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Episode 66 - PART 2 - "The Unfortunate Reality" - Toronto Blue Jays Talk

Weekly Toronto Blue Jays Talk! Things were looking up for the Blue Jays after achieving a solid sweep against division rivals in the Baltimore Orioles. However, the Jays came crashing down to an unfortunate reality of their own after being swept by fellow division occupiers in the Tampa Bay Rays immediately after. It's hard to gauge this team, as they've been polarizing thus far. With the position of being sellers at the trade deadline seeming like an inevitability, it's time for us to...


Episode 66 - PART 1 - "From Within" - Toronto Raptors Talk

Join us for PART 1 of Episode 66 of the South of the 6ix Podcast! This one is all Toronto Raptors. As the last team in search of their new head coach, the Toronto Raptors finally filled the void by signing internal candidate and former assistant coach, Nick Nurse. Of course, this generated a lot of chatter within the fanbase with fans wondering what differences they will see with someone that has been part of the organization since 2013\. How will Nurse's vision differ than Dwane Casey's in...


Episode 65 - "Square Pegs, Round Holes" - Toronto Blue Jays Talk

Weekly Toronto Blue Jays Show! The month of May hasn't been the prettiest of all months for the Blue Jays, completed by a sweep from AL East foes, the Boston Red Sox. With numerous players on the DL, players also battling injuries, players playing numerous positions that they aren't used to, it's been a month that Jays fans may wish to forget. The only thing that Blue Jays fans have to hold on is their hopes to see the up-and-coming stars that have been making noise in the farm system....


Episode 64 - "Everything" - Toronto Raptors & Blue Jays Talk

For the first time, join us as we discuss BOTH the Toronto Blue Jays AND Toronto Raptors ON THE SAME SHOW! As the title of the episode indicates, host Adam Corsair and guest Connor Chambers of Toronto Sports Views cover EVERYTHING! For the very first time, the same guest on the same show will assist in covering both teams! Connor and Adam cover everything from the Raptors playoff performance, Masai Ujiri's judgment of players, possible trade candidates, and where the Raptors' future lies....


Episode 63 - "End of Season ROUND TABLE" - Toronto Raptors Talk

Season Ending Toronto Raptors Review/Preview The season has come to a close. The head coach has been fired. The Raptors have, once again, been swept out of the Playoffs and are in need of a reality check. We, as fans, have had more than a week to sit back and get a good look as to what happened, clear our emotions, and try to be objective as to what ought to be the next move. To do this, host Adam Corsair is joined by the usual suspects for a season-ending ROUND TABLE discussion! Joining...


Episode 62 - "Don't Get Mad - Get Vlad" - Toronto Blue Jays Talk

Weekly Toronto Blue Jays Review/Preview The Toronto Blue Jays have sort of hit a lull over the course of the past 10 games, winning only 3 of them. With Josh Donaldson taking longer to get back into his usual form, Marcus Stroman on the DL, and Kendrys Morales hitting… well, he's not hitting at all… it's been a very disappointing ride so far. Host Adam Corsair is joined by good friend and journalist - Ryan DiFrancesco - of Jays Droppings and Blue Jays Nation to discuss all things Toronto...


Episode 61 - "Therapy" - Toronto Raptors Talk

Weekly Toronto Raptors Review/Preview So that's it. It's done. The Toronto Raptors fell victim to the King and his court for the third consecutive year, as well as the second year in a row suffering a sweep. It wasn't supposed to end this way. The regular season illustrated that this was a different team and that they had a legitimate shot of making it all the way to the NBA Finals. But alas, we've seen this before. We witnessed this team completely and utterly shrink against Lebron James,...


Episode 60 - "A Happy Log-Jam" - Toronto Blue Jays Talk

Weekly Toronto Blue Jays Review/Preview The Toronto Blue Jays have come back down to reality, but have still shown signs that they are far different than they were last year. The depth that has been built to stabilize the team has been absolutely crucial to the success that they've garnered, and it hasn't gone unnoticed. But, with some players coming off injury in the near future (or already), a lot of the talent that has been performing well may see time in the Minors. Is this Log-Jam...


Episode 59 - "Round 2 - ROUND TABLE - Playoff Preview" - Toronto Raptors Talk

Weekly Toronto Raptors Review/Preview The Toronto Raptors have successfully defeated the Washington Wizards in 6 games in Round 1 of the NBA Playoffs. Although there were some bumps along the way, the Raptors won on the road in convincing fashion, snapping the Wizards' home playoff winning streak and exorcising yet another past demon. With the return of Fred VanVleet, the Raptors are back to their old ways as they successfully utilized their bench mob and fully took advantage of their...


Episode 58 - "Familiarity" - Toronto Raptors Talk

Weekly Toronto Raptors Review/Preview The Toronto Raptors proved that they are certainly a different team in the playoffs by taking the first two games at home... or so we thought. They followed up those two franchise victories by losing two in a row to the Wizards on the road in Washington. With the series now tied 2-2, is it time to panic? Do the Raptors have what it takes to take the series back in their hands and be the dominate force that we became familiar with this regular season?...


