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Three Clown Circus (Hak-a-Shaq Asks)

Sucka Free’s Special “HAK-A-SHAQ” segment is back, and he asks the panel layered questions, all about boxing, and flopping… This is a conversation you should not miss. If you have an opinion or want to ask Hak a Shaq a question of your own email us at and remember, until next week STAY SUCKA FREE!


Three Clown Circus (Part 2)

The Carne and Papas of the show! Part 2 has even more clowns in our BOTW and makes the panel question Logos, Colors, NBA, Aaron Rodgers, TTP, Money Vs. Athletes, and Athletic Commissions! We put in our Broner Bids, and we fight fight fight! Make sure you listen to Part 3 for our new segment HAK A SHAQ ASKS…


Three Clown Circus (Part 1)

The circus has officially opened for the year and there are more sports clowns trying out this week than ever before. In Part 1 of this 3 part episode, we grind gears and pick poison, and we have it all from baseball pitchers, to lemon and butter. From the Bull Pen to the Boxing Ring… Make sure you listen to Part 2 and 3 after for our BOTW, Beer Tasting, and Hak A Shaq Asks!


All That Glitters Ain’t Gold ( Part 2)

Part 2 is the Corned Beef and Cabbage of the show, and our “BOTW” ranges from FIFA to Bad Parents, from GGG to Eric Reid, from Mexico to College ball, from protesting to stripping titles, and as promised a completely new segment. If you havent listened to Part 1 please go back and do so, and remember STAY SUCKA FREE. Please hit us up on any social media with comments or questions, or email us at


All That Glitters Ain’t Gold ( Part 1)

Sweet Baby Jesus, “The Process” has us questioning Kawhi, eating Scooby Snacks, and challenging the NBA Finals. The Spurs meet The Matrix, and we have elected our first All Star Beer! Make sure you tune into part 2 for our Bitches of the Week, and an exclusive new segment!


Line-Driving Miss Dana White

Medieval Times, Tofu Swindlers, MLB Livestreams, and the most hilarious BOTW yet. The panel gets to taste another high ABV, and between baseball, boxing, the UFC, and thieves in the UK, someway they find a way to tie it all together! Buckle up, this episode is a Bumpy Ride!


Blame it on the Brass Monkey

The Panel gets into a gender debate, and an exceptional beer has us talking monkeys, chivalry, inches, sports journalism, and, campaigns! Blame it on the ABV or the Monkey, but please try and stay SUCKA FREE. Warning!!! This episode is deep and unusual, please use caution when consuming and as always feel free to react or share opinions on social media, or by emailing us at


Pump Up The Sports Jam (Part 2)

We continue with Part 2 of our Shamrock Shenanigans. This time we have 2 beers to taste, both IPA’s which will test Caps’ taste buds. A special and unexpected guest stops by to pick her own poisons, and then we have some primo slices of B***h of the Week to finish the session. Another special thanks to Mr. Unlucky! Please give him some love, as we may be collaborating again soon on something new. Stay Sucka Free!


Pump Up The Sports Jam (Part 1)

This is Part One of a Two Part Episode which will resume next week. Grinding our Gears and Picking our Poison has us covering, The JETS, PSL’s, Mike Tyson, 911 calls, a dinner for the ages, and of course, dead bodies. You can decide if our panel is Lucky or Unlucki13, and catch us back next week same time as we resume our BOTW and do a double beer sponsor search, in our second part of this very special episode!


The Combine, Vodka, and, Spells Sucka

This week in a rather reckless episode, we discuss the true meaning of the combine, PEDs, try a peculiar and particularly high ABV beer, and talk to a very special small sucka free guest who has an upcoming Chess Championship Tournament. Meet Vodka Mimz, and Stay SUCKA FREE


Bonus: Boxing Boyz

Bonus Boxing with the Boyz Episode. Our very special guest, a NYC based boxing coach, trainer, and overall entertainer, Mr. “Champ” Velasquez (@champ_five) comes on the podcast and speaks with Caps and Joe about, EVERYTHING BOXING. Anyone can enjoy this bonus episode, and we promise you will absolutely learn something!


Single Solitary Suckas

The panel discusses the NCAA, how to dispose of a body, and they even tried a beer they might all like. There’s soccer, the combine, and as usual, our B*tch Of The Week. Also check Sucka Free’s BONUS EPISODE on everything BOXING!


Stay Sucka Free

We wrap up the Winter Olympics, and say goodbye to them for another four years. The poison is strong this week, and no one is off-limits in our nominations for B***h of the Week! We taste another beer in our seemingly endless search for a beer sponsor. Spoiler Alert: Caps might actually like the beer this week.


Spit Fire, Sucka

This week was fiery, a little brimstone, a little hot sauce, and a sprinkle of ginger. Ronaldo gets burnt, as we still try to find an official beer sponsor, and our red cards of the week are down right political. Please consume this episode with caution, because the panel damn sure didnt!


A Beast of Fresh Air

Fresh off our successful Super Bowl predictions, the crew’s gears are grindin’ again. What’s on our mind? The Winter Olympics are in our sights, and even international solidarity comes under scrutiny. We each pick new poisons again with some of our craziest questions yet, and you know there are always b*****s of the week to discuss, so strap in and listen up!


Sucka Free Super Bowl

Welcome back! We fixed the audio difficulties we had last episode and are improving each week. Listen in for some Super Bowl predictions (hopefully sucka free ones) and a discussion on the NFL HOF inductees. We also talk about the TMNT and which charater suits each of us the most. Of course we have more b*****s of the week to nominate, and we open up another bag of fan mail from a loyal listener. Remember to hit us up on social media or our email so we can respond to your...


Pick Your Poison, Sucka

The crew is back again as promised for another week of heated discussions. We open up with a discussion on the recent MLB HOF vote and delve into the process that makes it happen. There’s another round of wacky questions, which we affectionately call Pick Your Poison. We continue with a discussion of the hottest weak sauce this week, proposing our b*****s of the week for your final vote on social media. Finally, we answer our first fan mail, so be sure to hit us up. We might respond to you...


Are You Sucka Free?

Meet the cast. Then a discussion about our favorite players of all time, whether Brady is really hurt or not entering the AFC Championship Game, and VAR in soccer (football).


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