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Hosts Ron and Veronica Blessing discuss roleplaying games with industry professionals and friends from their own game table.

Hosts Ron and Veronica Blessing discuss roleplaying games with industry professionals and friends from their own game table.
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Hosts Ron and Veronica Blessing discuss roleplaying games with industry professionals and friends from their own game table.




Three Words: Don't Be That Player

Ron and Veronica hold their first roundtable since their return, joined by Jason Corley and Jennifer Decker, and then they interview Ben Overmyer of Silver Gryphon Games about Ingenium Second Edition, which the company is currently Kickstarting.


Frat Party w/ Don Dehm & Ed Wetterman

In their return episode, Ron and Veronica conduct two interviews. Don Dehm discusses his Satyr Stein Homebrew project, and Ed Wetterman discusses the upcoming Savage Worlds setting, Degrees of Horror.


Special: Dragon Kings w/ Timothy Brown

The Blessings briefly return to bring you this special episode, wherein they interview Tim Brown, creator of the new setting, Dragon Kings. We learn Tim's history in the game industry and get treated to an exceprt of one of the songs from the Dragon Kings concept album. Check out the Dragon Kings Kickstarter while you still can!


Episode 100: And the Rest Was Silence

Fair warning, we did not edit this episode. It was hard enough to add the music. There were tears during and after the recording. Please accept our apologies for any errors or omissions below--take them in the context they were made. We recorded our final, regular show at Genghis Con XXXIII, which was presented by the Denver Gamers Association (DGA) at the Red Lion Hotel in Aurora, Colorado. We were joined at the table by Clint Black (Pinnacle Entertainment Group), Ed Doolittle (friend),...


Episode 099: Carcosa and Isle of the Unknown w/ Geoffrey McKinney

We were joined by Geoffrey McKinney, designer of Carcosa and Isle of the Unknown, recently released by Lamentations of the Flame Princess. Of course the controversy surrounding Carcosa was discussed. Overall it was a great time!


Episode 098: The Widening Gyre w/ Bill Keyes

We were joined by game designer and layout artist, Bill Keyes. We discussed his setting for the Hero System, the Widening Gyre, from Blackwyrm Publishing. Of course no discussion of a steampunk game would be complete without waxing philosophical on the genre itself, which we did.


Episode 097: Night's Black Agents w/ Kenneth Hite

Kenneth Hite joined us to discuss his latest Gumshoe game from Pelgrane Press, the vampire spy thriller, Night's Black Agents (NBA). During the discussion Ken told us what's upcoming for the game, including a previously unrevealed campaign sourcebook. Toward the end of the show, we even have time to talk about Ken's geekiest effort to date, Adventures Into Darkness. Game Links: Ashen Stars Bubble Gum Shoe Buffy the Vampire Slayer RPG Day After Ragnarok Delta...


Episode 096: Part-Time Gods & Genghis Con XXXIII Mash-Up

The Blessings were joined by Eloy Lasanta of Third Eye Games and Leif Olsen and Bill Stilson of the Denver Gamers Association. We discussed Eloy's latest game, Part-Time Gods, and the upcoming Genghis Con XXXIII, at which Eloy will be a guest. Lot's of game-name dropping in this episode, what with the holidays and all… Links: Apocalypse Prevention, Inc. Army of Darkness RPG Buckaroo Banzai RPG Cooking for Gamers Denver Gamers on Facebook Doctor Who: Adventures in Time and...


Episode 095: Honor + Intrigue w/ Chris Rutkowsky

We started the episode with some announcements and feedback from Episode 94. Then Chris Rutkowsky, of Basic Action Games, joined us to discuss his new game. Honor + Intrigue, a game of swashbuckling in the 17th century, has a game engine based on the excellent Barbarians of Lemuria. Chris also brought us up to date on other upcoming releases from Basic Action Games. Links: BASH RPG Forums Basic Action Games' RPGNow Store Beautiful Brains Books & Games Cooking for...


Episode 094: Catching Up w/ John Wick

We were joined by John Wick (John Wick Presents), initially to discuss his latest Little Game, Eldritch High. We did discuss that game, but we ended up catching up on a lot more, including other games in the upcoming Big Book of Little Games, and John's soon-to-be-released Big Game, the Aegis Project. And check out Rise of the Wombat, a game day sponsored by us,, and Total Escape Games! You can register for games by calling 303-482-1829 or emailing Sheila at...


