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A sports and faith podcast where you can be ignited as we provide practical tips on navigating faith, life & athletics.

A sports and faith podcast where you can be ignited as we provide practical tips on navigating faith, life & athletics.


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A sports and faith podcast where you can be ignited as we provide practical tips on navigating faith, life & athletics.




From Believer to Follower: How Jesus Pursued Me with Sarah Hasselbeck

Sarah Hasselbeck is a wife, mom and most importantly, she's a passionate follower of Christ. Sarah was also a former D1 athlete, so she knows what it's like to be an athlete and live in that world. I’m excited for you to hear Sarah talk about what it looks like to be more than just a believer, but to be someone who wholeheartedly follows Christ and pursues Him daily. Her story and insight are so awesome and I think that you’ll walk away from this episode encouraged and challenged to follow...


Taking Jesus to Your Marketplace with Rob & Remy Maaddi, Hosts of Faith on the Field Show

What does it look like to take Jesus into your marketplace? Your marketplace could be your sport, your job, your home or anywhere you spend a majority of your time. On today's episode we talk with husband and wife duo, Rob and Remy Maaddi. Rob & Remy have twin daughters and have such an intense passion and love for God and their family. Rob hosts a weekly Christian sports talk radio show called Faith on the Field with his wife Remy, and the show features faith-based interviews with...


4 Simple Ways to Be a Better Leader with Host, Kasey Lovell

What does it look like to lead and how can we be the type of leader that points others to Christ? Join host, Kasey Lovell, as she goes through scripture and gives practical tips on how you can be a better leader at any level.


Not Giving In To Negativity with Mallory Brown, Women's Ministry Leader & Former Athlete

Negativity seems to be SO prevalent in todays society. It can run rampant in sports team, at your job, in friend groups and even at home. It can be so easy to fall into negativity, and we’ve all been there, and that is why I am SO excited for you to listen to my conversation with Mallory Brown. Mallory is married and has three adorable sons and was formerly a collegiate field hockey player. Now, she currently works in women's ministry at Pro Athletes Outreach and is also the host of a...


How Players & Parents Can Better Communicate with Paige Tonz, Girl Athlete Mindset Mentor

Communication. That is what today's episode is about, but more specifically, we are going to dig into how parents and athletes can better communicate with one another when it comes to sports. Paige Tonz is a girl athlete mindset mentor and former division 1 athlete that has GREAT advice and insight on how players and their parents can better communicate, and we do hit on both sides of the communication process because both player and parents have a responsibility and play a part in the...


Taking Your Faith With You with President of Shepherd Coach Network, Tom Roy

Today's episode is focused around the topic of “taking your faith with you” and what it looks like to live out your faith in ALL aspects of your life whether that is on the field, in your job or in a simple conversation. How do we consistently strive to live out our faith no matter what we are doing or who we are with? Tom Roy is a former athlete, coach and founder of Tom is currently the president of Shepherd Coach Network and is an author and speaker. CHECK OUT...


It's OKAY to Make Mistakes with Former DI Basketball Coach, Kelly Kennedy

Kelly Kennedy was a former division one basketball coach at the University of Akron and spent a total of 13 years coaching at the college level. She was also a former college basketball player and has been around the game of basketball for a long time. Kelly recently put out a book called "Broken To Bold", that talks about her journey of a rise to the top and a major fall that led to redemption and hope in the midst of brokenness. Purchase Kelly’s book,...


Moving From Success to Significance with CMO of Athletes in Action Darrin Gray

Darrin Gray is the Chief Marketing Officer for Athletes in Action and talks about what it means to move from success to significance and how you can discover that success lies beyond competition.


BONUS Episode: Practical Ways to Practice Gratitude

Tune in as host Kasey Lovell discusses 7 practical ways to practice gratitude. We can often forget to practice gratitude and have a mindset that is focused on how grateful we are for what God has done for us. Creating a habit of practicing gratitude takes time, but with a few easy practical step, we can begin to build, not only a habit of gratitude, but a mindset of gratefulness.


