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Small Talk with Jarrod Walsh - An introduction

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Role Models - S2 - ep2 - LUKE HIBBERD

Luke Hibberd was overweight, unmotivated, and putting his own life at risk with his continual unhealthy lifestyle. This was until he decided to make a change in his life. In his early 20’s and ticking over the scales at over 175 kilograms, Luke put a stop to this way of living and made the change required to live a happier, and longer life. In this episode, Luke explains how he allowed his body to get to this extreme weight, and the process he took to lose the weight equivalent of another...


Role Models - S2 - ep1 - KARL AMON

Karl Amon is a young gun from the Port Adelaide Football Club who has an extremely bright future. What you may not know about Karl is that at a young age, he was diagnosed with Perthes Disease, which at its worst – caused him to lose the ability to walk, and be restricted to a wheelchair for a year. In this Podcast, Karl chats about his childhood, the disease and how he has fought through adversity to end up playing elite football. He also chats about how he inspires other young kids who...


Role Models S1– ep9 – DANNY VUKOVIC

Danny Vukovic is the Goal Keeper for Sydney FC in the Hyundai A-League. He and his team have just completed a record season for Season, scoring the most points in A-League History. He’s represented Australia, four A-League Clubs, and played overseas. What you may not know about Danny is the battle he and his wife Kristy have gone through with their young son, Harley. Harley was born with a liver condition which required a transplant to save his life. In this episode, Danny chats about his...


Role Models S1 – ep8 – BROCK McLEAN

Brock McLean is a former AFL player, playing for both Melbourne and Carlton. Being drafted in the top 5 of the 2003 National Draft, McLean encountered the pressure of what it takes to be a top prospect in the league, on and off the field. He is also an ambassador for Athlete Ally, which focuses on Marriage Equality and Debra– another organisation which we discuss in the Podcast. In this episode, Jarrod chats to Brock about his life as an AFL Player, the differences between the two clubs and...


Role Models S1 – ep7 – JACOB WALKER

Jacob Walker works behind the scenes as a producer in Television and Sports Presentation. He’s worked for Channel 9, 10 and Cricket Australia, flying around the country ensuring presentation is at is best. He is also the survivor of a Brain Tumour. In this episode, Jarrod chats to Jacob about the first time he heard the news, how he handled it and after surviving, his new outlook on life. You won’t believe what he did only 7 months after the surgery too. For an inspiring chat, listen to this...


Role Models S1 – ep6 – KANE CORNES

Kane Cornes is the games record holder for the Port Adelaide Football Club in the AFL. He’s a Premiership Player, 4 time Best and Fairest and now everywhere in the media. He’s also a member of a very famous family. What you may not know, is that Kane and his wife Lucy have had a tough few years with their eldest son Eddy experiencing some serious health issues. In this open and honest Podcast, hear Kane talk about how they as a family dealt with these issues, how his perspective on footy and...


Role Models S1 – ep5 – GREG HIRE

Greg Hire is a three time Championship player for the Perth Wildcats in the NBL. He’s been a part of the highly respected Perth Wildcats since his start as a development player. What you may not know, is Greg’s passion in Mental Health. Greg, with his wife Ainsleigh work tirelessly to raise awareness for mental health via their program A Stitch In Time. Find out more in this Podcast. Greg Hire: T- @greg4hire I - @greg4hire W - Jarrod Walsh: T - @jarrodwalsh I...


Role Models S1 - ep4 - JARRYD ROUGHEAD

Jarryd Roughead is a 4 time Premiership Player, Coleman Medallist, 2 x All Australian and the Captain of the Hawthorn Football Club. In 2015 he was diagnosed with a Melanoma on his lip, and soon after – spots on his lungs. He since has beaten this battle, and chats to Jarrod Walsh about his return to the AFL, his love of the NBA and the most important fight of his life. Jarryd Roughead: T- @JarrydRoughead2 I - @roughy02 Jarrod Walsh: T - @jarrodwalsh I - @walshjarrod F - @jarrodwalshmc W –...


Role Models S1 - ep3 - JENNI SCREEN

Jenni Screen is an Olympian, Commonwealth Gold Medallist and World Champion. Playing elite Basketball for over a decade, she’s definitely experienced the life of an athlete. But what happens after? Anxiety, Depression and so many unanswered questions. Jarrod catches up with Jenni to talk about the transition from the elite life, to the ‘real world’. Follow Jenni here: Twitter - @JenniScreen Instagram – JenniScreen Follow Jarrod here: Twitter - @jarrodwalsh Instagram - @walshjarrod Facebook -...


Role Models S1 - ep2 - ADAM PEACOCK

Adam Peacock is a well-known sports presenter, currently working for Fox Sports Australia. He has covered The World Cup, The Olympics and regularly the face of Fox Sports Football’s coverage of the Hyundai A-League. What you may not know, is the cause he is fighting for. On March 6, Adam and his colleagues will be running for a really special cause. He, alongside 9 others will be running the Northern Beaches of Sydney to help a little girl communicate with her mum. Click below to find out...


Role Models S1 - ep1 - BEN FITZSIMONS (LIVE @ The Adelaide Podcast Festival)

Ben Fitzsimons is the former General Manager of the Adelaide 36ers Basketball Club. Currently, he is part of the Australian Cannabis Corporation, who are pushing to allow medicinal cannibals to be produced and distributed in South Australia. Listen in to this episode to find out how Ben has moved from his role in the Front Office in Sport, to be making innovative and positive changes to the state. Find Ben on Twitter - @BenFitz Find Jarrod Walsh on his Social Pages • Twitter - @jarrodwalsh •...