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Join NBA Champion Channing Frye and Emmy Award-winning co-host Dan Sheldon for this season of Talkin' Blazers. Talkin' Blazers has a unique take on everything Rip City with the insight and opinions of a former Portland Trail Blazer and a Rip City Radio host. With new episodes dropping every Friday, subscribe and download today.

Join NBA Champion Channing Frye and Emmy Award-winning co-host Dan Sheldon for this season of Talkin' Blazers. Talkin' Blazers has a unique take on everything Rip City with the insight and opinions of a former Portland Trail Blazer and a Rip City Radio host. With new episodes dropping every Friday, subscribe and download today.


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Join NBA Champion Channing Frye and Emmy Award-winning co-host Dan Sheldon for this season of Talkin' Blazers. Talkin' Blazers has a unique take on everything Rip City with the insight and opinions of a former Portland Trail Blazer and a Rip City Radio host. With new episodes dropping every Friday, subscribe and download today.




David Lucas from the Maurice Lucas Foundation

David Lucas joins the podcast to talk about the Maurice Lucas Foundation's upcoming event on Friday, Sept. 18th. The guys also look back on their college playing days, why the Clippers deserve all the roasting and what can be done about the Trail Blazers defensive woes. For more information about the event and to find out how you can help, visit: 1:04 - What the Maurice Lucas Foundation does for the community 5:00 - Reminiscing about old college basketball days 7:22 - Why...


Mychal Thompson on the Blazers and the REAL G.O.A.T. in basketball

Former Portland Trail Blazer and current Lakers broadcaster Mychal Thompson joins the podcast to discuss his years in Portland, whether we'll see his son Klay in the Blazers jersey outside of social media, and why small ball is going to be the standard in the NBA. Plus, what he and Channing think the Blazers need to do to be on top of the NBA. 1:40 - Mychal Thompson breaks down each of his 7 NBA Championships 4:49 - Getting drafted by the Blazers 6:45 - Adjusting to coming off the bench...


Brooke Olzendam's Trail Blazers hot take

Trail Blazers Courtside Reporter Brooke Olzendam joins Channing and Dan to discuss reporting on the bubble from Portland, whether Damian Lillard is under appreciated and what the future looks like for the Blazers. Plus, find out if Channing briefly quit the show. 4:37 - The unique challenges of covering the Blazers remotely 10:17 - Did Channing quit his own podcast? 18:46 - Dame at 30: Underappreciated? 20:50 - Channing explains choosing Dame over Steph Curry 27:30- Brooke's hot (or...


A historic week in the NBA with Allie Clifton

Channing's Road Trippin' co-host and Lakers studio host Allie Clifton joins Channing and Dan to react to the NBA players' momentous decision to halt the NBA Playoffs. Plus, they breakdown the Trail Blazers postseason plans. 1:54 Allie’s initial thoughts on the Buck’s decision to sit out 3:55 Channing discusses what will come from the NBA players decision 18:30 Will we view the playoffs differently when they resume? 24:20 What Dame leaving the bubble means 28:50 Channing predicts the...


Tristan Thompson on LeBron, Dame and joining the Trail Blazers

NBA free agent Tristan Thompson joins Channing and Dan to discuss who is the biggest threat in the bubble, how many games it will take for the Blazers to send the Lakers packing and whether Portland would be a good fit for him. 2:43 - Tristan on free agency during this unique time 3:53 - Scariest player in the bubble: Dame or Harden? 6:28 - No fans in the bubble: help or hinderance? 13:05 - Expectations for Rondo and when he'll be back 18:07 - Tristan's tips for Coach Stotts & the...


Kevin Love is ready for a Blazers-Lakers playoff matchup

Kevin Love joins his friend Channing Frye and Talkin' Blazers co-host Dan Sheldon to talk about a potential December NBA bubble, make some playoff predictions, and pitch himself as the face of Chosen Family wines. 3:14- Feelings about a possible December NBA bubble 9:12 - Staying fit in the offseason 14:01 - Who Kevin thinks will make it to the playoffs 24:24 - Will Kevin join the ranks of NBA players with signature wines? 30:08 - How the Blazers and the Lakers would match up 32:00 -...


Richard Jefferson on the Blazers, the Bubble and retirement

A special episode of Talkin' Blazers as Channing Frye welcomes fellow NBA Champion and co-host of Road Trippin' Richard Jefferson to the podcast to talk the Bubble, how the Portland Trail Blazers are performing in Orlando, and how they are keeping busy in retirement. 2:32 - Richard makes a case for why you should love the Bubble 3:37 - Best players in Orlando 6:41 - Most impressive aspects of Bubble games 7:41 - How Richard practices his hoops commentary with his kids 10:28 - Channing...


Bill Walton's World Ft. Channing Frye & Guy in the Blue Shirt

The incomparable Bill Walton joins Channing Frye and Dan Sheldon to talk about why exhibition games don't matter, making the world a better place for everyone, why the Blazers have all the tools they need to win, and lessons from John Wooden. 3:22 - Why Bill loves Nurk 6:25 - Ant, Dame and the benefits of speed 9:51- "We are all Blazers" and why naming the greatest Blazer of all time is difficult 14:15 - NBA and social justice 21:50 - What made Bill love Oregon 24:10 - How the Blazers...


Artie Wilson Jr. on the 100th Anniversary of the Negro League

Artie Wilson Jr. joins Dan Sheldon and Channing Frye as they look back at Negro league baseball and Artie's fathers impact on the league. :05 Takeaways from The Trail Blazers first scrimmage game 7:00 Memories from Artie's time with his father and how legendary his father was 10:00 Impact of getting a baseball team in Portland on the community 11:15 COVID's impact on getting a team in Portland 12:20 The NBA Bubble model for sports 13:40 Artie on NBA finals this year 15:00 Artie on the...


