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Lakers talk with Eric Pincus (plus Butler, Carmelo news)

Jimmy Butler is in Philadelphia. Carmelo Anthony is in Houston, but not for much longer. And the Lakers have Tyson Chandler and a three-game winning streak — there is never a dull moment in the NBA. Kurt helin of NBC Sports welcomes in Eric Pincus, who covers the Lakers for Bleacher Report plus is a salary cap expert you have seen on NBA TV, to talk about it all. The pair talk about what the Sixers need to do next to capitalize on their window with Butler, are there landing spots for Carmelo...


Everything looks good in Portlandia, but are the Blazers for real?

The Portland Trail Blazers are hot out of the gate: 9-3, including a big win over Milwaukee (which turned around and beat Golden State), with the third best net rating in the league and Damian Lillard playing like an MVP candidate. But I hear what you're saying, "We've seen this movie before and it ends in a first round exit." What is different this time around? Have the Blazers matured and are they ready for the next step? Kurt Helin of NBC Sports put those questions to Dane Delgado of NBC...


What is up with the Sacramento Kings fast start?

The Sacramento Kings have been the biggest positive surprise in the young season, a 6-4 start that includes wins over the Thunder, Grizzlies and Heat. This is now De'Aaron Fox's team and the Kings are running — the second fastest pace in the NBA, and that has become their identity. With Buddy Hield running to the arc and knocking down threes, and Willie Cauley-Stein rim running, the Kings have become a solid team that puts pressure on its opponent. Can it last? Kurt Helin of NBC Sports...


What's next for Ty Lue, Cavaliers, other coaches on hot seat early

Only six games into the NBA season, Tyronn Lue is unemployed, fired as the coach of the Cleveland Cavaliers. That was a quick trigger but it brings up some questions: What direction does Cleveland go now? Will Lue get another shot as a head coach somewhere? What other coaches are on the hot seat early this NBA season (think Washington and Oklahoma City)? Kurt Helin and Dan Feldman of NBC Sports delve into all of that, plus take on your questions covering Ricky Rubio's slow start (again) and...


Three key early season impressions

The NBA has been impossible to ignore the first week of the season — and not just because players are spitting on each other and throwing punches. Pace and scoring are way up, some teams — Denver, Milwaukee, even Detroit — have been very hot, and a couple of teams we thought would be good have stumbled. Keith Smith from Real GM and Celtics Blog joins Kurt Helin of NBC Sports to talk about their early season impressions, and take questions/comments from listeners on Twitter. That means the...


MVP, Rookie of Year, other awards plus NBA playoffs, Finals predictions

Will James Harden repeat as MVP or will someone else — LeBron James, Anthony Davis — grab the award away from him? Luca Doncic and DeAndre Ayton seem to be the favorites for Rookie of the Year, but could Trae Young or Jaren Jackson Jr. push their way into the conversation? Who will win Coach of the Year? Is Jamal Murray a guy to watch for Most Improved Player? Kurt Helin and Dan Feldman of NBC Sports discuss all the major awards plus get into playoff predictions. Can Charlotte sneak into the...


Celtics preview with A. Sherrod Blakely

It's a Finals or bust season for the Celtics, who last won a title in 2008 but now are not only the favorite in the East but also are seen as maybe the team in the league with the best shot to dethrone the Warriors. They have the coach in Brad Stevens, the system, and the talent with Kyrie Irving, Gordon Hayward, Jayson Tatum, Jaylen Brown, and the overlooked Al Horford. A. Sherrod Blakely, who covers the Celtics for NBC Sports Boston, joins Kurt Helin of NBC Sports to talk all things...


Five teams we can't take our eyes off of

We know what teams the league wants you to watch and has put all over national television — Golden State, Boston, Houston, Philadelphia. But what teams should you be watching? What teams are fascinating and will draw the NBA Twitter/League Pass crowd. Keith Smith of Real GM and Celtics Blog joins us to talk about all the teams we'll be watching — yes the Lakers and their circus are on the list, but so are the Nuggets, Hawks, Pacers, Jazz, and even the Kings, among others. This is a great...


Your mailbag questions, with lots of Jimmy Butler talk

What the hell is going on with the Jimmy Butler trade? That's been the big topic around the league for a week now, and it was the big topic when we asked you for questions to do a mailbag podcast. Kurt Helin and Dan Feldman from NBC Sports dive into the topic of Butler's trade, where he lands, what teams should and will offer — will Miami put Josh Richardson in a deal? — and how nervous teams should be about that max contract Butler wants next summer. The pair also delve into questions on...


How do Indiana Pacers take next step forward?

Last season Victor Oladipo burst on the scene, making the leap from solid rotation player to All-NBA level star who could score and defend, and he dragged the Pacers up to being a solid playoff team with him. The Pacers were the surprise of the NBA, which leads to the question: Can they do it again? More than that, how can they take a step forward? Kurt Helin of NBC Sports talks with J. Michael of the Indy Star about the Pacers and their key role players — Myles Turner, Tyreke Evans,...


Can any team beat the Golden State Warriors?

