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The Bob Kravitz Podcast is a chance to get to know some of the Indianapolis figures you see on the field or on TV better. columnist Bob Kravitz will share his one-on-one chats.

The Bob Kravitz Podcast is a chance to get to know some of the Indianapolis figures you see on the field or on TV better. columnist Bob Kravitz will share his one-on-one chats.


Indianapolis, IN


The Bob Kravitz Podcast is a chance to get to know some of the Indianapolis figures you see on the field or on TV better. columnist Bob Kravitz will share his one-on-one chats.






Rick Venturi reviews Colts camp, assesses Luck (Ep. 21)

Bob Kravitz catches up with former Colts coach Rick Venturi to get his take on the Colts summer camp so far. The two discuss how Andrew Luck is progressing (3:15) and what to expect with the running backs (6:30) and wide receivers (8:15) this season. Venturi talks about his initial impression of first round pick Quenton … Continue reading "Rick Venturi reviews Colts camp, assesses Luck (Ep. 21)"


Go inside the Pacers’ scouting, drafting process with Director of Player Personnel Ryan Carr

The Indiana Pacers Director of Player Personnel, Ryan Carr, is done with the NBA draft and was able to make time to chat with Bob Kravitz. He talked about the demands of life on the road (4:30) and the process of drafting UCLA guard Aaron Holiday (6:25). Carr revealed what it's really like in an NBA team's draft night war room and why it's not what people expect (18:30). He then discussed how he ended up making the trip from Washington state to Indiana as a student at IU (28:35) and his...


Bob and Dave Calabro preview the NFL draft, former IU coach Tom Crean talks about Victor Oladipo (Ep. 19)

Before the Pacers took on the Cavs in Game 5, Bob and WTHR Sports Director Dave Calabro sat down to talk about what they expect from the Colts during the NFL draft (1:35). Then Bob caught up with Tom Crean about his conversation with Pacers All-Star Victor Oladipo (11:05). Crean described about how Victor grew as a player at IU and draws comparisons to one of his other former players, Heat superstar Dwyane Wade (17:40).


Pacers’ Kevin Pritchard on the team’s surprising success and why no one was traded (Ep. 18)

The Indiana Pacers President of Basketball Operations, Kevin Pritchard, talks with Bob Kravitz about the team's surprising turnaround this season (1:20) and the story behind an unusual Twitter action during the Paul George trade (5:25). Pritchard reveals the source of a new motivational technique (9:15) and why he decided against making a trade this season (15:55). He also looks ahead to free agency opportunities (20:30) and tells Bob how he's grown as a person since his time running the...


Authors of ‘We Changed the Game’ talk about the ABA Pacers (Ep. 17)

Former Pacer Bob Netolicky and journalist Robin Miller give Bob some behind the scenes stories on the ABA-era Pacers. The two have a book coming out called "We Changed the Game" that covers the ABA and the eventual merger with the NBA. Hear the story behind how this book started (3:10) and find out how close the Pacers were to folding (8:00). Learn about how the ABA contracts worked (25:45) and hear some great stories about legendary Pacers coach Slick Leonard (32:30) including his unusual...


Jeff Smulyan on sports talk radio, owning Mariners (Ep. 16)

Indianapolis native Jeff Smulyan, the founder and CEO of Emmis Communications, sat down with Bob to chat. Jeff talks about his part in starting the trend of 24/7 sports talk radio (2:35) and his take on the current sports radio scene in Indianapolis (13:00.) Jeff discusses being the owner of the Seattle Mariners and how the team almost moved to Tampa (16:00) and what the most difficult part of being a major sports franchise owner is (17:30.) Jeff recounts one of his biggest missed...


