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66: All About Tri-State with Allison Wittenberg and Samara Feinberg

Our hosts discuss all things Tri-State Camp Conference with the delightful Samara & Allison from the ACA Tri-State office. We find out what Samara, Allie's and Dave's favourite moments are from conferences gone by, how Dave met his wife, who the 2019 key note speakers are, and more! In this old school, hour long episode Allison & Samara give advice for first time attendees, returning attendees, vendors, and speakers. The also share a little bit of the conference's history and what they're...


65: Our Two Cents

Patti and Dave give their two cents on which tools help them do their jobs best, baking, travel, email lists, and more.


64: Answering Your Camp Questions

Our hosts answer your burning questions about dealing with burn out, stepping away from camp, staff appreciation, self care, fundraisers, and memorable campers. There was a call on social media for questions and you guys sure delivered! Huge thanks to all those who submitted questions, there will be another episode like this in the future so if your question didn't get answered, there's always next time, and keep asking them in the meantime. We also celebrate Dave's anniversary, find out...


Ep 63: Winter Holiday Activities

Curt re-joins Patti for an old school list episode all about holiday activities. We also get some spoilers about the upcoming SCamp Con, and get what is possibly the most hilarious, but NSFW bloopers!!


Conference Recap

Professor Dave and Patti are back from their respective conferences and they want to tell you all about them. Patti talks about her first ever conference speaking experience and Dave gives some sage advice about presenting to your peers, and the two discuss what made each conference awesome, as well as the small details that stood out to them.


61: An Unexpected Camp Career with Philip Drake

Curt interviews Philip Drake from Mt. Lou San about how he came to be a camp professional never having gone to camp as a kid, the innovative programming he has created, and how his passion has grown been a key factor in growing the camp from 30 campers in 1999 to "busting at the seams" 20 years later.


60: Our Favourite Books for Professional Development

Patti and Professor Dave chat about some of the books that have helped them become better camp leaders. We learn about Dave's AWESOME job as a teen, and the workshop he's going to run at the inaugural Digital Summer Camp Con (Sign up now!), as well as Patti's cool Canadian Camping experience... and that maybe she can't count.


59: Being the Spouse of a Camp Professional

In this quick bite episode Patti bribes her husband Wayne to come on the podcast to talk about what it's like as a "non-camp" person being married to a camp professional. Wayne shares what he thought Patti did when they met, things that confuse him about camp, and his tips for being a supportive spouse during camp season. He also makes up a new word, divulges what his favourite camp song is, and as in life, makes our host laugh.. a lot.


58: Taking Over Mid Season with Donna McPherson

Donna MacPherson took on the difficult task of taking over as director in the middle of the camp season. Our hosts Professor Dave and Patti explore what prompted such a sudden change, what Donna did to help ease the transition, and what surprised her most about the situation. Donna also gives advice for others who may find themselves in similar circumstances, AND for directors who may have to leave mid season in the future. Patti also throws a little bit of shade.


57: Unpacking Camp Pt:2 with Alan Cooper

*Trigger Warning* Sensitive topics discussed in this episode. Alan Cooper from AMSkier gives us tips on building a good relationship with your insurance provider. His number one tip: be upfront and be honest. He discusses the top three trends he saw during the 2018 camp season, including staff : staff encounters, staff:camper encounters, and staff/camper: parent encounters and gives advice on how to mitigate these types of situations in the future.


56: Unpacking Camp Pt: 1

Unpack your camp session with Professor Dave & Patti. Our hosts discuss some refection questions, and review the answers that were supplied on the Summer Camp Pros Facebook page. Dave talks about the importance of pausing and shares his tips for making time for himself each day - and what he does to reboot his brain. Patti and Dave also discuss celebrating wins and the importance of taking some vacation this time of year.


55: An Intro to SummerCampCon

Curt joins Patti on the podcast to finally chat about the project he's been working on these past few months. He fills us in on the digital conference - Summer Camp Con (better known as "SCamp Con") coming up in January and discusses his reasons for deciding to take this on, what to expect as an 'attendee' and presenter, and what he's most excited about. Patti says some stuff too. :P For more information about becoming a presenter, sponsor, or to sign up to be notified when registration...


54: Conference Insider Tips with John Beitner

John Beitner from the ACA joins Patti to give some insider tips on attending conferences, whether it’s your first or fifty-first one he has some advice for you. John also shares the secret to ensuring great evaluations as a presenter AND gives some major hints about who the top-secret keynote speakers are for Tri-State (to be announced in Mid-Oct) and fills us in on the exciting keynote at National this year. PLUS Patti finally spills the beans on the big project she's been teasing for a...


53: Introducing Professor Dave

We're making a big announcement! For the second season of Rec Heads & Camp Nerds we've got a big change in store for you. In this episode we get to know Dave Malter, or "Professor Dave" as he goes by. We find out some of his favourite camp memories, his favourite quote(s) AND what relic of camp days gone by that he still holds on to... despite the smell.


52: Women In Camp Summit

We're back with season two of the podcast and brining you something a little different. Patti went solo on this episode and chatted with some of the phenomenal women involved in organizing the Women In Camp Summit.


51: Eleven Unique Summer Camp Program Ideas

In our final episode of our Quick Bites series, Curt walks us through some of his favourite submissions from his round table compilations. These creative program ideas are a great way of rebooting your program offerings for next summer and getting some inspiration for your year round activities.


50: The Language of Camp

Patti muses about the language used both at camp and about camp. She and Curt discuss how confusing it can be that the term camp is used to mean so many different things - not all of it very positive, and how unclear some job titles can be even for those of us in the industry.


49: Escape Rooms at Summer Camp

One of the things Curt “Moose” Jackson is most passionate about is a well-made escape room! In this summer “quick bites” episode he shares his secrets for a great low-cost escape room program.


48: "But We're Not In It For The Money"

Patti uses this Quick Bites episode to rant discuss (...ok, rant!) about camp professionals not only being underpaid for their work - but encouraging that precedent within the industry.


47: Day Camp On A Budget

Curt tells us how to run a day camp program when you have some high fixed costs using basic sports equipment, limited craft supplies, and a lot of creativity.