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Episode 17: Addison Edmonds- A Life of Bird Dogs, Business, Babies & Bass Fishing

Founder of Gunner Kennels, Addison Edmonds, is a die-hard sporting dog devotee who saw a need in the pet market for bombproof crates. He's developed his business around the idea of keeping dogs as safe and comfortable during transport as possible, and now Gunner Kennels has set the standard for quality in kennels. RELATED ARTICLES & WEBSITES: Gunner Kennels Crash Tested Dog Crates What I’ve Learned: A Year Of Owning Gunner Kennels Military & Working Dogs Training Police...


Episode 16: Brian & Jenny Beadling- Dock Jumpers: German Shorthairs In Unfamiliar Waters

New Jersey's Brian and Jenny Beadling are obsessed with dogs and are well-known on the dock-jumping circuit. The couple currently own or fosters six dogs, and are regulars on the winner's podium with their GSPs at dock-jumping competitions across the country. RELATED ARTICLES & WEBSITES: Dock Dive Training- Getting the Dog Used to the Water Josh Miller Episode 3 John Howard Episode 8- Nutrition & Supplements Retriever Steadiness Training Conditioning for Canine...


Episode 15: Ashly Kite- Dog Training's Mr. Fix-It

North Carolina resident and professional dog trainer, Ashly Kite, is the owner of Moss Bend Retrievers. He specializes in obedience, advanced gun dog work, hunt test and field trial training, and lastly - coming up with solutions on how to repair the damage caused by improper training and handling on dogs that are often viewed as lost causes. RELATED ARTICLES & WEBSITES: Socializing Your Puppy The Collar Debate: Pinch Vs Choke Pick A Perfect Puppy- 5 Things To Look For 4...


Episode 14: Matt Seidel- Mapping Your Way To Mallards

Matt Seidel works for onX and is a Lab owner and bird-dog lover who dedicates most of his hunting time each fall to waterfowl and upland hunting. RELATED ARTICLES & WEBSITES: Hunting For Morels 4 Great Spots For Montana Waterfowl Montana Waterfowl Hunting Regulations Hunting Dog Conditioning Hunting Dog Training: Your Pup’s First Year Snake Training Your Hunting Dog OnX Maps- Best Hunting App Landlocked Public Land Report Purina Helps Boost Water Quality PODCAST...


Episode 13: Christian Fritz- Saving Sea Turtles One Canine at a Time

Christian Fritz is the founder of K9s 4 Conservation, a body-detection dog trainer, and an all-around interesting Texan who is pitching in to help save endangered sea turtles. To Donate Please Visit: or gofundme RELATED ARTICLES & WEBSITES: Rex Specs- What They Are & Why They Are Used K9s 4 Conservation I Instagram I Facebook Padre Island- National Seashore Mustang Island State Park Captain Ron- A Sea Turtle Egg Detection Dog The Story Of...


Episode 12: Andrew Howard- Lessons from an English cocker addict

Andrew Howard is no stranger to bird dogs, but ever since his exposure to the first English cocker, he has been wholly won-over by the mid-sized flushers and their enthusiasm for the hunt. RELATED ARTICLES & WEBSITES: Get Your Bird Dog Field Ready About The English Cocker Train Your Puppy To Maximize Hunting Potential The First 6 Months: A Bird Dog Training Plan PODCAST BROUGHT TO YOU BY TRUTH & LEGEND PRODUCTIONS


Episode 11: Simone Schara- A Lifetime Of Showing The Men How It's Done

Simone Schara, daughter of outdoor industry pioneer Ron Schara, has spent her entire life in the outdoors carving out a spot for herself in a male-dominated space, all while keeping some of the best company possible (retrievers, of course). RELATED ARTICLES & WEBSITES: Ron Schara Outdoor Calendars Clay Thompson- Sport Dog Brand Puppy Training: How to Build A Solid Foundation Loral Lee Delaney- Armstrong Kennels NSHDA- North American Shed Hunting Dog Association NSHDA World &...


Episode 10: Rehan Nana- Running A Red Setter In A High-Tech World

Rehan Nana is a red setter owner, a devout upland hunter, and one of the leaders in Garmin’s Outdoor Segment. He’s an expert on e-collars and the rest of the technology that is changing how we train - and hunt - with sporting dogs. RELATED ARTICLES & WEBSITES: Red Setter vs. Irish Setter Baby Steps For Baby Dogs 8 Ways to Ruin Your Duck Hunting Dog Garmin Introduces Next-Gen GPS Dog Tracking Pheasant: Getting Started hunting in-Reach: No Matter Where You Hunt Garmin Alpha- GPS...


