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Our weekly wrestling news and interview show
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Our weekly wrestling news and interview show








ERN Presents WA.R.-Wrestling Authority Radio-Shots Fired!

Ladies and gentlemen, war has been declared! No, not the kind with guns and missles, the kind with contracts, lawyers and agents. Earlier today, in what may be a sign of things to come Scott Dawson & Dash Wilder, known collectively as The Revival, have, according to reports, asked for their release from WWE. This comes at a time when the billionaire Khan family, who are backing the Cody & Brandi Rhodes/ Nick & Matt Jackson project known as All Elite Wrestling are looking at potential talent...


ERN Presents Rampage Rants-Tuesday Night Turmoil-Further Down The Rabbit Hole

Last week we began an espose on wrestling "promoter" Rex Gil and his treatment of females, including underage females, in his locker room. During that show, one of our guests, Jess Blue, talked not only about the situation in Mt. Pulaski, but some areas Rex apparantly may have stolen in shady business dealings with a promoter in Indiana. Tonight we get into more detail concerning the Indiana situation, and from what we've been told in advance it's not going to look good for the parties...


ERN Presents Wrestling Authority Radio-Jamie Senegal-Wrestling With My Mind

Tonight again might touch on some subjects that could be difficult for younger or more sensitive listeners. Discretion is advised. Jamie Senegal is a very young man just starting to make waves on the independent wrestling scene. Only 20 years old, the DJ Hyde trained competitor has been in the ring against talent that are currently working with all the major companies, including NXT, Lucha Underground, Impact Wrestling and All Elite Wrestling. He has also competed in Women Superstars...


ERN Presents Rampage Rants-Tuesday Night Turmoil-Exposing Evil

WARNING-There probably WILL be graphic details of allegations against this "promoter", including descriptions of attempted acts and messages sent by the social media accounts of this "promoter". Tonight's program is NOT for younger or more sensitive listeners. Someone whom we have spoken about many times in the past on this program for unsafe ring conditions, using untrained wrestlers and other such acts has now been accused of some VERY serious potential criminal activity. This past weekend...


ERN Presents W.A.R.-Wrestling Authority Radio-Remembering Mean Gene Okerlund

Two days into the year and we have already lost a legend. You didn't even have to follow wrestling to know who Mean Gene Okerlund was. The phrase "Let me tell you something Mean Gene" became a staple, not just in wrestling but in life. Gene started his career working for Verne Gagne and the AWA, replacing Marty O'Neill in the role. Soon, Gene's mastery of the English language and his willingness to both engage with his subjects, even to the point of being the subject of the joke in trying on...


ERN Presents Rampage Rants-Tuesday Night Turmoil-All Elite Wrestling Edition

Unfortunately we start the year with the toll of the final bell as former AWA enhancement talent and independent wrester Trevor Adonis passed away early this morning at the age of 53. In more pleasant news, in a episode of "Being The Elite" that was published on their YouTube channel early this morning the rumors were confirmed. Not only is All Elite Wrestling an actual entity, but Double Or Nothing, the follow up to 2018's highly successful ALL IN will occur sometime this year. We will...


E.R.N. Presents Rampage Rants SPECIAL REPORT!

TODAY! TODAY! TODAY! EXTRA.... EXTRA.... HEAR ALL ABOUT IT! It has been brought to Steve & Sean's attention that a certain CHAIRTABLE orgainzation running events in Central & Southern Illinois has been contacting the roster Sean & Steve have set for RWF Rebellion Rising. It was brought to Sean's attention last nighjt that the Vice President of this organization has been trash talking Sean & Steve to theirt talent at events they attend that Sean & Steve's workers are at. Well last night they...


E.R.N Presents W.A.R. A Night With RCW

1/2 of the Tag Team known collectively as The Brute Crue Kurt Alexzander was trained by Christian Rose in 2015 and has been wrestling the independents ever since. An alumni of the RWF will make his return this June to the area he calls home. 1/2 of The RCW Honor & Legacy Tag Team Champions Alexzander is making waves everywhere he goes.We will talk to him about his career thus far and his goals as well as the tag teams goals for 2019. In addition to Alexzander we may be joined by other...


ERN Presents W.A.R. FT The Slambinos

We hope that those of you who celebrate the holiday season are enjoying the preparations and have your shopping done. Tonight we hope to give you a little respite from the planning and shopping this week by bringing on a tag team that is getting some national recognition due to the latest program to join the WGN America line-up, RING WARRIORS. The name The Slambinos has been around the wrestling scene for the past several years, the constant in the organization being our long time friend...


ER Presents Rampage Rants TNT

The “new era” WWE where “You are The Authority” started last night by keeping the crowd stuck for six to seven hours while they sat not only through the live RAW but taping next week's episode. We feel sorry for tonight's SmackDown Live audience as they will probably get all of that PLUS a 205 Live episode. In terms of surprises several call ups were revealed as well as a couple of returning performers. However, one name that probably everyone was hoping for was not in the video packages...


