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Kanye West; NFL News; NBA Playoffs

Kanye West is back on Twitter and it has been absolutely glorious. Some non-draft news to go over out of the NFL, including a look at the Lions schedule. Does anyone even care about this nugget of a baseball stat? The NBA Playoffs roll along.


NBA Playoffs; Baseball Talk; NFL Draft

We breakdown all of the first round developments of the NBA playoffs and answer the important questions. Is Lebron a chump? Should we still trust the process? Seriously, can anyone stop the Warriors? We also get into whether or not baseball season is too long. What's going to happen with Dez Bryant? Does Aaron Rodgers want too much control? What the f**k did Micah Hyde just say? Also a look at the players we think will boom and bust from this years NFL Draft.


Nice For What; National Title; Baseball Talk; NBA Playoffs

We rank Drake's new single. Late takeaways from Michigan vs Villanova, including a message to Spartan fans. Mini-college-football-preview, ranking the expectation level for Michigan and Michigan State. Talkin' baseball, and how Shohei Ohtani is here to fix it. Why did Conor McGregor fight a bus? The NBA Playoffs are nearly upon us, who will be left standing?


March Madness Recap; Opening Day; Is Lebron a beta?

Apologies for this extremely late podcast. We have a an all-out March Madness recap including a love letter to Sister Jean. National Championship preview. Opening Day happened and it was okay. How good or bad has Lions free agency been? Is Lebron a beta, and are the Cavs back?


Episode 9: March Madness Preview; Dan Orlovsky

We're back after a long break because Shea likes cold weather. It's the best time of the year, bracket time. We break down all of the biggest story lines in the NCAA Tournament, going region-by-region to call all the sleepers, upsets, and favorites. We also discuss NFL Free Agency with a little help from our first interview guest, former Lion and longtime NFL quarterback Dan Orlovsky.


Episode Eight: Louisville; NCAA Scandal; Tin Hat Time; What the Fuck? News

We give our take on Louisville tearing down their banners, as ruled by the NCAA. By the way, did you know college basketball players get paid? This is a milestone moment for our show, as we debut our first two regular segments. In Tin Hat Time we turn sports news stories into conspiracy theories. What the fuck? News is where we break down all the news stories that make you say "What the fuck?"


Episode 6: Snapchat; Matt Patricia; NBA Trade Deadline

Shea and Tanner break down the Snapchat update, as well as a man who hasn't pooped in 3 weeks. Matt Patricia is officially the Lions head coach. Josh McDaniels spurned the Colts. What is life without football? NBA Trade Deadline broke the world. Michigan State takes on Purdue this weekend.


Episode 5.5: Super Bowl Recap

Shea and Tanner react to what was an epic Super Bowl LII. Yes, Shea is hurt.


Episode Five: Blake Griffin, NBA Trades, Super Bowl Prop Bets and Picks

Tanner and Shea break down the Pistons trade for Blake Griffin, and what trades they would like to see in the NBA. More Lebron rumors. The wackiest Super Bowl prop bets. Shea and Tanner break down the Super Bowl and make their picks.


Episode Three: Larry Nassar; The Death of the Elite QB; Spartan Basketball; Championship Sunday

Heads should roll at Michigan State in the wake of a Detroit News report regarding Larry Nassar. Is the Elite QB era over? Shea and Tanner ponder whether Lebron can pull off another championship run. Tom Izzo is put on notice. NFL Championship Sunday game breakdowns, and picks.


Episode Two: Jim Caldwell Fired, Harbaugh, CFP National Championship, NFL Playoffs

Shea and Tanner break down the Lions head coaching vacancy, and analyze the earth-shattering report on the New England Patriots released by ESPN. Tanner is asked where he stands with Jim Harbaugh following the 8-5 season at Michigan. Analysis and picks for the National Championship, and NFL Wild Card, and also Super Bowl predictions.


Episode One: CFP Semis, NFL Week 17, Holiday Inn

Before we get into all of this weekends football, Shea had a crazy experience checking into his Holiday Inn in Louisville. Who will win the college football semi-final match-ups? Plus, all you need to know about NFL Week 17 going into the playoffs.