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A couple Barstool Sports bloggers turned podcast hosts, White Sox Dave and Barstool Carl, bring you insightful, engaging and humorous weekly baseball content with a Chicago bias. Interviews, conversation, laughs. Red Line Radio. Intro & close song: 'Dennehy' by Serengeti.

A couple Barstool Sports bloggers turned podcast hosts, White Sox Dave and Barstool Carl, bring you insightful, engaging and humorous weekly baseball content with a Chicago bias. Interviews, conversation, laughs. Red Line Radio. Intro & close song: 'Dennehy' by Serengeti.
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A couple Barstool Sports bloggers turned podcast hosts, White Sox Dave and Barstool Carl, bring you insightful, engaging and humorous weekly baseball content with a Chicago bias. Interviews, conversation, laughs. Red Line Radio. Intro & close song: 'Dennehy' by Serengeti.






Eddy Money

The Bears are 1-1 after Eddy Dinero knocked down a 53 yarder to beat the Broncos. This is the 2nd installment of our Bears Recap show and honestly we're surprised we're alive for it. What a game. What a finish. This episode we break the game down inside out then look ahead to the Redskins next Monday. Thanks to Miller Lite and Eddy Dinero for an All Gas No Brakes week 2 finish.


Behind The Bears With Dan Pompei

The boys are back from NYC and happy to report no one died. We break down our trip before Carl gets hot about how much the Cubs suck right now. Dave and Carl trade rebuild pitchers before welcoming Dan Pompei, senior NFL writer from The Atheltic to talk all things Bears including a deep dive on the Denver Broncos matchup. After, we got some more Bears because there's no such thing as Too Much Bears and then we give out some beefs before White Sox Dave's first grabbag. It's an all gas no...


The Bears Suck

Week 1 of our new Bears Post Game show and they already suck. Fuck this.


Bears Week 1 + Big Cat + NYC + Rob Manfred

Opening week is here and thank fucking god. Seriously. Damn do we need football season around here and the boys are pumped. So much that Barstool brought the RLR boys out to HQ for a FanDuel electric chair viewing of Bears Packers for NFL week 1. Naturally we get into our Bears season preview with Big Cat but before that Carl recaps his trip to NYC last week where he built the largest single man cup snake with Rob Manfred while sitting 1st row with Marlins Man. Then we go heavy football with...


HUGE Announcement + College Football With Brandon Walker

Loaded show this week as we get into College Football season with Brandon Walker. But first the boys make arguably the biggest announcement in Red Line Radio history to open the show. After that we get into the WSD Challenge Controversy that plagued the office all weekend. Then we got Bears recap as we're less than 10 days out from the NFL opening night. Brandon Walker then joins before going deep on more shitty baseball rebuild players. It's an AGNB kind of week around here and we wouldn't...


Who's The Worst Rebuild Player Ever?

Heyhowyadoin it's episode 116 and we're gearing up for football season hard with some extended preseason coverage including what helmet Eddie wore in high school. The boys spend A LOT of time with baseball this week going through the first edition of finding the worst players at each position across the Cubs' and White Sox rebuild. We also have the first edition of the White Sox Dave challenge coming along with some big time college football gambling analysis you won't want to miss. All Gas...


Black Sox Scandal Expert + Castellabos Mania

The boys are joined by a Black Sox Scandal expert to celebrate the 100 year anniversary of the 1919 White Sox in honor of the recent announcement of the White Sox and Yankees game in Iowa. Before that the boys recap a hilarious weekend and call White Sox Dave out on his Club Dave bullshit. The boys then chop it up over the Bears first preseason game. After the interview the boys get into a v heated discussion about why the White Sox are going to Iowa next year and everything you need to know...


Preseason Bears + 670's Chris Emma + 1st Place Cubs

Loaded show and we wouldn't want it any other way as the Bears start training camp and the Cubs get back to 1st place. To that, we're joined by 670's Bears beat writer, Chris Emma for early observations on the Bears training camp so far including Khalil Mack's first time preseason practicing as a Bear. And of course Carl gives the Cubs the love they deserve after a big Brewers sweep this weekend. But before all that, we have intern DC in studio to talk about his 14 hour assignment at...


Coach Pat Fitzgerald + 16-Inch Nationals

Coach Pat Fitzgerald from Northwestern joins the show to talk about the upcoming season and where he's taking the program. Before that we welcome Eddie home from Wyoming including a deep review of the state and his time with Donnie. Eddie and Carl then recap their weekend covering the 16-inch softball national championship before Chief gets a hot taste of hate for John McDonough's 2-timing statements at the Hawks' convention this weekend. Is Stan on the hot seat Or Not? After that we bring...


Lance Briggs + Cup Snakes

The boys relive more of the controversy that rounded up last week into the weekend before saying Goodbye to Eddie as he embarks on a week-long rodeo trip with Barstool legend Donnie. After saying goodbye the boys welcome Lance Briggs to the show to relive the Glory Dayz with one of the Bears' all time greats including what he did with the Lambo that one night. After that Carl and Dave trade baseball blows, talk College Football previews with Chief before playing the 1-9 Challenge where we...