Episode 9: Stephanie Moore- A House Full Of Four-Legged Happiness

Stephanie Moore is married to well-known deer dog trainer Jeremy Moore. In addition to her full-time sale's job, Stephanie pitches in with the many dog duties that the Moore's deal with on a daily basis. She is also instrumental in reinforcing positive behavior with the dogs that are under Jeremy's tutelage. SHOW NOTES & RELATED ARTICLES: Dog Bone Hunter Shed Antler Retrieving System It’s a Dog’s Life Dog Bone Pawdcast


Episode 8: John Howard- Nutritional Supplements & Working Dog Health

John Howard is the Co-Owner of Kinetic Performance Dog Food. Howard is a Lab owner, an upland hunter, and a wealth of information on canine nutrition and supplements. RELATED ARTICLES & WEBSITES: Kinetic Performance Dog Food Dog Blog Canine Supplements Prebiotics, Probiotics & A Healthy Canine David Davies- Dog Behaviorist Vohne Liche Kennels- Police Dogs Pheasant Fest Game Fair PODCAST BROUGHT TO YOU BY TRUTH & LEGEND PRODUCTIONS


Episode 7: Whitney Miller- Owning A Kennel Is A 24/7 Labor Of Love

Whitney Miller is married to trainer, Josh Miller, and has become entrenched in the day-to-day life of operating a successful kennel. She provides insight into the highs-and-lows of dedicating your life to a business that involves handling, caring for, and training man's best friend. While it's not always glamorous, operating Riverstone Kennels is the only life Whitney would choose to live - listen in to hear why. SHOW NOTES & RELATED ARTICLES: River Stone Kennels British...


Episode 6: Karl Gunzer- Importance Of Canine Nutrition

Karl Gunzer is the Senior Manager for Purina’s Sporting Dog Group. He’s an expert on canine nutrition as well as one of the most accomplished dog trainers in the country. RELATED ARTICLES & WEBSITES: Purina Pro Plan High Spirit Retrievers Pre-Season Training Bird Dog Boot Camp- What To Feed My Dog Dog Sport Nutrition That Matters Feeding For Performance Conditioning Puppies- Socializing and Feeding Summer Nutrition For Retrievers PODCAST PRODUCED BY TRUTH & LEGEND PRODUCTIONS:


Episode 5: Tina Dokken- Becoming A Hunter

Tina Dokken is dog trainer, Tom Dokken's, better half. In this episode she breaks down her lifelong love of dogs and what it was like to become a late-in-life hunter. RELATED ARTICLES & WEBSITES: Pheasants Forever Involvement Late To Hunting & Shooting Instagram - Facebook Dokken’s Oak Ridge Kennels A Trainer’s Take PODCAST BROUGHT TO YOU BY TRUTH & LEGEND PRODUCTIONS


Episode 4: Jeremy Moore- Success In Dog Training

Jeremy Moore, is a well-known dog trainer who specializes in obedience, shed antler retrievers, and deer recovery dogs. He is based out of Wisconsin, where he runs his Dog Bone Hunter business as well as several other businesses. Moore has over 15 years of training experience under his belt, and views working with dogs as an ever-evolving philosophical endeavor that varies from day to day and dog to dog. RELATED ARTICLES & WEBSITES: Dog Bone Hunter Dog Bone Hunter...


Episode 3: Josh Miller- How One Dog Can Change Your World

Josh Miller is one of the youngest, most accomplished dog trainers in the country. Not only did he found Riverstone Kennels, he is now on a mission to change the way we think about British Labs through selective importation and breeding of the best dogs available. His story is one of hard work, determination and an unwavering love of working dogs. RELATED ARTICLES: River Stone Kennels Shed Hunting With Dogs Searching For Sheds Man & Dog Share Special Bond Through Sport Bird Dog...


Episode 2: Brian Lasley- Canine Instinct & Drive To hunt

Brian Lasley is the Marketing Director for DT Systems. He’s also a bird dog owner, a devout waterfowl hunter, and an excellent resource for information on not only e-collars, but a host of training tools that will benefit the amateur dog trainer. RELATED ARTICLES: D.T. Systems- Dog Tested, Dog Tough. Since 1983 Hunter Tested, Hunter Approved Alpha John James Audubon PODCAST BROUGHT TO YOU BY TRUTH & LEGEND PRODUCTIONS


Episode 1: Tom Dokken- Picking The Perfect Puppy

Dog training guru and creator of the DeadFowl Trainer, Tom Dokken, talks about his humble beginnings in the sporting dog world and breaks down the process for choosing a puppy based on quality bloodlines. RELATED ARTICLES: Pick A Perfect Puppy- 5 Things To Look For How To Pick The Perfect Golden Retriever Tom Dokken- Where Dogs Become Hunting Companions Quality Dog Training Products To Begin Training How to Pick The Right Puppy Puppy Training Tips BROUGHT TO...