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Week 7 starts & sits: Kelvin Benjamin, Tarik Cohen, Alvin Kamara

Pete, Clark and Jordan open the show talking MLB playoffs as it’s Boston vs Houston in the ALCS (0:50), and recap their locks from last week (3:20). The guys then preview Week 7 and give their starts & sits (11:35), including sit Austin Ekeler (13:05), could Kelvin Benjamin finally have fantasy value this week? (19:05), stop giving Kerryon Johnson’s touchdowns to LeGarrette Blount (27:45), Tarik Cohen going for 20 plus points easy (43:35) and sit Alvin Kamara against the only good defense...


Way too early playoff predictions + Jordan live from Lambeau Field

Pete, Clark and Nic open the show discussing the Tyreek Hill beer splatter incident, if there’s ever a correct time to pour beer on someone and even get a little political (2:50). The guys then hand out this week’s “You Helped No One” award (10:00) and spend most of the episode correctly predicting how the NFL playoffs will shake out (19:10). Jordan reports live from Lambeau Field to talk Monday Night Football (44:50) and to wrap it all up, who are you adding off waivers if you can add...


Week 6 starts & sits: Amari Cooper, Robert Woods, Greg Olsen & more

Pete, Clark and Jordan open the show recapping last week’s locks and celebrating two correct calls (1:50). The guys then preview Week 6 and give their starts/sits, including ride the Cooper-coaster this week (5:33), David Johnson falling back to the fantasy doldrums (9:32), Robert Woods building upon his surprisingly good season (14:30), a brief “Is Eli Manning a Hall of Famer” intermission (35:35), Greg Olsen making his grand return (41:00), why you should fade A.J. Green (52:35) and get...


Players who need to show us something this week

Pete, Clark, Jordan and Nic open the show talking about erectile dysfunction and a whole demographic of podcast listeners they’ve been ignoring so far (2:20). Meanwhile, Week 5's “You Helped No One” award has a controversial winner (5:35) and the show gains yet another sponsor (12:20). The guys then give players who need to show something in Week 6 in order to stay off the chopping block (15:00), featuring EPIC rants from both Jordan (22:30) and Clark (29:15) regarding their favorite...


Week 5 starts & sits: Derrick Henry, Sterling Shepard, Carlos Hyde & more

Pete, Clark, Jordan and Nic open the show attempting to talk about pop culture (1:00), but ultimately just talk about homemade vodka and how bad their their Week 4 locks were (3:05). The guys then preview Week 5 and give their starts/sits (5:30), including Derrick Henry’s first 100 yard game (9:45), Matt Breida’s fantastic matchup (16:40), Sterling Shepard has officially replaced Odell Beckham (19:25), a Cole Beasley bet is made (22:45), Pete locks Carlos Hyde, but not in a good way...


Trade him or date him

Pete, Clark, Jordan and Nic are all back together and open the show catching up on each other’s lives (1:00), giving their biggest takeaways from Week 4 (5:24), and picking their winners for this week’s “You Helped No One” award (13:00). The guys then each pick a well known player who’s been underperforming so far and figure out if you should trade him or keep him (18:40). Finally, if you could add one guy off waivers, who’re you adding (40:10)?


Week 4 starts & sits: Rob Gronkowski, Kareem Hunt, Jimmy Graham & more

Pete and Nic open the show commiserating about the end of Sexy Rexy Burkhead (0:45) and recapping their Week 3 locks which, spoiler alert, didn’t go well (2:40). The guys then welcome Jeff Berckes from Windy City Gridiron onto the show to preview Week 4 and give their starts/sits (12:00), including Jimmy Graham a lock for TE1 this week (25:25), the Browns defense has become start-worthy (30:50), why you should bench Gronk and Kareem Hunt (42:32, 52:06), and everyone boards the Tyler Boyd...


Waiver wire targets for Week 4 with The Falcoholic’s Jeanna Thomas and Adnan Ikic

With no Clark, Jordan OR Nic today, Pete is joined by The Falcoholic’s editor Jeanna Thomas and writer Adnan Ikic, who open the show discussing the craziest storylines coming out of a backwards weekend of football (2:00). In NFL news: should the 49ers just tank the season now that Jimmy GQ is out for the year? (8:45), Gronk was almost traded to the Lions (14:30), and the top 5 landing spots for Le’Veon Bell (19:00). They then handout this week’s “You Helped No One” award (24:50) and give...


Week 3 starts & sits: David Johnson, Sony Michel, Austin Ekeler & more

Pete, Clark and Nic open the show discussing the finer points of mustaches, general facial hair and what makes a good ID photo (2:25). In other news, Space Jam 2 is officially happening, but is it what the world really needs right now (6:50)? The guys eventually talk football, previewing Week 3 and giving their starts/sits (8:25), including Pete giving up on David Johnson (18:30), Nyheim Hines starring as Clark’s Jennifer Aniston’s golden lock of the week (36:00), a Sony Michel break out...


Breaking down the Josh Gordon trade + playing Name That Player

SWEET BRADY THE PATRIOTS TRADED FOR JOSH GORDON! Pete, Clark and Jordan jump right into the news to discuss how this trade affects Josh Gordon, the Patriots, the Browns and fantasy owners everywhere (1:30). Also in the news, Vontae Davis retired in the middle of the Bills game, so clearly things are going well in Buffalo (10:13). The guys give their picks for “You Helped No One” this week and announce the Week 2 winner (13:00), then play a new game called “Name That Player” (18:40)....


