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Continued Success #38: Phillies Winter Meeting Recap & Will Gabe Get Tough?

On Episode 38 of Continued Success, hosts Justin Klugh and Liz Roscher recap a Winter Meetings that was a lot of talk and not a lot of action by anybody. Also, Gabe Kapler says he's going to be a little tougher in public on his players. Is that a good thing? Cubs manager Joe Maddon says skippers need to learn how to communicate with millennial players, and MLB's marketing conundrum.


The Dirty Inning: Cutch-and-go, or the dominance of the 2014 Phillies by Andrew McCutchen

In 2014, Andrew McCutchen was the reigning NL MVP, on the cover of MLB: The Show, appearing in ESPN ads, and absolutely shredding the Phillies over 4th of July weekend. Join Justin and Trev as they get to know the Phillies' newest outfielder through stories from his glory days of taking the Phillies apart.


Hittin' Season #240: Will the Phillies Strike Out On Machado and Harper?

On Episode 240 of Hittin' Season, host John Stolnis is joined by SportsRadio WIP's Marshall Harris to discuss the possibility that the Phillies may get shut out of the Manny Machado and Bryce Harper sweepstakes. What happens if they do? Can the off-season be salvaged? Also, the Phils lose out on J.A. Happ and Charlie Morton, but is there a deal for a big-name starting pitcher in the works? And Baseball America has released its Top-10 Prospects list for the Phils.


Hittin' Season #239: Phillies Sign Andrew McCutchen & More Winter Meeting Notes

On Hittin' Season Episode 239, hosts John Stolnis, Liz Roscher and Justin Klugh talk about the Phillies signing of outfielder Andrew McCutchen. Also, other Winter Meetings news and notes, including the latest Harper/Machado rumors. Is Sixto on the block? Are the Phillies close to signing J.A. Happ and Zach Britton?


Hittin' Season #238: Phillies Winter Meetings Preview

On Episode 238 of Hittin' Season, hosts John Stolnis and Justin Klugh preview the Winter Meetings going on right now in Las Vegas. Tons of conversation on Bryce Harper, Manny Machado, starting pitching options, relievers, and trades galore! Also, the Hall of Fame gets two new members, but is Cooperstown overrated? Plus, ESPN actually makes a smart decision!


Continued Success #37: Phillies Radio Booth Just Got Better

On Episode 37 of Continued Success, Justin Klugh and Liz Roscher break down Kevin Frandsen joining the radio broadcast team with Scott Franzke and Larry Andersen, and how many times he'll be accidentally referred to as "Kevin Franderson." Plus, the Phillies made a trade again, this time when you were asleep! Is Brodie Van Wagenen going to single-handedly change the NL East? Is J.T. Realmuto okay in Miami? And don't forget to brace yourself in body and mind for the Winter Meetings next week.


Hittin' Season #237: The NL East Is Owning the Hot Stove

On Hittin' Season Episode 237, host John Stolnis is joined by Sirius XM's Mike Ferrin to talk about the latest news and rumors on the MLB Hot Stove, including the Nationals signing Patrick Corbin, the Phillies' pursuit of a starting pitcher, whether the Diamondbacks and Phils match up in any potential trades and which of Bryce Harper or Manny Machado the team will end up with. Also, the NL East has become the center of the baseball world over the last week and should MLB ban defensive shifts?


The Dirty Inning: A Bryce on your head

The year is 2018. Bryce Harper and Manny Machado are the only surviving baseball players. Unfortunately for fans, they may soon play for the same team. Join Justin and Trev as they talk about the most monstrous performances both free agents put on against the Phillies before they potentially join them. PLUS: Justin's most infuriating Jean Segura memory, and Trev reads aloud from Kyle Kendrick's Wikipedia page.


Hittin' Season #236: Jean Segura is Coming to the Phillies

On Episode 236 of "Hittin' Season," hosts John Stolnis, Justin Klugh and Liz Roscher talk about the Phillies' first big move of the 2018-19 off-season, the acquisition of shortstop Jean Segura from the Mariners for J.P. Crawford and others. Also, should the Phillies give Patrick Corbin six years? How worried should Phils fans be about the Mets? And are you losing confidence the Phillies will sign one of Bryce Harper or Manny Machado?


Continued Success #36: MLB’s PAC, Cindy-Hyde Smith & Manfred Madness!

On the latest episode of Continued Success, Liz Roscher and Justin Klugh discuss the donation of the Office of the Commissioner of Major League Baseball’s Political Action Committee to Mississippi Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith’s campaign, why the MLB PAC exists in the first place, Commissioner Rob Manfred’s statements on baseball’s sudden interest in gambling and equally sudden enjoyment of his sport’s slow pace. In other words, stick to sports!!!!


