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Ep. 79- Safe Hands, Great Dane. With Along Come Norwich and Vollraute

The World Cup is over. The trophy goes to France and if N’Golo Kante’s sheepish grin can’t cheer you up, maybe some talk about Saints’ newest signings can. So, that’s what we have this week. I spoke with two podcast hosts this week to get their perspective on Angus Gunn and Jaanik Vestergaard. First, I spoke with Jon Punt from about Angus Gunn. Although Saints signed Gunn from Manchester City, he was on loan at Norwich last season and grew up a fan of the club. His...


Ep. 78- New Crew, Old Crew, and #SavetheCrew, with @Toddrick33

Saints are once again adding to the crew. Just hours after @Toddrick33 and I sat down to record this episode, Saints’ pursuit of Jannik Vestergaard intensified as the move now seems imminent. Meanwhile, back here in the US there is another Crew, in Columbus, that is being threatened. Todd joins me to discuss becoming a fan of Saints, his trip to St. Mary’s, the current situation surrounding the Columbus Crew, Saints transfer window, a bit on the World Cup and even some listener...


Ep. 77- Elyounoussi, Meet Saints. Saints, Elyounoussi. With Andrew Walker

Saints have been busy this week. From signing a new attacker, to welcoming back the majority of the squad for the beginning of training to getting on a plane over the China for the first few friendlies ahead of the new campaign. We discussed Stuart Armstrong and his potential impact last week with Stephen Brandt, and this week we turn our focus to newly signed Norwegian international, Mohamed Elyounoussi. The attacker comes to Saints from FC Basel, and lucky for us, there is a Saints fan who...


Ep. 76- A New Chapter in a New Story, with Mark Sanderson and Stephen Brandt

***Note*** There’s a little bit of clicking coming from the Skype connection during Mark’s interview. Sorry about that. Hopefully you can ignore it. Stories play a huge role in our lives. We listened to them as children, we pass on tales of adventure both true and embellished to our kids, for centuries before there was writing, the entire history of humankind and of earth was passed down orally. So, it only seems natural that, in this age of advanced technology, more and more people who...


Ep. 75- A Father and His Son… and Saints FC, with Steve and Dan Jarvis

Father’s day has just passed, and on that day, and hopefully others as well, we remember the connection and relationship we have with our dad’s. Additionally, for those of us fortunate enough to have children, it’s a chance to spend some time with them, and gives them a chance to tell us what they think. Not all homes are happy ones, and not all relationships are good ones, but often there is some bond, something that draws the best out of all involved. For my dad and I it was baseball....


Ep. 74- Four Saints Go To Russia, with The Saints Centre and The Southampton Page

The World Cup kicks off this week in Russia, but if won’t be in the land of borscht and vodka this summer, don’t worry. You are far from alone. Virgil Van Dyke, Ryan Bertrand, Radja Nainggolan, Leroy Sane, all of the USMNT and Italy, and many more are missing out on the trip. But, Saints are sending four players to represent the club in Russia this summer, and though we’ve covered Jan Bednarek’s Poland already (link here if you missed it), we’re taking a some time this week to make sure...


Ep. 73- A Dash of Tash, with Tash Angel of the Southampton Women’s Football Club

The Southampton Women’s Football Club has had quite a run of late. Earning promotion in successive seasons the past two years and only narrowly missing out on an undefeated season and promotion this year. The club has undergone changes in its structure and coaching staff and have come through it all brilliantly. I’ve had the enormous pleasure of being semi-involved with the club over the course of this season. I sponsored one of the coaches, I was able to interview players and coaches, and I...


Ep. 72- Poland’s Potential: A World Cup Preview, with Chris Lash of Right Bank Warsaw, in conjunction with Tactics FC

We are officially done with top flight domestic seasons. The promotion finals are over, the Champions League Final is done, and International Friendlies have already begun. It’s not that Saints aren’t in the news at all, with Mark Hughes and the first team coaching staff signing new three-year contracts last week, but aside from that, there isn’t all that much going on. So, for this week,we’ve teamed up with a bunch of other podcasts and in conjunction with @Tactics_FC to help bring you a...


Ep. 71- It’s Over, It’s Done, We Hardly Ever Won, but Thankfully We Survived. End of Season Phone-in Show

The season is over, the super pod is done and the transfer window is not yet open. So, it was the perfect time to get the opinions and thoughts from some familiar voices and some new friends on the 2017/2018 season, the manager, where we’re going next and more. The voicemails are raw, the calls are pretty much as I took them, with very little editing done. I wanted to both make sure and capture the thoughts of the callers, and also preserve some time with my family, as both of my kids...


Total Saints FC Dellivery Podcast- Saints FC Super Pod, with Total Saints Podcast and Saints FC Podcast

The 2017/2018 Premier League Season is over, and Ben, John and Matt are combining forces to bring you one podcast that looks back and forward, both on their respective shows and in the Saints FC season. From the pitch and the boardroom to the perils of podcasting, join the guys as they do their best Shane Long impression (we try really hard but might miss the target more often than not). Although they joined forces for this one, each host has their own show. Be sure to subscribe on...


Ep. 70- Viruses and Escorts and Swans, Oh My! With Richard Kharman of SerieASitdown and s04_podcast

**Quick Note** a few audio issues this week, still don’t have all the bugs worked out just yet but everything should be back to normal by next week. What A Feeling! Tuesday was a rollercoaster of emotions to say the least. The anticipation of the match, the nerves as Swansea attacked and threw men forward, the worry when all of our shots seemed to be going wide or hitting the keeper, and the relief when Gabbiadini put in the net, when McCarthy made that save, and when the referee...


Ep. 69.5- Jon Moss Doesn’t Blow, He Sucks, with Harry Holder of The Saints Report

Saints were painfully close to taking all three points on Saturday at Goodison Park. After taking the lead through a well worked team goal finished off by Nathan Redmond at the back post, Saints took the 1-0 lead into stoppage time, though they were light a man after Yoshida was sent off for picking up a second yellow in the 85th minute. Even after McCarthy made a spectacular save to deny Leighton Baines from a central free kick, John Moss let stoppage time enter the 6th minute of the 4...


Ep. 69- Picking Cherries and Saving Points, with George Galpin of Sky Sports News

Alex- “Dusan Tadic, Mario Lemina, Nathan Redmond” Contestant- “Who are Southampton FC players who have underachieved for nearly all of the 2017/2018 but were instrumental in the club’s April 2018 victory over Bournemouth which left them in the relegation zone that gave the club and the fans some much needed hope and a chance to stay in the Premier League… also, Alex McCarthy is amazing.” Alex-”… you may have only answered one question correctly today, but that was brilliant. It is your...


Ep. 68- Wonderful, Wretched, Wembley, with Ben, Alf, Jay, and Jem

I hate the color blue. I know it sounds like something a 7-year-old might say, but I’m 32 and I’ll stand by it. Football shirts are divided into to major categories, red shirts and blue shirts… there are the occasional teams with other colors, I realize this, but they are the exception to the rule. Anyway, I’ve disliked Chelsea for sometime, given my best friend is an Arsenal fan it’s not hard to image my disdain for the blues. To be honest, I was shocked when Giroud went from Arsenal to...


Ep. 67- Bednarek at the Back Post, with Hasan Tariq

I, and am sure we, went through a range of emotions on Saturday. From anticipation and excitement, to elation, to uphoria, and then doubt, moving towards despair, until, finally, I settled on hopelessness. Saturday hurt me, as a fan. It was the first time in a while, perhaps since the cup final last year, I had been truly gutted. No, we aren’t mathematically relegated, but the manner of the defeat crushed me. I’ve said in the past that giving it your all and losing is better than not...


Ep. 66- Finnish but Not Finished, with Antti Niemi

It’s not very often that most of us get to speak to former professionals. Some are public figures in broadcasting or coaching, some move on to other careers, and some slip away from the crowds and make a life for themselves with their families. Those that are public often seem, at least to me, unreachable. You can see them, you may even say hello, but to actually sit down and have a chat is not something most of us will get the chance to do. John, of the Saints FC Podcast, has managed...


Episode 65: “Beers, Tears, Cheers and Years: Something to Celebrate” Live from the Crown and Cushion with The Ugly Inside and London Saints

Episode 65 marks a couple of firsts for me. It was after my first ever match, on my first ever trip outside the USA, and recorded a live episode for the first time ever. The podcast has allowed me to speak to so many great people over the time it’s been running. From former players, to aspiring journalists and everyone in between. Almost everyone has been super supporting over the time, and to have the opportunity to speak to Nick, Clive, and Freddie of The Ugly Inside was truly a...


Ep. 64- Give Them An (International) Break, with Aidan Small of Fresh Saints

We’re coming to the end of the last international break of the season, and it’s driven me to new lows. We were asked about the most attractive Saints’ manager of all time, and I took that and decided to make a “March Manager Madness Bracket” to find out who the sexiest manager in the Premier League is… If you are reading this sometime before 5:00pm on Tuesday then you should still be able to vote in round 3, otherwise be on the lookout for the business end of the competition and have your...


Ep. 63- Huge News on Hughes with Two Views and You

Episode 63 went from being completely planned (twice) to over-crowded, to a bit shorter than normal, all within the space of a week. In the end, though, I’m more than happy with how it came together and thrilled to have gotten the chance to connect with so many wonderful people in such a short time. The span of the last 7 days (I’m writing this about 7 days and 3 hours after Pellegrino was sacked), I’ve done more guest podcasts and TV appearances than in the past 2 years combined. Add...


Ep. 62- Championship Manager (out), with Josh of The Saints FC Page

This week was a weird one. We were absolutely torn apart at Newcastle, as Saints conceded more goals than they had shots on target. The performance was gutless and it caused the likes of Freddie from The Ugly Inside, Adam Leitch of the Southern Daily Echo, and Adam Blackmore of BBC Radio Solent to begin to turn on the entire situation. All three have tried to remain neutral in their analysis and judgment, and although they have been critical in the past, this match really did it. The...