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Pete and Jordan welcome Clark back from his Hawaii vacation just in time to get his opinions on Dez Bryant and the end of the Patriots dynasty (2:17). But there’s no time for all that as it’s finally time for the only NFL mock draft that gets it right (3:15). This mock draft has everything: Giants screwing over the Jets (6:40), Buccaneers getting the best player in the draft (9:38), Patriots pulling off a big balls trade (18:57), Josh Allen falling to his perfect landing spot (33:08),...


Would You Rather!?: NFL draft edition

Pete and Jordan open the show discussing two wide receivers who've found themselves new homes (2:57, 5:50) and give a thorough review of the new NFL draft day caps (14:51). The guys then play the greatest game in, on and around the internet: Would You Rather!? NFL draft edition (21:09). Topics include Bradley Chubb or Saquon Barkley at No. 2 (21:57), pick at No. 6 overall or trade down (26:13), Calvin Ridley or Courtland Sutton (36:20) and Pete makes a valiant attempt to get Mike Maccagnan...


What the Brandin Cooks trade means for the Patriots & Rams

In honor of Clark missing this week to be in Hawaii, Pete and Jordan open the show sharing their favorite movies set on the tropical island (0:50). In the football world, the Patriots traded Brandin Cooks to the Rams (4:45)!! The guys wonder if this means Odell Beckham is headed to New England (8:51), try their best to temper their expectations for this completely new Rams team (17:12), and discuss fantasy impact (25:08). Plus, some investigative journalism into Jordan Howard’s instagram...


Wait, are the Giants actually going to trade Odell Beckham Jr?

Pete, Clark and Jordan jump right into the Odell Beckham trade rumors and wonder if the Giants would actually ever trade OBJ (3:17), what would his best landing spot be (8:13), and what would the Giants do with two first round picks (16:04). The guys tackle other NFL news including Ndamukong Suh joining the Rams (22:14) and Jordy Nelson calling out the podcast (34:14). Pete rants about the NFL admitting Super Bowl 52 refereeing was “on the fly” (38:56) while Clark starts a blood feud with...


What will the Jets do at No. 3 + players we keep drafting

Pete, Clark and Jordan open the show with a little NFL Draft talk now that the Jets and Colts have swapped picks (1:51). Clark revels in the Jaguars’ stupid offseason moves (12:54) and the Texans’ brilliant moves (17:44). Time for some fantasy football talk as the guys list which players they’ve found themselves repeatedly drafting, including Allen Robinson (25:45), Philip Rivers (31:06), Nick Chubb (39:38) and A.J. Green (45:19). An open mailbag reveals just one question (51:56) and the...


NFL free agency recap: Allen Robinson to the Bears, Sammy Watkins to the Chiefs & more

It’s all about NFL free agency today as Pete, Clark and Jordan jump right into the chaos that’s happened around the league and breakdown all the trades and signings, including the Browns trading for a new team (2:46), Allen Robinson to the Bears (11:11), Sammy Watkins to the Chiefs (19:27), Jerick McKinnon rocketing up draft boards (26:20), Jordan winning beers (38:20) and the Vikings getting their man (52:41). Finally the guys give their kudos and poodos, including a tearful farewell to...


NFL free agency beer bets

IT IS/WAS JORDAN’S BIRTHDAY! Naturally, Pete, Clark and the birthday boy open the show celebrating this great accomplishment before moving onto the overwhelming amount of NFL news on the docket. They talk the end of the Legion of Boom (5:20), Le’Veon Bell getting franchise tagged and the issues with the tag itself (18:18). Then it’s onto NFL free agency beer bets, in which Clark thinks Sammy Watkins is headed to the Bay (26:18), Jordan is certain the Packers make a free agent splash (34:32)...


So, you’re the GM of the Browns...

Pete, Clark and Jordan open the show with sage advice on how to not stare at another man’s junk just in time for the Underwear Olympics (5:58) before diving head first into NFL news, including Blake Bortles getting paid (6:50), Marcus Peters getting traded (13:02), and Matt Forte getting retired (28:15). The guys then play Browns GM and layout their offseason plans for getting three wins next year, all of which feature a healthy dose of Lamar Jackson (33:35).


Real Talk: Gun control in America

There are more important things in the world than fantasy football and Pete, Clark and Jordan want to discuss these things from time to time, so welcome to the first Real Talk episode! After the shootings in Florida, the guys thought gun control in America would be a perfect topic to start having a real discussion about. If you have thoughts and want to share your insight, please feel free to email us: rb1podcast@gmail.com or find us on Twitter @RB1podcast.


The best landing spots for franchise tag candidates

Pete, Clark and Jordan open the show wishing everyone a delayed Valentines day and discussing the finer points of American vs Canadian beer (1:50). Then it’s onto the news as the guys talk Doug Martin’s release (4:55), Andrew Luck throwing super inflated balls (8:27) and the overwhelming sex appeal of cap space (12:34). Finally they look at franchise tag candidates and debate if it would help their fantasy value to stay or to play for a new team (13:26).