Episode 57 - "Monkey's Off The Back" - Toronto Raptors Talk

Weekly Toronto Raptors Review/Preview They did it. The Toronto Raptors have broken their franchise curse by winning a Game 1 in Round 1 of the Playoffs. Not only were they victorious, but the team - as a whole - showed up and proved that they are legitimately the number one team in the Eastern Conference. No longer are they bound by silly curses and narratives that doubters blindly apply to them out of laziness and lack of research. This truly is a different Raptors team than in years...


Episode 56 - "Patience is Key" - Toronto Blue Jays Talk

Weekly Toronto Blue Jays Review/Preview The Toronto Blue Jays are still riding high and surpassing our expectations. The difference between April of '18 and '17 is like night and day. It speaks to the amount of depth and research that the Front Office explored during the offseason, and it is certainly paying off tremendously. Still, there are some things that we should focus on - both good and bad - when it comes to our Jays. With the season still early, there's no reason to do anything...


Episode 55 - "ROUND TABLE Playoff Preview" - Toronto Raptors Talk

Weekly Toronto Raptors Review/Preview History has been made as the Toronto Raptors have finished as the number one seed in the Eastern Conference. Not only have they made history in terms of seeding, but also in regards to their win total, as they have (currently) garnered 59 wins; one game and win away from hitting the unpredictable 60 win mark. What an amazing and special time to be a Toronto Raptors fan! However, there are still many questions that are left unresolved within the...


Episode 54 - "Over .500" - Toronto Blue Jays Talk

Weekly Toronto Blue Jays Review/Preview The Jays started the regular season on a high note by taking 2 out of the 4 games against the Yankees, and 2 out of the 3 games against the White Sox. For the first time since 2016, the team is above .500 and despite concerns with the arm of Josh Donaldson, the team is looking pretty good! Joining host Adam Corsair to discuss what has transpired over the course of the first 7 games is good friend Ryan DiFrancesco of Jays Droppings and Blue Jays...


Episode 53 - "Polyester > 100% Cotton" - Toronto Raptors Talk

Weekly Toronto Raptors Review/Preview The Raptors were on the receiving end of a devastating loss this past Saturday evening in Boston, cutting their lead of 1st in the East to just 2 games. With the Celtics creeping up on the Raptors, and with the team starting to slow down a bit, it's fair to wonder just what happened to the dominate North that we're familiar with. What is up with CJ Miles' poor March? Are DeMar's personal issues interfering with his play on the court? Has OG hit the...


Episode 52 - "ROUND TABLE Season Preview" - Toronto Blue Jays Talk

Special ROUND TABLE Blue Jays Season Preview! The regular season for the Toronto Blue Jays has finally arrived, closing Spring Training with a mammoth home run from what looks to be the brightest star in the Jays' future - Vladimir Guerrero Jr. With the spring giving us fans ups & downs, set-backs & bounce-backs, half-hearted yet optimistic predictions, and expectations of mediocrity, there's a whole lot to process and to organize. Thankfully, we have a Round Table to do that. Joining host...


Episode 51 - "Gotta Get There First" - Toronto Raptors Talk

Weekly Toronto Raptors Review/Preview The Raptors have seemingly hit a lull in their amazing season, yet still find themselves at the top of the Eastern Conference. With a decent lead over the Boston Celtics and a more than decent lead over the Cleveland Cavaliers, there's really no reason for fans to hit the panic button. However, we'd be fooling ourselves if we didn't at least address the woes that the team is experiencing, but will more than likely overcome. We're going to do that on...


Episode 50 - "With Bated Breath" - Toronto Blue Jays Talk

Weekly Toronto Blue Jays Podcast Spring Training is just about finished up and the regular season is just around the corner. There certainly isn't a lack of content and conversation surrounding the Toronto Blue Jays. With so many other teams amping up their lineups, it's difficult to gauge just how the Jays will finish the year. Are they playoff contenders? Are they Wild Card contenders, at best? Or are they even contenders at all? How should the Front Office go about sparking interest to...


Episode 49 - "Water" - Toronto Raptors Talk

Weekly Toronto Raptors Review/Preview The Raptors' 11 game win streak was snapped at the hands of the Oklahoma City Thunder this past weekend, making the journey to 12 straight wins seem like an impossible task. Although many fans will blame the poor officiating for the reason the Raptors lost, it's important to note that the team did a lot of things on their own to lose that game. However, not all is lost as the Raptors are still the Number 1 team in the Eastern Conference, and are still...


Episode 48 - "For Kyle" - Toronto Raptors Talk

Weekly Toronto Raptors Review/Preview The Raptors have a strong lead over the Boston Celtics for the No. 1 seed in the Eastern Conference; leading by 3.5 games, and 10.5 games ahead of the Pacers (NOT Cleveland). They are starting to build momentum in terms of their recognition in the United States, being ranked No. 1 in both and CBS' Power Rankings, an outstanding article by Zach Lowe on ESPN, and ranked No. 3 on ESPN's Power Rankings as well. The stage couldn't be set any better....