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Our weekly wrestling news and interview show
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Our weekly wrestling news and interview show








ER Presents W.A.R.-Wrestling Authority Radio- Hot Topics Night

Tonight is going to be very controversial as we are going to continue to cover the hottest topic in the industry right now. After a review of last night's SmackDown Live we will discuss more about the Becky Lynch/Nia Jax situation which is blowing up all over social media as well as the NXT War Games go home episode. After that, we have a couple of other hot subjects that will stoke some fires. First, we have been alerted to a wrestler who apparently has been sending out messages, not just...


ERN Presents Rampage Rants-Tuesday Night Turmoil

Becky Lynch is OUT for Survivor Series! A concussion, combined with a broken nose has put "The Man" on the shelf for an undetermined amount of time, which leaves SmackDown Live scrambling tonight as creative tries to come up with a suitable opponent for "The Baddest Woman On The Planet". There might be one solution, as a certain Hall Of Famer is reportedly backstage in St. Louis who is related to one of the SDL women. There is now a point to this year's Mixed Match Challenge, and it involves...


ERN Presents W.A.R.-Wrestling Authority Radio W/Trevor Murdoch & Mike Knox

Tonight should be one of those fun, entertaining nights that we as hosts love to present to you our listeners. We have quite a bit scheduled so as the expression goes, you can't tell the players without a program, so here is the program: A. Our occasional contributor Crimefighter will join us to talk about the upcoming Pinfall Wrestling Association event which will be held this weekend in Springfield, IL. B. Scott County Wrestling, run by the Black & Brave Wrestling Academy (yes, this IS the...


ERN Presents Rampage Rants-Tuesday Night Turmoil

The past few days have not been good for WWE in terms of public perception. First was the controversial Crown Jewel. Between the location, the controversial Universal Championship match, the even more controversial "World Cup" final and the main event, which caused WWE EVP Paul "Triple H" Levesque to have surgery this morning to reattach his torn pectoral muscle, the fallout has been swift and negative. Add to that last night, which many on social media referred to as "RAW Is SNORE" and the...


ERN Presents W.A.R.-Wrestling Authority Radio Featuring The Tonga Kid

We hope you have not eaten too much candy so that you will be able to spend your time enjoying the next two hours. We wrote this as an introduction when we had the cousin of tonight's guest on a couple of years ago, the description fits very well. Many families have businesses that go from father to son to nephew to cousin. For some, it is a grocery store. For others, a restaurant or some other business. For the Fatu family, the family business is professional wrestling. Tonight, we talk to...


ERN Presents Rampage Rants-Tuesday Night Turmoil Devils Night

Sunday night was a momentous event in the world of professional wrestling. For the first time ever, an entire event was based on women's wrestling in a major promotion. While SHIMMER, Shine and Rise are all female events, none of them have ever been on a major broadcast outlet. Now it does help when you own the network the event is on, but the fact that they felt confident enough with the talent and the matches that they put them on their own event speaks volumes. Concering other big events...


ERN Presents W.A.R.-Wrestling Authority Radio Ladies Night With Randi West

Due to circumstances beyond his control Trevor Murdoch will not be able to join us tonight, we will reschedule with him. Crank up Kool And The Gang, it's Ladies Night! We would like to thank our friend Randi West for jumping in at the last minute and being our guest this evening. The "Tough Broad" is a Michigan native who trained under well known Ring Of Honor manager Truth Martini. She has traveled extensively throughout the Midwest. We are looking forward to catching up with Randi, who...


ERN Presents Rampage Rants-Tuesday Night Turmoil

Last night the wrestling world was hit with the most shocking piece of news ever. No matter what you thought of "Roman Reigns" the character, Joe Anoa'i is a human being with a family and friends and shouldn't have to be dealing with this. We offer our thoughts and prayers to Joe's family. This situation has overshadowed almost everything in the wrestling business, but there have been other situations, including a big pay per view that occurred over the weekend. This past Sunday NWA 70 aired...


ERN Presents W.A.R.-Wrestling Authority Radio W/Brian Blair & Cody Jones

During Anniversary due to a mix-up Cauliflower Alley Club president B. Brian Blair was not able to join us. He is coming on tonight so that we can enjoy his great and very funny stories, such as the infamous Dusty Rhodes/Andre The Giant "Cooler" story. In addition, we will talk to him about "The Ring Of Friendship", AKA The Cauliflower Alley Club which he serves as president, his famous Legends Lunch that he helps host in Tampa every few months and other subjects. In hour two we bring in...


ERN Presents Rampage Rants-Tuesday Night Turmoil

If there's an ante room in The Great Beyond where the boys and girls get a feed of what's happening on TV, Roddy Piper had to have stood up at the end of THAT PROMO, smiled and said "That's my girl". Yes, we WILL play that audio because it has created controversy, and we have a LOT of controversy to cover tonight! At least two of our past guests missed dates and paydays this past weekend. One of them had an entire airline go belly up on him, one of our female guests and her road partner were...