3 Tips for Tackling Your Freshman Year of College with Host, Kasey Lovell

Freshman year as a college athlete can be tough as you transition into college and learn to juggle your education, sport and social life. I've been there, done that, and have learned some important lessons along that way that can help equip freshman to tackle their first year of college. Support the mission of The 951 Podcast on Patreon:


Transformed & Renewed: A Winning Mindset with Host Kasey Lovell

We know that our mind is powerful, but do we know that we can control it? Do we know that we can take our thoughts captive and not let them dictate our behavior? Do we know that, through Christ, we have the power to have a transformed and renewed mindset? Join host Kasey Lovell as she dives into scripture to talk about how athletes can begin to have a transformed and renewed mindset on and off the field. Post these Bible verses around your house, car, room etc.: Book Recommendation: Get...


The "Car Ride Home" Talk with Ashley Burkhardt, Former D1 & Pro Athlete

This episode is for athletes AND parents, because we all know that the “car ride home talk” can be tense, unproductive and full of 100 different emotions…. But the good news is, IT DOESN’T HAVE TO BE! As players and parents, we can begin to look at this conversation differently and shift how we view each other and our experiences. No parent wants to sit and argue with their kid, and no kid wants to sit and argue with their parent, so how can parents and players begin to communicate in a way...


Managing Your Emotions During Games with Olympic Athlete, Aubree Munro

As an athlete, you can have what seems like 500 different emotions in one game or, let's be honest, in one at bat. We’ve all experienced a wide range of emotions in our sport, especially during games, and those emotions can either propel us forward or hold us back. Personally, there were so many times as an athlete that I had trouble controlling my emotions in a game and I would end up feeling defeated, overwhelmed, ashamed…ALLL kinds of emotions! If you have EVER felt this way, like your...


Training Your Body & Why It Matters with Evan Jurjevic

Why is it SO important to train your body no matter what sport you play? Listen in as Evan talks with us about training your body in the area of strength training, conditioning and so much more to learn why it is SO important to train your body to develop strength and speed. Evan is a physical therapist, a certified strength and conditioning coach and has his masters and doctorate degree in related fields. WE ARE NOW ON PATREON!!! Support the mission of The 951 Podcast HERE:...


How to Stay Centered Under Pressure with Olympic Gold Medalists Dot Richardson & Leah Amico

Whether you are up to bat with the game on the line, or on the free throw line with 30 seconds left, pressure situations can be scary. Whether the "pressure situation" is big or small, it is important to know how to handle pressure and the feelings that come with it. Listen in as two former, elite Olympic athletes talk about how you can handle pressure on and off the field. Champions Within Website: Facebook:...


Feeling Unworthy & Finding Your People with Professional Dancer Maddy DiSalvatore

In the world of athletics it is SO easy to feel unworthy in a culture that expects your best 24/7. It can also be a struggle to find people and build community in a way that lifts you up and reminds you of your true worth. Listen in as professional dancer, Maddy DiSalvatore, talks about unworthiness and finding your people in a way that will build you up in your faith, friendships and sport. CHECK OUT Maddy's Podcast, MADSoul Podcast here:...


How Technology is Changing the Game: Part 2 with The Co-founder of Seam Readers, Jared Tiefenthaler

Listen in to PART 2 of our technology series as we talk about all things sports technology and how you can invest in the sports technology world to elevate your game! Seam Readers Website: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter:


Tips for Dealing With Team Drama with Host Kasey Lovell

Tune in as host Kasey Lovell talks about different ways you can deal with team drama and begin to look at it and deal with it from a different perspective. Team drama is tough, and finding better ways to deal with it can make ALLLL the difference in how you experience your sport, interact with your teammates and feel about yourself.


How to Navigate The Unplanned with Tessa Daniels, Former Florida State Softball Player

How many times have you planned things out, and then they end up turning out nothing like you planned? If you have ever faced a situation that you didn’t plan for in your sports career, which most of us probably have, then Tessa’s story will be a much needed encouragement and breath of fresh air for you. If you have ever wanted to hear some godly truth about navigating the unplanned times on and off the field, then you need to listen to this episode because Tessa is full of godly wisdom that...


How Technology is Changing the Game: Part 1 with Neil Anderson, CEO & Founder of SkillShark

Technology is booming in the sports industry. Everywhere you turn there is some type of new technology being used, talked about or developed. With so many types of technology out there, what should you invest in and what are the pros and cons of different types of technology? TUNE IN as Neil Anderson talks about how technology is changing the game, the good and bad of technology and what type of technology you should invest in. SkillShark Website: Facebook:...