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Hittin' Season #288: Phillies Survive A Wacky Week in Wrigley

On Episode 288 of "Hittin' Season," host John Stolnis recaps a crazy week of games in Wrigley Field against the Chicago Cubs. The Phils survived some shaky starting pitching, an overworked bullpen and some questionable decisions in utilizing all of them by Gabe Kapler. Paul Boye from The Good Phight stops by to chat about Kapler, the bullpen, Pat Neshek's "interesting" week and whether the Phils did Nick Williams dirty. Also, we'll take a look around the NL East and a struggling Nationals...


The Dirty Inning: We all go a little Madson sometimes

On May 14, 2005, the Phillies sent Ryan Madson to the mound against the Reds to hold a late lead. He blew it. Join Just and Trev as they travel back to early 2000s Philadelphia--a city on the rise--for an episode that has it all: Mysteries about Jimmy Rollins all-star appearances! Injections of crappy 2000s pop-rock! Justin accidentally saying Del Ennis as "Del Anus!" Get in here.


Hittin' Season #287: Bryce Is Back!

On Episode 287 of Hittin' Season, John Stolnis, Justin Klugh & Liz Roscher discuss the Phillies sweep of the Colorado Rockies, and the slump-busting weekend by Bryce Harper. Were his long home runs and clutch extra base hits a signal that his slump is history? Also, the Phils' bullpen has been better lately, but should they still go after Craig Kimbrel? Why demoting Nick Williams in favor of Scott Kingery was the right call, and how much time to Odubel Herrera and Maikel Franco have to prove...


Continued Success #56: Are the Phillies "Good?"

On Episode 56 of "Continued Success," hosts Justin Klugh and Liz Roscher talked about the current Phillies' struggles, fan reactions, Bryce Harper getting the heat for looking bad, and the 2009 Phillies using a series with the putrid '09 Nats to pull themselves out of an early tailspin.


Hittin' Season #286: Has Anybody Seen the Phillies Offense?

On Episode 286 of Hittin' Season, host John Stolnis recaps a disheartening series loss to the Milwaukee Brewers at Citizens Bank Park and wonders, how far are the Phils from the Brewers' level? The Phils' offense is MIA, the starting rotation was exposed and the bullpen is missing key guys. How do the Phillies turn it around? FanGraphs writer Dan Szymborski joins the show to give his assessment on where the Phils are at the one-quarter mark of the season, Bryce Harper's slump, and the state...


Hittin' Season #285: Phillies Fun-Filled Missouri Road Trip

On Episode 285 of "Hittin' Season," hosts John Stolnis, Justin Klugh and Liz Roscher recap another series win by the Phillies, this time over the Royals in Kansas City. Up next, a brutal 20-game stretch of potential NL playoff teams awaits. More on the debut of Cole Irvin and what it means for Vince Velasquez, Zach Eflin's continued dominance, and are Bryce Harper and Jake Arrieta having "good" seasons? Also what is our more underrated uniforms in MLB, and we pick on the Washington Nationals...


Continued Success #55: The Sad State of the NL East

On Episode 55 of Continued Success, hosts Justin Klugh and Liz Roscher discuss the state of the NL East, in which no team other than the Phillies is over .500. Also, what milestones should require fans to give up souvenir baseballs, and looking back on some of the rough days that took place early in the 2009 pennant-winning season, including an extended discussion on the wisdom of Chan Ho Park as a No. 5 starter.


Hittin' Season #284: Remembering David Montgomery w/ Kevin Cooney & Matt Leon

On Episode 284 of Hittin' Season, host John Stolnis is joined by longtime Phillies beat writer Kevin Cooney to talk about the legacy of former team chairman and minority owner David Montgomery. Also, KYW Sports Reporter/Anchor Matt Leon shares his thoughts on the passing of Montgomery and helps break down a key series win against the Cardinals in St. Louis.


Hittin' Season #283: Phillies Are Owning the NL East & Patreon Mailbag Edition!

On Episode 283 of Hittin' Season, hosts John Stolnis and Liz Roscher recap the Phillies series against the B-squad Washington Nationals and take questions from Patreon members of the podcast. How bad is Bryce Harper's slump? What's the best way to fix the bullpen? Rhys Hoskins is awesome, and so is Zach Eflin.


Hittin' Season #282: Booing Bryce Harper & 1st Month Thoughts

On Episode 282 of "Hittin' Season," host John Stolnis recaps the Phillies breathtaking series (yawn) against the Detroit Tigers and assesses where the team stands as we enter the month of May. Also, why the national media and anyone outside of Philadelphia needs to butt out when it comes to booing our own stars, more on Harper's struggles, Nola's baby steps to eliteness and a preview of this weekend's series with the Washington Nationals.


