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A podcast created for all deer hunters alike. A whitetail junkie’s home for tips, tricks, tactics and stories from across the Midwest.

A podcast created for all deer hunters alike. A whitetail junkie’s home for tips, tricks, tactics and stories from across the Midwest.
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A podcast created for all deer hunters alike. A whitetail junkie’s home for tips, tricks, tactics and stories from across the Midwest.






EP 57 | Hunting The Upper Peninsula With Ryan Peroceschi

On Todays episode we talk with Ryan Peroceschi a Michigan native that resides in the dense forest of the UP. Ryan explains how him and his Father have navigated the UP for years hunting Whitetail on Public Land. Podcast Topics: - Hunting The UP - Caliber of bucks the UP has to offer - Michigan Hunting Tradition - The difference in hunting the Lower to the Upper Peninsula - Justins Iowa Turkey Hunt - Ryan's Public Land buck From last year Find Us...


EP 56 | Laden Force of North American Whitetail

Todays episode we sit down with Laden Force of North American Whitetail. Laden is the Associate Publisher at NAW and a big Public Land adventurist. This is a great podcast with Laden as we talk about a wide range of topics. Enjoy!!! Podcast Topics: - North American Whitetail - North American Elk - Bowhunter Magazine - Public Land Hunting - Fear of Hunting Public Land Find Us...


EP 55 | Social Media, Mountain Turkey Hunting and Elk with Keegan Ziemer

On todays episode I'm joined by Keegan Ziemer the Social Media Director for BeAlive Outside and The Keefer Brothers. Keegan dives into what it's like being a Social Media Director in the outdoor industry, along with hunting Turkeys in the mountains of Colorado. Thanks for listening and I hope you enjoy. Podcast Topics: - Doing social media for a job - Turkey hunting in the mountains of Colorado - Buying 10 Acres in Michigan to Hunt Find Us...


EP 54 | Managing Small Properties with Matt Zahl

On todays episode with Michigan Native Matt Zahl, we talk about his 10 acres on the west side of Michigan where he's spent the last 4 years trying to manage for Whitetails with a variety of different tactics. Podcast Topics: - Managing Small Properties - Living on the property that you hunt - Making 10 Acres the best you can with the resources you have - Hunting Little Kill Plots - Using select cuts for your property to help your deer hunting Guest Social...


EP 53 | Coffee Call - Prescribed Fires and Frost Seeding

On todays Coffee Call we discuss prescribed fires and frost seeding. We talk about how prescribed fires can benefit you and how you can go about implementing them. Lastly we talk about Frost seeding and a couple of different techniques you can do for different types of frost seeding. Podcast Topics: - Frost seeding for Bedding, Fawn Drop and Cover - Frost seeding for food or food plots - Prescribed Fires and how they can benefit your habitat Find Us...


EP 52 | Alex Nadolski of The Rise

This weeks main show finds us talking to Michigan Native Alex Nadolski of The Rise. On this episode we discuss his season last year when he lost a lease in Ohio only to pick a new lease up two weeks before season and kill a really good buck on it. Hope you Enjoy!!! Talking Points: - Getting a lease in Ohio - Hunting Ohio - Learning to not rely on trail cams all the time - Observation Stands - Waiting on the right weather - Catching bucks in the right mood for calling The Rise...


EP 51 | Coffee Call - Spring Cleaning

On todays Coffee Call we discuss our Spring plans for Whitetails, Turkeys and Bears. We talk about the tags we've applied for and the animals we plan to pursue this season. Podcast Topics: - What we are doing for Whitetails right now - Are plans for Turkey Season - The tags we've applied for - The hunts we plan on going on this Fall Find Us...


EP 50 | Be Different... Producing Hunts Through The Lens

On todays episode we discuss a whole list of things relating to production and producing hunts through the lens of a camera. We break down different ways to get your viewers engaged in your content through different shots and storylines. Podcast Topics - Producing your hunts - Shooting for the edit - How to shoot a engaging scene - Being different in your style - Making sure your editor has everything they need to make a compelling story - The difference between a Field Producer and...


EP 49 | Coffee Call - Doe Management and Herd Health

Happy Friday everyone!!! On todays coffee call we dive into doe management and heard health on your farm. Talking Points: - How do I know if I have a doe problem? - How do I take care of my doe problem? - How do I figure out how many does are on my farm? - Figuring out my Buck to Doe ratio - What is a deer's diet consist of? - What are deer eating in the winter? - Whens the best time to shoot does? - What is a healthy herd? - Making goals for yourself going into the...