Week 2 starts & sits: Christian McCaffrey gonna eat, Russell Wilson might get killed & more

Pete, Clark and Jordan open the show discussing Mark Wahlberg’s daily schedule and how nice it would be to have his life (1:00). In NFL news: Nathan Peterman is dead, long live Josh Allen (3:42), Patriots add yet another Browns’ first-rounder to their team (7:05) and the newest installment of Jon Gruden Doesn’t Know What The F*ck He’s Doing (8:35). The guys then preview Week 2 and give their starts/sits (11:30), including ignore all Dolphins not named Kenny Stills (24:52), Christian...


Whose Week 1 performance do we trust?

Pete, Clark, Jordan and Nic open the show wondering how one-legged Aaron Rodgers beat the Bears and how anyone could be dumb enough to trade Khalil Mack (0:40). In NFL news, Greg Olsen and Delanie Walker both suffered major injuries (5:40) while Clark has to say goodbye to one of his hills (8:35). The guys bring back “You Helped No One” and give their Week 1 nominees (13:00), then take a look at stand out players from Sunday and decide if their performances were trust-worthy or bust-worthy...


Week 1 preview: Trust James Conner & Odell Beckham, be wary of Ezekiel Elliott & more

Pete, Clark, Jordan and Nic open the show trying their best to get hyped for the new football season (1:00). In NFL news, the Steelers are not pleased with Le’Veon Bell’s continued hold out, forcing Pete to do his best offensive linemen impression (3:15), plus the Eagles will start the season without two key offensive players (11:25). The guys then give their Week 1 preview/starts and sits (12:35), including why James Conner needs to be on your team (18:00), Odell Beckham vs. Jalen Ramsey...


Regular season beer bets + live fantasy draft

It’s a crazy show today as Pete, Clark and Jordan record the show while drafting for the RB1 fantasy league (2:00). Prepare for a lot of interruptions. In NFL news, Khalil Mack is now a Bear (2:40), no one knows what Jon Gruden’s plan is for the Raiders (8:10), injury strikes the 49ers’ backfield (9:30) and an old friend returns to the Chargers (12:00). The guys then place their beer bets for the 2018 NFL regular season (15:00).


Would you rather draft Corey Davis or Mike Williams?

Pete, Clark, Jordan and Nic open the show not talking about Sharp Objects’ epic finale but instead how excited everyone is for the RB1 fantasy league (1:48)! In NFL news, Aaron Rodgers is now a rich mama jama (4:11), the Saints have a new quarterback (9:20), Doug Baldwin isn’t 100% (12:00), and Mychal Kendrick got busted for insider trading (14:25). The guys then play the greatest game known to the podcast universe: Would You Rather!? (15:45).


Preseason overreactions

TWO-A-WEEKS ARE BACK! It’s just Pete and Clark today to celebrate, but they open the show discovering Clark’s doppelgänger, so not all is lost (1:25). In NFL news, Odell Beckham got paid (3:13), the Jaguars lost a receiver for the year (9:05) and the Patriots have an attractiveness problem now that Eric Decker retired (14:00). The guys then give their biggest preseason overreactions and how it’s changed their draft day strategies (17:00).



Welcome to the first annual Great Fantasy Football Preview Show of Greatness! To celebrate, Pete, Clark and Jordan welcome back friend of the show Ginger Nic to talk everything fantasy. But first, Adrian Peterson is back in the NFL (3:15) and the Saints cut Nic’s favorite veteran running back (7:00). The guys then get you ready for your fantasy football drafts by sharing their favorite sleepers and PLAPs this year (8:45) along with their top draft day strategies (37:10).


NFC fantasy preview

Pete, Clark and Jordan open the show with a little RB1 history and a huge realization from Pete (1:00). In the news, Jalen Ramsey pulled a Michael Scott and roasted every quarterback in the league (3:20), Hue Jackson punished Antonio Callaway in the strictest way possible (9:00), and the Seahawks yet again lost a running back just before the season starts (11:45). The guys then run through the entire NFC and give either a fantasy sleeper or bust for each team this year (19:00).


AFC fantasy preview

Pete, Clark and Jordan open the show welcoming fellow Fake Teams writer Ginger Nic on to defend his top 100 rankings and compare beards with Clark (3:05). It’s a wide receiver heavy news week in the NFL with the Browns trading a wide receiver (13:06), the Patriots releasing a wide receiver (16:20) and the Buccaneers promoting a wide receiver (19:00). The guys then run through the entire AFC and give either a fantasy sleeper or bust for each team this year (20:25).


Top 100 rankings + Patriots shake up their receiving core

Pete, Clark and Jordan open the show celebrating Clark’s big life step as he’s just moved in with his lady friend (1:30). In NFL news, the Patriots thinned out their wide receiver position (2:18), Frank Gore continues to defy Father Time (7:08) and Corey Davis has a large appetite (9:16). The guys then go over FakeTeams’ Top 100 rankings and give their expert analysis (12:00).