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Taking a look at LGBTQ+ issues in sport.

Taking a look at LGBTQ+ issues in sport.
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Taking a look at LGBTQ+ issues in sport.




The One with Nick Heath

He's an England Touch international who makes his living commentating on rugby matches around the world. And when Nick Heath isn't doing the commentating himself, he's learning about it from the very best as the host of the brilliant 'Cue Commentator' podcast that sees him interview some of the most familiar names to ever sit behind a microphone. He's just got back from Dublin where he was working at the Union Cup - which is Europe's largest inclusive rugby tournament - and made time in his...


The One with Edmund Connolly

How would you fancy running out for a team called the Pride-o-saurus Rexes? That was *almost* the name that Edmund Connolly gave to the world's first inclusive lacrosse team - but ultimately, he decided to go for the Rainbow Rexes instead. The team had humble beginnings - with players learning the names of team-mates on their way to their first tournament - but has grown significantly, and offer a home to folks in the lacrosse world who fancy playing for a team that really values...


The One with Lindsay Peat

Lindsay Peat is the sort of amazing athlete who hasn't just excelled in one sport - but in a whole bucketload of them. She represented Ireland as a youngster in football; she did the same in basketball as a full international; then played three All-Ireland Finals as a Gaelic football star. Then, she decided to take up rugby - debuting against England in only her eighth game, and taking part in a World Cup and three Women's Six Nations since then. She's also an ambassador for this year's...


The One with Proud Terriers

There's not a lot to cheer about at the moment if you're a Huddersfield Town fan - but maybe the side's inclusive supporters group will put a smile on your face. It was founded by Ryan Mather - and is all about the philosophy that football is for everybody. So why did Ryan decide to start this LGBTQ+ supporters club - and what difference has it made in his life? He's been talking to us about that; about his experiences of homophobia in the game; and what Huddersfield Town need to do to...


The One with Mel Reid

She's a six-time winner on the European Tour, a three-time Solheim Cup player - and a woman who has fought doggedly for equality in the sport of golf. And at the end of last year, Britain's Mel Reid decided to open up for the first time about her sexuality when she came out publicly as gay. So, why did she do it - and what has life been like since? We're delighted that Mel took time out from a well-earned day off to chat to the podcast - as we discuss how she got into golf, why she didn't...


The One With Keegan Hirst

No messing about here - this episode with Keegan Hirst is one of the most hard-hitting we've done since we started this podcast. The rugby league star become the first openly gay English player back in 2016 - and in this edition of the show, we talk about how it happened. The lack of role models; the environment he was brought up in; the impact it had on his own two children; the contemplation of taking his own life - it all comes up in this show. But there are also lighter moments - like...


The One with the Northampton Outlaws

We'll be honest - some episodes just click, and this is one of them. We've wanted to have the Northampton Outlaws on for a little while - and we decided the perfect time to do it was now, fresh off their triumph in the IGR Southern League. So, we got Simon Chapman and Simon Law from the inclusive club into the studio for a really fun conversation about a whole load of things. On the agenda - how they both got involved with the team; plans for the Union Cup; training with the awesome James...


The One with Laura Montgomery

What would you do if you wanted to play football - but couldn't find a club. Most of us would sigh, shrug our shoulders and find another sport to try - but Laura Montgomery isn't most people. When she decided she wanted to play the game at a higher, more organised level, she decided to co-found Glasgow City - which has gone onto become one of the most successful teams in Scotland. Started in 1998, it has become a dominant force, winning multiple titles and cups - becoming the first Scottish...


The One with Jilly McCord

She wowed viewers across the UK as she made her way to the final of Masterchef - but before that, Jilly McCord excelled in a very different way. The Scottish schoolteacher represented her country on the rugby field - playing at the 2006 World Cup and eventually captaining the national side - and combined it with life as a school-teacher. And all of that was BEFORE the whirlwind of Masterchef, which took her right around the world. So, we had plenty to talk with her about - and we really,...


The One with David Haigh

What's it like to be the person in charge of a football club - and not just any club, but one with the history of Leeds United? It's a position very few people have held - but David Haigh is one of them. During his time as a managing director at Elland Road, he championed initiatives to promote diversity and inclusion - which is something he continues to do in his current role with the FA in Cornwall, and as a key player with the local side in Penzance. There's also another side to David,...


