hecklers

NFL free agency is always wild but today has been outta control. Ryan Pace pulling cap space out of thin air via a savvy Khalil Mack contract restructure. Is he going after Le'Veon Bell? Should we get Nagy new toy or add depth to the roster?? Amos lost to Green Bay smh, Odell Beckham to Cleveland (WOW!), NFL Free Agency round up (5:10) LeBron in town and nobody cares because of the NFL. Should we shelf Zach LaVine the rest of the year? Quick Bulls talk (43:01) Russell Westbrook, the heckler...


Chicago "Bucket" Bulls | Reinsdorf Interview | NBA Chatter | Antonio Brown & NFL Combine

The Bulls are one of the most interesting teams in the league. Impossible to figure out. The Bullies have been a juggernaut on offense recently producing a 115+ offensive rating; Stuff the Golden State Warrios do. What has changed? Boylen opening up the offense? Otto Porter coming to town? Running the O through our best players Markkanen & LaVine? We look like a modern NBA offense. (4:40) Michael Reinsdorf sat down with KC Johnson of the Tribune for an interview. Young Reinsdorf, in full PR...


Lauri Markkanen Is The Future | Kraft | Cubs & Sox Spring Training Chatter | NBA "Cap" or "No Cap"

When he is aggressive, Lauri Markkanen is the prototype of a young 2019 NBA hooper. He wants to score every time he touches the rock and is hungry on the defensive/offensive glass. What has changed about his mentality this past month? Or is it the system?... Zach LaVine apart of the future or a trade piece in the future? It all depends on the draft. (3:12) Baseball is coming...Manny Machado was essential for Sox fans having hope on the South Side in 2019. Would you have given him the $300M...


A "Little" Rant w/ Sean Little | FREE THE BULLS! | Theo Epstein = Silky Smooth | NBA All-Star

Even when the Bulls are bad they are good!! Been a crazy interesting 10 days...Best offense in the league for a stretch, Otto Porter trade, a very GarPax press conference/radio interview. Always entertaining. Free The Bulls?? What do you mean, Little?? (2:15) Cubs baseball is coming! Joe Maddon and pitchers/catchers reported to Arizona for Spring Training BUT before we can start talking baseball there were a couple things that needed to be addressed; Addison Russell and Jim Ricketts. Cue...


Super Bowl Talk | No Way Brady Loses Right? Prop Bets Baby!!

Here we are again. Tom Brady on Super Bowl Sunday. Low key, they should rename the trophy after Brady; Lombardi can kicks rocks. Big Nick hopped on the phone and we preview the game, talk prop bets and talk about more prop bets. There's free money out there!! LISTEN UP!


Anthony "AD" Davis Requests A Trade. Should Bulls Be In The Mix? | Luka Doncic or Paul George?

The hometown Chicago kid Anthony Davis has told the Pelicans he wants out of New Orleans. There is ZERO % chance he comes to the Bulls but lets play along. Would you empty the roster and trade everyone to have AD in a Bulls uniform? What is we got the 1st pick? Would you trade Zion Williamson for Davis? (2:18) -- Where is AD really going to go? Has to be the Lakers, right? (13:45) NBA Chatter (26:00) - Lebron A Coach Killer? Luke Walton On Borrowed Time? - Bigger Surprise Luka Doncic or Paul...