ERN Presents W.A.R.-Wrestling Authority Radio-SICW & Is Complacency Killing WWE?

Tonight we are scheduled to talk to SICW owner/promoter Herb Simmons. We were scheduled to talk to him a few weeks ago about the FITE app. However, a few days before the show, Herb's long time friend and partner in SICW, legendary WRESTLING AT THE CHASE commentator Larry Matysik passed away. This Saturday, Herb and the SICW crew put on an event to pay tribute to Larry, including a major steel cage match. With our remaining time we are going to discuss the question of whether complacency is...


ERN Presents TNT

ERN Presents Rampag Rants TNT


ERN Presents W.A.R.-Remembering A Legend & RAW Is EMPTY

This morning, once again, the wrestling world was saddened to learn of the passing, on his birthday, of Thomas Billington, known the world over as The Dynamite Kid, one half of The British Bulldogs. We will talk about Tom and his and Davy's continued legacy on the wrestling business. In the news, SmackDown Live had a drop in viewership this week as well. We'll discuss if RAW is having a drag down effect on the Blue Brand. Konnan is voicing his opinion on how WWE is presenting Bobby Lashley....


ERN Presents Rampage Rants-Tuesday Night Turmoil-Where IS Everybody?

How bad was RAW? Look at the pictures we have posted from people who were there last night! Someone posted a question to a Facebook group last night or this morning that asks about RAW. It's a great question and we will attempt to tackle it tonight. Speaking of tackling, wait until you hear the latest news about Chris Jericho! What was behind Nattie going through that table and Rhyno getting pinned by "Referee" (?) Heath Slater? We have those answers for you as well. As this is being written...


ERN Presents W.A.R.-Wrestling Authority Radio Featuring Kenny Starmaker Bolin

Our original plan, as we discussed last night, was to bring Great North Wrestling promoter and previous guest Hannibal on with our friend SICW promoter Heb Simmons to dicuss their issues with FITE. Because Herb is dealing with the passing of his long time friend and partner, legendary St. Louis wrestling personality Larry Matysik we are postponing that conversation for sometime in December. Thankfully, we have joining us one of our favorite ERN family members and Katie's adopted uncle,...


ERN Presents Rampage Rants-Tuesday Night Turmoil

Last week we reported on the announcement that came out of Oakland's Hoodslam Wrestling. On Thursday a huge announcement concerning New Japan Pro Wrestling came from US television afilliate AXS TV that will change what fans will watch and who they hear. NXT fans are well aware of the size of Lars Sullivan, who will soon be making his main roster debut, although they have kept a tight lid on which roster he will end up on. The question is, outside of the two obvious choices of Braun Strowman...


ERN Presents W.A.R.-Wrestling Authority Radio Ladies Night

As we prepare to carve the Thanksgiving turkey, and no, we're not going give Survivor Series the cutting review it deserves, we talk to one of our favorite women wrestlers from the West Coast, "The Fallen Flower" Kikyo. Now while the past several months since her RISE debut have not been the best, first suffering a broken collarbone shortly after arriving in Japan, and more recently an ACL tear, the future does look bright for this West Coast warrior. We'll discuss the injuries themselves,...


ERN Presents Rampage Rants-Tuesday Night Turmoil

What an incredible past several days. Please note, depending on circumstances, we may be covering part of these stories tomorrow night on Wrestling Authority Radio based on time constraints. WWE has been incredibly busy with NXT TakeOver this past Saturday, Survivor Series on Sunday, RAW Monday and SmackDown Live Tuesday. Now while TakeOver was well planned and set out, the Becky Lynch injury put Survivor Series into panic mode, with a lot of changes having to be worked out between Tuesday,...


ER Presents W.A.R.-Wrestling Authority Radio- Hot Topics Night

Tonight is going to be very controversial as we are going to continue to cover the hottest topic in the industry right now. After a review of last night's SmackDown Live we will discuss more about the Becky Lynch/Nia Jax situation which is blowing up all over social media as well as the NXT War Games go home episode. After that, we have a couple of other hot subjects that will stoke some fires. First, we have been alerted to a wrestler who apparently has been sending out messages, not just...


ERN Presents Rampage Rants-Tuesday Night Turmoil

Becky Lynch is OUT for Survivor Series! A concussion, combined with a broken nose has put "The Man" on the shelf for an undetermined amount of time, which leaves SmackDown Live scrambling tonight as creative tries to come up with a suitable opponent for "The Baddest Woman On The Planet". There might be one solution, as a certain Hall Of Famer is reportedly backstage in St. Louis who is related to one of the SDL women. There is now a point to this year's Mixed Match Challenge, and it involves...