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Bulls & Bears... Who's the Bigger Clown Show? | Akiem Hicks vs Tom Waddle | NFLamar Round-Up

HAPPY THANKSGIVING!! The intro = Wash ya a** & put some lotion on!! It's a clown show in Chicago right now. The Bears are barely beating the Giants at home. The Bulls coach smiles throughout the press conference every time we lose a ball game and has no idea what he's talking about/doing. Between the Bears & Bulls, who has been more disappointing over the years? (6:50) NFL Round-Up (1:00:14) - Is Lamar Jackson & the Ravens un-stoppable? - Patriots year again? - Cowboys and Jason...


The State of Chicago Sports | Cancel the Bears? | 2009 Bulls Rewind

The city of Chicago will go 0/5 on playoff appearances across the 4 major sports. That should NEVER happen. Bears (6:40) Should we just remove the stress of the Bears from our life? Why add more stress to our week by watching? Nick is fed up. - Is the Bears organization still living off of the 85 Bears? Is that our fault as fans? - Nagy's post game press conferences - Any reason to watch Bears vs Giants? State of Chicago Sports (38:34) How did we get here? What do we have to look forward to?...


Bears 2019 Season Is Over | NFL Contender or Pretender? | Bulls vs Lakers Live

It's ugly right now for Chicago sports and we got big jokes!! Nick and I are going to see Lebron at the United Center Tuesday so we intro it with that and chat about going to see your favorite athletes live and why it's Important. Bears talk (5:28) We blow off a lot more steam about the Chicago Bears following the L in Philly. Is the problem more Nagy's scheme? Or Trubisky and the rest of the roster? Also featured: - A lot of jokes - Options for Pace at QB - Khalil Mack halloween candy convo...


Bears & Bulls Rant...Nagy & Boylen Stink | NBA KAT vs. Embiid

Every time I see Matt Nagy & Jim Boylen with a mic in their face I immediately think of the classic SpongeBob stand up clip "O BROTHER THIS GUY STINKS!!!!!" Bears (1:15) Nagy has had a rough year all around. The offense is pitiful and there's no end in sight with Trubisky at QB. We talk about: - Nagy's post game press conference demeanor and why he needs to stop treating Chicago fans like idiots. Does Nagy talk too much? - Trubisky watching tape of his body language... - Bears the next...


The Chicago Bears are in Shambles | Bulls Tip-Off in Charlotte. Ricky O'Donnell of SB Nation

This is easily one of the worst Chicago Bears offenses I have ever seen. And we've seen some extremely trash offensive units. Bears (1:59) - Is Trubisky the worst QB in the league? Is he top 45? - WTF is Nagy doing? What's next? Bulls (42:10) Can you feel it? There's a buzz around the city about the Chicago Bulls! It's always excited to kick off a new season but how excited should we be about the Chicago Bulls? Ricky O'Donnell of SB Nation joins the show to talk about the upcoming season. -...


NFL Week 6 | Bears Rank in the NFC? | The NBA is Coming! Mid-Range Jumpers? Bulls Relevant?

October = Elite time in Sports. Elite time in sports = Jam packed episodes of No Ketchup. Best and worst we saw from NFL Week 6 (4:15) - Are we talking enough about Lamar "New Era" Jackson? - The San Fransisco 49ers are scary. - NFL officiating is out of pocket. We go over some ideas on how they can fix the currently broken system. Where do the Bears rank in the NFC? (30:01) - The NFC is loaded! Solid teams throughout. Where do the Bears fit in? 5th? or could it be all the way down to 9th?...


Bears Rubbish In London - What's Next? | NFL Round-up | NBA China Situation & Pre-Season

Chicago Bears Talk (4:25) The score says it was a close game but the Bears showed up to London and got ran off the field. One of the worst 1st half performances I've seen all year in the NFL. What's next? Nagy's offense isn't working. Do the Bears O-line need more talent? Is it scheme? Is Ryan Pace getting enough heat? NFL Round-up (45:50) We chop it up about the best and worst things we saw in the NFL this week. When did NFL head coaches start wearing flat brims?? NBA China Situation...


