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All-Star Slump?

"MLB All-Star Week is usually a dull week for sports fans with only two ""meaningless"" events. However, inside The Cheap Seats we have ideas to fix that. Join Max Wolpoff and guest co-host Christian Heimall to hear about it all! By the way, Max has some harsh words for his usual partner in crime that may make for an interesting dynamic. That's right, both the Home Run Derby and All-Star Game need some revisions. But which ones are the best? That's up to our guys to debate and you to decide....


Well That Was Fun

"It's been a really impressive four weeks of sport. Everything from Major League Baseball to Wimbledon has brought storylines and highlights galore. Up here in The Cheap Seats, that makes for some great conversation. Join Jon Lauder and Christian Heimall for a recap of it all. Probably the biggest story of the last month has been the FIFA World Cup. From the top stars in the world bowing out early, to the surprise run of Croatia, it's been an amazing tournament. But has it been the best...


Another All-Star Game?

The MLB All-Star Game is almost here, but, does anyone really care? Croatia and France will square off for the 2018 FIFA World Cup. With the NFL season just around the corner, the guys look at five players they think need to have a good season. Join Baxter Colburn and Jake Holmes for today's episode of The Cheap Seats. Don't forget to subscribe on Apple & Google Podcasts, Spreaker, and more, as well as check us out on Facebook at The Cheap Seats by Public House Media!


Futbol + Football = Hot Takes

"For only one version actually playing, there's a lot happening in the football community. From the NFLPA to the World Cup semifinals, there are sure to be some hot takes as a result. Join Keith Hoehne and guest co-host Christian Heimall for a fiery Wednesday edition of The Cheap Seats! With half the World Cup Final decided, what has this tournament meant to American soccer ""fans""? It's been such an exciting event with many different storylines, there has to be a positive to the USA not...


So That Happened

"Sports are weird. What's even weirder is how they make us act. From truly embarrassing our daughter for the first time because of the World Cup, to making random assumptions that the Orlando Magic will be competitive this year, those of us in The Cheap Seats are just strange. Join Christian Heimall and Jon Lauder as we embrace it all this Monday! Get your week started off right with a preview of the World Cup Semifinals and why Christian's pick has Jon feeling a little better about his...


Chestnut Roasting

"Joey Chestnut can't be stopped! Neither can Matt Coyne and Jake Holmes on Friday mornings as this week they discuss some of the hottest topics during the hottest time of the year. Some of the top NHL Free Agents have signed, including hockey's hottest commodity of the summer, John Tavares. Matt and Jake have an interesting take on the Maple Leafs' big signing that you wont want to miss. With that, they discuss the biggest winners and losers of the offseason thus far. The crew updates the...


Celebrate, America!

"Happy Birthday, America! What better way to celebrate than with Keith Hoehne and Max Wolpoff in The Cheap Seats, presented by Squadcast?! Today, the boys look back at some of the most memorable sports moments to ever happen on Independence Day. The guys also discuss some of the biggest headlines in sports and take a look at the Round of 16 in the FIFA World Cup with Baxter Colburn of the Your Soccer Passport podcast. Plus, Max is all fired up about Boogie Cousins and makes a pretty...


California Dreaming

"Well, it's official. Not even one full day in to NBA Free Agency and LeBron James has once again shifted power in the Association. Today on The Cheap Seats, Christian Heimall and Jon Lauder dicuss The King to LA and what it means for the future of basketball. Brandon Robinson of Scoop B Radio and Basketball Society Online joins the program once again. As someone who broke the LeBron to LA story, he'll explain exactly why James donned a Lakers uniform. He'll also discuss Paul George's...


Free Agent Frenzy

NHL and NBA free agency are getting a little crazy. Where are the big stars going? Does Lebron actually move? We find out on this edition of The Cheap Seats. Matt and Jake bring their analysis and humor to figure out the sports world. The 2018 World Cup continues to capture the hearts of many in Russia and around the world. Joining the show today is Baxter Colburn to help discuss upsets, goals, and controversy Learn more about The Cheap Seats by visiting them on and...


55 | Moving On Up?

"Today on the The Cheap Seats, Keith Hoehne is joined by guest co-host Christian Heimall and they have plenty on their minds. From Christian's cold remedies to Keith's shameless plug of his other podcast and, oh yeah, some sports stuff, the guys break it all down. First up, the World Cup showcases the best and brightest international soccer stars. But what happens when those stars begin to fade? They come to the MLS! With Wayne Rooney possibly joining D.C. United, the boys discuss whether...


