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PiSSD Episode 43: The World Cup Autopsy [19/7/18]

The Lads debreif after what turned out to be a cracking World Cup in Russia! Discussing many a talking point, their teams of the tournament and much, much more… So sit back, crack open a cold one and get PiSSD with us! *CSL and Guangzhou Fuli fans ca [...]


PiSSD Episode 42: TaTs [17/5/18]

On the show tonight you’ll be greeted by the sultry tones of Tim and Tom. What with Will being away in Tokyo and Danny insisting on remaining in the UK. The lads look back at last weekends fixtures and discuss their huge loss. They globe trot to France, Spain, Italy and China, looking at all the top flight football there. They give their views on the England squad and offer their backing to the three lions as they get ready to head to Russia! This is the last pod for a little while as...


PiSSD Episode 41: The PPiSSDOTS (Penultimate PiSSD of the Season) [10/5/18]

On tonight’s pod, the lads are back by the frogs as they booze alfresco under the moonlight. Talk turns to football in France as they look at what happened when PSG won the cup. They look at La Liga, the CSL and all the possible outcomes for the final day of the Prem. Acca’s are placed and cans are cracked so sit back, tune in and join us in getting thoroughly PiSSD ​ *CSL and Guangzhou Fuli fans can read an in depth blog and follow their progress by heading to Tom’s blog at...


PiSSD Episode 40: The XL Episode [3/5/18]

This week sees The Lads (and particularly Will) going off on one about Liverpool after their Champions League exploits. There’s also a bit of chat about potential England Captains, and instantly outdated bet, a look forward to the Chinese Super League, and plenty more besides! Sit back, relax blah blah blah…


PiSSD Episode 39: Frogs, Up The Arese ‘n’ All! [26/4/18]

This week on PISSD, we tried something a bit different. Everyone knows what’s happening; the Premier League is on the beach, in its flip flops, looking for a sunbed which isn’t already taken by a German. So we focused all of our drunken attention on Arsene Wenger, his legacy, and his players. Cheers to you Arsene, we wish you all the best, and hope you get a chance to get royally PISSD in your semi-retirement *Remember, you can follow the progress of CSL’s Guangzhou Fuli (R&F) by...


PiSSD Episode 38: United, They Fall [19/4/18]

On this weeks podcast the lads chat about all things football - they venture round the globe. From bears in the 3rd division of Russia to division 3 French football knocking on the cup final door, the Chinese Super League and a nod to a Partick Thistle legend, there’s something for everybody this week! They also look back on last weeks action and mock the red half of Manchester as well as offer up their predictions for the coming league games and semi final fixtures. With beers, shots &...


PiSSD Episode 37: Beer, Curry… & 9 Shots for Danny! [12/4/18]

The Lads talk all things football from the week gone and the week ahead! There’s a curry on the table, lots of drinks imbibed and a fair few punishment shots taken! *Remember, you can follow the progress of CSL’s Guangzhou Fuli (R&F) by visiting our Tom’s blog at http://tommysangers.wordpress.com* [...]


PiSSD Episode 36: Timmy ‘Damage-Your-Eye’ Kaymak

With a little help form afternoon drinking, The Lads bring a bit more alcoholism in this week’s podcast. Find out which one of The Lads has a font bum, Why is Tim now known as ‘Damage-Your-Eye-With-Your-Dong’ Kaymak. Who is in the 20+ Premier League penalty scorer list? Find the answers within the drunken ramblings that include - Another puzzler from Tim, a teaser from Will, Danny’s thoughts and Tom’s got beef.. Quite literally, munching down on some delicious beef while mopping up...


PiSSD Episode 34: Pelters for Pundits

This week’s ensemble marked a return for everyone’s favourite Utd fan, as otherwise it would have been up to Tim and Will to hold down a half empty fort. In the first episode of the post-Danny era, they discuss all the weekend’s games, the boredom of international friendlies, another potential England XI, and the best (and worst) pundits that tax money can buy. All whilst getting typically PiSSD *CSL and Guangzhou Fuli fans can read an in depth blog and follow their progress by...


PiSSD Episode 33: Danny Departs (& Don’t Chop Tarts!)

This week’s episode XXIII of PiSSD represents the final time Danny will join The Lads in their weekly beer consumption evenings. The Lads talk about world news in the wonderful world of football, Share their opinions on this week’s controversies and of course review and preview the games of the week. There’s our now regular ‘Match Report’ as Tom continues to follow Guangzhou Fuli - in this year’s CSL and of course there’s a whole lot of drinking and silliness. *CSL and Guangzhou Fuli...


PiSSD Episode 32: She Believes Will Should Have Whipped Out The Rotavator

The Lads welcome back Will from his travels in this weeks episode! Amongst the usual review and preview of the Premier League, Champions League and Europa League, We raise our glasses in tribute to Davide Astori, Celebrate International Women’s Day in true PiSSD Style and there’s our first of many Guangzhou Fuli Match Report - set to be a regular feature as Tom (and sometimes Danny) follow their progress this season! The opening game of the season was none other than a local Canton...


