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Are you looking to have a successful drone business? Join The Drone Trainer, Chris Anderson, as he interviews other successful drone pilots from around the world. In these weekly interviews, you'll hear about everything from marketing your drone business to flight tips, and a variety of ideas that you can use to help your drone business really take off! Yes, that pun was intended! Subscribe now :)

Are you looking to have a successful drone business? Join The Drone Trainer, Chris Anderson, as he interviews other successful drone pilots from around the world. In these weekly interviews, you'll hear about everything from marketing your drone business to flight tips, and a variety of ideas that you can use to help your drone business really take off! Yes, that pun was intended! Subscribe now :)
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Are you looking to have a successful drone business? Join The Drone Trainer, Chris Anderson, as he interviews other successful drone pilots from around the world. In these weekly interviews, you'll hear about everything from marketing your drone business to flight tips, and a variety of ideas that you can use to help your drone business really take off! Yes, that pun was intended! Subscribe now :)




TDT 057 - Flying in SE Australia with Phil Alder

Phil Alder is a drone pilot based in Victoria, Australia, running Gippsland Drone Services. While Phil doesn't have his commercial licensing, you'll hear that he is still able to work as long as he is obeying all the Australian drone rules. He is obviously limited in what he can do, but he's still making it happen while operating legally in rural areas. Working mostly in real estate and property work, Phil is flying his drone for a lot of large farms and rural accommodations. He's...


TDT 056 - Flying in the middle of an airport with Sparky Sorenson

Sparky Sorenson is a drone pilot form Dallas Texas, currently fling the DJI Phantom 4 Pro and DJI Inspire 2 models. Sparky has been flying since 2014, when he was in a band and taking a lot of cross state roadies. During these trips he started to explore video editing, and eventually added on a drone! His first drone, like mine, was the Phantom 2. Flying mostly cinematography, and mapping missions, his choice in the P4P and I2 is obvious. The quality and calibre of footage you can get from...


I'll be at CES 2019 checking out all the new drone tech!

What is CES 2019? CES 2019 is the world’s gathering place for consumer technologies, and I will be there to check out all of the new and existing drone tech. The show runs from January 8-11 at the Las Vegas Convention Center (and many other venues), and I'll be hitting the exhibitor floor every day to take in all that is drone. With 4500 exhibitors, and over 180,000 attendees, this is going to be massive! What I'll be doing at CES 2019! Throughout the show, I'll be providing live updates...


TDT 054 - Drone Q&A with Chris Anderson and Walt Snider

Walt Snider is an IT professional and Office 365 trainer based in Miami Florida. He is a photographer that has a lot of interest in drones, and has a LOT of questions! In this episode we're going to turn the tables a little as Walt will be asking most of the drone questions, and I'm answering them off the cuff. Yeah, no prep so you can hear me fire off answers in real time instead of having a lot of time to prepare. As you'll hear, I love talking about drones and have a good time in this...


TDT 053 - Winter Drone Flight Tips

7 Essential Winter Drone Flight Tips Flying your drone in the winter can be one of the most rewarding times to fly, however you must be adequately prepared! We fly our drones in the often brutal Canadian winters, so have decided to share our top winter flight tips with you! Yes, these tips come from experience, not just what we've read on the internet 😉 Keeping Your Hands Warm I'm a big fan of flying without gloves, as I feel that I loose dexterity and the "touch" required to fly with...


TDT 052 - Luxury Real Estate Drone Pilot Houston Brown

Houston Brown is a luxury real estate photographer and drone pilot, who has carved out a niche shooting multimillion dollar ranches in the Dallas area. He started off as a ground based photographer, and branched out into drones once realtors started expecting aerials added to their marketing materials. In addition to just shooting luxury real estate, Houston is marketing himself as a luxury photographer. How do you market yourself as a luxury real estate drone photographer? Well, he starts...


TDT 051 - Swedish Drone Pilot Camilla Dellion

Camilla Dellion is a currently living in the Maldives, flying and capturing some dynamite ocean shots. She is originally from Sweden, but as you hear in this interview she's a world traveler who already has her sites set on her next location. She is currently selling her beautiful prints back home in Sweden to help support her lifestyle in the Maldives, and taking every opportunity that she can to go to Indonesia for projects. Camilla is currently living on an island that is about 1km long,...


TDT 050 - Home and Away Director and Drone Pilot Tony Gardiner

Tony Gardiner is a drone pilot and director on the Australian television show, Home And Away. Tony has been working on the show for a few years, and has worked his way up to director. Don't let that fool you into thinking that he's just directing all the awesome drone shots that you see on the show though. He's also on the drone controls, flying and capturing all the shots that they need for the show! Tony is currently flying the DJI Inspire 2 and Mavic 2 Pro, after upgrading from the...


TDT 049 - Mapping, Modelling, and 360 Drone Tours with Mika Kurkilahti

Mika Kurkilahti is a Finnish drone pilot based on Turku. He is one of the partners at a digital agency, and is incorporating drone flights and footage in his creative work. He has been working in his digital agency since 2002, and has been working with drones since 2014 when he picked up a DJI Phantom 2. Since starting with the Phantom 2, Mika has upgraded to the Phantom 3 Pro and now the Phantom 4 Pro. He discusses how well the P3P worked for him, and how beneficial DJI Care was when he...


