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The writing's on the bus

So, Jose lost his first final in England. Or did he? Elsewhere Gareth Southgate has announced who is getting on the team bus, but this week more importance is being put on what is being written ON the bus as FIFA get in on some BREXIT action. And the FA cup has a pundit from a galaxy far far away... We're back next week for the champions league and then a little break before our World Cup shows kick in. Make sure you subscribe to keep up with all the content. On The Left Side is written...


Hotel cancellations, Harry Potter and the end of an analogy

City hit a record breaking 100 points, Southampton are safe but there are more important questions that need answering. Like have Tottenham achieved their goal of turning into Arsenal? Is Mark Hughes actually a wizard? And will Carlos Carvalhal be leaving the Swans to join the team at the Marriott Hotel. The OTLS Theme "National Hero" is performed by and appears with kind permission from Katalina Kicks. Piccolo played by Wooly. SFX courtesy of Abrupt Audio and freesfx.co.uk Music used...


Swopping shirts, keeping your best players and Arsene Mixalot

With the business end of the season almost wrapped up players are swopping more than just shirts, as clubs try to hold on to their best players and people are still asking about the future of Arsene Wenger. We respond to this the only way we know how, as he does the best 90's rap tune... EVER!!! On The Left Side is written and produced by Ant McGinley and Jim Salveson with additional production from Sean Allsop. Sound effects courtesy of Abrupt Audio and freesfx.co.uk The OTLS Theme is...


Selling Wembley and Talking Balls

As the Emirates waved goodbye to Arsene Wenger this week, we ask if the FA soon be doing the same with Wembley Stadium as the owner of the Jacksonville Jaguars chucks a load of money at them? And we find out what it means if someone tells you to wear a cassock while playing football and wonder why some moves don't have any name at all. It's all in the latest episode of football funny as we round up the comedy soccer stories that made us laugh over the last few days... On The Left Side is...


Can Jose's scratchcard and a pint of Dyche make you happy?

What drives Mourinho to success? And do we need a new measure of success? Instead of awards - let's just name pubs after people that achieve great things, which is about to happen in Burnley. Plus we all know that watching our team lose makes us sad, but science is on the case. And the case is not good. It's all in the latest episode of football funny as we round up the comedy stories from the last few days. Interested in joining the happiness research Dr George was talking about? Sign up...


Wenger gets pushed out of Heaven, and is Rodwell a Wally?

What would Arsene say after his life flashed before his eyes and he met God? Apart from I didn't see it. But Wenger isnt the only person leaving at the minute: Mick McArthy leaves Greggs in a Huff, Louis Van Gaal leaves his name to a new baby, and Chris Coleman does what all managers do and leaves Sunderland AFTER WE'VE RECORDED but we still manage to make it sound like we know what we're doing. Unlike Jack Rodwell, because no-one seems to know what he's doing, or where. But we all have an...


Obi-wan Kane-obi and Han Salah

Harry Kane is at it again, but is he as good at mind games as he is at corners? Mohammed Salah is undoubtedly King of the Kop but could he be the next footballer to turn global leader? Could the foreign secretary get a late call up to the World Cup? And when will Raheem Sterling eat again? It's all in the latest episode of the funny football show. On The Left Side is written and produced by Ant McGinley and Jim Salveson for Abrupt Audio. The theme tune National Hero is written and...


Wexit Happens, Big Sam has a Referendum, and Barton is Boss

Everton fans this week got to fill in an official survey on how bad they thought Sam Allardyce was as a manager. And after fans spent more money on planes and campaigns than Arsenal have on players, Wenger finally announced he would be stepping down amidst a broccoli controversy. Going the other way, all bets are off as Joey Barton steps into management. It's all in the latest episode of football funny, as we find the comedy the last few days of nonsense. There's less swearing in English...


Clap your hands for Kompany, Pep's secret and Danny Dyer

So after denying them last week, United handed City the league title, catching them a little unprepared when it came to celebrating. Or maybe not, as a certain dodgy promo video from Etisalat suggested. Meanwhile, the papers have uncovered the secret to Man City's liquid football, and it seems to lie in uncovering your feet. Things aren't going so well for Man City exile Joe Hart, but can a cockney hardman make it all better? It's all in another episode of football funny, and one where Jim...


Poor Panels, Rubbish Referees, and S is for Sunderland

So Man City clinch the title thanks to West Brom and Man Utd, but the real story of the last few days in the beautiful game lies in pop music and in film. We learn that you don't have to actually score to get your name on the score sheet, you just have to want it more and there ain't no party like a Sunderland Club Party. And in whats becoming a singalong episode there's musical theatre in this episode, with a bit of a sing-song from the yellow brick road, plus a few mentions of Oliver....


