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48 - Sam Bramham on Paralympic gold medals, reality TV and a fake shark attack

Sam Bramham OAM, a two-time paralympic gold medallist, author, reality TV star and one of Australia’s cheekiest sporting personalities. Sam, who had his leg amputated at five years old, has found the limelight for much more than just his sporting successes. He made international headlines for lying to an American journalist that his leg was mauled off by a kangaroo. He was also briefly detained by police in 2009 for faking a shark attack, with the help of McDonalds tomato sauce, which...


47 - Trust in sport with Jaimie Fuller, Andrew Montesi and Virginia Hyland (live Mumbrella Sports Marketing Summit)

We bring you a live panel discussion from the Mumbrella Sports Marketing Summit 2018 that tackled the big issues around trust in sport. The panel chat was in follow up to a keynote from Skins Executive Chairman Jaimie Fuller, who has been on a remarkable public crusade, taking on the biggest sporting organisations and brands on issues of corruption, governance and human rights. Jaimie joined Andrew Montesi from PickStar (and Off-Field podcast host) and Virginia Hyland from Hyland...


46 - Eileen Bell on overcoming stereotypes and cynics in eSports

Eileen Bell was Australia’s first professional female gamer in Australia before becoming an eSports consultant and senior manager of innovation at BT Financial. Eileen has been one of the pioneers of eSports in Australia, an industry now reportedly worth around a billion dollars globally, with hundreds of millions of fans, and capturing the undivided attention of the lucrative 18 to 34 year old demographic. And yet, despite the staggering numbers and waves of momentum for eSports, there’s...


45 - Nikki Dryden on the 'Olympic dream' deception, human rights in sport

Through our company PickStar, we again joined Mumbrella’s Sports Marketing Summit for another year, sharing our insights on stage while also picking up a number of podcast interviews and discussions with some of Australia’s most influential people in the business of sport. Our first interview from the event is with Nikki Dryden, a former Olympian, journalist and now an immigration and human rights lawyer with PwC. As a Canadian Olympian, Nikki bought into the story of the Olympic Dream....


44 - How Aussie funnyman Mick Colliss became a world Sudoku 'star'

Our guest Mick Colliss always dreamed of playing for Australia. He competed in everything from rugby union to lawn balls, but in his own words, he wasn't good enough at any of the sports he tried. Then, when all hope seemed lost, he discovered Sudoku, the puzzle game that appears in pretty much every newspaper, every day, all over the world. He wasn't any good at that either. In fact, he'd never even played Sudoku before. But .. somehow .. Mick and three mates formed an Australian Sudoku...


43 - Learnings from three sporting codes and extreme marathons with sports business leader Nate Godfrey

As a high performing CEO, Nate Godfrey is on another level. Not only has he been a sports business leader across AFL, soccer and now rugby, he has also run marathons on all seven continents in the world, including most recently Antarctica. Nate always wanted to work in sport, and got his first break at the professional level as a Commercial Executive with the Adelaide Crows. He then returned to New Zealand, where he was born and raised, to head up commercial for Wellington Phoenix in the...


42 - Georgie Parker on reinvention, lessons learned and mixed feelings on the road from hockey to footy

Georgie Parker represented Australia in over 100 games with the Hockeyroos, winning a Commonwealth Games gold medal, competed at the 2016 Rio Olympics and played hockey all over the world, before making the transition to AFLW where she debuted with Collingwood in early 2018. Georgie tells us how she went about learning a completely new sport in a matter of months, including both the physical and psychological challenges. She also talks about the mixed feelings of coming from the...


41 - Has Ben Darwin's theory unlocked the secret to team success?

Ben Darwin won two Bledisloe Cups with the Wallabies before an horrific neck injury that could have been fatal. He was lucky to recover but it did end his career. Ben talks about the personal impact - a bumpy career transition, a relationship breakdown and ultimately a diagnoses of depression and ADHD. Ben’s rebuild began with coaching, then, when pouring through player transfer data he noticed trends linked to team performance - the teams with a high turnover of athletes, even if they...


40 - Cricket legend Jason Gillespie on the defining moments that changed his life

Jason ‘Dizzy' Gillespie was one of the world’s great fast bowlers during the mid 2000s when Australia was dominating international cricket. He took 259 test match wickets, and who could forget the double century he made against Bangladesh in 2006. If not for injuries, his record could’ve been even better. He’s now a highly respected cricket coach, and led the Adelaide Strikers to victory in the 2018 Big Bash League. In recent years, he’s become a vegan. He explains the ethical and health...


39 - Jeremy Paul on the benefits of bad behaviour, Rugby Union's crisis

Former Wallabies star Jeremy Paul was has gained notoriety for his on-field exploits, late night antics and strong views on the future of Rugby Union. Fans of the sport will likely know that Jeremy isn’t one to hold back, and he certainly doesn’t in this interview. On the field, Jeremy was a John Eales Medallist and Rugby World Cup winner with the Wallabies in 1999. Off the field, by his own admission, he was a coach’s nightmare. He loved nothing more than getting on the beers with the...