TDT Bonus - Lost and Found Drones

Just a quick bonus episode of the podcast, where I speak with Marc Monteiro, who recently found a drone while out on a hike with friends in Australia. Marc played detective and got it back to the rightful owner, so listen in to see how he made that happen!


TDT 048 - Drones in South Florida Real Estate with Mike Poore

Mike Poore is based in Pembrooke Pines, near Fort Lauderdale and Miami in south Florida. He's a drone pilot, and the brains behind Mike's Aerial Photography LLC. Mike has been flying and operating for about a year now, and started off with a Phantom 3 Standard that he picked up on Amazon. Since then he has upgraded to the Mavic Pro, and recently to the Mavic 2 Pro. Working primarily in real estate, Mike is creating photos and videos of his client's properties from a variety of angles and...


TDT 047 - Real Estate and Solar Panel Drones with Keith Perry

Keith Perry, as you may remember from a video blog post that I shared a few weeks ago, is flying a Mavic 2 Zoom. He was one of the first drone pilots that picked up a Mavic 2 Zoom, so with how passionate he is about drones I wanted to chat with him on the podcast as well! Keith's company is Hudson Valley Drones, based in upstate New York. Keith is concentrating on real estate, but is also working in solar panels and surveying for solar companies. If you're interested in solar panel work, be...


TDT 046 - Riptide Prints Creator Michael Brown

Michael Brown is an Australia based drone pilot, who identified a need to help drone photographers get their work on walls around the world. Michael found that there are creators that are producing some excellent materials, but don't have an easy way to market, print, and ship their work around the world. His response? He created Riptide Prints! As I mention in the introduction to the show, this is a follow-up episode to my chat with Merr Watson in episode 42. Merr spoke positively about...


TDT 045 - Drone Landscapes with Tyler Leipprandt

Tyler Leipprandt is a Michigan based drone pilot, who is working in real estate and also shooting landscape photos with his drone. Tyler was a teacher for 5 years, and then made the transition into instructional technology. From there his love of drones and tech grew, and the rest has been history.


TDT 044 - Construction Progress with Kyle Ventler

Kyle Ventler is flying out of the Seattle area, flying construction sites to capture progression footage. He has been taking standard photos and videos of construction sites, and has now come up with a new technique to count anchor bolts at construction sites. He's developed this technique based on a drone mapping combination of Drone Deploy and Agremo. Yes, Agremo is marketed as an agricultural product, however Kyle has found a way to utilize it in his construction drone work. Very cool and...


TDT 043 - Drone Augmented Reality with Chris Brisendine

Chris Brisendine has developed an augmented reality solution for drones, that he envisions will be used heavily in public safety response. He has a connection with emergency management in Paris Tennessee, which has allowed him to access useful data to utilize in his app. There is 911 information, home values, colour of houses, and more, but the real value comes in his ability to create overlays. Roads, dropping pins, and damage assessments can be done in real time using Chris' augmented...


TDT 042 - Selling Drone Prints with Merr Watson

Merr Watson was born in the Philippines and moved to Perth about 8 years ago. She is a content creator, who is using her drone to capture stunning photos and videos at the beach. Merr was approached by Mike at Riptide Prints who offered her the opportunity to easily sell her prints online. Riptide takes care of all the printing, framing, and shipping, while still providing Merr the majority of the profit. Think she is a fan of that? YOU BET!


TDT 041 - Connecticut Drone Pilot Ryan Hargraves

Ryan Hargraves has been a photographer for 10 years, and has now added drones to his arsenal. He takes a lot of real estate photos, and adding the drone to his business has been very financially beneficial to his business. Ryan owns the DJI Mavic, Inspire 1, and Phantom 4 Pro, and discusses why he chooses one over the other based on the type of job that he's doing. Since he has a few smaller capable units, you're probably not going to be surprised to hear why his Inspire 1 is mostly sitting...


TDT 040 - Drone Insurance with Evan Garmon

Evan Garmon is an insurance agent based in Indiana, servicing drone pilots from all across the United States. Evan has been working in the insurance industry since 2013, and started to specialize in drone insurance in 2015 with Harpenau Insurance. His description on their website says that Evan loves drones, reading, fitness, and pumpkin carving. Rest assured, we're only going to talk about the first point in this interview ;) Evan and I discuss trends in the drone insurance industry, as...


TDT 039 - Manchester Drone Pilot Ella McKendrick

Ella McKendrick is a recreational drone pilot who is also using her drone to promote her lifestyle brand. Listen in as she discuss her editing process, Instagram advertising strategies, and why she is shooting JPG instead of RAW photos! When speaking about Instagram ads, Ella gives us tips on how to best target your ads so that you're not just throwing your money into the wind. Strategies discussed include age, gender, and location targeting based on your desired audience. If you're...