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New hunting, fishing, sports and random things outdoor related podcast.

New hunting, fishing, sports and random things outdoor related podcast.
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New hunting, fishing, sports and random things outdoor related podcast.








Bonus Epz-Kansas

Ok, so we decided to put out another Bonus Epz this week. AB3 speaks on the return of Tiger Woods and his Master's victory. We get into a bit about AB3's Kansas turkey hunting trip. He also updates the new t-shirts at We love listener feedback here on the BLCP (Bryant Land Country Podcast) and some of those comments are shared on this episode. If you have not already make sure you subscribe to the Bryant Land Country Podcast so you do not miss our regular weekly...


Ep.15 - Ryan off the grid

Ryan “Buddha” is a Marine corps veteran. He has hunted his entire life for just about every species he can get the opportunity to harvest. He talks a little bit about what it was like for him to hunt overseas and the different kinds of animals he encountered. As the owner of Off The Grid Photography, he specializes in wildlife/landscape photography. Off The Grid Videography was created as an offshoot to film hunting and fishing adventures for this show and for promotional videos for...


Bonus Epz

Welcome to the first of the "Bonus Epz" for the Bryant Land Country Podcast. These episodes will be much shorter than the full regular episodes. In these we will cover more of the randomness that we promised when we started the podcast. These episodes will also have more timely content as well. Make sure you subscribe, rate and review. Thank you for your support of the podcast. We will continue to drop our regular episodes every Monday. Get your Bryant Land Merchandise here! Follow Bryant...


Ep.14 - The Marsh Family

Listen up guys, we are talking to our first hunting family! Antonio & Kim Marsh are a hunting family in South Carolina. They had zero background or experience in hunting and learned everything through trial and error. We discussed how hunting clubs provide a lot of support for you while you’re learning to hunt. He shares what some of those mistakes were and one of them was he didn’t take the time to really keep their eyes focused on the hunt. But be sure to tune and find out what the...


Ep. 13 - New York New York with Cliff Cadet

We’ve got a unique episode for you today. We wanted to get the perspective of somebody that was brand new to hunting. So new that he hasn’t even stepped foot into the woods yet. If you’re a newbie to the bow hunting game then this episode is definitely for you. We are speaking with Cliff. A native New Yorker whose love of archery stems from a childhood fantasy fueled by films like The Adventures of Robin Hood, Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves, and many more. But growing up in Brooklyn,...


Ep. 12 - Pro Bowl Hunter with Trent Cole

Trent is the cornerstone of Blitz TV. As a two-time NFL Pro-bowler known as a run stopper and a relentless pass rusher, his leadership, energy, attitude and passion are nothing short of contagious. With deeply seeded roots in farming and the outdoor lifestyle, enjoying the great outdoors and sharing it with others, Trent is not your run-of-the-mill professional athlete. As he steps off the football field and into full-time roles as a father, husband, farmer and hunter, he continues to...


Ep. 11 - The Game with Stephen Tucker

A quiet farmer from Sumner County, Stephen Tucker, has been a deer hunter most of his life. Prior to 2016, his best buck was a 120-incher—a deer many would say is a “pretty good one for Tennessee.” That all changed on November 7, the third day of Tennessee’s muzzleloader season, when Tucker shot this giant non-typical, which green-scored 308 2/8 net. We talk a bit about how he got into hunting and the type of hunting he enjoys doing. Despite being a full time farmer, Stephen and a friend...


Ep. 10 - Old Friends with Berney Samuels

I sit down with my childhood friend Berney Samuels and we reminisced a little bit about some really funny moments of the past. Berney grew up on his family’s farm so he considers himself a farm boy. As a result, he enjoys being in the outdoors but he didn’t grow up hunting. That came later as he developed fascination by all things mechanical (including guns). Which led him to a very successful career in the auto industry as a vehicle dynamics engineer. Berney shares with us some of the...


