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25 | Walking in a Winter Wonderland

The calendar says April but it certainly does feel that way. Especially when you're all the way up in The Cheap Seats. Max Wolpoff and Geoff Chiles are all bundled up to bring you the latest and greatest in sports talk. Major League Baseball has postponed 24 games since the season began three weeks ago. How much has Mother Nature hurt America's pastime? Enough to shorten the season? The guys debate and allow you to have your voice heard. Visit our Facebook page (The Cheap Seats by Public...


24 | The Cheap Seats Presents and NBA Award "Show"

It's the postseason and while we love watching the games, in The Cheap Seats we'd rather talk about who should take home shiny trophies. Today, Jon Lauder and Christian Heimall debate which NBA starts should and will be taking home such prestigious​ honors like Most Valuable Player, Coach of the Year, Rookie of the Year, and maybe some awards you've never heard of. They'll also look at the first round matchups and recap what they've seen on the first two days of basketball's playoffs. We...


23 | The NBA Playoffs are nothing like the NHL

Drama, drama, drama...that is the best way to describe what is to come when the NBA Playoffs tip off on April 14th. Meanwhile, the NHL Playoffs are already providing just how incredible they are and why they continue to be the best playoffs in all major sports. Join Baxter Colburn & Matt Coyne for a new edition of The Cheap Seats on Public House Media. Afterall, the weekend is right around the corner and Baxter cannot wait to get on a plane to Mexico for his vacation, so he is a little all...


22 | 23 | Ice Ice Baby

"The greatest postseason in sports is here as the Stanley Cup Playoffs begin tonight! Inside The Cheap Seats our resident hockey gurus, Geoff Chiles and Max Wolpoff get you pumped to lace up the skates. The boys will give you a full breakdown of each first-round matchup, including who they think advance towards the ultimate prize. However, it's not all goal horns and kick saves. They have some gripes associated with the playoff format and offer up some simple solutions for the NHL to...


21 | The Most Prestigious Sports Award Draft

What is the most prestigious award an athlete can win in the sports world? Is it the green jacket? What about getting your number retired? Or a Gold Medal? Matt Coyne and Baxter Colburn debate this highly heated topic on today's edition of The Cheap Seats. NHL Playoff Hockey is just around the corner and Jake Holmes of Pittsburgh Hockey Now skates through the program to talk about the chances of the Pittsburgh Penguins winning it all in 2018. Plus his ultimate Stanley Cup prediction. Don't...


20 | Maddness No More

There's no more disheartening feeling than the end of a season. Especially when you lost the National Title. Geoff Chiles and guest host Christian Heimall are back in The Cheap Seats to recap Villanova's championship run and say farewell to college basketball. While one season may be done, we have plenty other sports to talk about. From the NHL's Playoff push to The Masters beginning on Thursday, there's a lot to fill your water cooler. Christian and Geoff will break it all down and...


19 | No Fools Here

With the calendar turning to April, a midst of jokes are being played. But not in The Cheap Seats! Christian Heimall and Jon Lauder mean business! With one champion crowned and another set to be annointed, the guys recap a stellar NCAA Women's Basketball Final Four while getting you ready for the men's championship game in San Antonio. Plus, the NBA is the final push for the playoffs and there may be a surprise team in the running. Also, with baseball completing it's first weekend of the...


18 | Baseball is back, back, back!

A new season of Major League Baseball is here and brings a whole new batch of possibilities and excitement for fans. Baxter Colburn and Matt Coyne welcome Baseball Broadcaster and Journalist Alfredo Muente to the program as he lays out a preview of teams and storylines to watch. On a lighter note, Matt is thrilled that the NFL finally has figured out what a catch is and that Jesse James actually caught the controversial pass against the Patriots. Don't forget, NFL Free Agency is still...


17 | Putting the Chill on the Final Four

"When you get to this point of the NCAA Tournament, you've chilled out from your bracket getting busted. Not these guys. Geoff Chiles and Max Wolpoff are still a little ramped up on today's episode of The Cheap Seats. As a proud alum of Michigan, Geoff is all fired up about his Maize & Blue in San Antonio. Max will try to temper his expectations as the two give their thoughts on what will happen this weekend and who will be playing for a national championship. Plus, with baseball Opening...


16 | Play Ball, Cinderella!

"It’s one of those wonderful times of the year where seasons collide and sports benefits. Today in The Cheap Seats Christian Heimall and Jon Lauder break down one of our favorite times of the year. First up, Cinderella has survived midnight, but can she actually become the “Belle of the Ball”. The boys recap Loyola-Chicago’s impressive run and if the Ramblers are actually the biggest NCAA Tournament surprise ever. Don’t forget about the “Blue Bloods” joining the last dance in San Antonio....


