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Episode 75 "Josh Donaldson" - Toronto Blue Jays Talk

Toronto Blue Jays Talk Well, we knew it was going to happen sooner or later. The inevitable has become realized as the Toronto Blue Jays have traded former MVP, Josh Donaldson to the Cleveland Indians for a Player to be Named Later (rumored to be Julian Merryweather). Many fans are outraged over how the situation was handled and how the end of the Donaldson/Blue Jays tenure is so underwhelming. Given how much he has done for the team since his arrival in 2015, many fans feel he deserved...


Episode 74 "Coffee Table Puzzle" - Toronto Blue Jays Talk

Toronto Blue Jays Talk The season is all but lost and Blue Jays fans are searching for reasons to be inspired to watch the current team, other than for the love of the game. With playoff hopes dashed, as well as Wild Card aspirations, the Jays are basically aiming to hit .500 for the season in order to show that it wasn't all for nothing. But Jays fans are still holding on to the farm system that has been developed and how the youth movement has already begun. With Thomas Panonne pitching...


Episode 73 - "A Not So Raptors Christmas" - Toronto Raptors Talk

Toronto Raptors Talk Even after the trade involving Kawhi Leonard and DeMar DeRozan, the Raptors have been busy in their attempts to strengthen their squad. They successfully signed Greg Monroe to a 1-year, $2.2MM deal to provide some big-man depth to lessen the load off the shoulders of JV and Serge. However, despite the team's success last season, as well as acquiring an elite talent in Kawhi, for the 17th straight season the Raptors were denied a Christmas Day game from the NBA. This,...



Our very first MAILBAG Episode! Feel free to leave your questions regarding the Blue Jays and/or the Raptors to be read and answered on the show! Call Toll Free: (401) 702-4692 Email: Twitter: @SouthOfThe6ix Instagram: @SouthOfThe6ix


Episode 72 - "Spurs in the 6" - Toronto Raptors Talk

Toronto Raptors Talk With the dust finally settled regarding the biggest trade in Raptors' history, it's important to view it with an open mind. More specifically, it's vital to gain a better understanding of who the Raptors have on their team in Kawhi Leonard, and what he brings to the table both on and off the court. In order to do so, it's best to discuss the matter with those that are die-hard Spurs fans and have experienced him on the team on almost a daily basis... and we've done...


Episode 71 "Deadline's Up" - Toronto Blue Jays Talk

Episode 71 "Deadline's Up" - Toronto Blue Jays Talk by South of the 6ix: Toronto Blue Jays & Raptors


Episode 70 "The Trade Deadline" - Toronto Blue Jays Talk

Toronto Blue Jays Talk With the MLB Trade Deadline just a week away, it marks a turning point for the Blue Jays and exactly what direction to intend to go. With trade chips such as J.A. Happ, Josh Donaldson, Roberto Osuna, and others, the Blue Jays as we have gotten to know them will (hopefully) look a whole lot different. Though some fans may not like the idea of seeing old faces in new jerseys, the light at the end of the tunnel will be the youth that brings this organization back into...


Episode 69 - "Kawhi" - Toronto Raptors Talk

Toronto Raptors Show! Sooooo this happened... Kawhi Leonard is now a Toronto Raptor and DeMar DeRozan is not. In what is being described as the biggest trade in Raptors' team history, Masai Ujiri undoubtably ditched his mostly conservative approach and is now really going for it, as he successfully traded away the most popular star in the team's history for now the biggest. It's a gamble, as Kawhi is a pure rental piece with only one year of service time remaining on his contract. But it's...