Tyrell Williams on race, football in a pandemic and the NBA bubble

Las Vegas Raiders wide receiver Tyrell Williams joins Talkin' Blazers to discuss growing up in a majority white city, the NBA bubble in Orlando and his thoughts of playing football in the age of Covid-19. 1:00 Tyrell Williams intro 1:45 How he became noticed by scouts his junior year at Western Oregon. 5:20 Talking about growing up in Salem and being one of the only black people in school. 7:00 What does Portland need to do to make football more popular here. 10:20 Do you think we'll...


The countdown to tip-off is here

The countdown has officially started with NBA teams entering the bubble. Channing Frye and Dan Sheldon breakdown expected fitness levels, discuss the NBA's social justice efforts and compare COVID diets in this week's episode. 4:40 - How players can focus on winning while in the bubble 7:00 - Potential safety struggles 12:52 - Why the Rockets are the toughest opponent for the Blazers 17:02 - Fitness expectations for early games 23:15 - How the bubble is an amazing opportunity for...


Preparing for the NBA re-start and life after Kevin Calabro

Dan and Channing discuss the surprising news that Blazers Television play-by-play Voice Kevin Calabro has decided to step away from broadcasting to spend more time with his family. 1:30 The guys discuss Damian Lillard's preferred starting lineup for the Orlando re-start 4:30 How teams will defend the Blazers during the re-start. 9:30 Talking about the Blazers not replacing Trevor Ariza with an established veteran. 10:30 Would Allen Crabbe have worked if you'd have brought him back to...


Rico Roman on the Blazers, gold medals & adaptive sports

Army veteran turned two-time gold medalist Rico Roman joins Dan and Channing to talk about the Blazers, the Wheel Blazers, Team USA sled hockey and how he's staying fit while he's off the ice. 1:17 - How Rico started in sled hockey 6:19 - How the NBA players should handle being apart from family while in 'the bubble' 10:17 - Staying in sled hockey-shape while off the ice 11:44 - How Rico made his daughter's Class of 2020 high school graduation special 13:28 - Working with the Gary...


Lamar Hurd on the NBA, activism and gratefulness

Portland Trail Blazers TV analyst Lamar Hurd joins Channing and Dan to discuss racism, activism, the potential return of the NBA and finding something to be grateful for in an uncertain world. 2:48 - Importance of finding things to be grateful for in tough times 3:30 - The NBA's plans to keep people healthy 7:19 - Balancing family and work in the NBA bubble 9:50 - Reacting to details of the NBA returning 14:28 - Players taking opportunities to to speak up for what's right 17:36 - Using...


Jordan Kent on 'luscious' jerseys

Jordan Kent joins the show to talk about winners and losers in the uniform game, expectations for the Trail Blazers when the NBA restarts, and nerds out with Channing over video games. 1:59 - Discussing Sports Uncovered and the Oregon Ducks uniform craze 8:10 - Success is necessary to complement the swag of cool uniforms 16:00 - Making a case for Portland Airport Carpet uniforms for the Blazers 21:53 - Why Damian Lillard is one of the scariest players in the NBA 28:38 - Is there enough...


The NBA is back... kinda

We're going... to Disney World? Channing and Dan discuss the NBA board of governors vote to approve a 22-team format to resume the 2019-20 season on July 31 in Orlando. 3:51 - Impact on the NBA Draft Lottery 10:25 - Dan's pep talk 13:14 - COVID-19 safety concerns 16:00 - Potential impact on player's mental health 17:22 - Expectation for player vote 19:41 - COVID-19 concerns for older coaches


Diego Valeri: Not just an MLS MVP

Portland Timbers midfielder Diego Valeri joins Talkin' Blazers to discuss his soccer career, his love for Portland and whether Major League Soccer might be returning to the pitch anytime soon. 1:30 Dan says Deigo Valeri deserves a statue outside Providence Park. 2:00 Talking about the Timbers Army. 3:30 How do you make the Timbers/MLS even better? 5:15 Talking about the expectations put on him when he arrived to Portland in 2013. 9:30 How do you stay in shape during this time? 10:40 He...


Channing trolled the trolls

Channing Frye and Dan Sheldon discuss the public response to Channing's take on whether Michael Jordan is the G.O.A.T. and examine what Channing has heard about the NBA returning this season. 00:51 - Lessons learned from Michael Jordan fans 1:54 - Channing is an NBA champ, and a champion troll 6:30 - Examining the options on the table for the NBA's return 9:18 - Why the Blazers are a bigger threat than the Grizzlies 12:48 - Orlando vs Las Vegas: the best bubble city 15:35 - Physical...


Who Channing thinks is better than Michael Jordan

Channing Frye explains to Dan Sheldon who he thinks is a better player than Michael Jordan. 1:30 - Channing's thoughts on the NBA's potential return 5:10 - Why 70% of players want to resume play 12:46 - Who Channing has over Michael Jordan as GOAT 17:36 - How Jordan's game would translate now 23:08 - Players who could party all night and practice and play like champs


Steve Blake can handle himself

Former Trail Blazer Steve Blake joins Talkin' Blazers to reminisce about playing together in Portland and give some background about the infamous fight video. 2:50 - Interning with the Blazers 6:11 - Transitioning from player to coach 8:32 - Memories from his 3 stops in Portland 13:30 - Explaining the infamous fight video 17:44 - Lessons from Phil Jackson and Kobe Bryant 24:16 - Anticipating the NBA's return