Super Bowl LII winners & losers

Pete, Clark and Jordan open the show listening to Sad Drunk Pete’s thoughts on Super Bowl 52 and talking about the play that will go down in Super Bowl lore (4:39). The guys then turn to the news and openly laugh at the Colts for losing Josh McDaniels and wonder what the Patriots could have possibly offered him to make him stay (5:57). Finally, they return to Super Bowl 52 and give their winners and losers from the game, including Tom Brady (15:27), the fans (23:12), Tide (33:15), Malcolm...


SUPER BOWL LII PREVIEW (oh, and Alex Smith got traded)

Pete, Clark and Jordan are ready for Super Bowl 52 and all the drama, intrigue and Bill Murray screaming celebrations that it brings. But first, the guys tackle the Alex Smith trade (1:38) and wonder if we’ll ever see a fully guaranteed contract in the NFL (8:44). Once that’s out of the way, its SUPER BOWL PREVIEW TIME! (25:23) They preview what each team needs to do to win (27:52) and make plenty of beer bets (45:38), including Pete boldly prediction the retirement of a certain handsome...


Where do the Jaguars and Vikings go from here?

Pete and Clark welcome back friend of the podcast Jordan Smith, who now has a stunning collection of beer glasses to go along with his impressive headboard. They start the show reviewing the latest coaching news around the NFL but mainly talking about the Titans’ new head coach, Mike Vrabel (7:43). The guys then recap the Conference championship games (14:58) featuring all the beer bets, what the Jaguars and Vikings need to do this offseason, and a special appearance from James Blunt and...


Conference Championship preview with Daily Norseman writer Eric Thompson

IT HAPPENED!! MIKE MULARKEY GOT GOT! While Pete and Clark never want to celebrate someone losing their job, they start the show celebrating Marcus Mariota’s new found freedom (3:08) as well as checking in on other coaching news (6:10). Then they recap a very exciting Divisional Round and tally up the beer bets (21:00). Finally, the guys welcome onto the show Eric Thompson of Daily Norseman to talk the Minnesota Miracle (33:00) and preview the Conference Championship games (35:29).


Divisional Round preview: Don’t give Patriots extra motivation + the official team of the podcast

Pete and Clark are getting hyped for the Divisional Round after a surprisingly excited Wild Card weekend, but first, they discuss Jon Gruden’s haircut (3:05) and other news around the NFL (9:47). The guys then recap their beer bets from last week (16:30)—and in turn, Wild Card weekend—which spoiler alert, ends in a tie. So they’re bringing it back this week to preview the Divisional Round (40:03), including why you don’t give the Patriots extra motivation (44:39) and the official playoff...


Sexiest head coaching gigs + Wild Card preview

WELCOME TO 2018! Pete and Clark are back to celebrate the cold winter storms (0:55), the career of Carson Palmer (6:49) and Marvin Lewis’ job security (11:00). Speaking of head coaches, the guys go around the NFL and determine which open coaching gig is the sexiest and most attractive (12:47). Finally, they wrap up the podcast previewing Wild Card weekend and making some daring beer bets, such as: the Titans will have a new head coach this year (22:25), Devonta Freeman will have more all...


Fixing the fantasy disappointments of 2017

Pete and Clark start the show with a humorous debate around if Ezekiel Elliott will start for the Cowboys (2:29) and if Jeff Fisher even deserve to coach in the NFL (9:12). As this will be the last show of 2017, the guys then decide to look both back and towards the future and try to fix the biggest fantasy disappointments this year so they’ll have success in 2018. Topics include giving Jarvis Landry a good quarterback (12:55), returning Dez Bryant to stardom (16:55) and helping Jameis...


Week 15 recap: Antonio Brown is out, Aaron Rodgers is back (kind of) & more

Pete and Jordan celebrate the Dion Lewis/Aaron Jones episode while Clark nervously watches Monday Night Football to see if the Falcons defense will knock him out of the playoffs (1:42). The guys nominate their choices for You Helped No One this week (3:36) and recap the important games from Week 15, including: the Patriots and Steelers battling it out in the game of the year (9:40), Aaron Rodgers’ return not going according to plan (19:51), Blake Bortles looking every bit a fantasy star...


Would You Rather!? with PFF fantasy editor Daniel Kelley

Pete and Clark are coming at you with a special Wednesday show because Pete is going to the ballet! (1:12) Then it’s right into breaking news as Aaron Rodgers has been cleared to play this week (3:45) and the Patriots have gotten themselves a receiver over 5’11” (5:48). The guys then give a few of their favorite Week 15 starts and sits for those still in the fantasy playoffs (7:53). Finally, for the main event, the guys welcome Pro Football Focus’ fantasy editor (and Fake Teams alum) Daniel...


How to replace Carson Wentz + Week 14 recap

Sadly, no Jordan this week as it’s only Pete and Just Clark Barnes recapping the Week 14 action. The guys start off listing the “You Helped No One” nominees (2:19) then dive right into football talk, including: Carson Wentz’s devastating injury (7:54), Blake Bortles throwing all the shade, plus the NFL has no idea what a suspension is (18:47), is DeAndre Hopkins the best receiver in football (25:53) and Clark takes the blame for Jonathan Stewart’s three touchdown game (33:32). They wrap up...


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