Episode 093: Agents of Oblivion w/Sean Preston

In his 007th appearance on TGTT, Sean Preston discusses Reality Blurs' latest effort, Agents of Oblivion. Sean also updates us on his other settings. Stick around till the very end to hear the official Razorwise theme song! Links: Beautiful Brains Books & Games Gazebo Story Girl Genius Roleplayer's Chronicle Ron's Preview of AoO Savage Insider Spycraft


Episode 092: TactiCon 2011 Wrap-Up, Take Two

After disaster struck recording this the first time, we met the Saturday after TactiCon, in the dining room of the Blessing household, to try again. We were joined by Catherine "CaLeigh" Blessing, Lee Langston, Bill Stilson, Justin Suzuki, Linda Tschappat, and Matthew Ward, to give our impressions of TactiCon 2011. We spent a little time discussing the first ever Savage Saturday Night, west of the Mississippi. CaLeigh also provided the 7-year-old perspective on Con Jr. (which happens at...


Episode 091: Charles White Part 3D

We were joined by Charles White of Fabled Environments, and he updates us on what he's been doing since he was on the show four years ago. He also drops a huge prize on us to give away this weekend at TactiCon!! Links: Beautiful Brains Books & Games FATE ICONS MACE Roleplayers Chronicle Silver Gryphon Games TactiCon Tom G's Go Forth and Game WombatCast


Episode 090: Ashen Stars w/ Robin D. Laws

Robin D. Laws returns to present Ashen Stars, the space opera Gumshoe game from Pelgrane Press. In addition to Ashen Starts, we spend some time discussing Hamlet's Hit Points and Robin's next game system for Pelgrane, the Drama System, and it's first implementation, Hillfolk. While you're at it, keep your eyes peeled for Robin's upcoming, sefl-publishing effort, New Tales of the Yellow Sign! Games: 3:16 Agents of Oblivion The Esoterrorists Traveller Other sources: Battlestar...


Episode 089: Dragon Brigade RPG w/ Cam Banks

Cam Banks returns to present the Dragon Brigade RPG, from Margaret Weis Productions, based on the new fantasy setting by Margaret Weis and Robert Krammes. We also discussed what's upcoming for the rest of the Cortex Plus game line, from puffy books to children's adventures. To get a great primer on the Dragon Brigade setting, check out The Day Is Ours, the free Dragon Brigade prequel novella! Links: 7th Sea Bulldogs! Dragonlance Dresden Files RPG Leverage...


Episode 088: Bulldogs! w/ Brennan Taylor

Justin Suzuki of the WombatCast guest hosts as we are joined by Brennan Taylor of Galileo Games to discuss the new FATE version of his game setting, Bulldogs! Brennan also talks about his other games and gives some pointers based on his Kickstarter success. Links: Diaspora Dresden Files RPG DrivethruRPG Evil Hat Productions FATE How We Came To Live Here Indie Press Revolution IndieGoGo Kingdom of Nothing Mortal Coil Spirit of the Century Titan A.E. Voice of the Revolution


Episode 087: Presenting TactiCon 2011

We were joined by Bill Stilson and Linda Tschappat of the Denver Gamers Association to discuss the upcoming TactiCon 2011. This year's TactiCon will benefit NaNoWriMo.


Episode 086: Lamentations of the Flame Princess

Along with guest host, Marc "Lord Inar" Gacy, we were joined by Jim Raggi of Lamentations of the Flame Princess and Zak S. of Playing D&D With Porn Stars and I Hit It With My Axe. We discussed Jim's Grindhouse Edition of LotFP and Zak's Vornheim: The Complete City Kit. Listen closely for a coupon code good for 20% off at the LotFP store--a limited time offer! Other Links: Dungeons & Dragons Eloy Lasanta's Blog and Podcast Grognardia Labyrinth Lord Osric Shadow, Sword & Spell Swords...


Episode 085: Fifth Anniversary w/ Shane Hensley

In celebration of five years in podcasting, we took a trip down memory lane using the convenient invention of voicemail. Then we welcomed back our first ever interviewee, Shane Lacy Hensley. We discussed his Cryptic Studios game, Neverwinter, and Pinnacle Entertainment Group's newest release of the Savage Worlds core rules, Savage Worlds Deluxe. The Fine Folks We Discussed: Shane Hensley Sean Patrick Fannon Sean Preston Clint Black Brennan Taylor Ed Wetterman Fred Hicks Jeff Combos...


Episode 084: Black Crusade w/ Ross Watson & Sam Stewart

Ross Watson makes his return to the show, and this time he has back-up in fellow designer, Sam Stewart, who joins us for the first time. These fine gentlemen present Fantasy Flight Games' latest Warhammer 40,000 RPG, Black Crusade. Soon to be released at GenCon, this fourth game in the trilogy allows roleplayers to craft a campaign from the perspective of Chaos. We did have some sound issues, stemming from rain thrashing the metal roof at FFG HQ. But it's worth the listen if you have any...