The One with Jack Bristow

He's the former Exeter University student who is also the European Age Group Triathlon Champion. But Jack Bristow has also made headlines away from the sport - after successfully helping persuade its governing body to reverse a ban it introduced on LGBT athletes flying the Pride flag. And, still in his mid-20s, Jack is determined to make sure gay sportspeople get the representation they deserve. He's a terrific guest to have on the podcast - as we discuss being inspired by the Brownlees at...


The One with Adam McCabe

He's a columnist, a podcaster - and one of the very few male footballers who came out as gay while still actively playing the game. In fact, Adam McCabe still runs out for the Georgia Revolution in the National Premier Soccer League in the United States and is one of the most articulate, eloquent guests we've had on yet on what it's like to be closeted in sport - and his own coming out story. Also on the agenda; how straight, cis-gendered players can be allies to LGBT team-mates; how Robbie...


The One That's A Rugby Special

The Six Nations is coming to an end - so we thought it was worth taking a dip into our archives to revisit some of our top guests from the world of rugby. So, in this episode, we're going to hear again from ... - The iconic rugby referee Nigel Owens on how he got into officiating in the first place, and the pressure of social media. - Verity Smith talks about life as a transgender rugby player - and some of the challenges that have come with playing the game he loves. - Andy Smith is the...


The One with Richie Anderson

Coming out to anyone is never easy - so imagine doing it to your Sunday league football team in front of a national television audience! It's not something your average person goes through - but Richie Anderson isn't your AVERAGE guest. He's part of the Radio 2 Breakfast Show who, along with Zoe Ball, wakes up the nation on the UK's most-listened to radio programme. He's also the Proud Baggies patron, a football nut - and a genuinely fantastic person. This is one of our favourite episodes...


The One with Anthony Bowens

Sting vs Hollywood Hogan, Starrcade 1997. That's when professional wrestling first got into the veins of Anthony Bowens - and, ever since, the American athlete has been captivated by this unique form of sports-entertainment. He's also one of a growing number of LGBTQ+ individuals plying their trade inside the squared circle - something that hasn't always been easy to do. In fact, if it weren't for being a wrestler, Anthony feels he may even have come out sooner. He's our guest on this...


The One with David Hill

David Hill's Paralympic career began in the pool at the Games in Athens when he was just fifteen years old. It ended more than a decade later - after twelve years of medals at both a World and European level. We're really grateful he's taken the time to join us for a brand new episode of the podcast - and spoken so honestly about why hiding his sexuality had such an impact on his performance in the pool, and how he got past that. Also on the agenda - the growth of para-sport; his work as a...


The One with Kristen Fraser

By day, she works as an engineer in offshore drilling. But Kristen Fraser is also one of Scotland's leading boxers - the first professional female from the country, and the first to ever win a Commonwealth title. So, not a bad record for someone who first started getting into the sport at a time when it was illegal for women to step into the ring! She's now targeting a bid for a world championship - and, alongside her wife, is preparing to become a parent - and we're delighted she took some...


The One with Clare Balding

Clare Balding. If you've watched or listened to ANY sport over the past 25 years, you'll know all about her work. And if you've been living under a rock, the CV tells its own story - Olympic Games, Paralympics, Winter Olympics, Crufts, Trooping the Colour; and all of that in addition to be a best-selling author and campaigner for better coverage of women's sport. We're absolutely chuffed to welcome Clare to the podcast - as she talks about how she got her start in broadcasting; how she...


The One with Amazin LeThi

She was inspired to get into bodybuilding by Arnold Schwarzenegger - and now, Amazin LeThi uses her platform to promote messages of inclusion, both through her own foundation and her work as an ambassador for Athlete Ally. She's our guest on a brand-new episode of the podcast - as we talk about why bodybuilding was the sport she was drawn to in the first place; some of the discrimination she originally encountered in it; how perceptions of women in sport are changing; and who the role models...


The One with the London Royals

There are plenty of special things about being part of a sport club. The friendships you make, the competitions you win, the experiences you get - they're all part and parcel of it. But for people from the LGBT community who have experienced homophobic or transphobic abuse in sport, finding a club where you actually fit in is extra special. It's why the London Royals Hockey Club are all about inclusivity - and Tom Simpson, Beth Bennett and Sarah Nottle all have first-hand experience of the...