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We're Back! OTA News Roundup

Bonjour! We're back from vacation. With OTAs concluding and Training Camp just around the corner, Josh, Pat and Ray catch you up on the vital bits of news from the last few weeks. Carson Wentz's extension and what it means for the present and future, plus the GM changes for the Jets and Texans. Plus, how nervous should we really be about Todd Gurley's status?


Ranking NFL GMs, From 1-32

Patrick Daugherty joins Josh Norris to rank NFL GMs from best to worst. How high have John Dorsey and Chris Ballard climbed in just a small amount of time? Plus Kevin Colbert and John Schneider overcoming monumental moments of identity change on their teams.


Friday Five: What Is A Career?

Josh and Pat are back with another Friday Five: your questions and problems, our answers. Is the Combine moving to primetime possible over-saturation? Which player might've been destined for greatness if they avoided injury? And what careers would the duo have if they did not write about football?


Identifying The Breakout Players of 2019

Every year NFL players reach their potential. They climb up a few tiers above their peers, and identifying those talents before the season begins can pay huge dividends once games kick off. Josh Norris, Rich Hribar and Ray Summerlin each nominate two names for the title of "Breakout Player of 2019."


Friday Five: Teams That Can Go Worst to First and Barbecue Snobs

Another edition of the Friday Five is here, this time with John Daigle joining Josh Norris. The two nominate teams that could go from worst to first in their division. Plus you asked us to be barbecue snobs, if we've ever been fired from a job and Youtube rabbit holes. Thanks for listening!


Jets GM Fiasco & Time Heals All Wounds

Yes, that happened. Two weeks after the 2019 NFL Draft, the Jets decide they no longer want to employ the GM who picked and signed players since last season ended. Mike Maccagnan is out of a job, and Adam Gase has been tabbed interim GM as well as full time coach. Josh, Pat and Rich break it all down, plus dive into notable players who missed sizable parts of the 2018 season and what their outlook is for the upcoming year.


Friday Five: To Read Or Not To Read?

Josh Norris and RotoPat join up for this edition of Friday Five, answering your questions about football, love and life. The two nominate this year's version of Eric Ebron, a player who failed to reach their potential with the team early on but exploded after a few years in the league. Plus Aston Villa emotions and when it is the right time to quit on a book.


Remember Me? Don't Overlook These Second Year Players

The focus over the last few months has been on the incoming rookie class, and for good reason. But there are a number of picks from the 2018 class, just one year ago, that have not made an impact or been given an opportunity. Josh Norris and Ray Summerlin implore you to not forget the likes of Ronald Jones, Hayden Hurst, DJ Chark and more.


NFL Draft Fallout: Rookies Coming For the Throne

**Hopefully the audio for this episode is not tooooo abnormal; we are attempting to incorporate a video element and are toying with different setups** 254 new rookie picks mean 254 NFL veterans might be on notice for their starting spot. Josh Norris, Rich Hribar and Patrick Daugherty outline a number of rookies' paths to important roles and what it means for their teams.


Recapping the 2019 NFL Draft: The Best and Boldest

The draft is complete. Three days, 254 selections which means 254 new players have entered the NFL. Josh Norris, Ray Summerlin and Rich Hribar spotlight their favorite picks, teams and what they might mean for next season.


Full Round 1 Recap of the 2019 NFL Draft: Uncut

Josh Norris, RotoPat and Ray Summerlin talk through every pick, every prospect and every trade that happened during the first round of the 2019 NFL Draft. The Raiders and Giants shocked us all night, while good teams kept their strengths strong. Plus the differing outlook of Marquise Brown and N'Keal Harry.


First Round Mock Draft: Digging Deep on All 32 Picks

Josh Norris and Evan Silva dig deep on the 32 picks in the first round of the 2019 NFL Draft. Who might trade up? Who might trade down? Where will the quarterbacks land, including Josh Rosen? Could OL be drafted much earlier than expected? When will the receiver run start? If you enjoy this episode, Subscribe!


Building Our Draft Board: Emulating An NFL War Room

You enjoyed this episode so much that we brought it back this year. Josh Norris welcomes Dane Brugler, Ben Fennell, Joe Goodberry and Ted Nguyen to the show. The group's goal is to build their consensus big board, starting with 19 names, choosing their top 10 and then ranking that list 10 to 1. It's a great conversation that focuses on traits, positional value and much more. If you enjoy this episode, share it with a friend.


2019 NFL Mock Draft - Live with Chris Simms, Josh Norris, Thor Nystrom and Paul Burmeister

With one week until the 2019 NFL Draft kicks off, Paul Burmeister, Chris Simms, Josh Norris and Thor Nystrom joined forces to predict how the first round will play out. The group went through each team's current roster situation, draft needs, possible selections and ultimately decided on a pick. You will be surprised where the quarterbacks are slotted and the ranking of offensive linemen. Enjoy, and be sure to subscribe to the show!


Creating Yards with Graham Barfield: The 2019 RB class

This is one of our favorite conversations every year. Josh Norris hosts Graham Barfield of and Yard Created to dive deep on the 2019 NFL Draft RB class. Is Josh Jacobs in a tier of his own? Will Darrell Henderson's electric style hit in the NFL? What do we make of David Montgomery and Devin Singletary? And could Bryce Love be the gem of this class?


Conversation with WR Andy Isabella - Who Taught You That?

Josh Norris hosts UMass WR and 2019 NFL Draft prospect Andy Isabella. After two straight seasons of over 1,000 yards, Isabella has been working with NFL legend Randy Moss during the draft process. He details what that experience has been like, plus beating the stereotype of being a white receiver. Finally, Andy takes us into some of his biggest plays over the last two years.


Stars of the 2019 NFL Draft - Talking with Matt Waldman

I love this conversation every single year. Josh hosts Matt Waldman, who just posted the 2019 Rookie Scouting Portfolio. Matt was kind enough to share a few of his rankings and thoughts on prospects, including Hakeem Butler earning a historic grade. The two attempt to dig into Devin Singletary and why he's such a difficult projection. Plus Myles Boykin is not just a Combine creation, Will Grier earning a QB1 label and more.


"I think this dude might be transcendent" -Talking WRs with Evan Silva

Josh Norris and Evan Silva swap notes on a handful of WR prospects, and you get to listen. Why Hakeem Butler, not D.K. Metcalf, is the No. 1 prospect at the position. Miles Boykin is absolutely worth taking a Day 2 shot on. Is N'Keal Harry best on the inside? Andy Isabella on the outside? And finally, Marquise Brown is something special.


Prospects You Should Love - with Mike Renner

Josh hosts PFF's Mike Renner on the podcast to spotlight a handful of players that deserve your love. On this 1 on 1 date, Renner reveals he prefers Jerry Tillery to Ed Oliver and believes Andy Isabella's NFL projection is comparable to Brandin Cooks. Mike also divulges a few third day prospects that left a great first impression. Let's do the damn thing!


Josh Norris on Unbuttoned: Debate Club

This is a replay of Josh Norris' 45-minute segment on Chris Simms' Unbuttoned podcast. Josh, Simms and Ahmed Fareed cover a number of prospects, including Ed Oliver, Hakeem Butler, Devin Singletary, Rashan Gary and Parris Campbell. Chris and Josh certainly don't see eye to eye on every prospect, so the conversation focuses on those differences in the hopes of finding the truth.