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Aizyesque Is Back! (Ep. 29)

Aizy is back! The podcast is late! I’m on vacation! Recorded on Monday night (you’re listening a little late, that’s my fault) we talked about what we expected for ESL One Cologne, our new GeT_RiGhT and GeT_WrOnGs of the week, our transfer breakdown, and we talk about whatever. Aizy, as always delivers some of his greatest hot takes, like who the best AWPer on mibr is (Not their primary one!). See you guys next week! Sponsors:


PreGame (Ep. 28)

Hey everyone! I’m excited to announce a new partnership with PreGame, a hub on FaceIt which provides training mods, coaching, and a ladder system which can up your game and bring you to the top. This episode is sponsored by PreGame and we talk all about the hub, how it works, and how you can join. At the end, we have a genuine discussion about the FaceIt v. ESEA debate. Make sure to use my code RUSHB20 to receive 20% off your first month of PreGame when you sign up. I’ll be back next week...


The Devs Care (Ep. 27)

On this week’s pod, I talk with my good friend Danny who helps explain more about the Op Skins issue and then we dive into the devs and what they are doing and what they have accidentally done to improve the community. My audio is a little screwed due to technical issues, so please bear with it! Then, I talk about Panorama UI, my first impressions, and finally wrap things up with a Belo Horizonte review. Sponsored by: GodlikePicks Discord - Twitter -...


Skin Economics 101 (Ep. 26)

Skin Economics 101 (Ep. 26) by Rush B Podcast


Just a Joker (Ep. 25)

A conversation with the Swedish Joker! We have crazy conspiracy theories about the NiP situation, why we think Fnatic is setting Golden up to fail, our ECS predictions, and thoughts on the new G2 roster. Make sure to drop Joker a follow at Follow me! Music by Saen:


Zeschtiful (Ep. 24)

In this week's podcast, I interview Vincent "Zescht" Talmon-Gros, a German-born english speaking caster who has recently been involved with Starladder, ESL, and Adrenaline Cyber League. He explains what its like to be a professional caster and we also talk extensively about ESEA MDL league and our predictions for Starladder (so you can see how we did!). Follow me! Music by Saen:


Sitting Down for a Chet-Chat(Ep. 22)

I'm back! And with an interview with Chet Singh, better known as ImAPet, former coach of OpTic Gaming and Counter Logic Gaming. One of NA's best young coaches, he and I talk about his journey to becoming a coach, his thoughts on the scene, and his view of roster changes (after having been scarred just a little bit). Make sure to listen to everything, because you really don't want to miss this podcast episode. Follow me! Music...


Dreaming of Marseille (Ep. 21)

Brian and Elliott join me on the pod this week as we give our quick reactions from Dreamhack Marseille. Elliott also decides to propose that Liquid would be better off with JDM instead of NAF, and that's only of the hot takes we throw out there. Music by Saen: Artwork by Molli Udis


Death, Taxes, and Virtus.Pro Performing On Lan (Ep. 20)

On this week's episode of the Rush B Podcast, I talk about why I've been gone recently, the recent Jonji-Atmosphere contract issues, the issue of money in NA MDL, Virtus.Pro's amazing performance over Faze Clan, and then wrap it all up nicely with some DreamHack Marseille previews. Email: Music by Saen: Artwork by Molli Udis


What a Week (Ep. 19)

Sadokist, roster moves, and where I've been recently. Make sure to follow me on twitter and send me requests of what to cover on the pod! Next week I'll be breaking down the Faze v. VP match at the V4 Sports Festival. Links: Music by Saen: Artwork by Molli Udis


Catch this neL (Ep. 18)

Who is neLendirekt? What is Flickshot? How do all these leaks become public? Sit down, buckle up, and listen in to my conversation with neLendirekt and Ragnarok of as they talk about the French scene and their process in getting rumors. It's more than an hour of fun. (By the next podcast I'll start including Timestamps for everyone!) Links:


Two Weeks Feels Like Two Months (Ep. 17)

WESG, G2, ENCE, and Fnatic changes, and oh yeah, IEM Katowice. That all happened these past two weeks. Shorter episode, but I cover it all in this episode of the podcast. Make sure to give it a listen, rate it if you like it. The more people that interact with the podcast via ratings and reviews, the more people get to listen to it! See you guys on Monday with a special interview with neL! Links: Music by Saen:...


MegamanTV (Ep. 16)

The Megaman interview. I'm not spoiling anything with this one. Go listen. Enjoy a man who talks about anything and everything. Links: Music by Saen: Artwork by Molli Udis


Upon the Summit (Ep. 12)

On this week's episode (Which we recorded the Tuesday before Beyond the Summit started), I am joined by Elliot (@aizyesque) and we go over our prediction for this weekend's tournament, Cloud9's Major hangover, and some of the crazier transfers that happened. Links: Elliot: Music by Saen: Artwork by Molli Udis


Boston Reactions (Ep. 9)

In this episode, I just give some straight off the top of my head reactions from the past weekend and let you all know what an absolutely crazy tournament it was. This episode is just to give you my perspective of the tournament as I was racing around trying to cover a Counter-Strike event (The biggest of the year) as my first media event ever. Interviews with Tarik, Rush, Stewie, Karrigan, Zeus, and even Cloud9 CEO, Jack Etienne are all to come in the next few weeks. So stay tuned to what...


Rezolution (Ep. 3)

This week's podcast rounds up IEM Oakland (3:28) and all the fun, biased NA action that I watched in it. I talk about Rez and his ability to nitpick Faze Clan, NiP's ability to win a tournament out of no where, and the only way to actually beat the world #1 team. I also talk about some player movement and expand on Stanislaw's statement and why it's actually important (19:58). Finally, I get in-depth about player-contracts and the whys and hows certain organizations choose to give players...