54 | Free Agency isn't Free

The dog days of summer usually mean BBQ, brews, and baseball. It also means heavy free agency talks in the world of basketball and hockey. Who better to preview a hectic summer than the guys in The Cheap Seats? Christian Heimall and guest co-host Jake Holmes give their insight as to where the biggest names in the sport will sign. From LeBron James and Paul George to John Tavares and Paul Stastny, Christian and Jake feel like they know whats best for the superstars of the NBA and NHL. Don't...


53 | Next In Line

"Last night, over 50 players became the newest members of the NBA family. Which ones will have the most impact? Who will be labeled a bust? What about a steal? Inside The Cheap Seats you know we aren't short on opinions. Today, Jake Holmes and guest co-host Christian Heimall recap the NBA Draft and the effect these young stars will have on their new teams. More importantly, who is going to be known as the biggest bust and biggest steal come the next five years. And maybe most important of...


52 | Drafting a Contender

"The NBA Draft is tomorrow night and every team will be hoping to find that superstar in the making to help get them to a championship. Today in The Cheap Seats, Max Wolpoff and Keith Hoehne get you all prepped for the most important day of these young ballers lives. We've got everything you need to know. From the latest injury news and trade rumors to the top prospects and potential diamonds in the rough. After breaking it all down, Max and Keith will do their very own mock draft for the...


51 | FOREgetting the U.S. Open

"There's no denying the 2018 U.S. Open made headlines. From stars missing the cut to Brooks Koepka making history, we in The Cheap Seats are quite glad this debacle is over. Today, Christian Heimall and Jon Lauder explore the disaster that was our national championship, who is responsible, and why a repeat champion will be a mere afterthough looking back. You can also weigh in by heading to The Cheap Seats by Public House Media on Facebook and voting on our poll question; What is the...


50 | Father's Day Special

"In the spirit of Father's Day, Matt and Jake highlight some of the greatest ""father/child"" connections in professional sports. They draft five each, who has the better team? And what families were snubbed? The show also welcomes Baxter Colburn to discuss the World Cup and North America winning the 2026 sweepstakes to host the event. Baxter has some intriguing storylines along with favorites and dark horses. Major League Baseball races are coming into form as the All-Star Break...


49 | But Will You Even Watch Though?

"In the middle of the summer there's only one active sport in America: baseball. However, there are plenty other things to watch. The question is will you? Today in The Cheap Seats Max Wolpoff and Keith Hoehne debate the viewing interest of the country on a number of topics. First, the U.S. Open Golf Tournament begins on Thursday. Are you watching for Tiger Woods or for the actual golf? Same thing with NFL minicamp. Do you care more about the players missing or the ones there? What about...


48 | On The Road Again?

"With the NBA Finals now over, the real games begin. How do we judge LeBron's legacy? Where does he move this summer? Why are we all upset about the Warriors 'dynasty'? These are all questions that can only be answered in The Cheap Seats. Both Jonathan Lauder and Christian Heimall have differing views on where LeBron goes if he goes at all. Who do you agree with? Listen and find out. Plus, Brandon Robinson of Scoop B Radio offers his insight once again and gives a legitimate way that Kyrie...


47 | Drink It In, Man

"Less than 12 hours removed from the hoisting of the Stanley Cup, Matt and Jake break down the series and season that will forever live in Capitals history. The show invites a special guest to get their take on the series, as well and fan reaction from DC. Alex Ovechkin has the monkey off his back, he's a champ. Not all greats accomplish this though. Dan Marino and Charles Barkley are the obvious ones, but some others may surprise you. The Finals are over and the analysis is complete. Now...


46 | It's OK to Believe!

"The Washington Capitals are one win away from the Stanley Cup. Resident Caps fan Max Wolpoff was at the game and his euphoria is palpable. Today in The Cheap Seats, Keith Hoehne finds out from his co-host what it was like in Game 4 and it's it ok to start uttering the word: ""Champions"". So the NBA is considering adding a coaches challenge to the rules. Can they challenge a players ability to remember the score? Keith and Max breakdown whether or not its a good idea and how the Cleveland...


45 | Are We There Yet?

"It's the month of June and the NBA is still going on. Are the Finals taking too long? Christian Heimall and Jon Lauder debate this topic and more today in The Cheap Seats. After two compelling games in the NBA Finals, who has the upper hand heading into Game 3 and is there any hope for LeBron James and company? Plus, are the Washington Capitals are poised to win their first Stanley Cup? Will the Green Bay Packers survive this offseason of unfortunate events? Will MLB's injury bug ever not...