15 | Snoopy vs. Charlie Brown vs. Pittsburgh vs. ESPN

Matt Coyne and Baxter Colburn bring you another episode of The Cheap Seats presented by Public House Media. Did you know there are a group of engineering students at Purdue trying to fix Isaac Haas's elbow? Neither did we. How is your bracket looking after some major upsets in the first few rounds? Matt and Baxter decide to bring out their own brackets and try to debate on topics they ACTUALLY know something about. Snoopy vs. Charlie Brown? Superman vs. the Joker? Check out The Cheap Seats...


14 | Long live the bracket?

Geoff Chiles and Max Wolpoff talk a lot about how dead and busted their brackets are to kick off this edition of The Cheap Seats. Despite having trust issues with March Madness, the guys laud this year's tournament as among the most exciting they can remember. For all you college hockey fans, Geoff and Max play some Bracketology for the upcoming NCAA hockey tournament, followed by Wild Wednesday. Find the show on iHeartRadio, Apple Podcasts, TuneIn Radio and more!


13 | Why Brackets Why?

It’s time for the Sweet 16! Jonathan Lauder is flying solo this week, and breaks down the first two rounds of the NCAA tournament. He gives his thoughts on all the upsets and top stories, as well as how his bracket did (or didn’t) do. He also goes over NFL free agency and he draft, including whether the Jets or Giants have had a better offseason thus far. Finally, some NBA chatter and of course, Mojo Monday! Don’t forget to vote on our daily Facebook poll question, Should you do brackets,...


12 | Free Agency is making the NFL great again

With a fresh week of sports news to dive through Baxter Colburn and Matt Coyne are back in the cheap seats with A LOT of NFL free agency news to discuss. Don't worry there is plenty of talk about how Russell Westbrook is dominating the NBA and whether or not the guys have busted their brackets, plus some shocking Final Four picks. The NFL is getting more relevant than ever before thanks to free agency is back. Kirk Cousins is headed to Minnesota, while the Cleveland Browns and Tennessee...


11 | Talkin Tourney

"With the NCAA Tournament set to begin in earnest, Geoff Chiles and Max Wolpoff are ready to have their brackets busted! But first...Selection Show, we need to talk. The boys give their thoughts on what was an interesting Sunday for fans, social media haters, and everyone else who was mesmerized but what happened. Then, it's on to the Big Dance. Geoff and Max take your through their most intriguing matchups, their hopes for Cinderella, as well as which blue bloods are just teasing you to...


10 | The Cheap Seats Official (But Wrong) Bracket Breakdown!

"Welcome once again to the tippity top of the arena, The Cheap Seats! With NCAA Selection Sunday behind us, there's only one thing to talk about: Brackets! Christian Heimall and Jon Lauder break down the entire field of 68 including who you'll be calling Cinderella. Don't miss their in-depth look at all four regions, including upset picks and who will be heading to San Antonio for the Final Four. Here's a special tease: they have the same four teams but different champs! If you want to...


9 | No one out pizzas the Hut

We've got another tasty edition of The Cheap Seats presented by Public House Media in store for you today. Hosts Baxter Colburn and Matt Coyne brave another snowy day up high in their cheap seats to bring you the latest sports headlines. CBS 58 Sports Director Kevin Holden joins the program for the guys "Calling Home" segment to talk all things Green Bay Packers. Will the Packers do something significant in free agency? What about in the NFL Draft in 48 days? Will they actually sign a good...


8 | Making Our Case (Keenum)

"Welcome back inside The Cheap Seats where our banter is better than yours. On today's show, Max Wolpoff is joined by guest host Christian Heimall to bring you the latest in the wild world of sports. First, the guys talk NFL as Kirk Cousins seems to be on his way to Minnesota. But don't they already have a quarterback? Or three? Christian and Max dive in to the NFL Free Agent market and the ever strange world of the franchise tag. Then, with Selection Sunday only a few days away the guys...


7 | It's Madness We Tell You...Madness!

The month of March can only mean one thing: MADNESS! Get your week started with Christian Heimall and Jon Lauder in The Cheap Seats. Selection Sunday is just six days away and the boys are more than looking forward to it. Which conference tournaments are they most excited about? Who do they have as early Final Four favorites? Tune in to find out. It's not just college basketball going mad. The NFL has certainly lost it's mind over the last few days. The rules committee has some...


6 | The "Luck" of the Mock Draft

The smell of a fresh NFL Mock Draft is powering Baxter Colburn and Matt Coyne through today's edition of The Cheap Seats. CBS Sports put out an article talking about Andrew Luck getting traded to the Browns for a boatload of draft picks, but is that actually realistic? The guys certainly have something to say about it. LeBron James is likely on the move this Summer in another busy NBA off-season. The Philadelphia 76ers are doing their best to draw his attention to their young and promising...


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