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RSR 105 - A Cricket Podcast

THE TEN MINUTE FORTNIGHT: Travels in Sri Lanka and reassessing Jonathan Trott "They were leaping around moving cars to take spectacular catches." FROM THE ARCHIVES (11'47): Memorable exits from the game "He said it was his intention to hit every ball for 4 or 6." THE INTERVIEW (23'33): Ashwin Garg from the Sledges and Edges Podcast "I'd love to see a more sophisticated transfer window in the IPL, where teams trade players." THE REVIEW (39'41): The Plan - Steve James "Ravi Bopara...


RSR 104 - A Cricket Podcast

THE TEN MINUTE FORTNIGHT: That 5th day at Trent Bridge "We cricket fans have to revel in these absurdities." FROM THE ARCHIVES (10'15): Bryan "Bomber" Wells "He explained his decision by saying “beautiful surroundings and lovely big lunches.” THE REVIEW (19'21): Another Bloody Tour - Frances Edmonds "I kept chortling out loud." Recorded on 27/8/18


RSR 103 - A Cricket Podcast

THE TEN MINUTE FORTNIGHT: Remembering Don Oslear and why the football world cup got Toby thinking. "He went to the pharmacist looking for something for his sore shins." FROM THE ARCHIVES (7'15): A history of ball tampering "He had this very curious thing on his head." THE REVIEW (16'16): Connie: The Marvellous Life of Learie Constantine - Harry Pearson "They spent most of their time trying to keep warm." Recorded on 17/6/18


RSR 102 - A Cricket Podcast

THE TEN MINUTE FORTNIGHT: Guerilla Cricket and Ireland make test history together and Toby discovers the chilly pleasures of winter cricket. "He stands at square leg and chews tobacco." FROM THE ARCHIVES (9'53): When Shiv Chanderpaul batted for 25 hours and 13 minutes "It's the length of almost seventeen football matches." THE REVIEW (18'38): The Meaning of Cricket - Jon Hotten "He's able to be several different cricket writers simultaneously." Recorded on 13/5/18


RSR 101 - A Cricket Podcast

THE TEN MINUTE FORTNIGHT: Pakistan move on from Wahab Riaz, while Australian cricket moves on from Channel 9. "Once you get over a billion, it all merges into one." FROM THE ARCHIVES (12'21): Cricket Whites "Your straw hat must be good and shapely and not fit your head like a beefsteak pudding." THE INTERVIEW (19'57): Dean Du Plessis "If I was put in charge, I would have to approach the ICC with my cap firmly in my hand." THE REVIEW (38'15): On Pietersen - Simon Wilde "Can't...


RSR 100 - A Cricket Podcast

THE TEN MINUTE FORTNIGHT: Cricket's biggest celebrity is heading for the County Championship (at least for a little bit) and (inevitably) we give our tuppence worth on the events in Cape Town. "Both terrifying and incredibly flattering." FROM THE ARCHIVES (11'18): Timed Out "Presumably Yadav was just having a very good natter." THE REVIEW (24'07): The Kings of Summer - Duncan Hamilton "The first cup of tea, the second, a slice of afternoon coffee cake." THE INTERVIEW (33'51):...


RSR 99 - A Cricket Podcast

THE TEN MINUTE FORTNIGHT: Toby's new bat (including the knocking in saga) and the Chanderpauls. "My relationship suffered over the two weeks that I was knocking this bat in." FROM THE ARCHIVES (9'29): Hollioake bowled Warne 0 (no shot offered) "This is a proper and very definitive leave. The ball hits middle and off halfway up." THE REVIEW (20'32): Feeling is the thing happens in a 1000th of a second - Christian Ryan "For luck to matter, you had to dream up the possibility of the...


RSR 98 - A Cricket Podcast

THE TEN MINUTE FORTNIGHT: Contemplating a summer without playing and the rare joy of a bowler-friendly test wicket. "I'm curious and a little bit excited to find out what I'll do with ten to fourteen extra summer Sundays." FROM THE ARCHIVES (11'56): Toby's Summer of Oz cricket "All of the wheelie bins have cloth covers." THE REVIEW (28'00): Wodehouse at the Wicket "Mike was oppressed by that leaden sense of moral inferiority which weighs on a man who has turned up to dinner in...


RSR 97 - A Cricket Podcast

THE TEN MINUTE FORTNIGHT: Zimbabwe take part in an entertaining series against the West Indies but the future for test cricket in the country is uncertain. The Women's Ashes takes over Down Under. "We quickly realised hosting tests is something that costs us a lot of money and that's a commodity we don't have at the moment." FROM THE ARCHIVES (12'20): Graeme Smith comes in at eleven "Doing so with an injured left hand and an injured right elbow is beyond insanity." THE INTERVIEW...


RSR 96 - A Cricket Podcast

THE TEN MINUTE FORTNIGHT: Zimbabwe gets a couple of star players back while Ashes anticipation builds. "I remember going to down to the bar and they'd hung out a whole lot of white underwear on washing lines." FROM THE ARCHIVES (12'14): The Dukes v The Kookaburra "We got back to my flat and decided that a game of indoor cricket was in order." THE REVIEW (25'39): Save Your Legs! “In this world, there are the Stavs and the Stav-nots." Recorded on 1/10/17


RSR 95 - A Cricket Podcast

THE TEN MINUTE FORTNIGHT: Affordable cricket, the Refugee Cricket Project, failing to explore new cricket grounds and the Pembrokeshire cricket controversy. "I obviously stymied these plans by moving to the other side of the world." FROM THE ARCHIVES (15'26): Bert Sutcliffe and Bob Blair's heroic stand "They return to the middle, arm in arm." THE REVIEW (25'46): Over and Out: Albert Trott - The Man who Cleared the Lord's Pavilion by Steve Neal “People would just decide whether he...