EP 48 | Cabs Here!!! Bowhunting New Jersey With Greg Litzinger

On todays episode we have return guest Greg Litzinger with us, as we talk about a wide verity of topics. Podcast Topics: - Gregs 2018 Public Land Buck - Earn a Buck Law In New Jersey - Being able to Shoot 5 bucks in a Season - Having the right mindset to hunt public land - Hunting on the ground - Gregs approach to still hunting - Going with your gut - Putting Big Bucks on a pedestal - What do you scout for this time of year (March) - Setting Goals and taking notes during the...


EP 47 | Coffee Call - How Calling Affects Bucks From State To State

Todays Coffee Call we discuss calling bucks and how it affects deer from state to state. We also talk about how deer density is a major factor to calling bucks in the rut. Podcast Talking Points: - Calling Bucks from state to state - How deer density effects calling bucks - Calling Sequences - How to read deer - Pros and Cons to blind calling Find Us...


EP 46 | Doubling Up On Public Land Bucks With Sean Fahrendorf

On todays episode we sit down with Sean Fahrendorf to talk about his public land hunting strategies, along with two bucks that he was able to capitalize on in Illinois last season. Podcast Talking Points: - Illinois Public Land - Terrain Features - Capitalizing on bucks that have been spooked - Hunting 3 day windows - What types of things you should look for while looking at a Map - Where to start when never hunting public land before Find Us...


EP 45 | Coffee Call - How to Apply for Non Resident Tags

On todays Coffee Call we discuss how to apply for non resident whitetail tags for a lot of Midwest States. Podcast Talking Points: - States We Cover - Ohio, Wisconsin, Kentucky, Illinois, Wisconsin, Iowa, Missouri, Tennessee and Kansas Find Us Online: Subscribe and Rate us on...


EP 44 | The Intern On The Couch

Cooper Long sits down with us this week to talk about starting from no experience running a camera to becoming a successful field producer in the hunting industry. Podcast topics: - Running Cameras - Field Producing - Starting in the Industry - Producing Hunting Television - Filming Hunts - Zero Experience to Producing Television Find Us...


EP 43 | Killing Her Biggest Buck To Date With Lindsey Bauer

On todays episode we sit down with Lindsey Bauer (Zastrow). Lindsey explains how she was brought up in hunting and fishing, and discusses her move from Nebraska to Iowa. Lindsey was in pursuit of a particular buck for two years before she was able to seal the deal at 12 yards on the ground!!! I hope everyone enjoys this one. Thanks for listening. Americas Best Bowstrings Website: Americas Best Bowstrings Social...


EP 42 | Coffee Call - Is Camo Really Necessary?

On todays Coffee Call we have a listener submitted question asking our opinion if camouflage is really necessary. We start by giving a back story on when camo really became and thing and then go into the study of what deer see through their eyes. This ones a really good topic and something we really wanted to cover. Thanks for listening. Americas Best Bowstrings Website: ABB Social Pages: Facebook:...


EP 41 | #VENISONGAINS - Joel Burham of Whitetail Fit

This week we sit down with Joel Burham of Whitetail Fit. We go in great length with Joel talking everything from growing up in a non hunting family to how we as hunters should be portraying hunting and the outdoors on social media. This podcast was blast to record and Joel brings a lot to the table on a lot of different topics. Podcast Topics - The Boogie Man - New Zeeland Tarh Hunting - Alaska Grizzly Hunt - Fitness in Hunting - 2017 Public Land Buck Kill - Mental Toughness on...


EP 40 | Coffee Call - Is It Shed Season Yet?

On todays Coffee Call Justin and I talk about sheds. We breakdown why deer shed their antlers and what causes them to shed their antlers. We also touch on a couple different things to do when your out shed hunting to maximize your time to find more sheds. Enjoy!! Americas Best Bowstrings Social Pages: Americas Best Bowstrings Website:


EP 39 | Planning For Your Food Plots With Jeff Nelson Of Advanced Habitat Solutions

Todays episode finds us sitting down with Jeff Nelson of Advanced Habitat Solutions to talk about planning for your food plots. Jeff is from Wisconsin and he brings some really useful tips to the table when it comes to food plotting. Enjoy!!! Americas Best Bowstrings Social Media: Americas Best Bowstrings Website:


EP 38 | Coffee Call - New Gear For 2019

On todays Coffee Call, Justin and I talk about some of the new gear we will be trying in the 2019 hunting season. Americas Best Bowstrings Instagram: Americas Best Bowstrings Website: Americas Best Bowstrings Facebook: