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Ep. 113- Who Needs A Friend? With Rob Maddox

Spurs stole our song, got (most of) the calls from our most recent enemy referee, and controlled the first half. But, we took all three points in a dramatic and impressive second half display. We did it with no striker on the pitch, relying on a teenage right back to crash the back post and poke home the equalizer before JWP beat the World Cup winning goalkeeper from a dead ball. It was truly a rollercoaster of emotions, but it was so nice to finish on a high. So often we’ve conceded late...


Ep. 112- Stuart Attwell's Unnatural Refereeing Academy, with Jody Rivers

The weekly newsletter from the show comes out each Friday morning. It contains articles and other features that will help you get ready for the upcoming weekend. It’s free, ad free, interesting and easy to read. Just sign up here if you’d like to give it a try. _________________________________________________________ All things considered, this week was a good week. Saints took three points from Fulham, pulled themselves out of the drop zone, and pushed one of the hottest teams in the...


Ep. 111- It's Not All Bad, Emirate? With Christian Candler

Arsenal is a big match for me. My son and my best friend both support the Gunners. We’ve given them fits in the past, and took three points off them earlier this season. Sunday didn’t go that way, and after going 2-0 down early, I decided 6:22am was the appropriate time to open up my good friend Mr. Guinness…fast forward, through the second half and past the Sunday school lesson I assisted with, by the podcast recording and homework, and you wind up with me taking NyQuil and attempting to...


Ep. 110- A Different View, with Tom Murray of Alan March Sport

***Note, the weekly newsletter went out for the first time last week. If you are interested in signing up to get it, you can do that here. You can also read last week’s by clicking here and enjoy the website at I hope you enjoy it. Let me know what you think! The Premier League took a break this weekend while the fifth round of the FA Cup took place. Due to Saints exit from the competition against Derby County in the third round, Saints spent a week training in...


Ep. 109- We're Still Learning, with Kurt Zottl of the BSO Show

*News: The show has a new website as a result of the support of the Patrons at Their support helped launch, where you can find past and present episodes of the show, sign up for the weekly email newsletter- with one featured article per week, guest and show updates and more, delivered to your email inbox once a week. I’m really excited about both of these additions to the show, and hope you both enjoy them and get some value out of using...


Ep. 108- Even Stephens, with Dan Adam of PremWorldWide

Daryl Grove gofundme- Saints had a busy week (incoming transfers on deadline day aside) this week with the team hosting Crystal Palace midweek before traveling to Burnley for a 3:00pm GMT kickoff on Saturday. Saints entered the week even on points with both teams, and although the team drew both games, in the end the results were probably fair, all things considered. The team took two points from the matches, inching away from the relegation zone,...


Ep. 107- (Goal)Keeping it Real, with English Issy Foster of the Southampton Women's Football Club

Saints were out of action this week but there was still plenty to talk about. We covered a bit of the transfer window with Dan from Prem Worldwide on Instagram (available to $5.00/month listeners on the Patreon page) and it was the perfect time for me to chat with Issy Foster of the Southampton Women’s Football Club. Issy is new to the club this season and it was nice to get a fresh perspective from someone new to both the south coast and the club. We discussed her move, playing in the US,...


Ep. 106- Reveling in Ralph's Revolution with Ray and Kevin of the In That Number Podcast

A busy week for the club, a disappointing result midweek against Derby County, but a valiant performance against Everton on the weekend means Saints picked up back-to-back Premier League wins, moved a bit up the tablet and played an attractive brand of football on top of it all. Joining me this week to discuss the matches, their dive into the Saints’ Podcasting pond and more, are the hosts of the In That Number Podcast, Ray and Kevin. They are both lifelong Saints supporters and friends,...


Ep. 105- LongTime Coming, with Jamie Grant of The Southampton Page

The Southampton Page is the longtime partner of the show. Jamie, who runs the page on Instagram and oversees the Twitter account, though he has some help from some wonderful guys on Twitter, has been a fantastic help to me over the time I’ve done the show. From setting me up with guests such as Antti Niemi and Tom Deacon, to helping get the show in front of the page’s 20,000 Instagram followers, I can’t really explain how much of a help he has been. This week, Jamie joins me to discuss the...


Ep. 104- Draws, Debuts, and Departures, with Aydin Osman of the Southampton Page

The festival fixtures are truly over, the initial matches of the FA Cup 3rd played, and, for the most part, normal day-to-day, week-to-week schedules are back for the foreseeable future…just ignore that replay at home to Frank Lampard’s Derby County. Saints came through the festival fixtures with a mixed results, but I, and I’m sure many other fans as well, are feeling pretty good about the direction things are going. The manager has a plan, and I actually agree with that plan. It’s simple,...


Ep. 103- An American Living in London and Working in World Football: My Conversation with Chris Macchi

Chris Macchi’s story isn’t something he makes a lot of. But, from the outside, it’s a story of someone who loved soccer from an early age, and who found a way to make it a part of his life. Football and soccer go far beyond the lines on the pitch, the dugouts, the film rooms or the technical areas. Football has the ability to connect so many of us, no matter where we are, and Chris’ work has gone a long way to help spread the love that football can bring. I can’t explain to you how truly...


Ep. 102- A Six Point Christmas, with Tom Mason of Read Southampton

Christmas is here and it is, really, one of the most wonderful times of the year. It’s far from my favorite holiday, but I do love seeing my family.This year it’s especially hard to be a Scrooge with the way things are going on the pitch for Saints, who have won back to back Premier League matches for the first time since they last did it 20 months ago, 2017 under Claude Puel. The tactics are easier on the eye, the players look inspired, and it all got even better with both Redmond and...


SFC Super Pod 2- Christmas Special

Welcome to the second ever installment of the Total Saints FC Dellivery Podcast, Christmas Edition. Ben, John and I got together (and by got together I mean I sat in the California sun on a Skype call) to answer your questions, talk a little bit about the podcasts and discuss Saints, with a side of Christmas cheer.... I really enjoy hosting the show, but I feel like I'm a very bad guest. As always, thanks for listening to and supporting the show. It really is a pleasure and an honor to...


Ep. 101- Free Beer, 5 Goals, and 3 Points, with Zachary Coopersmith

Imagine not having access to Saints for 4 months. You go away, don’t have a lot of time for the internet, or TV, or the Premier League or anything like that. Now, tune in on Sunday and see the manner of the performance against Arsenal. It would be completely mind blowing. You would think the changes to the squad must have been a slow evolution over that four months… That’s not exactly how Zach Coopersmith’s (@moamfanzachary - Instagram) journey was, but he was on a boat for 4 months, and...


Ep. 100- A New Man and a New Plan, with Matt Beling of the We Are Southampton Page

This is episode 100. 100 straight weeks of planning, arranging, recording, editing, mixing, producing and distributing an episode of the show. When all the math is done, it comes out to just over 20 full days of work. Almost a month of my life, 1/24 of my time over the last two years has been spent doing this thing I love so very much. This COULD NOT and WOULD NOT happen without the support of so many of you. So I’d just like to say thank you to all of you who have listened and shared,...


Ep. 99- Sparks Fly at St. Mary's, with Dan Hargraves of The Saints View and Talk Saints

Sweet Dream, or a beautiful nightmare… really depends on how you view it. Hughes is out… announced, conveniently, after the show was recorded. But, it’s all part of what happens. Dan Hargraves joined me to discuss the matches against Leicester and United, and to look ahead to some of the fixtures coming between now and January. Also, we fired the manager…. After we recorded, did I mention that? Did I mention I stated he would be safe? Yeah, things went well. Anyway, Dan was great and you...


Ep. 98- Paying the London Price, with Dan James

Dan James is, in my eyes at least, pretty remarkable. I first contacted him over the summer of 2017, while walking around the backyard of my in-laws trying to find guests for the show without my wife realizing that the real reason I wasn’t in the pool with the kids was because I wanted the next 6 guests lined up before I “enjoyed” myself (after writing that I realize, nobody needs to know that… and in reality nobody cares). But, from that one message, he agreed to come on the show in...


Ep. 97- We Are One Club, with Becky Harris of the Southampton Women's Football Club

It’s almost Thanksgiving here in the USA. It’s my favorite time of year, it’s better than Christmas or Halloween, or even Easter. It’s a time to reflect, a time to remind ourselves of all that we have that is good, and a chance to surround ourselves with those people we love the most. When I spoke with Becky Harris, senior player for the Southampton Women’s Football Club and current reserves player, the way she spoke about the team and how they were there for each other when the club was...


Ep. 96- Now There's Less Reed, with Tim Marshall

This week Tim Marshall joins me to reflect on the past week at Saints. Tim, who’s been on the show before, kindly joined me last minute, when my scheduled guest woke up ill (ps. Hope you get better soon, very much looking forward to having you on soon)! Tim jumped in and we recorded a show that had a lot to break down. Considering the week that was with Les Reed departing, Martin Hunter leaving, Ralph Krueger’s interview with Adam Leitch and more. Then, we get to the actual match against...


Ep. 95- You'll Never Guess How This Ends, with Aydin Osman

First things first, this week’s episode contains some adult language. I’ve beeped it (at least most of it), but be warned. Moving on...I’m not really a “win at all costs” type of person. But I am, without a doubt, someone who believes in working your absolute tail off, day in and day out, putting in extra time to improve and get better each and every day. To the point where I find it easier to criticize someone like Pogba over Shane Long. In fact, I’d take Long on my team over Pogba all...