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The Ex-Pats Podcast" from features host Mike Giardi and former New England Patriots' Dan Koppen and Jerod Mayo. The guys will break down that weeks game and discuss the news of the week from a players perspective.

The Ex-Pats Podcast" from features host Mike Giardi and former New England Patriots' Dan Koppen and Jerod Mayo. The guys will break down that weeks game and discuss the news of the week from a players perspective.
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The Ex-Pats Podcast" from features host Mike Giardi and former New England Patriots' Dan Koppen and Jerod Mayo. The guys will break down that weeks game and discuss the news of the week from a players perspective.




How are the Patriots going to move on from their defeat in Miami?

In this episode of the Ex-Pats Podcast with Phil Perry and Troy Brown: 04:18- Why was Devin McCourty missing from the field on the final play of the game? 12:30- Patriots defense: Running defense's big plays and ability to handle an unpredictable offense 20:50- James White and Gordon are doing better than expected 26:06- Brady's knee brace: was it an injury or just uncomfortable? 33:40- Troy Brown gives out his "Vitch" of the week


Is the Patriots defense that good? or were the Vikings overrated?

Phil Perry and Rob Ninkovich break down the Patriots win over the Vikings. (1:00) Were the Patriots real good? or were the Vikings just bad? (5:00) Rob Ninkovich breaks down what the Patriots defense did scheme wise successfully against the Vikings. (9:30) How overrated are the Vikings? (12:00) Why was the Patriots offense so “check down” heavy against Vikings? (14:30) Rob Ninkovich discusses how tough it is to play down in Miami (19:00) Ninkovich gives a grade on how good of a trash talker...


What does Rob Ninkovich think about Cordarrelle Patterson's "grab" on Sunday?

Phil Perry and Rob Ninkovich give their takeaways from the Patriots win over the Jets. Rob Ninkovich explains why a well balanced offense is even more important now for Tom Brady later in his career, and reacts to Cordarrelle Patterson's "grab on Sunday. Rob Ninkovich discusses his decision to retire when he did, and how conscious current players should be for their future health. (2:00) Rob Ninkovich explains why he absolutely hates the Jets, and always has. (5:00) Why did the Patriots...


Patriots need to "burn the tape" after embarrassing loss to Titans

NBC Sports Boston Patriots insider Phil Perry is joined by Rob Ninkovich to break down the Patriots 34-10 Week 10 loss to the Tennessee Titans: 2:51 - "This is the worst loss in November under Bill Belichick." Phil observes that the Patriots seemed confused in the locker room after the tough loss to the Titans. 4:12 - Rob Ninkovich says that the big-picture takeaway from the loss is that the Patriots "got their ass kicked" and that they need to "take that whole day and bury it." 7:09 -...


Sebastian Vollmer helps break down Patriots win over Packers

Former Patriots offensive lineman Sebastian Vollmer joins Phil Perry and Rob Ninkovich on this week's Ex-Pats Podcast: 0:30 - Phil and Rob catch up with Sebastian Vollmer as the Ex-Pat recalls stories from his time with New England. 14:50 - Vollmer discusses what the Patriots offensive line did well in the Patriots 31-17 victory over the Green Bay Packers and how the unit's success allowed Cordarrelle Patterson to have a breakout night. 18:50 - Ninkovich and Vollmer discuss how the...


Ups and downs in win over Bills and a quiet trade deadline

Phil Perry and Rob Ninkovich break down the Patriots Week 8 win over the Buffalo Bills and discuss the team's inactivity at the NFL trade deadline and what it means for the team going forward. 3:01 - "The Bills played tremendous on defense . . . but they are the worst offense in the NFL." 5:39 - Phil and Nink discuss the Patriots' own success on defense despite dealing with trick plays from a desperate Buffalo offense. 11:33 - Phil wonders if the crowd noise contributed to the Patriots...