Author John Feinstein talks about golf, Bob Knight (Ep. 15)

Bob has breakfast with John Feinstein to talk about his new book, "The First Major: The Inside Story of the 2016 Ryder Cup." John also talks about his hostile relationship with Tiger Woods. Plus he shares some inside stories about his book, "A Season on the Brink," that covered Bob Knight and the Indiana University Hoosiers in 1985-86. **Warning: There is some profanity in this episode.** Follow Bob on Twitter @bkravitz or at


Bob and Jason Spells discuss expectations for the 2017 Colts (Ep. 14)

Bob sits down with WTHR's Jason Spells about what to expect for the 2017 Colts season. Follow Bob on Twitter @bkravitz or at


Pacers play-by-play announcer Chris Denari (Ep. 13)

Bob hits the links with Pacers television play-by-play announcer Chris Denari. The pair sit down after their round to talk about Chris' upcoming trip to Africa, how social media is changing the sports experience and what to expect from the new look Pacers. Follow Bob on Twitter @bkravitz or at


IU’s new coach Archie Miller (Ep. 12)

Bob catches up with Indiana University basketball coach Archie Miller as the summer recruiting season starts to pick up. Hear what Archie thinks about taking over the legendary IU hoops program, his take on IU/Kentucky, and find out what's next on his plate. Follow Bob on Twitter @bkravitz or at


ESPN’s Adam Schefter shares his NFL insight (Ep. 11)

ESPN's Adam Schefter is in town for the NFL Combine and took some time out for a chat with his old friend Bob Kravitz. Adam talks about cultivating NFL sources and how he got into journalism in the first place. Plus find out why Bob doesn't like Adam's pick-up basketball game. Follow Bob on Twitter @bkravitz or at


Reaction to Pat McAfee’s retirement with Dave Calabro (Ep. 10:)

Bob is joined by guest host WTHR Sports Director Dave Calabro (@calabro13sports) for a mini podcast on Colts punter Pat McAfee's surprise retirement announcement. Follow Bob on Twitter @bkravitz or at


Larry Bird on the trade deadline, Pacers bad play on the road (Ep. 9)

Bob calls up Pacers president and NBA legend Larry Bird for a chat about the state of the team halfway through the 2016-2017 season. Hear Bird's take on what's behind the Pacers' road woes and what to expect going into the trade deadline. Follow Bob on Twitter @bkravitz or at


Robert Mathis discusses the end of his Colts career (Ep. 8)

Bob shares a cigar with self-proclaimed "quarterback hater" Robert Mathis and asks about his decision to end his football-playing career with the Colts. Plus, Mathis talks about his favorite sack of all time and his goal of ending up in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Follow Bob on Twitter @bkravitz or at


Purdue’s Jeff Brohm is ready for the rebuild (Ep. 7)

Bob goes one-on-one with Purdue's new football coach Jeff Brohm about the rebuilding effort in West Lafayette. Follow Bob on Twitter @bkravitz or at


IU’s Tom Allen is ready to take the Hoosiers bowling (Ep. 6)

Bob talks with new IU football coach Tom Allen about his background, his faith and what it will be like to lead the Hoosiers for the first time at the Foster Farms Bowl on December 28th. Follow Bob on Twitter @bkravitz or at


Chris Holtmann on Butler’s hot start (Ep. 5)

Bob sits down with Butler basketball coach Chris Holtmann to talk about the Bulldogs' hot start. Plus hear how the team became closer after a string of tragedies. Follow Bob on Twitter @bkravitz or at


Rick Venturi diagnoses what’s wrong with the Colts (Ep. 4)

What is wrong with the Colts? Bob tries to figure it out with former Colts coach Rick Venturi. Follow Bob on Twitter @bkravitz or at


Nate McMillan on a new season for the Pacers (Ep. 3)

Bob sits down with the Indiana Pacers Head Coach Nate McMillan as the team begins the NBA season. Follow Bob on Twitter @bkravitz or at


Tamika Catchings talks about her retirement from the Fever (Ep. 2)

Bob talks to Indiana Fever star and Olympic gold medalist Tamika Catchings about her career and her pending retirement. Follow Bob on Twitter @bkravitz or at