Hittin' Season #235: Patrick Corbin Visits Philadelphia w/ Matt Breen

On Episode 235 of "Hittin' Season," host John Stolnis talks with Phillies beat writer Matt Breen of about the visit of free agent pitcher Patrick Corbin to Philadelphia this week. Also, the latest Harper/Machado rumors, interest in closers and when we might start to see some signings or trades go down. In addition, a blockbuster trade idea you may love (or hate) and John's predictions on where each free agent will land this off-season (he already guessed Josh Donaldson to Atlanta...


Hittin' Season #234: Phillies Hot Stove Mania - Goldschmidt, Segura & Everyone

On Episode 234 of "Hittin' Season," hosts John Stolnis, Justin Klugh and Liz Roscher discuss the Phillies Hot Stove rumor mill bonanza. Are the Phillies ready to add before they sign Harper or Machado? Plus, the Phils reportedly talked about a deal for Arizona's Paul Goldschmidt, trade ideas for Jean Segura, the Braves add Josh Donaldson and a TON more.


Hittin' Season #233: Hot Stove Rumors - The Phillies Are In On Everyone

On Episode 233 of Hittin' Season, host John Stolnis runs down the latest news and rumors on the Hot Stove. The Phillies appear to be "interested" in everyone, but what is noise and what is real? Manny Machado is in full damage control, the 40-man roster is set ahead of the Rule 5 Draft, the 2019 Hall of Fame ballot is out and a number of Phillies, including Roy Halladay are on it, and a special Hot Stove Mailbag featuring questions from Patreon listeners!


The Dirty Inning: Turkey, Turkey, Stuffy, and Pie

It may surprise you to learn that the Phillies have never played a game on Thanksgiving. That being said, a catalog of Thanksgiving themed-names have thrown on their uniform, or at least come through town and played a game or two. On The Dirty Inning’s Thanksgiving special, Justin and Trevor discuss the life and times of two men named Turkey, one man named Stuffy, a guy they called Pie, as well as the heroic moments and violent, hateful assaults that defined their careers.


Hittin' Season #232: Yes, the Phillies SHOULD Get Harper and Machado

On Episode 232 of Hittin' Season, hosts John Stolnis, Justin Klugh and Liz Roscher discuss the wisdom of spending $75-80 million a season on two player, Bryce Harper and Manny Machado (if they're able). John, Justin and Liz discuss two articles by prominent national baseball writers that missed the mark, whether signing a player like Michael Brantley to a free agent deal before Harper or Machado would be wise, the great work Gabe Kapler is doing to raise money for wildfire victims in...


Continued Success #35: John Middleton Wants To Spend "Stupid" Money in Free Agency

On Episode 35 of "Continued Success," hosts Justin Klugh and Liz Roscher discuss Phillies owner John Middleton's comments to USA Today that the team is going to spend big money this off-season and that some of it "may be stupid!" What does that look like exactly? Also, Justin and Liz discuss Rhys Hoskins in Japan, swoon over Aaron Nola's MVP and Cy Young votes, scream about how baseball broadcasts can improve and shrug over Rob Manfred's contract extension.


Hittin' Season #231: Phillies Go With A Young Pitching Coach

On Episode 231 of "Hittin' Season," host John Stolnis is joined by The Athletic's Meghan Montemurro to talk about the Phillies surprise announcement naming Chris Young as pitching coach, replacing Rick Kranitz. Also, Aaron Nola places 3rd in the NL Cy Young Award voting, what about a contract extension? And the Phillies make a move to clear up space on the 40-man roster ahead of the Rule 5 draft deadline.


Hittin' Season #230: Hot Stove Rumblings: Carlos Santana & Pitchers

On Episode #230 of Hittin' Season, hosts John Stolnis, Liz Roscher and Justin Klugh discuss the latest Hot Stove rumors and news regarding the Phillies. Should the Phillies trade Carlos Santana and, if so, where does he fit? Was signing him a mistake in the first place? Also, which pitcher on the trade market should the Phils target, chatter on the NL Cy Young vote and manager Gabe Kapler's home burns down in the deadly California wildfires.


Continued Success #34: 2008 World Series Memories

On Episode 34 of Continued Success, hosts Justin Klugh and Liz Roscher look back on the 2008 World Series. The weather was bad, the offense was bad, and somehow, after a quick five games, the Phillies were world champs.


Hittin' Season #229: Bank On the Phillies Getting Bryce Harper

On Episode 229 of "Hittin' Season," host John Stolnis has the latest Hot Stove news and notes concerning the Phillies, and why one prominent baseball writers says to "bank" on the Phils signing Bryce Harper to a big contract this off-season. Also,'s Mike Petriello joins the show to talk about the latest rumors concerning the Phils, including their reported interest in closer Craig Kimbrel, as well as the possibility of a trade for Yankees starter Sonny Gray. Plus, Scott Boras makes...