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We talk everything Colorado Rockies. From how the big league team is doing to our prospect of the week, plus humorous anecdotes on the Rockies fan community, we're going to cover the club like no one else out there.

We talk everything Colorado Rockies. From how the big league team is doing to our prospect of the week, plus humorous anecdotes on the Rockies fan community, we're going to cover the club like no one else out there.
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We talk everything Colorado Rockies. From how the big league team is doing to our prospect of the week, plus humorous anecdotes on the Rockies fan community, we're going to cover the club like no one else out there.




Hit and Run: Drew Creasman talks Brendan Rodgers, Mike Dunn, and more

On this very special Rocky Mountain Baseball Hit and Run, Drew Creasman from BSN Denver joins Bryan to discuss the Rockies' weird handling of Brendan Rodgers, who was demoted to Triple-A last week after playing sparingly at the major league level. Why did the Rockies do this to yet another top prospect, and what will come of it? Plus, we talked about Colorado's decision to designate Mike Dunn for assignment, Bud Black's strategy backfiring in that awful weekend series against the Padres,...


Ep. 7: The Rockies will never give up, and neither will we

Just like it's the Colorado Rockies' mission to compete in games, it's our mission to bring you the Rocky Mountain Baseball Podcast each and every week, even if the deck is almost always stacked against us. We're back with Episode 7 (no Star Wars jokes please), which discusses the Rockies' resilient ways. The club is one of baseball's best at coming from behind to steal games, and we talk about why that is. Our Prospect of the Week is an extremely relevant one, as he's going to help the...


Hit and Run: Reaction to Peter Lambert's incredible MLB debut

On the inaugural Rocky Mountain Baseball Podcast Hit and Run, a quick 10-15 minute update we'll throw at you on special occasions, Bryan and Hayden discussed Peter Lambert's incredible major league debut for the Rockies in their series finale against the Cubs. What did he do right? What can we expect going forward? And how will Lambert's presence affect the Rockies' rotation, which still sort of feels like a weak link? Plus, we take a quick look at Kyle Freeland's first start for the...


Ep. 6: We told you things would get better for the Rockies, and now look at them

The Colorado Rockies did exactly what they were supposed to do on a 10-game homestand against the Orioles, D-backs, and Blue Jays: they won--to the tune of a 9-1 record, in fact, and now they're right back in the thick of things in the National League. On the latest podcast, we discussed what went right for the Rockies during a 16-10 May (hint: a pair of much-maligned veterans REALLY stepped it up), plus offered our thoughts on what the club needs to do in order to sustain--and even expand...


Ep. 5: The Rockies' pitching and road offense are bad. What year is it?

The Colorado Rockies, like it's freakin' 2012 or something, are currently plagued by bad pitching and atrocious road offense. Unfortunately, we have to talk about the rotation again because--aside from German Márquez (who is the damn GOAT) and an up-and-down Jon Gray--the unit has been decidedly not good, and now Tyler Anderson is having knee surgery. Is it time to start looking at Jeff Hoffman and/or Peter Lambert? Or, dare we say it, Dallas Keuchel (though we dive into why he's not an...


Ep. 4: You will get Pat Valaika and you will like it

The Colorado Rockies are in the midst of a rare trip to Boston, where ... well ... there aren't a lot of great memories for the franchise. But they made a pretty great one on Tuesday night, storming back from a 3-0 deficit (that seemed much larger than it was because Colorado struck out TWENTY FOUR times) to beat the defending champions. We recorded this episode while watching that game out of the side of our collective eyes, and we hope you'll like our reactions. What you might not like is...


Ep. 3: We're still Kyle Freeland Guys, but man...

The Rocky Mountain Baseball Podcast is back after a week off and, well, things have not been going well for the pitching staff--particularly, Kyle Freeland and Tyler Anderson. Freeland is coming off the worst start of his career and now owns an ERA near 6. Anderson, meanwhile, has done something that no major league pitcher has done since 1913, and that's not a good thing. We dissect what's wrong with Freeland, and get into how much hope we should have regarding a turnaround. We also got in...


Ep. 2: Winning feels so much better than the alternative

It's the first episode of the Rocky Mountain Baseball Podcast that features the show with four voices, as was initially intended. Nick and Hayden join Bryan and Tyler to discuss the Colorado Rockies' resurgence, detailing what has gone right during a 7-3 stretch while still acknowledging the club's faults. A segment that is sure to be controversial makes its debut, in addition to the second weekly Prospect of the Week and Rockies Twitter Update installments. Plus, we get to some of your...


Ep. 1: Things will get brighter (they already are!)

The Rocky Mountain Baseball Podcast is here! The team's injury problems have apparently spread to our podcast team, knocking out Hayden's computer and terrorizing Nick's insides. But, that's OK! Bryan and Tyler are here to give you what you need: Colorado Rockies talk and goofy shenanigans. The Rockies could not, under any circumstances, be considered good during the first two weeks of April, and injuries to David Dahl, Ryan McMahon, Daniel Murphy, and a host of others are largely...


Rocky Mountain Baseball Podcast Introduction

We are the Rocky Mountain Baseball Podcast, and we're here to cover the Colorado Rockies in a unique and humorous manner. For a good primer on what we'll be doing, check out the "2019 Rockies Season Preview" episode (Ep. 37) of the Very Cool with Tyler Q. podcast on iTunes. You can expect the debut full episode of Rocky Mountain Baseball Podcast in mid-April. Until then, check out Rocky Mountain Baseball for news and analysis of the Colorado Rockies and other baseball around the region.