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Our weekly wrestling news and interview show
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Our weekly wrestling news and interview show








ERN Presents W.A.R.-Wrestling Authority Radio-Here We GLOW Again!

After bringing Steve back a week early to help cover for Katie due to a personal situation, we get ready to send him off again for his other eye surgery by bringing on the girls from the original GLOW, Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling.Tonight we welcome one friend back and introduce three new members to the ER Family. Cheryl Rusa, AKA Lightning, is making her second appearance on our airwaves. As well as being a GLOW girl, she worked for Wally Karbo's LPWA and also JWP in Japan. She is as far as...


E.R.N. Presents T.N.T-Hey Vince, We Want Our $9.99 Back!

Due to circumstances beyond our control the original focus of our episode will not be happening, this will be our only comment about it and we will not discuss it on the air. If you were disappointed by Sunday night's Extreme Rules pay per view you were not alone. We were not happy about it either, and just like one of The Sandman's barbed wire wrapped baseball bats, we are going to rip it to shreds! It will be interesting to see what each of the hosts considers the worst match of the night....


E.R.N. Presents W.A.R. Featuring Sir Mo & MORE!

Evolution Radio Network Proudly Presents: One if NOT the LONGEST Running Wrestling Podcasts on ALL of Blog Talk Radio on Wednesday Night We Bring You W.A.R. (Wrestling Authority Radio)! TONIGHT on W.A.R. we bring you the RETURN of Bobby Horne AKA Sir Mo! Mo was trained by Ivan Koloff, Gene Anderson, & Ole Anderson. Mo would debut in 1991. He would get his chance in USWA in 1993. He would go onto WWE in later of 93 to 1996. Mo would work the Independent circut from 95-20016 when he retired...


E.R.N. Presents Rampage Rants T.N.T.

Evolution Radio Network Proudly Presents: Ramapage Rants Tuesday Night Turmoil One of The LONGEST Running Wrestling Podcasts / Wrestling Talk Show on TUESDAY Nights on BLOG TALK RADIO! TONIGHT we have a LOT to cover as it's been RAW & Smackdowns BOTH Go Home Shows as we head into EXTREME RULES THIS Sunday Night! We have ALL the info you could want on this one folks. Then we break down IMPACT and other events that have taken place in the last week. Then we get into breaking NEWS and our HOT...


E.R.N. Presents W.A.R. 4th of July Spectacular!

Evolution Radio Network Proudly Presents To You: One of the LONGEST running Professional Wrestling Podcasts on ALL of Blog Talk Radio TODAY Wrestling Authority Radio! TONIGHT on W.A.R. We Bring you all the NEWS & RUMORS of the business that we didn't cover last night. We get in depth with some of our callers and we pose the TOPIC of The Night.... We talk to Paul Eubanks about CASW Star Spangled Spectacular THIS Saturday in Rockwood TN. If You Are Drawing LESS Than 150 PAID what's the point?...


E.R.N. Presents Rampage Rants T.N.T.

Evolution Radio Network Proudly Presents To YOU One of its LONGEST running MOST episosdic podcasts. Rampage Rants Tuesday Night Turmoil! Join YOUR Hosts "Sadistic" Sean David, "Khaotic" Katie, & in spirit "The Dean of Wrestling" Steve Cain as we cover EVERYTHING Wrestling Related & Even Somne Non Wrestling Related Topics. TONIGHT we are going to be talking about LOTS INCLUDING the LASTEST Wrestling News & Inudendo plus we will talk Smackdown & RAW. All of this PLUS SO MUCH MORE TONIGHT When...


E.R.N. Presents Rampage Rants T.N.T.

Join "Sadistic" Sean David & "Koatic" Katie for Rampage Rants Tuesday Night Turmoil!


E.R.N Presents Rampage Rants Severing Ties

Our own "Sadistic" Sean David brings you 60 minutes of Rampage Rants... what will be on his mind? Better be there to find out... Those who easily get butthurt need not come. Sean will be going balls to the wall clearing the air on things and making some announcments.


ERN Presents W.A.R.-Wrestling Authority Radio Feat. Kacee Carlisle

We were all shocked this morning to learn of the passing of Leon "Big Van Vaer" White. Leon was able to successfully transition from the NFL to wrestling like Wahoo McDaniel and Manny Fernandez. Starting with the AWA his career took him to WCW, WWF and a highly successful run in Japan, where he was held in the same regard as Bruiser Brody and Stan Hansen. We will spend the first part of our show discussing his career with various people who had a connection to him. In hour two we will be...


ERN Presents Rampage Rants-Tuesday Night Turmoil

News broke earlier today of the release of William Morrissey, AKA Big Cass, just two days after his loss to Daniel Bryan at Money In The Bank. We also have a major spoiler coming out of today's UK Tournament taping. John Cena reached a settlement with Ford and has announced that he will do something else to show Nikki Bella that he's serious about changing things It was a long weekend for the WWE roster with TakeOver, Money In The Bank, RAW and SmackDown Live. We'll talk about each of them...