Ep. 9 - Bionicman with Jason Koger

I sit down with Jason Kroger, a hunter who’s resiliency and perseverance will surely inspire you. Riding an ATV on the family farm was a normal part of life for Jason Koger, but on March 1, 2008, a normal springtime ride almost turned into a tragedy when he struck a fallen, live power line, suffering near-fatal injuries in the process. Jason’s injuries were so severe that doctors at the local hospital decided to have him taken by air ambulance to Vanderbilt University Medical Center in...


Ep. 8 - Trad Bow Making with Christopher Jones

You don’t want to miss this episode, especially if you’re a bow hunter. I sat down with Christopher Jones. This guy is very skillful in the art of creating bows. So, if you’re a bow hunter or looking to get into bow hunting this episode is going to fire you up. Find out the best kinds of wood to use for your bow, we even get into making arrowheads. Chris is from Chickasaw ancestry and he has a deep love of hunting and the outdoors. He spent a lot of time learning about the indigenous...


Ep.7 - Black Duck Revival with Jonathan Wilkins

Today we talk with Jonathan Wilkins of Black Duck Revival also known as BDR. Now, what is BDR? It’s quite interesting actually. I haven’t seen much of anything like it before. Jonathan started BDR to create a hub for exposing non-traditional hunters to the world of the outdoors. Today, he shows the many benefits that outdoor activities provides. What’s great about BDR is that it’s also a space where people can meet, try new things, support each other and ask questions. Black Duck Revival...


Ep.6 - Her Humble Hunt with Bianca Jane

To all my newbies in the hunting world, we’ve got a special episode for you. And to my experienced hunters there’s a few nuggets of inspiration for you as well. Bianca Jane was the first in her family to hunt. She had a hard time finding the information she needed to learn the ins and outs of hunting. She stumbled a lot along the way learning as she could. She was determined to learn everything she needed to know therefore, she sacrificed time and money to hone in on her skills. Her goal...


Ep.5 - Buck Commander with Jordan Summitt

We’ve got the one and only Jordan Summitt, a producer for the hit TV series Buck Commander. A TV series on the Outdoor Channel that’s in its 10th season. The goal of Buck Commander is to show a different side of deer hunting, how fun deer camp is and to make the viewers feel involved, Jordan wasn’t always a deer hunter. But he wanted to challenge himself. Since then, he’s created an atmosphere that allows guys to get together and enjoy hunting without all of the seriousness behind...


Ep.4 - Joshua Carney Son of the South

Joshua Carney is an amazing guy who’s using his platform to motivate and inspire people worldwide. A certified turkey hunting junkie who follows the hunt from state to state. This is the same guy who used a bow to hunt an alligator! Yes, you heard that right. Anyway, a hunting accident left him with a permanent spinal cord injury. But despite this incident Josh continues to hunt, he continues to break through barriers by doing some truly unthinkable things. Things you wouldn’t find me...


Ep.3 - Diversity and Willard Franklin III

Being out in the wilderness truly gives us a new perspective on the world around us. A breath of fresh air has the power to clear one’s mind and relax the soul. This secret perk of nature is underrated in today’s society, so our guest this episode is part of the team who’s bringing it back. Ab3 interviews Willard Franklin III, captain and founder of the Four W’s fishing team, and talk about his love and work in promoting the outdoors. They explore his experiences as an African American...


Ep.2 - Clemson and hunting with Ken Brown

Welcome to the Bryant Land podcast. A show that is geared towards the outdoors. In today's episode, we're sitting with Ken Brown . I've known Kenny through a mutual friend. He's a die-hard bow hunter who is doing big things in the hunting industry. We spent our time discussing some major key points about deer hunting. As well a bit of football trash talking. Kenny has some crazy interesting stories about his time out in the woods and how he lost a 178-pound dear. Yep, that happened! We...


Ep.1 - Welcome to Bryant Land

Welcome to the Bryant Land Country Podcast. A show that is geared towards the outdoors. I'm a TV Director by day but I spend most of my time doing the things that I love. And with a media background, I love to tell stories. I will be interviewing folks, childhood friends, various people and maybe even some athletes. We'll be talking about fishing, hunting, shooting guns, sports and anything else that comes to mind. “Simply put, I am a guy that grew up on a dirt road in South Carolina that...