RSR 94 - A Cricket Podcast

THE TEN MINUTE FORTNIGHT: The Dan Lucas Memorial Match, the England mutual appreciation club, the West Indies and international test scheduling. "I've just had a flashback to the quiche, a stunning smoked salmon quiche." FROM THE ARCHIVES (15'27): Galle "In the first test at the ground . . . Sri Lanka won by an innings and every single one of their wickets was taken by a spinner." THE REVIEW (28'22): Following On - Emma John “It's just a license to go and get smashed." Recorded...


RSR 93 - A Cricket Podcast

THE TEN MINUTE FORTNIGHT: Triumph for a Toby, triumph for England women's team, the weather gods wreak havoc and the YouTube blackhole. "You are also supposed to predict the weather more accurately than the Met Office." FROM THE ARCHIVES (11'56): When KP became captain "At that point, it was the start of a brave new era." THE REVIEW (21'58): Amazing Grace: The Man who was W.G. - Richard Tomlinson “He finds the trout fishing too easy so he decides to go bear tracking." Recorded on...


RSR 92 - A Cricket Podcast

THE TEN MINUTE FORTNIGHT: ODI upsets, a bigger Oval, a resignation letter and Joe Root's facial hair. "I had a couple of beers and was looking at Joe Root, particularly at his chin." FROM THE ARCHIVES (11'47): The History of Streaking "He decided with his spare hand to give this young gentleman a wrap around the buttocks with his bat." THE REVIEW (23'29): A Bat, A Ball and A Boy “The bowling machine is a real Heath Robinson-esque contraption with a propeller that looks like it would...


RSR 91 - A Cricket Podcast

THE TEN MINUTE FORTNIGHT: Zafar Ansari's retirement, the Women's World Cup, struggling to get a team out and a lack of test matches for Australia. "A core part of our crowd are at their happiest when the team is taking a thumping." FROM THE ARCHIVES (12'36): The Massacre at Sabina Park - 4th Test between West Indies and India in 1976 ""Kill him man!"" THE REVIEW (22'36): On Top Down Under: Australia's Cricket Captains - Ray Robinson (with Gideon Haigh) “When Trott climbed out of the...


RSR 90 - A Cricket Podcast

THE TEN MINUTE FORTNIGHT: The survival of the defiant blockers, cricket at the Olympic Stadium, the futility of winter nets and the demise of camaraderie between professional sides. "There's not the sense of perspective that allows you to step back and say "now is the moment for us to have a beer."" FROM THE ARCHIVES (10'20): Cricketing Etymology "If you "pull Yorkshire", you're deceiving someone." THE REVIEW (21'32): The Test by Simon Jones (with Jon Hotten) "The fast bowler's...


RSR 89 - A Cricket Podcast

THE TEN MINUTE FORTNIGHT: When the fans saved Alistair Cook, Zimbabwe v Afghanistan, ECB's All Star Scheme and the worrying rise of head injuries. "Their noise made absolutely clear that he was their man." FROM THE ARCHIVES (13'46): Cricket Posters on the London Underground "On the left is a kangaroo, on the right is a lion and they are smiling at each other." THE REVIEW (22'08): Stroke of Genius by Gideon Haigh "W.G. Grace had to be convinced that there was such a thing as a follow...


RSR 88 - A Cricket Podcast

THE TEN MINUTE FORTNIGHT: Making peace with ODIs, Ricky Ponting shoots from the hip, Bangladesh get close but not close enough and the sacrilege of replacing the coin toss with an app. "Tossing a coin shouldn't really be beyond people who are about to throw cricket balls at one another." FROM THE ARCHIVES (11'05): Lawrence Rowe "One of those batsmen who was all about the timing." THE REVIEW (23'32): Laughter at the Wicket by Harry East "I'm told they play cricket in other places...


RSR 87 - A Cricket Podcast

THE TEN MINUTE FORTNIGHT: Declaration Game's Select XI of Cricket Blog Posts, Australia's revival, the Big Bash (but no county cricket) on UK free-to-air TV and the T20 v Tests scheduling issues. "I've never quite been able to come around to rooting for Australia." FROM THE ARCHIVES (11'32): The Googly "While playing a casual game of "Twisti-Twosti", you can innovate to your heart's content." The Scapegoat of Cricket by Bosanquet THE REVIEW (22'01): Supreme Bowling: 100 Great Test...


RSR 86 - A Cricket Podcast

THE TEN MINUTE FORTNIGHT: The MCC World Cricket Committee, a day at the SCG, Scotland's captain retires in the face of indifference to the Associates and Toby suffers a cricketing existential crisis. "You suddenly think to yourself "why do I do this?"" FROM THE ARCHIVES (13'12): The Victor Trumper photo "I was in the National Portrait Gallery in Canberra, turned a corner and there it was, possibly the most iconic cricket image of all time." THE REVIEW (22'29): Resilient - Mitchell...