38 - Tiffany Cherry on the highs and lows of breaking ground in sports broadcasting

Tiffany Cherry is a sports broadcasting pioneer who paved the way for Australian female media presenters in the world of sport. Tiff has had a remarkable career, firstly as a professional athlete and a physiotherapist with Richmond in the AFL, before kicking off an enviable broadcasting career covering the NFL SuperBowl, the Olympics, NBA Finals, Wimbledon and more, as well as becoming a household name in AFL media. Bear in mind, this was a time when there were few female sports...


37 - Mike Turtur On Respect, Wooing Cycling Stars And Economics In 20 Years Of The Tour Down Under

Mike Turtur is one of the most influential men in Australian cycling and universally respected by the most powerful people in the sport, particularly the world's top riders. He says this respect helped him avoid failure in the early years of his race, the Tour Down Under. Mike has been Race Director of the Tour since its inception in 1999 and now, ahead of the 20th edition, It's the biggest cycling event outside of Europe. Mike reflects on the Tour's humble beginnings, early success and...


36 - Tim Dansie On The Psychology Of Elite Athletes, How To Improve Mental Performance

Tim Dansie is a leading psychologist who works with some of Australia's top athletes and teams in cricket, AFL, basketball, soccer, Olympic sports and more. In a wide ranging and engaging discussion, Tim talks about the unique psychological challenges that athletes face across a variety of sports including self-belief, anxiety, stress, homesickness and more, and how to overcome the mental hurdles. We chat about the evolution of psychology in sport, and mental health concerns for elite...


35 - The Enigma Of Charlie Walsh, Australia's Most Feared And Successful Cycling Coach

The name 'Charlie Walsh' sends a shiver down the spine of Australia's top cyclists of the last few decades. David Barry Vivian 'Charlie' Walsh OAM has been the toughest and one of the most successful coaches in the history of Australian elite sport. He was the national Track Cycling Coach for Cycling Australia for 20 years. During that time he coached cyclists to 10 world records, 12 Olympic Games records and 22 Commonwealth Games records. His cyclists have won 78 Gold, 50 silver and 51...


34 - Why Australia's Greatest Paralympian Matt Cowdrey Jumped Into Politics

No Australian has had greater success at the Paralympics than Matt Cowdrey. He won 23 medals throughout his Paralympic career including 13 gold, remarkably from just three Games. He also has a long list of world records to his name. Born with a congenital amputation at his lower left arm, Matt never saw any limitations. He played multiple sports and took up swimming in his backyard pool. That evolved into daily 4am training sessions, before making his Paralympic debut in 2004 as the...


33 - Chris Knights On The Silver Lining In Injuries, AFL To SEO, Pursuing Excellence

Not many AFL footballers would've been learning about the nuances of search engine optimisation and online marketing as this field was exploding in the mid 2000s. But this is exactly what Chris Knights was doing, when he founded Zib Media seven years ago while still building his AFL career. The former Adelaide Crows and Richmond Tigers midfielder has grown his company to 40 staff across three offices. He says footy was never all consuming. Chris was motivated by the high performance and...


32 - Leigh Russell On The Costs And Rewards Of Breaking Ground In The Australian Sports Industry

Leigh Russell was a pioneer in the field of people and culture within Australian elite sport. She was the first person to take on such a role in the AFL, as General Manager of People and Culture at Essendon in 2006. While it was a ground breaking position, some of her new thinking around psychology and high performance was not embraced by everyone, including coach and club legend Kevin Sheedy. Leigh later took on the role of CEO at Netball Victoria, which again tested her philosophies and...


31 - The Remarkable Rise, Fall And Rebuild Of Former AFL Club President Rod Butterss

Rod Butterss is the former high flying businessman and AFL club President who's life spiralled out of control through alcoholism and substance abuse. Rod started and sold three companies, for a total of around $240 million, and he enjoyed the spoils of success in a cycle of boozy lunches, gambling and partying. Despite being filthy rich, Rod says he was emotionally bankrupt. Becoming President of the St Kilda Football Club kept him on the rails (just) but it wasn't long before his high...


30 - The 'uncomfortable' Rise Of Daisy Pearce To AFLW Footy Star, Media Presenter And Midwife

Daisy Pearce is the face of women's football in Australia, an All-Australian captain in the inaugural 2017 season, and a true star on and off the field. She has been viewed as a pioneer for the league brand, but says she doesn't see her self that way. Footy has been part of Daisy's life as long as she can remember. Playing kids footy in country Victoria with the boys, not everyone embraced the only girl in the squad. Daisy's Dad fought to keep her in the team, as angry parents complained...


29 - Beyond The Buzz Of The E-Sports Revolution With Darren Kwan

In the last year or so, e-sports has been at the centre of hype and buzz in the sports industry. Big numbers have been thrown around, in terms of the size of market and commercial opportunity. Even mainstream Australian sports have taken notice, with AFL club, the Adelaide Crows, buying a team. But according to Darren Kwan, founder of the Australian E-Sports Association, e-sports has always been a big deal. Interest has been massive globally, particularly in Asia, and gamers have been...