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Frida Kahlo Frito-Lay Freak Show

We have a special guest from the Define the Relationship Podcast, but can he define baseball? On this episode we teach you how to walk out of venues where you signed up for grief, when to post to social media regarding your boo thing, and the depths of junk science. The pick your poison table has a fresh host, and the soup will be thoroughly served. Unicorn Shells, Dragon’s Milk, and a SUCKA FREAK SHOW, that will give you enough sauce for any couldron…just make sure you have the right toilet...


Walking False Leads

Like Tango from American Gangster once said, “You have two choices, you can either be someone, or be no one…” Corporate Thugs and Retrospect, EA Sports, Madden, the NFL, Purple Tapes, THE WU, and how TRAP MUSIC RUINED ME…We have three legitimate bets, THREE M*THER F*CKING BETS against ELI and the GIANTS, and we discuss Colin Kaepernick, Police Brutality, and the difference between CURSES and GIFTS… as always, and until next week, STAY SUCKA FREE!


Moon in Cancer? Daaaamn Gina! (Better Sound Quality)



Moon in Cancer? Daaaamn Gina! (Better Sound Quality)



Moon in Cancer? Daaaamn Gina!

It’s a New Era of the Sucka Free Podcast, and Millmatic and CAPS are here to guide you through it…We Don’t want to give away too many jewels, but the two host sit down and get into everything sports, life, and debauchery as usual. MLB, NFL, and,the goddamn moon in Cancer… T.O. Vs. Jose Reyes, The Mets, The Yankees, The Eagles, The Cowboys, The Knicks, and D*ck Pics…we got it all… We apologize for being late, but we’re never a dollar short. Live Long and Prosper, and of course…STAY SUCKA...


“Your Cat’s An A**hole”

It’s the Loup Edition Round 2! The return of Yeviticus and Vindictive is a LITuation in this sports, life, and debauchery, BUT, mainly debauchery podcast episode. We discuss Manny Machado and LeFlop in L.A., the Magic Johnson Effect, Lakers fans in New York, Porn Stars and Porn Capitals. We give a special shout out to unicorns and glitter, and let you know how you can still get your a** whipped while riding shot gun. Just George, blessed the panel with 2 dope beers; a halloween preview,...


Bonchinche Dominoes & Boriqua Beer

On this very very special extended episode, we are joined by a guest who is near and dear to us, but he is also an old school, New York F*CK! This episode is extended, because GOONIES NEVER SAY DIE. We got Looney Tunes and Baseball, Monkeys, Yankees, Medicine, and Boxing. THIS IS THE I PLAYED FOR RAY EPISODE, take a listen and understand why….


Visionary: The Orenda Edition

Visionary Orenda….What is it? Who is it? Where is it? Tune in.


Vindictive & Yeviticus: The LOUP Edition

This Loupville Edition of the SFP brings two very special guest, two very special beers, and two very special B*tches of the Week. Here, hood food turns to hipster food, and the cogs of the professional sports machine, have too much self. Medievel weapons, Mississippi Mud, Sucka Free Gladiators, and, Captain Obvious, all make appearances, and a “kinky-creep-boo” beer is discovered over Messi’s Air Space. The Goodfellas get it done this week, so until next week STAY SUCKA FREE and feel free...


Show Me The Money Sucio

This episode is full of surprises, and we get right down and DIRTY. Dirty Money, Dirty Contracts, Dirty Fans, and Dirty Coaches. Fast Food is going to be served cold to The World Cup, at this B*tch of the Week Table, but, only a choosen few will enter the Sucka Free Galaxy, where the BREW OF THE WEEK is from Virginia! If you have opinions or comments of your own hit us up on social media, or at, and as always STAY SUCKA FREE!


The Kawhi and Cardi Sh*t Show

Kawhi, Cardi, The Sixers, Nas, Messi, The World Cup, Beautiful Countries, Arctic Missions, and Beer that doesn’t come to FRUITION. Need we say more? STAY SUCKA FREE!!!


