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Two regular guys who just happen to love pinball and also own microphones. Join us on our journey!

Two regular guys who just happen to love pinball and also own microphones. Join us on our journey!
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Two regular guys who just happen to love pinball and also own microphones. Join us on our journey!




Ep. 7: A Limited Edition Betrayal and Giveaway Announcement!!!

In episode 7 of the Slap Save Pinball Podcast, we talk slingers, announce our first giveaway(see below), Chris vents about 500, err 600 Munster LE's and we talk about what we look for in used games. There may be a mention of Dutch hookers and Greg Bone's back problems, although we do not believe they are related. In this episode's easter egg, which may be a thing moving forward, there is a guest voice of a caller who thoughtfully called in to our voice line with his articulate review (edited...


Ep. 6: Munsters Reveal & Our Thoughts, Undercabinet Lighting & More Of The Usual Shenanigans...

In a slightly delayed episode 6 of The Slap Save Pinball Podcast we discuss the Stern reveal of the Munsters pinball. Chris is in a great mood because of it, but is his expletive count less or more? Hint: We have new record. Chris thinks undercabinet lighting is "magically delicious"... kind of. He also does a special edition version of "Marketplace Trends" made infamous by Zach at SDTM pinball show and the TWIP podcast. If you haven't done so already, be sure to place your TWIPY vote at...


Ep. 5: Pinball Sale Deal Breakers, Awful Facebook Sellers and Steve Ritchie Digs One Of Our Wives!

In the 5th episode of the Slap Save Pinball Podcast we talk Stern and our tough love for them, speed read the news, and aimlessly complain about meaningless things like the "first world victims" we are. Chris skewers bad facebook selllers, replacement legs and makes a mockery of one of the most famous lines in cartoon history. Oh, and there is the saga of... his toilet seat. Eeesh, good thing we are too late for a Twipy nomination! Suit up and join two irreverent idiots talk about pinball...


Ep. 4: Quasi-Resolutions, the Consequences of Flipping in Pinball and Risky Bathrooms

In the 4th Episode of the Slap Save Pinball Podcast, we discuss our pinball happenings lately, some news that is too hard to gather on our own, resolutions (or at least Chris's idea of what that means), Flipping in Pinball and its consequences, and Chris once again goes on an expletive filled rant about... lockdown bars and shooter lane buttons? My censor button finger has a blister. I need a power-slushie. Stay frosty fellow flippers! Contact us via: Email:...


Ep.3: Xmas wishes for pinball

In our 3rd episode of the Slap Save Podcast we discuss our wishes and desires for every pinball manufacturer for the Christmas season. We also get caught up with "Gout-aplooza," the crazy values of mods (at least by some sellers), opinions of black and white pinball machines and we play our first feedback left on OUR feedback line by the distinguished Mr. S. Johnson IV. Don't forget your rubbers, silicone or poly, whichever you "think" is best. :-) Contact us via: Email:...


Ep.2: Rubbers, Gout and Laughs

In our 2nd episode of Pinball conversation, we talk preferred flipper rubber, run through the news like our $#@ is on fire, go on an expletive laden (but censored) tirade about a... Christmas ornament(?) and talk the "gout," with our resident lunch lady. Join us weekly! We'd love to get your feedback, questions, or even general ramblings about the merits of processed cheese spread as a playfield polish. Contact us via: Email: Facebook: Slap Save...


Pilot Episode 1: An Introduction

"The beginning." We are two guys with a pinball problem. Join us for pinball conversations, thoughts, complaints, laughs and praise. Huge thanks to the incredible and ridiculously talented DJ Quads. This song is "Your The Best." Check out his music here.