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Ben Edwards - Peloton Magazine

Episode Links: Peloton Magazine Peloton Instagram The Gravel Mob Event Registration. 10% off use code TheGravelRide10 UPDATE: 2018 event is SOLD OUT. Transcription: Hello everyone, this week I want to welcome Ben Edwards from Peloton magazine to the podcast. Ben, thanks for joining us. No problem. Thank you for having me and having a having to the Peloton gravel, Bob and Peloton magazine on the show. Yeah. I'm excited to dig in with you. I always like to start by giving our...


Neil Shirley - A gravel industry OG.

Episode Links: The Gravel Mob Event Lauf Cycling Crusher in the Tushar Automated Transcript (forgive typos). Neil, welcome to the podcast. Thanks for. Thanks for having me on. Absolutely. I always like to start off by finding out a little bit about how you discovered gravel, where you're coming more from the mountain or road side. Well, I guess like going way, way back, you know, my, my background is I'm a pro mountain biker for three years before transitioning over to the road,...


Rasputitsa Gravel Race, Vermont - Co-Founder, Heidi Myers

Episode links: Rasputitsa Gravel Event Rasputitsa Instagram Craig Dalton: 00:00 This afternoon everyone, I've got Heidi Myers from the race name. I'm going to butcher, they have a great gravel event that's been going five years in Vermont. It's Raspustitsa How did I do Heidi? Heidi Myers: 00:00 Pretty good! Craig Dalton: 00:15 Well, I'm excited to talk to you. I love the state of Vermont and when you reached out and I looked into your event, it just looked really cool. I always like...


Benedikt Skulason Lauf Cycling

Episode Links: Lauf Cycling Website Lauf Cycling Instagram Host: Craig Dalton Guest: Benedikt Skulason from Lauf Cycling Today everyone, I'm excited to bring Benedikt from Lauf to the podcast to learn more about the interesting forks and bikes that these guys have been making since 2010. Benedikt. Welcome to the podcast. Thank you. Glad to be here. You're in Iceland today, so this is an international conversation! Yeah it is kind of shitty over here now. I know we've got to get...


Randall Jacobs - THESIS Bike

Randall Jacobs, Co-Founder of THESIS Bike drops in to talk about the development process and vision for the OB1 bicycle. THESIS Bike Online THESIS OB1 Specifications CRAIG: All right. Hello everyone. Today we've got Randall Jacobs from THESIS Bike here, live in person. We're going to talk to him about the THESIS Bike Company and what his inspiration was. We actually just got back from a sample ride here in Marin county riding the new OB1 bike and I'm really excited to introduce...


Trek Bicycles -- David Studner -- Gravel Category Product Manager

Episode Links: Trek Checkpoint Trek Instagram Episode Transcript: Dave, thanks for joining us on the podcast this week. Thank you. Thanks for having me. Yeah, I always like to start off the conversation by understanding a little bit more about you as a rider. So what's your background as a writer? I've been riding a long, long time. It all started when I was a little kid and I became a bmx through BMX. I kinda got into road a little bit and then around age 16 to 20, sort of took a...


Dave Malwitz Gravelstoke: Talking Gravel and the magic of the community

Episode Links: Gravelstoke Blog Gravelstoke Instagram / Facebook Hunt of the North Event Episode Transcript (Automated, please forgive any errors) All right folks, this is an exciting day at the gravel ride podcast. I've got a really a meeting of the minds of two west coast gravel empires here. We've got Dave Malwitz from Gravelstoke out of San Diego and yours truly, Craig Dalton from The Gravel Ride out of Marin County, California. So Dave, thanks for joining us today. Thanks so...


Gravel Bike 101 with Chris Reed of Studio Velo Bicycle Shop

Episode Links: Studio Velo Bike Shop Studio Velo Instagram Moots Gravel Bikes Parlee Bicycles Automated Transcript (forgive any errors). This week on the Pod we've got Chris Reed from studio Valla bike shop in mill valley, California. We're actually recording in the shop today, so I just walked across this beautiful showroom, looked at some moots, looked at some parleys, some independent fabrication's, a lot of great bike sitting around. So Chris, thanks for having us tonight....


Miguel Crawford, President and Founder of the 20 year old Grasshopper Adventure Series talks about event production and the evolution of gravel cycling

Episode Links: Grasshopper Adventure Series Specialized Diverge Marin Museum of Bicycle talk April 26 (Fairfax, CA). Old Caz Gravel Ride Loop Grasshopper on Instagram Grasshopper on Facebook Automated Transcription: "Once we started doing an old cars, then it became tricky. That's kind of the defining roads of the grasshopper adventure series and I think, in some ways, for the development of the gravel bike." Miguel Crawford, Founder and Present of the Grasshopper Adventure...


Former Pros Dave Zabriskie and Ryan Steers talk about their new Gravel Camp: DZ Nuthouse and the secret SoCal trails they call home

Episode Links: DZ Nuthouse Gravel CampCrusher in the TusharDave Zabriskie InstagramRyan Steers Instagramhe Gravel Ride InstagramTopanga Creek OutpostThe Mob Shop3T bikes "I've been able to find things that people that have lived here their whole life, It's amazing, like I just feel like to explore, so I'm finding some roads, dirt stuff that's blown people's lunch that have lived here their whole life." Dave Zabriskie, Former Professional Road Cyclist So that was former professional...


Kenny Burt: WTB, Auburn Dirt Fondo, Gravel Tire Selection, Gravel Community

Episode links: Auburn Dirt Fondo April 28, 2018 Lost and Found Gravel Grinder Grasshopper Adventure series WTB Auburn/Placer area recommended loop <Strava> Kenny, welcome to the podcast this week. I appreciate you making some time to join us. Hey, thanks craig. I appreciate what you're doing with this. Right on. Can you tell us a little bit about your background as a cyclist and where you do most of your riding these days? I was lucky enough to grow up in the South Bay, Santa Clara I...


Scott Witthoff: Dirty Kanza Age Group Winner, The Coast Ride, Gravel Grinding

Episode Links: Grasshopper Grinduro The Coast Ride Dirty Kanza Scott Witthoff <Strava> Episode 3 Recommended Ride link> Scott Witthoff : 00:03 What's hard about the first 50 miles of dirty Kansas is you're in a group of 50 guys and women. You're surrounded by folks all around you and you. It's really difficult to drink. Craig Dalton: 00:22 That was this week's guest Scott Whitthoff two time, age group winner at Dirty Kanza, talking about the first 15 miles of DK200. This week we...


Nate King - Pro Cyclist and Above Category / CHPT3 Brand Manager talks about gravel ride route creation, 700c vs 650b and the ‘unicorn bike’.

Episode links: Nate King Instagram Officially Serious Gravel Bicycle Ride loop <Strava> Above Category Bike Shop Chpt 3 RockCobbler Tushar Crusher Episode Transcript Thanks for joining us on The Gravel Ride this week, Nate. I know you're busy preparing for your trip to Spain. But I appreciate you taking the time to talk to us. Yeah for sure anytime you're right on. For starters can you tell us a little bit about your background as a cyclist. I think it's always interesting for...


Introduction to The Gravel Ride Podcast. A cycling Podcast.

Introduction to The Gravel Ride Podcast. A cycling podcast where we will be discussing the people, places and products that define modern gravel cycling. #gravelgrinding #gravelriding #cycling #bikes