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The Case for CFB Playoff Expansion

Last week, Christian Heimall set the show on fire with his 16-team college football playoff. Today in The Cheap Seats, he and Jon Lauder look at a more realistic argument: expansion in general. The boys will lay out the pros and cons, tying in how to include Group of 5 schools, and prevent players like Will Grier from sitting out. Then, they turn the verdict over to you. Head to The Cheap Seats by Public House Media on Facebook to vote on our CFB Playoff based poll question. Don't miss out...



Matt and Jake have been in better moods. After the Steelers' Sunday night debacle and a string of bad luck in fantasy, The C Team is back at it once again. With the NHL season two months old, Matt and Jake break down the standings. Who belongs where? And who is here to stay? A few weeks ago, The C Team brought up the fact if last year's Crimson Tide could beat the Cleveland Browns? Find out what Matt and Jake have to say about that. All that plus predictions and the poll question on this...


Would You Take It?

You have been offered your dream job in sports, but it is with your favorite team's arch rival. Would you take it? Tanner Burke seems more in the "yes" camp than Max Wolpoff on this episode of The Cheap Seats. Should the Group of Five conferences make their own College Football Playoff and crown their own National Champion? Max is firmly on board, while Tanner prefers expanding the current playoff. Today is also a big day for a few D.C. sports teams: the Nationals signed Patrick Corbin to a...


The CFB Playoff and the NFL's Biggest Problem

Football's Selection Sunday came and went. Did the comiitee get it right? Could they have done better? Join Christian Heimall and Jonathan Lauder in The Cheap Seats as they talk all things College Football Playoff. During their chat, Christian rehashes his favorite argument: Expansion. And he did research! The guys analyze his look at a 16-team playoff and if it will improve the postseason. They also dive in to the NFL's biggets problem following yet another shocking video of a star player....


Back in Black

The C Team is back and fired up about this upcoming week of football in both the NFL and NCAA. Matt and Jake have a bout of "what if" in preview of the college football conference finals. What happens if everyone (except Alabama) loses? Could UCF get in? You wont want to miss this segment. Once that is settled, Matt and Jake discuss the NFL standings. Who is overrated? Who is underrated? And what do Matt and Jake think of the Pittsburgh Steelers this week? All that plus NHL talk and of all...


The Playoff is Rigged

Face the facts: the College Football Playoff is boring in its current format. It is rigged to elevate the top conferences in the sport, and does not allow most of the Bowl Subdivision a chance to compete for its title. Tanner Burke and Max Wolpoff make the case the Playoff is fixed, then offer their own fixes today in The Cheap Seats, presented by Squadcast. Would a March Maddness-style month-long tournament be the best option? Also, what were the Washington Redskins thinking by claiming...


Overhyped & Overmatched

Now that we've finally awoken from our Thanksgiving coma, it's time heat things up in The Cheap Seats. Get back to the grind with Christian Heimall and Jon Lauder as they recap the weekend in sports. Everything from golf to football and more will be carved up like a perfectly cooked bird. Was ""The Match"" really worth it? Did it help golf at all? What about Jim Harbaugh? Is his goose cooked in Ann Arbor? And which sub-.500 NFL team has the best shot at making the postseason? Join Jon and...


Thanksgiving Tease

Tanner Burke has branded Max Wolpoff with a new moniker: The Teasemaster. Why? You'll have to tune in to find out. As the big holiday approaches, so does Thanksgiving football. The Lions and Cowboys are ready for their annually guaranteed appearance on national television, with the latter poised to strike for the division lead. It could get super crazy in the last weekend of regular season college football. Notre Dame needs to make a big statement against USC, Michigan needs to beat Ohio...


Everybody Calm Down

As if this week was not stressful enough for Max Wolpoff, Tanner Burke is trying to convince him of something so wild, neither of them believe it will actually happen. "Wild Wednesday" gets truly wild this week on The Cheap Seats. Also on this episode, there is a new scandal plaguing the Ohio State Buckeyes. Should this one bar them from playing in the College Football Playoff? Weigh in on our Facebook page, The Cheap Seats by Public House Media, in our latest poll question. Stay up-to-date...


Jimmy Butler and the Upside Down NFL

Well it's finally happened. Something took place in the NBA that is making Christian Heimall and Jon Lauder talk basketball in November. Today in The Cheap Seats, hear what Jimmy Butler's arrival in Philly has in store for the rest of the Association. Stopping by to break it all down is Brandon Robinson of Scoop B Radio. He'll answer today's poll question on the 76ers chances in the East and tell you exactly why Butler isn't in Houston. Brandon also answers questions around some surprise...