Hittin' Season #281: A lot to like from the Marlins-Phillies series

With John on vacation, Justin and Liz have a brief discussion about intellectual property before breaking down the Phillies' weekend vs. the Marlins, crucial developments by Zach Eflin and Jerad Eickhoff, and the team's overall grade after a month.


Continued Success #54: The 2019 Phillies cool off while the 2009 Phillies get hot

In the latest episode of Continued Success, Justin and Liz talk about the current Phillies hurting, Aaron Nola's promising start against the Marlins. As the chronicle of the 2009 Phillies season continues, they also relate how the '09 Phils caught fire at the end of April, and how Cole Hamels' humanizing campaign continued when he was hit by a line drive and sprained his ankle.


Hittin' Season #280: The Phillies Finally Have a Real Rivalry With the Mets

On Episode 280 of "Hittin' Season," host John Stolnis recaps a rough week in New York against the Mets that ended in grand style. Rhys Hoskins pimping a home run as tensions continue to mount between the two teams. The Phillies finally have a real rival! Also, some thoughts on Bryce Harper's and the offense's struggles, Vince Velasquez' outstanding start to 2019, the up-and-down starting rotation, and a quick status report on some of the farm system's top performers.


The Dirty Inning: You’ve got to take it as it Slocumb’s

It was 1995, baseball was recovering from a strike, the Phillies were realizing they might be good, and humanity was grappling with the dawn of the internet. The Phillies were hosting the Padres as part of a lengthy home stand and, on a Sunday afternoon, offered from free baseball to their fans thanks to a 4-4 tie. Justin and Trevor dive into the story of Heathcliff Slocumb, the 1995 Phillies, and all the fear of “getting too online” permeating mid-nineties Philadelphia in the latest...


Hittin' Season #279: Mile High Mediocrity & Phillies vs. Mets Preview

On Episode 279 of "Hittin' Season," hosts John Stolnis, Justin Klugh and Liz Roscher recap the Phillies series against the Rockies in Denver. A disappointing series may have overshadowed the biggest news of the weekend -- the possible return of ace-level Aaron Nola. Also, the Phillies are dealing with some significant injury woes, which one is hurting them the most right now? And we break down this week's series against the New York Mets.


Continued Success #53: Phillies On Top After 1st Round Through the NL East

On Episode 53 of "Continued Success," hosts Justin Klugh and Liz Roscher discuss where things stand for the Phillies after they've now played each of the teams in the NL East so far here in 2019. Who is the biggest Phillies rival right now? Also, Tim Anderson, "letting the kids play" and the boring debate of bat-flipping, and remembering the homestand in 2009 after the Phillies returned home following the death of Harry Kalas.


Hittin' Season #278: Phillies Spank the Mets & An Interview With Ellen Adair

On Episode 278 of "Hittin' Season," host John Stolnis breaks down the good, the bad, and the Idunnowhat of the Phillies' series win against the New York Mets at Citizens Bank Park. It appears Nick Pivetta's breakout season is on hold indefinitely after he was demoted to AAA, but Jake Arrieta, Scott Kingery and the offense have picked up the slack. Also, actress, baseball expert and Phillies fan Ellen Adair joins the show to talk about her love of the Phils, how to enjoy more than one team at...


Hittin' Season #277: Phillies Filet The Fish

On Episode 277 of "Hittin' Season," hosts John Stolnis and Justin Klugh discuss the Phils' important series victory over the last place Miami Marlins. Happily, the bullpen and two of the three starting pitchers in the series stepped up. Also, Gabe Kapler is already proving to have learned some lessons from the 2018 season and pushed a key button correctly in Sunday's victory. Also, should the Phillies invest a three-year deal in Craig Kimbrel now, or wait to see if they need Madison...


Continued Success #52: Remembering Harry Kalas

On Episode 52 of Continued Success, hosts Justin Klugh and Liz Roscher briefly discuss the current state of the 2019 Phillies pitching staff and discuss the one bright spot so far, Zach Eflin. However, as we celebrate the team's 10-year anniversary of the pennant-winning 2009 team, we look back on the day 10 years ago when Harry Kalas passed away and talk about the legacy he left behind.


Hittin' Season #276: Worried About the Pitching & Talkin' K's With Tyler Kepner

On Episode 276 of "Hittin' Season," host John Stolnis breaks down the horrific series loss the Phillies suffered at the hands of the Washington Nationals. Is there reason to be concerned about Aaron Nola? Is Nick Pivetta going to break out or break up? And what about that bullpen? Do the Phillies need Craig Kimbrel? Also, NY Times national baseball writer Tyler Kepner stops by to talk about his new book "K: The History of Baseball in Ten Pitches."