The Dark Horses

It’s World Cup time, and the panel has the breakdown and their brackets ready…the results of the Sucka Free Dream Teams have arrived, but of course there are more Sucka Free events to be held at the Pick Your Poison table. The Beer run put Kentucky and Bourbon on the panel’s map. The Red Card aka BOTW is again something we think you should look forward to, because we always do! Let us know if you have any opinions of your own and until next week…STAY SUCKA FREE! email us at...


Kazaam, Shazam, Kaboom: The Lebronigan Narrative

Coming off a spicy week, the Panel gets to try a fantastic summer beer which may run out quickly. They get into all things Lebron, the media, and the NBA Finals, and the Pick Your Poison table is made of Dream Teams. B*tch of the Week/Red Card is as usual fiesty, and at the kiddie table there will be trolls, networks, bullpens, and currency. This week we did not have time to answer listener questions but make sure to tune in next week for a very special bonus podcast. Stay Sucka Free…...


Black: The Red, White, and, Blue (Hak-A-Shaq)

Listener Questions: The dangers Boxers face inside and outside of the ring. Point shaving in basketball and sports betting legality. What Costa Rica needs to advance in the World Cup, and can they? Why there are so many Dominicans in the MLB? As always, STAY SUCKA FREE!!!!!!


Black: The Red, White, and, Blue

There will be no F*cks given in this episode of the Sucka Free Podcast. We Pick Poison, We drink a terrible beer, and we have our B*tches and Red Cards on point….HOWEVER this episode focuses on the F*ckery which is the NFL, America, and the Anthem, and it flows through the entire podcast. Listners, lets get real, is you SUCKA FREE? or NAH?


Electric Slide Honey Banditz (Hak-A-Shaq)

Hak-A-Shaq is back, along with some other listener questions about sports and all things conceptual. If you have a question or comment, follow us on social media or email us at STAY SUCKA FREE YALL


Electric Slide Honey Banditz

THE SQUAD IS BACK!!!! There is a lot of thievery going down as the crew reunites. Strike-outs, Universities, and, Honey Bears OH MY! The panel does its best to answer what the hell is wrong with sports, life, and, debauchery these days. Murder is back and some BTK style killing goes down with Pokemon in Pick Your Poison. Shout out to another great Leila Legend beer run, and as usual, our BOTW and Red Cards are extra spicy! STAY SUCKA FREE, and download the following HAK A SHAQ ASKS portion...


Wokeness: The IRVZ Edition (Part 2)

WARNING: After our beer segment, the B*tch of the week gets extra toasty. Our guest and CAPS tackle sensitive and complex cultural and social issues, IF YOU ARE A SUCKER, THIS IS NOT FOR YOU. If you are SUCKA FREE, please elevate your mind and enjoy. As always email us at with any opinions or comments you have. Also please go to Youtube and subscribe to our special quest IRVZ ALL IN IT, especially if you need some healthy and tasty dinner ideas! Until next week...


Wokeness: The IRVZ Edition (Part 1)

This very special edition of the Sucka Free Podcast, has two of the dopest guest on earth, and the IRVZ are about to make sure you know the rules to being woke. Grind your gears and pick your poison are for the ages, they give you a little bit of everything, Rap, the NBA, Stereotypes and Fuckery, Ghost Writers and America, and of course, the epic breakdown of the Finals…Cleveland or Boston? Do you believe the narrative they sell you on MVP picks? See who you side with and you possibly...


Cordial Beef and Rivalry Silverware (Hak-A-Shaq)

Hak-A-Shaq is back with questions for each one of our panel members. Boxing, The Mets, Soccer Fans, and the Mt. Rushmore of Easton, PA. Make sure to tune in next week for a special treat and if you have any questions or comments of your own, please email us at and as always STAY SUCKA FREE