ERN Presents W.A.R.-Wrestling Authority Radio Featuring Malia Hosaka

After the success of last week's Anniversary shows we begin our new season with the return of an old segement and bringing back one of our more popular women wrestlers. We open tonight with the return of frequent Special Contributor Steven "Crimefighter" Lucas who will be giving us a preview of Pinfall Wrestling Association's 100th event, "Brawloween" which occurs this Saturday night, which includes a special appearance by former WWF/TNA star Lisa Marie "Victoria/Tara" Varon. It's been a...


ERN Presents Rampage Rants-Tuesday Night Turmoil

WE TOLD YOU FIRST!!! Remember, several weeks ago we gave away the information for the lineup for Evolution and told you about the Nikki Bella/Ronda Rousey match. Last night on RAW Nikki sealed the deal with her attack on the Womens Champion. We also had the cliffhanger ending with Dean Ambrose walking off after the main event. WWE even ended the entire evening with that, not having their traditional post TV match. Tonight's SmackDown Live starts Samoa Joe's post AJ period with a World Cup...


ERN Presents W.A.R.-Wrestling Authority Radio-Flashback Friday

Thank you all for being a part of our week long celebration. This is the second night of out third anniversary, we hope you enjoy.


ERN Presents W.A.R.-Wrestling Authority Radio-Anniversary Night 3-TBT

Tonight for the third of our four night anniversary series we are going back to the vault. This is from our threee year anniversary special. Get ready to enjoy some fun talk that contains a lot of surprises.


ERN Presents W.A.R.-Wrestling Authority Radio-Anniversary Night 2

Please note: Tonight's program is operating under the "Bill Apter Rule". If you do not know what this is please message us and we will explain it to you. We hope you enjoyed last night's first night and we hope you will listen tomorrow and Friday as we go down memory lane with the two night anniversary program taken from the archives of 2D Radio Network. Tonight will be as much of a master class on the operations of a wrestling promotion and TV show as well as telling stories from some of...


ERN Presents W.A.R.-Wrestling Authority Radio Anniversary-Night 1

Although we've undergone a couple of name and personnel changes, the basic concept of finding and interviewing the top stars of the wrestling business, past, present and future has not changed. Welcome to tonight's first night of a four night anniversary celebration. Joining Katie, Steve and Sean tonight, and these are the confirmed guests: Kenny "Starmaker" Bolin "The Quintesential Stud Muffin" Joel Gertner Rob "Stro" Kellum Bob Cook A Mystery Guest AND Brand new Lucha Underground Champion...


ERN Presents Rampage Rants MNM SPECIAL EDITION

HCEW August 22 · ~~~~P.S.A.~~~~~ According to several Wrestling trolls/trash pages. H.C.E.W has a registered Sex Offender scheduled to appear at our next performance Oct 27th at Victory Sports Complex titled "War Path". This is simply not true. Brandon Simpson a.k.a "Skyler Stevens" previously known as " Annhilator" was asked not to return to H.C.E.W after the locker room agreed to refuse to perform the upcoming event unless Simpson was dropped from the roster "including" all masked...


ERN Presents W.A.R.-Wrestling Authority Radio-Ladies Night With Double D'Rose

Once again we break out Kool & The Gang because it's one of our favorite nights, Ladies Night! However, tonight, we take a different track and feature an up and coming star, one who we see occaisionally tagging with another past guest, Kierra Hogan. Tonight, we feature the "Weapon Of A** Destruction" Double D'Rose! Standing at only 5'5" and weighing in at 180 lbs., she is not the norm. She is described as "athletically decieving". She does things that a woman of her size should not be able...


ERN Presents Rampage Rants-Tuesday Night Turmoil

If you watched RAW last night you saw the scary incident involving Brie Bella and Liv Morgan during the six woman tag match. Brie has obviously come under a LOT of criticism immediately after the situation, reminiscent of the criticism leveled at Ken "Kennedy" Anderson and Randy Orton regarding being "unsafe" and "dangerous". Well she has gotten one major defender and we will talk about that as we discuss RAW. The preview for SmackDown Live for tonight says we are going to suffer thorugh...


ERN Presents W.A.R.-Gary Capetta-Beyond Bodyslams-The Rematch Feat. BCW

When it comes to ring announcers, few have the pedigree of Gary Michael Capetta. The man known as "The World's Most Dangerous Announcer" has toured the world and worked for all three of the major promotions based in the United States. Last year, prior to his first "Beyond Bodyslams" tour he made his first appearance on our program and regaled us with story after story of his years on the road. It was one of the most fun 2+ hours we have ever had. Gary is back on the road with his latest...