Harry's Goal, Big Sam's vision and Wenger's Baby

It seems that the Golden Boot is now the most important piece of silverware still up for grabs and has led to Harry Kane robbing everyone who has Cristian Erikksen in their Fantasy team of a load of points. And while Kane wants us to take his word for it, we're not really sure if Sam Allardyce has any idea what his words actually mean. But far away from the comedy circus that is the Premier League there seems to be a more pure vision of what football is, and one playmaker now has a little...


Man City need a new bus. And a date.

Manchester City fans must be distraught. With a handful of games to go their 13 points clear in the league, already have one trophy under their belt, plus they are still in the Champions League. Though their favourite bus is now out of action. (We should really set up some charitable donation scheme). And if you're looking for a Tinder match, would you swipe left on the Blues, much as two sets of Reds did this week? On The Left Side is written and presented by Ant McGinley and Jim...


Ronaldo the one man team and YOU'RE asked to join #TeamIceland!

Much to no one's delight regular host, Jim makes a return in the brand new On The Left Side; The Funny Football Show. Your regular dose of funny football podcast this week looks, in awe at Christiano Ronaldo's spectacular overhead kick and looks in disbelief at that weird statue of him erected in Maderia airport last summer. He also has a tempting alternative if the idea of supporting England at this summers World Cup Finals isn't all that appealing? Strap yourself in soccer is about to...


Bolt, Benches, and Women United, with BBC 5 Live's Dotun Adebayo

The final of our guest presenters to take the reigns is late night BBC radio legend, Dotun Adebayo. Puma. And Usain Bolt has scored, but not like you might have read in the papers a few weeks ago, in football. Puma. We remind the Red Devils that it's 2018, not 1918, as they finally announce a women's team, but may have missed out on the chance to sign the worlds fastest man. Puma. That said it's men who've made an impact in the WSL this week, and another football rule change means Nick...


Get behind England, pay Russia & goodbye Zlatan

With Jim still away, today's emergency comedy caretaker is Gamesmaster Golden Joystick winner Damien St John, who takes on yobbos in Amsterdam, loving the Foreign Secretary, TV dinners with Eastenders, hotel inflation in Kaliningrad, and the departure of a legend in another dose of Football funny. On The Left Side is written and produced by Ant McGinley, Jim Salveson and Sean Allsopp for Abrupt Audio. Original music written and performed by Katalina Kicks. Incidental music and sfx...


Passion, part time jobs, and bad decisions

This episode Amy Christophers (@ThatSportSpice) steps into the OTLS hotseat and asks where has all the passion gone after England beat the Dutch. We look at the jobs England players could be doing if football never worked out, and brace ourselves for the bad decisions we will be facing at the world cup in Russia 2018. Every show we find all the funny in the last few days, and join us for more comedy and another guest host on Thursday. On The Left Side is written and produced by Ant...


We blame Russia. For everything

Just how far has Russia infiltrated the UK? And is football impervious to it? And most importantly, how will the knock-on effects of this change the line up on ITV2? We get a sneak peak of a French footballer in therapy, and we give thanks that Alex Mcleish never swopped places with William Wallace, otherwise Braveheart would have been a rubbish movie. On The Left Side is written and produced by Ant McGinley and Jim Salveson for Abrupt Audio. Original music is written and performed by...


Jose blames United and nobody's fans are happy

Everybody seems a little down, even Manchester City after they got Liverpool in the Champions League. Everybody is having a go on the misery merry-go-round: West Ham fans kicking off during games, Spurs barely clinging to the eternal and usually fruitless hope of silverware, Harry Kane back on crutches has got England fans panicking. But nobody seems stressed out and fed up as Jose Mourinho, who has been a bit vocal this week after his team did their best impression of an OAP swimming...


Jamie Carragher gobs off

While everybody is angry at Carra for his actions this week, we take a moment to appreciate the natural ability the man has to pull off the feat that has landed him in hot water. And somebody else in warm phlegm. And is it really worse than dragging one of the most promising teams in the premier league, into the relegation zone as Southampton kick out their manager in favour of Mark Hughes. On The Left Side is written and produced by Ant McGinley and Jim Salveson for Abrupt Audio....


Watt confuses referees and Real runs at Madrid

Football this week went a little bit Abbott and Costello as do we as we try and figure out just how Sanchez Watt managed to get himself sent off, and then on again for Hemel Hempstead. Meanwhile, over in Spain, Sergio Ramos takes himself off for possibly the most embarrassing reason, especially when your team kit has white shorts. Plus there's a chance to relive some of the greatest hits from Motty as he hangs up his sheepskin and heads for a life of domestic bliss. On The Left Side is...


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