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NFC fantasy preview

Pete, Clark and Jordan open the show with a little RB1 history and a huge realization from Pete (1:00). In the news, Jalen Ramsey pulled a Michael Scott and roasted every quarterback in the league (3:20), Hue Jackson punished Antonio Callaway in the strictest way possible (9:00), and the Seahawks yet again lost a running back just before the season starts (11:45). The guys then run through the entire NFC and give either a fantasy sleeper or bust for each team this year (19:00).


AFC fantasy preview

Pete, Clark and Jordan open the show welcoming fellow Fake Teams writer Ginger Nic on to defend his top 100 rankings and compare beards with Clark (3:05). It’s a wide receiver heavy news week in the NFL with the Browns trading a wide receiver (13:06), the Patriots releasing a wide receiver (16:20) and the Buccaneers promoting a wide receiver (19:00). The guys then run through the entire AFC and give either a fantasy sleeper or bust for each team this year (20:25).


Top 100 rankings + Patriots shake up their receiving core

Pete, Clark and Jordan open the show celebrating Clark’s big life step as he’s just moved in with his lady friend (1:30). In NFL news, the Patriots thinned out their wide receiver position (2:18), Frank Gore continues to defy Father Time (7:08) and Corey Davis has a large appetite (9:16). The guys then go over FakeTeams’ Top 100 rankings and give their expert analysis (12:00).


Current ADPs we love and hate

Pete, Clark and Jordan open the show with another half-assed attempt at getting the podcast sponsored, this time from New Balance (1:30). In NFL news, Vikings’ O-line coach Tony Sparano sadly passed away (4:20), the Rams signed Todd Gurley to a record breaking deal (5:47), people are freaking out over Jimmy Garoppolo’s love life (13:10), and we have our first sighting of the Lamar Jackson hype train (18:00). The guys then take a look at current ADPs and share the ones they love and hate...


Where will Le’Veon Bell play in 2019?

Pete, Clark and Jordan open the show celebrating The Dark Knights’ 10 year anniversary and introduce new characters to the podcast (1:00). In NFL news, the guys wonder where Le’Veon Bell will play in 2019 (3:45), reminisce over the Hall of Fame/money making career of Darrelle Revis (16:50), marvel at the Rams handing out another long term extension to someone not named Aaron Donald (25:20) and test Malik Jackson’s bold claim about the this year’s Jaguars team (36:50). Clark introduces a...


Training camp battles we’re keeping eyes on

PETE GOT MARRIED! Pete, Clark and Jordan open the show celebrating this momentous life event and it's wine-filled honeymoon (1:00). In NFL news, things are bleak: LeSean McCoy faces strong allegations (10:28), Cardinals’ president Michael Bidwill is a hypocritical buttface (12:55), Jordan fixes Jerry Richardson’s contractually permanent statue (17:00) and Jeff Fisher might be coming to a commentator booth near you (22:00). The guys then share what training camp battles they can’t wait to...


2 Past 2 Lovers

Pete, Clark and Jordan open the show answering the important question: does the Super Bowl need Jay-Z more than Jay-Z needs the Super Bowl? (3:05) In the news, Norv Turner is trying to reinvent Cam Newton (6:41), Calvin Ridley is “the real deal” (8:58) and the Packers are all aboard the dreaded RB committee (10:55). The guys then queue up the slow jazz and talk past fantasy lovers and which players they’re overvaluing because of past success (15:41).


The Gronk trade prank + which minicamp holdouts will “make it work”?

Pete, Clark and Jordan open the show recapping the insanity that was Gronk getting traded... but then not (1:03). Other NFL news includes the Jets’ laundry list of failed quarterbacks (7:56), the Ravens’ dumb plan for Lamar Jackson (12:43) and going to Clark’s cornfield to talk to his strawman (16:00). The guys then review who’s holding out during mandatory minicamps and if they and their teams can “make it work” (20:22). Spoiler alert, Pete doesn’t have a good Tim Gun impression.


Top 5 must haves for a successful draft party

Pete opens the show accusing Clark of actually being a Jadeveon Clowney burner account in host form while Jordan busily replenishes himself in the Motherland (0:33). In NFL news, former 49ers’ tight end Dwight Clark sadly passed away Monday (4:36), Pete introduces a new segment called “Quotes from Mini-Camp” (7:45) and Donald Trump, our commander of cheese, disinvited the Eagles to the White House because he’s a child (14:27). The guys then give their official power rankings of the top 5...


Bounce back candidates for 2018

The NFL is at it again people. Pete, Clark and Jordan open the show talking about the utter stupidity that is the NFL’s new protest rule, and it’s really f*cking stupid (3:14). Also in the news: Hunter Henry tore his ACL (11:13), the Jets made a big time trade (15:19) and Coley Beasley dropped a FIRE rap album (17:25). The guys then talk bounce back candidates for 2018, each giving a few players that they think could return to fantasy relevance this year (20:15).