Can any team beat the two-time defending champion Golden State Warriors this season? Maybe, although the Warriors will need to participate in their own downfall, one way or another — an injury to Stephen Curry or Kevin Durant, the lack of regular season focus finally catching up with them, or maybe they become too focused on free agency the next summer. Mark Medina of the San Jose Mercury News, and host of the Planet Dubs podcast, joins us to break down how Steve Kerr will work to keep that...


NBA Free Agency preview with Sean Deveney

NBA free agency is the Wild West, and just about anything can happen. LeBron James is leaning toward Los Angeles, but can he get Paul George to jump with him? What about the Kawhi Leonard trade — is it going to happen with the Lakers? If it does, is LeBron to Los Angeles a lock? If LeBron and Leonard are in L.A., is George going to ditch his OKC plans and follow? Kurt Helin from NBC Sports and Sean Deveney of The Sporting News break all that down, plus talking Chris Paul, DeMarcus Cousins,...


NBA Draft breakdown: Winners, losers, sleepers

The Phoenix Suns didn't screw up the No. 1 pick landing Deandre Ayton, but they also made an interesting — maybe safe — move getting Mikal Bridges in a trade. The Atlanta Hawks got their man in Trae Young, but the Dallas Mavericks did better getting theirs in Luka Doncic after a trade. The Sacramento Kings got their man in Marvin Bagley. Michael Porter Jr. and Robert Williams fell down draft. Kurt Helin and Dan Feldman of NBC Sports break down all of it, who were the winners and losers, who...


Risers. Sleepers. Who should go No. 2? Final full draft breakdown

Luka Doncic? Marvin Bagley III? Jaren Jackson Jr.? If you were in the shoes of Vlade Divac and the Sacramento Kings, who would you draft No. 2? Kurt Helin and Rob Dauster of NBC Sports get into that topic as well as breaking down the rest of the draft such as the risers, the sleepers, and is Michael Porter Jr. worth the risk? Also, in the bigger picture, are we focused too much on the bigs at the top of this draft — the majority of guys who will go in the top six — when we just saw in the...


Sixers GM out due to Twitter accounts, plus NBA Finals talk

It was both expected and one of the strangest stories ever in the NBA: Bryan Colangelo is out as the GM of the Sixers because his wife — he contends without his knowledge — ran a series of Twitter burner accounts which defended him and savaged players on the team. Kurt Helin and Dan Feldman of NBC Sports get into why Colangelo had to go, even if you believe he didn't know about the accounts, and who is most likely next in line to replace him. The pair also gets into the 3-0 NBA Finals, the...


NBA Finals preview, plus Twitter burner account talk

Golden State vs. Cleveland. Again. LeBron James vs. Stephen Curry. Or, more accurately, LeBron James vs. Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant and Klay Thompson and Draymond Green. Which is why when Kurt Helin and Dan Feldman of NBC Sports starts breaking down the 2018 NBA Finals there's a lot of talk about what needs to go perfectly for Cleveland. They need Kevin Love back (and ideally Andre Iguodala to miss some time). They need to hit their threes. The role players have to step up. Their...


Conference Finals now best of three; plus Metta World Peace

Both NBA Conference Finals are tied 2-2 in both the East and West — and breaking that down is not even the best part of this podcast. That's because NBA champion Metta World Peace joins us to talk about his new book, "No Malice: My Life in Basketball or: How a Kid from Queensbridge Survived the Streets, the Brawls, and Himself to Become an NBA Champion." World Peace discusses the time he cracked Michael Jordan's ribs in a summer game, how he was nervous before Game 7 of the NBA Finals in...


The Second Annual NBA Mock Draft Podcast, part 2

Kurt Helin of Pro Basketball Talk was joined by Rob Dauster, the host of College Basketball Talk, to put together a mock draft podcast. On Part 1, here on the CBT feed, you can find a breakdown of the first seven picks in the draft, with Rob providing player breakdowns and Kurt bringing the knowledge on team needs and player fit. Part 2 of the podcast, which includes picks 8-30, can be found right here on the Pro Basketball Talk feed. The Rundown: Open: 8. Cleveland Cavaliers 8:30: 9. New...


Getting noticed by NBA teams through Professional Basketball Combine

Most of the NBA Draft focus right now is on the handful of guys at the top of the draft. However, at any given time up to 20 percent of the guys in the league were undrafted (Robert Covington, Jeremy Lin, Seth Curry, Aron Baynes, Wes Mathews, and Kent Bazemore, to name a few). How do those guys get the attention of scouts and GMs and get their chance? Jake Kelfer with the Professional Basketball Combine joins Kurt Helin of NBC Sports to talk about that event — a May event where teams can...


Eastern, Western Conference Finals Previews

Houston vs. Golden State is the showdown we've been waiting for since before the season began. LeBron James has just one more team between him and an eighth straight trip to the NBA Finals, but the Boston Celtics with Al Horford and a smart defense are going to present challenges the Toronto Raptors did not last series. Kurt Helin and Dan Feldman of NBC Sports get into each series and look at the details. How will Boston handle Kyle Korver and Kevin Love while trying to not let LeBron go...