PiSSD Episode 31: The Lads, United. [1/3/18]

One charming Northern Irish gent wooed us into inviting him on as Will’s replacement for this week’s PiSSD.. Even though The Lads needed to go against their promise of never having a Man United fan as a presenter! Together, they talk about a litte bit of everything - CONCACAF, Carabao Cup final - with a Match Watch special with Tim and Danny, A Fuligan introduction for Tom and Danny who are preparing themselves for the opening game of the CSL season - a Guangzhou derby nonetheless!...


PiSSD Episode 30: PiSSD XXX [22/2/18]

There were just the three lads this week, what with Will being away in Europe desperately searching for a cure. There was the usual amount of boozy banter on offer this week plus Tim chucked in a bit of a managerial quiz to boot! (Let us know how many you managed to name!) The lads discuss the cup games, European results and looked towards the weekends premier league fixtures. So, as usual, sit back, put your feet up and crack a cold one with us as we get nicely PiSSD! PiSSD: Episode...


PiSSD Episode 28: Tom’s Ton Club & A Clamato Chaser! [8/2/18]

PiSSD Episode 28: Tom’s Ton Club & A Clamato Chaser! [8/2/18] In this week’s PiSSD we will be mostly talking Premier League Goal Scorers. More specifically goal scorers inspired by Harry Kane’s incredible feat at the hands of Liverpool, Tom challenges The Lads to name all of the elite Premier League players in the iconic ‘ 100 Club’.


PiSSD Episode 27: Jonny Kash & Will’s Birthday Butt-Plug [31/1/18]

It’s Will’s Birthday Bonanza! & Transfer Deadline Day! Episode 27 includes an all-star cast of lads old and new! The likes of Jonny, Kash, Jason and the regular four.. With Tom back on the sauce with a post-it note full of catch up shots and a dirty half pint to be consumed, he ends up royally Lionel (Messi!). Danny makes a discovery in Will’s bathroom and brings his findings to the studio, there’s a cat who creates mayhem and idioms, a coach with whistle and a Canadian with nothing...


PiSSD Episode 26: Bodger and Badges [25/1/18]

Today’s episode was supposed to have featured a Geordie guest to dissect the Man City v Newcastle game… but a last minute bout of AIDS (Aggravated Indoor Disappointed Spouse) meant a change of heart and this week’s episode codename ‘Episode 26 - A Geordie No-Show’ was born! Meaning that podcasting responsibilities fell to the original four! The Lads sit down around the table and crack a few tinnies, drop a few shots and look back over this week’s football happenings! We raise our...


PiSSD Episode 25: Back To Where It All Began… Well, Almost [18/1/18]

On this week’s PiSSD, our quarter-century episode, The Lads are back at Will’s! We raise a glass and wish Ronaldinho all the best on his recently announced retirement, discuss the latest transfer dealings, talk about the introduction kung-fu policy by referees, put in their two cents on the Ryan Giggs/Wales appointment, look back on the weekend’s games and make their predictions for the weekend’s fixtures to come! Of course, there’s an extended section reviewing the Liverpool v City...


PiSSD Episode 24: The Coolest Lads In The Jungle

All 4 of The Lads are together at long last!! The quartet chat shit and have a drink for Jamie Vardy’s birthiversary! The Lads find out which unfortunate presenter gets the dirty pint forfeit drink from PiSSD’s Christmas Wish! There’s heated debates as the gang tackle racism, VARs, transfer talk, ‘The Fishmonger on the Roof’, Our ‘caps off’ to the FA cup, ‘P-Biddy’, Holgate-Gate, Liverpool vs Manchester City ‘Match-Watch’ preview and much, much more! With John Tea coining a new nick...


PiSSD Episode 23: New Year, Same Old PiSSD! (Big Trev’s, White ‘C U Next Tuesday’) [5/1/18]

Three of The Lads welcome in the New Year with a cracker… Danny got his flights mixed up and couldn’t get there in time, which may be a relief to many of you! The PiSSD Christmas wish deadline slammed shut, just like the transfer window will do at the end of January! The results are in, and thank you to all the listeners who liked, followed, reviewed, e-mailed and subscribed… Each and every one of you assisted in choosing the instant death drink for one of our presenters! The chosen...


PiSSD Episode 22: Behind the (Very Mexican) ‘Showbiz’ Curtain [28/12/17]

For our final episode of 2017 - It’s PiSSD’s version of ‘Two Men, One Dog!’ With Tom in Canada and Danny in Mexico, the podcasting responsibilites fall to Tim and Will (and Danny’s dog) for the last PiSSD of 2017 and together, they tackle the important happenings in the Premier league and elsewhere over the last seven days. **PiSSD’s Christmas Wish! - Our wish is for you, the listeners to add us on facebook, twitter, shoot us an email or leave us a review on iTunes or any other...