Position groups that will/won’t have fantasy relevance this year

Pete, Clark and Jordan open the show discussing the benefits of being old now that Pete has turned 27 (1:12). Meanwhile in NFL news, Mark Ingram was suspended and what that means for Alvin Kamara (3:33), sports gambling is now legal (8:48) and Jason Witten said something very interesting about Dez Bryant’s future (18:47). The guys then talk which position groups around the NFL will surprise us in fantasy this year and which will disappoint (22:18). Finally, kudos and poodos wrap up the...


Best rookie landing spots with Mocking the Draft’s Dan Kadar

Pete, Clark and Jordan open the show with some health advice for all you men out there (1:15), then turn to NFL news and pour some out for the career of a longtime Charger (2:47). The guys recap their NFL Draft beer bets (13:00) before welcoming Dan Kadar of Mocking the Draft onto the show to talk best rookie landing spots (26:41), including Nymin Hines and Quentin Nelson landing in Indy (31:57), Michael Gallup replacing Dez Bryant in Dallas (42:12) and Sony Michel becoming the newest...


NFL Draft beer bets + Dez Bryant landing spots

Pete, Clark and Jordan open the show with the latest news on Rob Gronkowski (3:10), the Ravens’ new wide receiver (6:23) and finally some wild Dez Bryant speculation (9:05). It’s then time for NFL draft beer bets (15:00), in which the guys predict Saquon Barkley’s landing spot (18:15), Jordan states how many QBs will go in the first round (23:50), Clark calls the number of picks the Browns will make (27:43), and Pete picks the Patriots’ future quarterback (32:26).



Pete and Jordan welcome Clark back from his Hawaii vacation just in time to get his opinions on Dez Bryant and the end of the Patriots dynasty (2:17). But there’s no time for all that as it’s finally time for the only NFL mock draft that gets it right (3:15). This mock draft has everything: Giants screwing over the Jets (6:40), Buccaneers getting the best player in the draft (9:38), Patriots pulling off a big balls trade (18:57), Josh Allen falling to his perfect landing spot (33:08),...


Would You Rather!?: NFL draft edition

Pete and Jordan open the show discussing two wide receivers who've found themselves new homes (2:57, 5:50) and give a thorough review of the new NFL draft day caps (14:51). The guys then play the greatest game in, on and around the internet: Would You Rather!? NFL draft edition (21:09). Topics include Bradley Chubb or Saquon Barkley at No. 2 (21:57), pick at No. 6 overall or trade down (26:13), Calvin Ridley or Courtland Sutton (36:20) and Pete makes a valiant attempt to get Mike Maccagnan...


What the Brandin Cooks trade means for the Patriots & Rams

In honor of Clark missing this week to be in Hawaii, Pete and Jordan open the show sharing their favorite movies set on the tropical island (0:50). In the football world, the Patriots traded Brandin Cooks to the Rams (4:45)!! The guys wonder if this means Odell Beckham is headed to New England (8:51), try their best to temper their expectations for this completely new Rams team (17:12), and discuss fantasy impact (25:08). Plus, some investigative journalism into Jordan Howard’s instagram...


Wait, are the Giants actually going to trade Odell Beckham Jr?

Pete, Clark and Jordan jump right into the Odell Beckham trade rumors and wonder if the Giants would actually ever trade OBJ (3:17), what would his best landing spot be (8:13), and what would the Giants do with two first round picks (16:04). The guys tackle other NFL news including Ndamukong Suh joining the Rams (22:14) and Jordy Nelson calling out the podcast (34:14). Pete rants about the NFL admitting Super Bowl 52 refereeing was “on the fly” (38:56) while Clark starts a blood feud with...


What will the Jets do at No. 3 + players we keep drafting

Pete, Clark and Jordan open the show with a little NFL Draft talk now that the Jets and Colts have swapped picks (1:51). Clark revels in the Jaguars’ stupid offseason moves (12:54) and the Texans’ brilliant moves (17:44). Time for some fantasy football talk as the guys list which players they’ve found themselves repeatedly drafting, including Allen Robinson (25:45), Philip Rivers (31:06), Nick Chubb (39:38) and A.J. Green (45:19). An open mailbag reveals just one question (51:56) and the...


NFL free agency recap: Allen Robinson to the Bears, Sammy Watkins to the Chiefs & more

It’s all about NFL free agency today as Pete, Clark and Jordan jump right into the chaos that’s happened around the league and breakdown all the trades and signings, including the Browns trading for a new team (2:46), Allen Robinson to the Bears (11:11), Sammy Watkins to the Chiefs (19:27), Jerick McKinnon rocketing up draft boards (26:20), Jordan winning beers (38:20) and the Vikings getting their man (52:41). Finally the guys give their kudos and poodos, including a tearful farewell to...


NFL free agency beer bets

IT IS/WAS JORDAN’S BIRTHDAY! Naturally, Pete, Clark and the birthday boy open the show celebrating this great accomplishment before moving onto the overwhelming amount of NFL news on the docket. They talk the end of the Legion of Boom (5:20), Le’Veon Bell getting franchise tagged and the issues with the tag itself (18:18). Then it’s onto NFL free agency beer bets, in which Clark thinks Sammy Watkins is headed to the Bay (26:18), Jordan is certain the Packers make a free agent splash...