Phil and Ninkovich break down the Patriots close victory over the Bears on Sunday

In this episode of the Ex-Pats Podcast with Phil Perry and Rob Ninkovich: 1:56 - Breaking down the Patriots vs. Bears matchup and discuss some of the uncharacteristic mistakes made by New England. 4:56 - Patriots interior pass rush vs the Bears defensive line 8:05 Adam Butler replacing Deatrich Wise on the defensive line 11:05 - Jonathan Jones making a great interception 12:00 - Mitch Trubisky making mistakes throwing the ball 13:50 Gronkowski’s back issues 16:56 Dont'a Hightower’s...


Rob Ninkovich defends his comments about Travis Kelce, takeaways from Patriots win over Chiefs

(1:30) Rob Ninkovich gives his takeaways from the Patriots win over the Chiefs (3:00) How does the speed and talent of the Chiefs rank amongst the best Ninkovich has seen? (5:00) How has the run game been able to improve in the past two weeks? Will it continue to be a theme? (8:30) Is there a concern that the Patriots cannot get enough pressure on quarterbacks? (15:00) Rob Ninkovich discusses calling Travis Kelce a ‘glorified receiver’ (22:00) Why is Gillette not a loud stadium? Is it the...


Troy Brown talks about Edelman's return and locker room personalities

Troy Brown replaces Rob Ninkovich in this week's episode to break down the Patriots Week 5 victory over the Colts with host Phil Perry. 1:32 - Troy Brown discusses Julian Edelman's return to the field and Belichick's decision to get him involved in the passing game early. 5:23 - Phil asks Troy if receivers new to the Patriots organization have trouble adjusting to Tom Brady's style with certain routes. 8:56 - Troy and Phil discuss how Brady picked about the Colt's zone defense, especially...


Rob Ninkovich on workouts with Julian Edelman, and why we should ease expectations

Phil Perry and Rob Ninkovich break down the Patriots huge win over the Dolphins, and what they can build off going forward. (3:30) How was the defense able to improve so much against the Dolphins? What did they do different? (6:00) How key was Dont’a Hightower’s performance to the dominance on defense? (13:00) How confident are we in the Patriots upcoming matchups?(15:00) How important was running the ball in the Patriots success? (17:30) What should our expectations be for Sony Michel?...


Rob Ninkovich gives his keys to Patriots turning things around

(1:00) Rob Ninkovich voices his biggest concerns after seeing the Patriots lose the Lions. (6:00) What can the coaching staff do to turn things around for the Patriots? (8:30) Is there just a talent deficiency on Patriots? (12:00) Which player can motivate the Patriots to get better? (13:00) What defensive changes would Nink make to switch things up? (16:00) What does Bill Belichick say to his team after such a rough start? (18:30) Rob Ninkovich reacts to Gronk confirming he threatened to...


Rob Ninkovich is not sold on Josh Gordon being a ‘Patriots type guy’

Rob Ninkovich and Phil Perry react to the Patriots drafting Josh Gordon, and debate how long it will take for him to earn the Patriots trust. (3:30) How much did loss to the Jaguars factor into bringing in Josh Gordon? (5:30) Will Chris Hogan be angry losing targets to Josh Gordon? (12:00) How long can Josh Gordon last on talent alone? (13:00) How can the “Patriots way” lead Josh Gordon down the right path? (20:00) Breaking down the Patriots loss to the Jaguars, what can the Patriots learn...


Rob Ninkovich gives his first impressions of Patriots defense/ Dont’a Hightower on his return to the field

Rob Ninkovich and Phil Perry break down the Patriots week 1 win over the Texans. (5:00) Ninkovich gives his first impressions of the Patriots defense under Brian Flores. (8:30) Will the Texans offensive line be the worst line the Patriots face this season? (11:20) What grades do we give the Patriots offense after game 1? (17:00) Dont’a Hightower joins our crew to break down the Patriots week 1 win, and how it felt to be back on the field. (21:00) Rob Ninkovich gives his studs and duds from...