Bears vs Raiders in London | Cubs off-season talk w/ Russell Dorsey of

The Bears head over the pond to play the Raiders Sunday at noon CST. How many story lines do you want?? We have Mack playing his old team for the first time, Daniel making his second start of the year (kinda), Roquan Smith back joining the team & of course the Raiders are the Raiders. - Should London get an expansion team? (3:47) - Game preview, Chase Daniel & does anyone care that Trubisky is hurt? (13:13) - Khalil Mack finally gets to play against Jon Gruden. Mack interview audio included...


Bears Week 3 Recap (W) | Bears Defense Plays LIGHTS OUT. Nagy & Offense Capitalize

Ahhhh!! A VINTAGE Bears football game last night in DC. The D forced turnovers, gave Mitch & the offense a short field, score TD’s & flat out buried the Redskins. We talk about the advantages of the game being out of reach in the first half, our favorite plays from the D last night and the O. Was Trubisky performance enough to be encouraged? Grab a "CHICAGO BREEDS LEGENDS" shirt and No Ketchup snapback here: SUBSCRIBE TO THE CHANNEL!! DROP A 5 STAR...


Gardner Minshew Hype & Jalen Ramsey | NFL Week 3 | Cubs Playoff Push | Trubisky's Opportunity on MNF

Minshew & Ramsey (1:42) Another terrible Thursday Night Football game. Between the rain, penalties & Marcus Mariota it was almost unwatchable. BUT there were a few interesting story lines to follow...Gardner Minshew & Jalen Ramsey. Is Minshew worth the hype? Is Jalen Ramsey worst two 1st round picks?? NFL Week 3 (17:20) - Best matchups of the week - Will Dallas & New England cover 20+ point spreads? Dolphins Tanking? - Phillip Rivers the Iron Man Cubs Playoff Push (26:46) Cubs opened up a 4...


Bears Week 2 Recap (W) | Trubisky Suspect. Piñeiro, Defense & Run Game Carry Bears to Win

The Bears win their first game of the year....BARELY!! Bears win a boring thriller (didn't know that could be an adjective for an NFL game until yesterday)16-14 in Denver. Trubisky continues to look like a protected, coddled QB that isn't trusted by his head coach. How far can this team go with Trubisky playing like this? Should the fans be happy about this W? Tap In! Grab a "CHICAGO BREEDS LEGENDS" shirt and No Ketchup snapback here: SUBSCRIBE TO THE...


NFL Week 1 | AB, Pats Conspiracy Theories | Does Matt Nagy Trust Mitch Trubisky? | Bears @ Broncos

QUICK PSA: There's some poor audio peaking (clipping) throughout the episode. Apologies!! I didn't realize how hot my mic was. Thought about pulling the episode down but thought the episode was too good. Hopefully you can fight through! Won't happen again. - Sean ----------- The NFL Week (5:13) Pro football is back and week 1 was cracking! We talk about the best and worst moments from opening weekend: - Lamar Jackson reminded everyone that he's a Heisman winner - OBJ, Watches & the Browns...


Bears Week 1 Recap (L) | Nagy & Trubisky Struggle While The Defense Shines

The Bears offense was embarrassing while the defense was elite. Sound familiar? Bears open the season with an L to the Packers for the second straight year. Who deserves the blame? Nagy? Trubisky? Does this performance prove Mitch should have played in the pre-season? Did Nagy panic? Live post game audio included from Trubisky and Nagy. Grab a "CHICAGO BREEDS LEGENDS" shirt and No Ketchup snapback here: SUBSCRIBE TO THE CHANNEL!! DROP A 5 STAR REVIEW!!!...


