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2019 NFL Mock Draft - Live with Chris Simms, Josh Norris, Thor Nystrom and Paul Burmeister

With one week until the 2019 NFL Draft kicks off, Paul Burmeister, Chris Simms, Josh Norris and Thor Nystrom joined forces to predict how the first round will play out. The group went through each team's current roster situation, draft needs, possible selections and ultimately decided on a pick. You will be surprised where the quarterbacks are slotted and the ranking of offensive linemen. Enjoy, and be sure to subscribe to the show!


Creating Yards with Graham Barfield: The 2019 RB class

This is one of our favorite conversations every year. Josh Norris hosts Graham Barfield of and Yard Created to dive deep on the 2019 NFL Draft RB class. Is Josh Jacobs in a tier of his own? Will Darrell Henderson's electric style hit in the NFL? What do we make of David Montgomery and Devin Singletary? And could Bryce Love be the gem of this class?


Conversation with WR Andy Isabella - Who Taught You That?

Josh Norris hosts UMass WR and 2019 NFL Draft prospect Andy Isabella. After two straight seasons of over 1,000 yards, Isabella has been working with NFL legend Randy Moss during the draft process. He details what that experience has been like, plus beating the stereotype of being a white receiver. Finally, Andy takes us into some of his biggest plays over the last two years.


Stars of the 2019 NFL Draft - Talking with Matt Waldman

I love this conversation every single year. Josh hosts Matt Waldman, who just posted the 2019 Rookie Scouting Portfolio. Matt was kind enough to share a few of his rankings and thoughts on prospects, including Hakeem Butler earning a historic grade. The two attempt to dig into Devin Singletary and why he's such a difficult projection. Plus Myles Boykin is not just a Combine creation, Will Grier earning a QB1 label and more.


"I think this dude might be transcendent" -Talking WRs with Evan Silva

Josh Norris and Evan Silva swap notes on a handful of WR prospects, and you get to listen. Why Hakeem Butler, not D.K. Metcalf, is the No. 1 prospect at the position. Miles Boykin is absolutely worth taking a Day 2 shot on. Is N'Keal Harry best on the inside? Andy Isabella on the outside? And finally, Marquise Brown is something special.


Prospects You Should Love - with Mike Renner

Josh hosts PFF's Mike Renner on the podcast to spotlight a handful of players that deserve your love. On this 1 on 1 date, Renner reveals he prefers Jerry Tillery to Ed Oliver and believes Andy Isabella's NFL projection is comparable to Brandin Cooks. Mike also divulges a few third day prospects that left a great first impression. Let's do the damn thing!


Josh Norris on Unbuttoned: Debate Club

This is a replay of Josh Norris' 45-minute segment on Chris Simms' Unbuttoned podcast. Josh, Simms and Ahmed Fareed cover a number of prospects, including Ed Oliver, Hakeem Butler, Devin Singletary, Rashan Gary and Parris Campbell. Chris and Josh certainly don't see eye to eye on every prospect, so the conversation focuses on those differences in the hopes of finding the truth.


Conversation with RB Devine Ozigbo: Accelerating Over Speed Bumps

Josh Norris hosts one of his favorite prospects in the 2019 NFL Draft, RB Devine Ozigbo out of Nebraska. Ozigbo's collegiate career was not an easy one, as he was forced to wait for his opportunity. So the conversation hits on self-reflection, improvement and not losing sight of goals. Plus, you know, football stuff.


Q&A: A Little Football, A Lot Of Everything Else

Rich, Pat and John Daigle were in town, so Josh sat them down for an impromptu podcast. Be warned, very little football is discussed in this episode outside of the Browns current standing in the AFC and our worst fantasy calls ever. Instead Josh ponders his future bald head, group travel recommendations and the worst movies of all time.


NFL Lie Detector with Chris Simms

Chris Simms (of the Chris Simms Unbuttoned podcast) joins the show to touch on a variety of topics, old and new. What's it like as a starting quarterback when one or more of your starting offensive linemen go down? Has Jon Gruden changed from 2008 to 2018? Is winning outside of structure with your feet now imperative for young quarterbacks? Plus Josh and Chris take recent comments from NFL decision makers through the NFL lie detector.


Conversation with QB Easton Stick: Total Recall

It's the first prospect interview of the season. North Dakota State QB Easton Stick, the passer with the most wins in FCS, joins Josh for a 15-minute conversation, including why Easton isn't on social media. How he handles losses since he experienced so few during his career. And finally a game of recall, where Stick recites game situations and results with zero preparation.


Odell, Le'Veon and the Prisoner of Azkaban

The last three days have been a whirlwind, so let Josh and Ray clear up the picture for you. First, the two break down every aspect of the Odell trade: what it means for the Browns and Giants. Then it's on to Le'Veon Bell's fit with the Jets , while also touching on Mark Ingram, Tevin Coleman and Desean Jackson. Ray also confirms his lunatic tendencies by refusing to read Harry Potter books, despite enjoying Harry Potter films.


Finding Answers In Confusing Evaluations, with Danny Kelly of the Ringer

Josh is joined by Danny Kelly, who is embarking on a journey to create a draft guide for The Ringer this offseason. The core of this conversation focuses on prospects who offer conundrums in their play style and how it might translate to the NFL. So Josh and Danny attempt to find the truth.


NFL Free Agency Fallout, Day 1

The NFL negotiation period opened Monday, and immediately deals were agreed on. So Josh Norris and Rich Hribar had to jump on the podcast to dissect the moves. What role will Jamison Crowder fill for the Jets? Is Adam Humphries in line for another big season, this time with the Titans? And is Nick Foles the missing piece for the Jaguars, and much more.


Your Questions, Our Answers: Are You A Blue Barracuda?

In our first Q&A episode, Ray and Josh answer your questions and even question each others' answers. Does that make sense? Outside of QB, which position would you invest in? Among the entire Nickelodeon catalogue, what show would you star in? What's the best sports video game of all time? And which player in the NFL is actually bad?


Total NFL Combine Review, From the Heart

The four days of athletic testing are complete, so Josh Norris takes you position by position to outline what mattered most to him. Thank you for supporting Rotoworld and the podcast all week, and if you enjoyed the show, please consider sharing it with a friend.


Historic WR Draft Class: Day 4 of the 2019 NFL Combine

Ladies and gentlemen, this is an historic receiver draft class. There are so many ridiculous athletes. Josh Norris lays out what matters, what doesn't, what types might easily transition to the NFL and which ones might be misunderstood. Plus Noah Fant stole the show among tight ends and is Kyler Murray already locked in to the no. 1 pick?


Day 3 of the 2019 NFL Combine: Expectation Equals Disappointment

I know, you were let down by the running backs. But take a step back, perhaps that disappointment was a result of your own expectations. And even Josh Norris, who is a huge believer in athletic testing, does not freak out about running back athletic profiles. Plus Andre Dillard has joined the club! And hire Joe Thomas for everything.


2019 NFL Combine, Day 2: 1.6% Body Fat

This NFL Combine update includes thoughts from Colts GM Chris Ballard on the receiver position, plus the team's board already being dropped down to 216 names. Also, there are receivers at the Combine with a weight difference of 62 pounds. including one with reportedly 1.6% body fat. We aren't doctors, but that doesn;t seem healthy.


2019 NFL Combine, Day 1: Looking Beyond the 40

Josh Norris is here to wrap up the first day of the 2019 NFL Combine. News flash: there's not much to wrap up. Josh will touch on the meaningful quotes and comments from GMs and head coaches on Thursday. Today, he details what he cares about during the Combine. How he watches the event. Plus offensive line and running back measurements, and why the Combine shouldn't change.