Former NFL QB Bruce Gradkowski wants the Patriots to draft fellow Toldeo QB

Mike Giardi is joined by former NFL quarterback Bruce Gradkowski to discuss the 2018 Draft Class, including Logan Woodside from his alma mater, Toledo. Gradkowski talks about his draft experience and how the combine results are way overblown in terms of translating to success in the league.


Greg Cosell from NFL Films talks NFL Draft

Mike Giardi chats with Executive Producer of "NFL Matchup" (and NFL Films) Greg Cosell to talk about some of the players that have been linked to the New England Patriots in one way or another for the 2018 NFL Draft. Players discussed in this episode include Louisville QB Lamar Jackson (1:50), Oklahoma St. QB Mason Rudolph (4:55), Washington St. QB Luke Falk (7:13), Maryland WR DJ Moore (9:45), offensive tackles Kolton Miller of UCLA and Connor Williams of Texas (11:37), Edge prospect...


12-year veteran QB Dan Orlovsky breaks down 2018 Draft quarterback class

0:44 - 12-year NFL veteran QB Dan Orlovsky joins Mike Giardi to break down the quarterbacks in the 2018 Draft. Orlovsky begins by dialing in on what stands out for prime candidates. 4:24 - With it being reported that the Patriots have an “affinity” for Baker Mayfield, Orlovsky discusses how Mayfield’s skills will translate in the NFL and if he will be able to mentally handle the responsibility that comes with being an NFL quarterback. 9:08 - Whether or not the Patriots use the 2018 draft...


Recap of Patriots Super Bowl loss; Complete break down of Malcolm Butler situation

2:40 - Why didn’t Malcolm Butler play a defensive snap? Mike Giardi recaps the whole saga around the cornerback being benched. 7:25 - Giardi discusses why Butler still dressed for the game and wasn’t sent home. Koppen breaks down the rules Belichick has for his team and what happens when you break them. 9:34 - Was Belichick being too stubborn and did he hurt the Patriots chances of winning another Super Bowl? Giardi and Koppen explain how there are two sides to the story. 12:04 - Dan...


Recapping Patriots win in AFC title game over Jags; Brady’s thumb injury; Amendola comes up big

1:45 - Mike Giardi and Dan Koppen break down the Patriots comeback win over Jaguars in the AFC Championship Game to advance to Super Bowl LII. 4:20 - Leonard Fournette not looking like himself but Blake Bortles making the right plays against the Patriots defense. 7:40 - A couple of mistakes from the Jaguars, punting before 2 minute warning which gave the Patriots an extra timeout, and kneeling at the end of the 1st half with 2 timeouts and 50 seconds remaining. 12:10 - Dion Lewis...


Patriots advance to 7th straight AFC title game; Will Jaguars defense give Patriots trouble?

4:15 - Patriots going to 7th straight AFC title game. Mike Giardi and Dan Koppen discuss the ability for the Patriots to coach up their players and put them in a position to succeed. 7:55 - Is Koppen finally buying into the Patriots defense and how Matt Patricia deserves more credit than he has been receiving. 10:23 - Patriots offense started out a little bit slow against the Titans but then scored 35 unanswered points. Great job by Patriots offensive line giving Brady time and Brady's...


Rob Ninkovich breaks down AFC playoff matchups/ Intimidation factor Patriots have over other teams

Rob Ninkovich sits down with Mike Giardi to discuss the AFC playoff matchup, and why he believes in other teams being intimated of the Patriots come playoff time. (1:00)Rob Ninkovich on life after football, and what parts of the game he misses. (2:30) What should the Patriots main focus during their bye week. (3:30) Ninkovich on his first impressions of James Harrison with the Patriots. (9:00) Is this Patriots defense good enough to win a Super Bowl (11:00) Rob Ninkovich on how much other...