ERN Presents W.A.R.-Wrestling Authority Radio

Tonight is loaded in terms of big events on TV. NXT has its go home show prior to TakeOver Chicago and Lucia Underground begins its fourth season in a new temple but with not only some familiar faces and names but with some new faces from other places. They also start the season with one of its signature events, Aztec Warfare 4! Triple H did a media conference call today to discuss TakeOver Chicago, the upcoming UK Tournament and expanding its training. We know a lot of current stars are...


ERN Presents Rampage Rants-Tuesday Night Turmoil

After an amaing go home edition of RAW last night it is SmackDown Live's trun to sell Sunday night's Money In The Bank event. Can the Blue Brand match up to the level set by Team Red? We'll have to wait and see. In the news department, Ring Of Honor announced plans to host shows in larger venues, and wait until you hear where they plan on going! Jeff Hardy's DWI case has been heard and a judgemnt rendered. John Cena continues to take Hollywood by storm and he will be starring beside a...


E.R.N. Presents Throwback Thursday Featuring Babes of Brutality

NOT A LIVE SHOW! Join your hosts "Sadistic" Sean David, "The Dean of Wrestling Referees" Steve Cain, & "Khaotic" Katie on Wendesday Nights at 9 PM EST / 8 PM CST for PWR SLAM! on the 2D Sports Network Each & Every Wednesday Night. Chat Opens 30 Minutes before we inivite everyone to join in on the live chat discussion during the live show by joining BTR (FREE of charge). We also invite all of our listners to call in with their questions and comments by using the blue handy dandy skype button...


ERN Presents W.A.R.-Wrestling Authority Radio-GLOW Night

Tonight we continue our series of interviews with the ladies who were involved in the cult TV favorite GLOW, Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling. First, we want to thank our new friend who set this up, April Horn Enriquez, known to GLOW fans as Royal Hawaiian. Along with April we will have the following (not listed in order of appearance) Marie "Zelda" Moore-Before The Dudleys came on the scene with their glasses with tape and before Lanny Poffo was The Genius, there was Zelda. Billed as being from...


ERN Presents Rampage Rants-Tuesday Night Turmoil

Just as we were getting tonight's episode ready a verdict came down in the CM Punk/Colt Cabana trial. We will discuss that at the top of the hour along with the semi cryptic tweet posted this morning by Austin Aries and directed to a former opponent. Speaking of Aries, he just retired a championship belt. If you've ever heard one woman tell another "I'm gonna snatch you bald" this past Sunday night Asuka literally kicked someone almost bald. Recent WWE Hall Of Fame inductee Jeff Jarrett...


E.R.N. Presents Slammin' Sundays - Ladies Night W/ Andrea & More!

NOT A LIVE BROADCAST! Evolution Radio Network Proudly Presents: Slammin' Sunday's Featuring The Archives of The PWR Vault! We Bring you Valkrye Womens Wrestling, Kacee Carlisle, KC Spinelli, Former TNA Star Andrea, & Sage Sin Suprememe, & Katie Olympia! LOCK & LOOD Wrestling Fans! This one was a GOOD one!


E.R.N Presents: PWR Throwback Thursday Featuring Ottman, Smothers, & MORE!

NOT A LIVE BROADCAST! We bring you Throwback Thursday Featuring Fred Ottman, Tracy Smotheres, & More! Do NOT Miss IT!


ERN Presents W.A.R.-Wrestling Authority Radio

We apologize for not being able to be on last night, again the circumstances were beyond our control. That being said, we will use tonight to try and play catch up. In our Tuesday morning video we mentioned the John Hennigan, AKA Johnny Pick A Last Name inclusion in the upcoming season of SURVIVOR but he has also reached out to another promotion. The problem is, the promotion he reached out to doesn't have a working relationship with the main promotion he works for (not the main US promotion...


E.R.N. Presents W.A.R. (Wrestling Authority Radio) Card Subject To Change

Rampage Productions Proudly Presents To You: Evolution Radio Network LIVE Exclusively on BLOG TALK RADIO! ERN & Rampage Proudctions Present: W.A.R. (Wrestling Authority Radio) One of the LONGEST Running MOST Episodic Episodes of Professional Wrestling Radio Out There Today Run By TRUE Professionals of This Business with a Combined 40+ Years Experience! Leading The Professional Wrestling Radio Evolution Since 2013! TONIGHT we cover RAW, Smackdowm, NXT, MORE News, & Everything Else Going on in...


ERN Presents RampageRants-Tuesday Night Turmoil

Will we have to go back to Monday nights starting this fall? We'll talk about why that might be as a change in networks for SmackDown tops the news of the day. If you watched our new Evolution Radio Network One Minute (More Or Less) Wrestling News, a new daily feature on our Facebok pages, you heard about the controversial new book being written by the brother of WWE SmackDown Live commisioner Paige, Roy Bevis. It presents a less than flattering portrait of the mother of Paige (real name...