THE NFL IS BACK!! | Goff & Zeke Get New Deals | Bears vs Packers Preview | Cubs Talk w/ @Cubs_Live

THE NFL IS BACK!! (6:52) Goff & Zeke get new deals. "Jerry Jones, Dak Prescott on line 2" The NFL kicks off its centennial season with the best rivalry in sports (I don't want to hear about Yankees/Red Sox or Duke/Carolina). Bears vs Packers is must see TV tomorrow night at Soldier Field. - Nagy's Montra "Chasing Greatness" - Do the Bears have any weaknesses? - Most over/under analyzed Bears talking point - What worries me about tomorrow night? Cubs Talk w/ Kyle Malzhan of @Cubs_Live (36:05)...


Rich Paul Rule | AB's Helmet, Feet & Legacy | Dak vs QB Salaries | Bears Pre-Season | NBA Schedule

The Chicago Bears beat the Green Bay Packers in 23 days!! but first... Rich Paul Rule - (6:16) The NCAA, aka the National Clowns Against Athletes group, created and reversed "The Rich Paul Rule" all in the matter of a week. What was the REAL reason for the rule? LeBron reminds everyone #StayWoke! & it's clear, the NCAA is all about optics. Not real change Antonio Brown - (23:39) Antonio "AB" "Boomin" Brown is a wild boy!! First gets his feet frostbitten in Europe and has a laugh about it and...


Is Jeremy Lin Soft? | NFL Holdouts | Cubs Cant Win on the Road | Bears Getting too Much Love??

The Chicago Bears beat the Green Bay Packers in 37 days!! but first... Grab your "CHICAGO BREEDS LEGENDS" t-shirts: Jeremy Lin -- (2:29) Linsanity is currently not on an NBA roster and his life is in shambles. Jeremy Lin made $65M dollars in his NBA career, is fresh off an NBA title and has a movie made about him called "Linsanity". He's been winning for a solid decade but according to him he's at "Rock Bottom" --- Apologies for the bad J.Lin audio. Full clip here:...


NBA 2019 Free Agency "Recap"

We're back!! - Summer break and we have a TON NBA happenings to talk about. The 2019 Free Agency period will go down as the craziest, off the court, few weeks in NBA history. Kawhi the maestro! LeBron wins MVP this year? Jimmy chooses lifestyle over wins?? Folks sleeping on Houston? Jared Dudley greater than Melo?? FOLLOW US - WATCH RECAP EPISODE: SUBSCRIBE ON YOUTUBE:...


NBA Finals Talk - Game 1 | Siakim Puttin' on for Cameroon! | KD, Is That You??

You saw what happened last night! -- The Raptors lead from tip to the final buzzer & take a 1-0 series lead in the 2019 NBA FInals. Can the roll players and defense for Toronto keep it up? What's up with Kawhi's health? When is KD back? Draymond...Where you at Draymond?? DROP A 5 STAR REVIEW IF YOU ENJOYED THE SHOW!! FOLLOW US - WATCH FINALS PREVIEW EPISODE: SUBSCRIBE ON YOUTUBE:...


The 2019 NBA Finals | Magic Johnson, Rob Pelinka & The Lakers | Blue Chipper RJ Hampton to Australia

Magic Johnson, Pelinka & The Lakers (2:20) The stories keep coming out about Magic Johnson and the climate within the Lakers. Employee abuse? Rob Pelinka lying about dinners he set up for Kobe live on camera, Rich Paul pulling up on an Adam Silver lunch?? The 2019 NBA Finals (24:00) Kawhi ran through the Bucks last week for four straight W's after being down 2-0. Game 1 of the NBA finals is Thursday in Toronto. Is Kawhi going to stay in Toronto? Odds released with the Clippers favored....Can...


NBA Playoffs: GSW Sweep, Kawhi Holding Down Raptors | Lonzo Ball to Bulls? | Fav Ex Chicago Athletes

We HAD to get the Game of Thrones takes off our chest. We open the show with GOT, Derrick Rose and Sprint wireless Western Conference FInals (8:40) Can Toronto or Milwaukee win a 7 game series against the Warriors!? -- The Warriors sweep up the Blazers with relative ease. I know Steph and Draymond are playing out of their skull but the Blazers couldn't get 1!!? Still a successful year for the Blazers? Warriors better without KD?, Is this a bad look for Durant that the warriors got a sweep...