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Start your day with a quick podcast including the best segments, interviews, guests and information from NBC Sports Boston.

Start your day with a quick podcast including the best segments, interviews, guests and information from NBC Sports Boston.


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Start your day with a quick podcast including the best segments, interviews, guests and information from NBC Sports Boston.




March 22, 2019: Chris Sale and Sox agree to five-year extension

1:29 - The Red Sox and Chris Sale agreed to a five-year, $145 million contract extension on Friday. Lou Merloni joins Gary Tanguay and Trenni Kusnierek to talk about how valuable Sale’s personality is to the team and how this relates to the Sox messing up with Jon Lester back in 2014. 6:40 - A. Sherrod Blakely, Michael Holley and Tom Curran debate whether or not Marcus Smart’s response to getting fined for shoving Joel Embiid on Wednesday makes us feel any better about Smart’s dumb...


March 21, 2019: Bruins beat down the Devils, what do the Red Sox need to do to keep Mookie Betts?

(1:20) The Bruins beat the Devils 5-1 on Thursday. Joe Haggerty breaks down the win and discusses Brad Marchand trashing him on Twitter. (5:50) Mookie Betts says he doesn’t expect to sign an extension before becoming a free agent, what does this mean for the Red Sox? Lou Merloni gives his opinion. (11:30) With many questions surrounding the Patriots roster next season, Phil Perry and Albert Breer look into their ‘crystal ball’ and give their Patriots predictions


March 20, 2019: Smart ejected, Baynes injured in Celtics loss in Philadelphia

1:10 - First up, Michael Holley and Tommy Heinsohn break down the game and Philly’s second half comeback. We also hear from head coach Brad Stevens. 7:57 - After that, A. Sherrod Blakely joins the BST crew to give his take on the game, discussing what the loss means for the Celtics playoff picture and how losing Aron Baynes to an ankle sprain will affect them.


March 19, 2019: Bruins shutout Islanders 5-0, What does Mike Trout's deal mean for Mookie Betts?

(1:20) The Boston Bruins shutout the New York Islanders 5-0 on Tuesday Night, DJ Bean breaks down the win. (5:30)Mike Trout signed a 12-year $426.5 M contract extension with the Angels. What does this mean for Mookie Betts future payday? Our ‘Talking Baseball’ crew discusses. (11:00) Should the Patriots trade for a big name for wide receiver depth? Tom E. Curran and Troy Brown discuss on Early Edition.


March 18, 2019: Isaiah Thomas returns as Nuggets top Celtics

1:26 - Brian Scalabrine and Kyle Draper break down the Celtics 114-105 loss to the Denver Nuggets and discuss everything from the game that didn’t have to do with Isaiah. 5:54 - We hear from Isaiah after the game as he touches on a variety of topics from his reaction to the tribute video he received to the possibility of him returning to Boston. 11:50 - Speaking of a return to the Green for Thomas, A. Sherrod Blakely thinks that Isaiah could be back with the Celtics as soon as next season....


March 15, 2019: Has Kyrie Irving 'flipped the switch' on being the leader the Celtics need?

(1:00) Our Celtics Post Up crew breaks down the Celtics last 5 games, and discuss Kyrie Irving ‘flipping the switch’ on being the Celtics leader they need. (7:00) The Patriots released Adrian Clayborn, our BST crew debated whether the Patriots will get enough pass rush from the defensive line next season. (14:00) Should Tom Brady be upset with the receivers the team has signed so far? Ben Volin discusses that and what receivers are left for the Patriots to target.


March 14, 2019: Celtics top Kings behind Kyrie's triple-double; Bruins starting to scuffle

1:24 - Kyle Draper and Brian Scalabrine break down the Celtics 126-120 win over the Sacramento Kings and Kyrie Irving’s triple-double performance. 5:59 - The Patriots made some minor moves yesterday, adding receivers Bruce Ellington and Maurice Harris. Who? We know… Phil Perry, Tom Giles and Michael Holley debate whether or not these additions are enough. 10:33 - The Bruins have scuffled since their 19-game point streak ended as the injuries have piled up and Tuukka Rask has started to...


March 13, 2019: Are Patriots small moves better than big splashes made by other teams?

1:26 - The Patriots were busy yesterday, signing Phillip Dorsett, Brandon Bolden, John Simon and Jason McCourty to deals and picking up Matthew Slater’s option for 2019. Michael Felger, Tom Curran, Lou Merloni and Danielle Trotta give their takes on the handful of moves. 6:21 - DJ Bean hosts a round of ‘Nailed it, or Failed it,’ a game where Michael Felger, Tom Curran and Phil Perry will decide if the Cleveland Browns, New York Jets and Oakland Raiders have nailed their free agent...


March 11, 2019: Celtics crushed by Clippers; Patriots lose Flowers and Brown to free agency

1:18 - Michael Holley and A. Sherrod Blakely break down the Celtics tough 140-115 loss to the Los Angeles Clippers to wrap up their West Coast road trip and we hear Brad Steven's postgame reaction. 6:24 - On Monday both Trey Flowers and Trent Brown reportedly agreed to deals with new teams. So with holes at left tackle and defensive end, how will the Patriots move forward? Tom Curran, Phil Perry and Albert Breer discuss. 11:11 - Michael Felger and Gary Tanguay debate the legitimacy of...