Kris Bryant + Cup Snakes

The most controversial Red Line Radio to date follows the aftermath of Wrigley Usher LigmaBallSack getting fired for talking Cup Snakes on Dog Walk. And spoiler alert - it's total bullshit. The boys recap the chaos then turn it over to a brief yet insightful interview with future Hall of Famer Kris Bryant. It remains to be seen if the Cubs fire KB for coming on our show much like they did to LigmaBallSack. In and around that, we get an update on the Humboldt Park Gator and a bunch of other...


Live From The Nosebleeds

The boys are live from the last row in the building at Guaranteed Rate to cover the Crosstown Classic from the most common man seats in Chicago. In and around it we got some Aaron Rogers is a Bitch talk, Russell Westbrook to Bulls speculation and naturally a lot of baseball as it's All Star Week. We are exactly 58 days away from Bears Packers while the Cubs are in first place. In other words life could be a lot worse. All Gas No Brakes.


Big Cat + Performance Reviews + NBA/NHL Free Agency

Good morning afternoon and evening sports fans and far more importantly Happy 4th of July. This week we're joined by Big Cat to talk Bulls offseason moves and do our 6-month performance review process. In and around Big Cat = White Sox Dave hit 91mph AGAIN, Chief is happy with Stan Bowman and there are several reasons to buy the Chicago Bulls stock right now. After, Carl and Dave trade baseball blows in preparation of this week's Crosstown Classic before an abbreviated grabbag and of course...


Lucas Giolito + Austin Dillon + NHL/NBA Draft

A loaded show today headlined by a 40 minute interview with White Sox ace Lucas Giolito. Whitesoxdave & Carl get into the meat of his hot start, his change up, and if Dave's theory of him hitting a growth spurt is true or not. We also talk to NASCAR driver Austin Dillon about his upcoming race in Joliet this weekend. Then we weave in and out of all of that talking about the Bulls and Blackhawks drafts on episode one hundred and something of Red Line Radio.


Crosstown Classic + NHL Draft + Craig Button

GMA&E Chicago Sports Fans - this week we're joined by Craig Button, the NHL's Mel Kiper to break down all things Blackhawks and NHL draft with our very own Chief and they do not disappoint starting at 39:20 to close out the show. It's a very deep conversation on all things NHL draft related and we really can't imagine a better conversation leading into Friday's big event. Before that, we open with light Bears updates before going into Bulls draft chatter with Eddie blowing Colby White's...


Bears 100 + Kimbrel

Good morning afternoon and evening Chicago Sports Fans. We've got an enthusiastic show this week starting with Chicago summer recaps from the weekend including some light UFC analysis from Ed. Then we get to Bears 100 (7:03) with a good checkpoint on all things Chicago Bears including a slightly hot discussion bout the 1985 Bears legacy. After, WSD (17:02) gives us the best White Sox talk we've heard in a long time and introduces the White Sox Dave playoff meter. Opposite that, Carl (33:10)...


Draftin' a Fool

Baseball heavy episode. The Chicago Crew breaks down the new gambling laws in Illinois, the 2019 MLB Draft, and Lucas Giolito becoming one of the premier pitchers in all of baseball on one of the *spoiler* hottest teams in baseball, the Chicago White Sox. Do they have a chance to make the playoffs? Will they be buyers or sellers at the deadline? Does Alex Colome fit their long term plans or will he be donning the Blue and Red on the North Side before the deadline? The Cubs just got swept by...


Happy Memorial Day + Bears 100 + Max Strus

Happy Memorial Day from Barstool Chicago. This week has an awesome interview with DePaul legend and Chicago area classic Max Strss as he prepares for the NBA draft as a regular White Guy (his words). We get there after opening with a small grab bag about Memorial Day followed by some hard hitting baseball talk with White Sox Dave. He explains the 2019 Chicago White Sox in a way that should help you cope with the roller coaster ride they've put fans on since day one. After that, Carl...


Carlos Zambrano

Carlos Zambrano joins Red Line Radio this week to talk about his comeback to professional baseball with the Chicago Dogs. We talk about his time with Chicago, why he feels so compelled to come back and why he's a changed man from what you remember. In and around that we talk GoT endings, Bulls lottery draft, Cubs momentum and Tim Anderson. We got a voicemail from a classic RLR guy and a surprise interview at the end with special guest Chicago Dogs owner Shawn Hunter. It's an All Gas No...


Episode 100

Congratulations to us on making it this far. Here's an episode recapping our favorite parts of the show through 100 episodes including White Sox vs. Red Sox, Cubs in depth and a bunch of other shit you should listen to. Don't complicate things this week. It's 100 episodes. You owe us this one. All Gas No Brakes.