Studs and Duds

Matt and Jake revisit their pre-season predictionson this Firday episode of The Cheap Seats. Some good, some bad but all come with reasoning and defense. The C Team also previews the weekend of football and review the past. Keith Hoehne also joins the crew for his weekly, "Where in the World is Keith?" segment. You won't want to miss his expierience in Gainesville and where he is headed next. All that plus some NHL talk, predictions and the poll question on this espiode of The Cheap Seats....


On The Clock

Are professional athletes ever "off the clock"? The recent viral video featuring the several players for the Ottawa Senators has Max Wolpoff and Tanner Burke thinking about the ramifications of the 24-hour news cycle on athletes. Go to our Facebook Page, The Cheap Seats by Public House Media, to voice your opinion. Also on this episode, could a uniform trade deadline be coming to Major League Baseball? Who's in the latest College Football Playoff poll? Is Le'Veon Bell ACTUALLY going to play...


Bayou Blues: Roll Tide & Who Dat!

Let's be honest, this weekend was a bit of clunker on the gridiron. From near upsets to blowouts in suposed close games, there wasn't much to get excited about in college or the NFL. Join Christian Heimall and guest-host, Kayla Zenner in The Cheap Seats as they give their thoughts on it all. With Alabama proving their dominance, who is left picking up the pieces? Does Notre Dame's latest close call actually bode well for them? And who fills LSU's spot in the latest rankings? Kayla and...


November Reign

The C Team is reunited this week as they set the stage for this weekend of NFL and college football action. But before they do that, they must address the madness of the NFL Trade Deadline. A struggling Amari Cooper for a first round pick? HaHa Clinton-Dix for a fourth? FInd out what Matt, Jake and special guest, Baxter Colburn think of the madness. The NHL season is also one month old, Matt and Jake break down the first month. WHo is the team to beat? And who is the biggest disappointment?...


Spooky Scary

Time to do your best Paul Bearer impressions, it's HALLOWEEN!! Josh Powers from Public House Media's Facebook Live show Tuesday Night QB joins Max Wolpoff this week in the cheap seats. The first College Football Playoff poll is out, and it is about what we all expected (how does this affect Alabama?). Which superstar talent is more likely to do what: is Bryce Harper more likely to re-sign in Washington then Clayton Kershaw is to opt-out of the last two years of his contract with Los Angeles?...


Damage Done

The World Series is officially over and the Damage has been Done! Join us in The Cheap Seats as Christian Heimall tries not to gloat about his Boston Red Sox and Jon Lauder tries to hide his excitement from baseball season finally being over. The boys talk about how Boston made this happen and what it means for the legacy of guys like Clayton Kershaw and David Price. Then, they shift on over to the gridiron. On the eve of the first College Football Playoff rankings who deserves to be in the...


Dungeons and Sanders

Things get a little weird in this edition of the Cheap Seats. The show starts out lonely up in the cheap seats for Matt, but then things get a little out of hand when Max Wolpoff and Keith Hoehne join the show. The boys talk about everything from Barry Sanders to Dungeons and Dragons (no, seriously). We will also hear about Keith's latest adventures and upcoming in our weekly segment, "Where in the World is Keith?". Find our poll question on our Facebook page, The Cheap Seats by Public House...


Messy Situation

How is everyone feeling after Game 1? Max Wolpoff and Tanner Burke are dragging a bit after a late night, but that will not stop them from delivering the newest episode of The Cheap Seats, presented by Squadcast. What in the world is going on in Oakland? How much money did Jon Gruden make during the recording of this show? Will the Steelers actually trade Le'Veon Bell? Max and Tanner can't seem to figure it out in football, so they go across the Atlantic to talk about Champions League futbol...


Fall Classic Plus Classic Crazy

The World Series is set and it is sure to be one for the ages. But that doesn't excite Jon Lauder at all. Join him and Christian Heimall in The Cheap Seats as they take a look at this year's Fall Classic and see who has the edge. Then, with even more crazy on the gridiron, what else is there to expect from football season? How does Ohio State's loss impact the playoff race? And can the Los Angeles Rams actually go 19-0? Christian and Jon agree when they answer both of these questions. Tune...


Home Cookin'

All four major sports are offically in season. Matt and Jake touch on each one of them on this Friday episode of The Cheap Seats. The guys give their weekly MLB and NHL updates. Are the Championship Series's over? And what will the Penguins do without Justin Schultz for four months? Since Matt and Jake are both scholars, The C Team gets scientific and break down analysis of home field advantage right before they dive into college football and NFL storylines. All that plus the weekly "Where...