March 8, 2019: Patriots acquire Michael Bennett, Terry Rozier 1-on-1

(1:00) The Patriots will be acquiring DE Michael Bennett, Troy Brown and Phil Perry discuss the move and how it impacts the Patriots defense. (8:40) The Celtics face off against the Lakers Saturday Night. Kyle Draper and Chris Forsberg break down the Celtics West Coast road trip, and preview Saturday night’s matchup. (16:00) Kyle Draper sits down with Terry Rozier to discuss the Celtics past two games, and Terry explains how Kyrie Irvings attitude is contagious for the rest of the team.


March 7, 2018: Bruins extend their point streak to 18 games after miraculous 4-3 win over Panthers

(1:00) The Bruins extend their point streak to 18 straight games with a miraculous 4-3 win over the Panthers, Joe Haggerty breaks down the win. (6:30) Gordon Hayward comes alive on the Celtics road trip, Chris Forsberg breaks down his impressive play and what we can expect from Gordon going forward. (12:00) OBJ and Brady talked through the comment section of Instagram all weekend. Would you want to see Odell in a Patriots uniform? Marc Bertrand joins Early Edition to discuss.


March 6, 2019: Gordon Hayward the hero again; Steven Wright suspended for PED use

1:12 - Gordon Hayward followed up his 30-point performance vs. the Warriors with a clutch game-winning shot vs. the Kings. Chris Mannix and Michael Holley break down the win and Brad Stevens addresses the media. 6:03 - With NFL free agency a week away, Phil Perry addresses the Patriots' needs and discusses some potential moves they could make. 11:25 - After missing a majority of the season in 2018, Steven Wright was handed an 80-game suspension on Wednesday for testing positive for...


March 5, 2019: Hayward leads the charge vs. Warriors

1:05 - Kyle Draper and Brian Scalabrine break down the Celtics' 128-95 win over the Golden State Warriors and debate if this win means anything in the grand scheme of things for the C's. 6:35 - Joe Haggerty joins Tom Giles and DJ Bean to talk about the Bruins picking up another two points with a win over the Carolina Hurricanes. 9:35 - The Patriots chose not to hand out any franchise tags on Tuesday, making a handful of key players free agents. Tom Giles joins Trenni Kusnierek to give his...


March 4, 2019: Kyrie opens up about the pressures placed upon him; Bruins cruising through home stretch

1:23 - Kyrie Irving continues to make headlines with comments about dealing with the hardships of being a leader and the scrutiny from the media. Michael Holley, DJ Bean, Chris Forsberg and Danielle Trotta discuss Kyrie’s shifting attitude towards his role in Boston. 7:26 - While there’s a lot of negativity surrounding the Celtics, things are going pretty well for the Bruins. Tom Giles and Rich Keefe keep it positive and break down what’s going right for the B’s with just a month left in...


March 1, 2019: Celtics snap losing streak with win over Wizards

1:14 - The Celtics snap their losing streak by defeating the Wizards, 107-96. A. Sherrod Blakely joins BST to break down the win 4:55 - The Bruins are red hot, 11-0-4 in their last 15 games. Joe Haggerty joins Early Edition to discuss the impressive month of February the Bruins had. 10:46 - Phil Perry and Bert Breer discuss whether the Patriots would consider using their franchise tag on Defensive End Trey Flowers


February 28, 2019: Bruins get big 4-1 win over Lightning

1:15 - Mike Felger, DJ Bean, and Michael Holley break down the Bruins big 4-1 win against the Lightning and discuss what a matchup between the two teams in the playoffs might look like. 6:19 - Chris Forsberg talks about Kyrie Irving’s comments after the Celtics loss to the Trail Blazers, and says the Celtics need to get out of their own head and make some tweaks to the lineup. 11:09 - Michael Coyne, Dean of the Mass School of Law, joins Early Edition with Tanguay and Trenni to discuss what...


February 27, 2019: Celtics losing streak extended to 4 games; Golden Tate would like to play with the Patriots?

1:11 - Chris Forsberg breaks down the Celtics losing at home to the Trail Blazers, their 4th loss in a row, and discuss if they’ll be able to figure it out in the playoffs. 5:32 - The Bruins have now won 8 of the last 9 games and are 2nd in the East with 83 points. Joe Haggerty breaks down what has led to the Bruins recent success. 10:30 - Golden Tate went on ‘The prostyle podcast with Earl Bennett’ and said he would love to play with the Patriots. Tom E. Curran and Phill Perry discuss how...


February 26, 2019: Celtics suffer bad loss to Raptors; Latest on Robert Kraft; Marchand apologizes to Johansson

1:11 - Kyle Draper and A. Sherrod Blakely break down the Celtics bad loss in Toronto against the Raptors, and discuss how the Celtics “laid another egg”, losing for the 5th time in their last 7 games. 6:10 - Gary Tanguay, Tom E. Curran, and Rob ‘Hardy’ Poole discuss the charges against Robert Kraft and how far he’d be willing to fight it in court. 10:31 - Joe Haggerty joins to talk about what Marcus Johansson had to say about new teammate Brad Marchand, who injured Johansson with an elbow...


February 25, 2019: Bruins add Marcus Johansson at the deadline; Celtics struggling once again

1:27 - The NHL trade deadline has come and gone and the Bruins have two new pieces, Charlie Coyle and now Marcus Johansson. But are these additions enough to help the B’s make a deep playoff run? Joe Haggerty joins Michael Felger to discuss. 6:50 - The Celtics are coming off an embarrassing loss to the Chicago Bulls and there’s blame being shoved everywhere. A. Sherrod Blakely and Kyle Draper get into a heated debate about how this team needs to change down the stretch. 12:30 - J.D....