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Armageddon 2008 - Episode 7

WE ARE DONE... With 2008 I mean. Join us in a beer-filled review of Armageddon 2008! This show featured John Cena vs Chris Jericho 2 for the World Heavyweight Championship, and a famed main event Triple Threat Match: Edge defending the WWE Championship against Jeff Hardy, and Triple H. The show closed out 2008 with the lowest buyrate since Cyber Sunday 2008, so what went wrong? What went right? Find out, lads! Including off-topic conversations about: Hade Vansen GM Mode Dated references...


Cyber Sunday 2008 - Episode 5

It’s time for a Trouble and Paradise to your ears! Jack and Lewis are back with a review of Cyber Sunday 2008! This event features Triple H vs Jeff Hardy for the WWE Championship and the main event of Chris Jericho vs Batista for the World Heavyweight Championship. This was the last edition of the Cyber Sunday pay-per-view, the theme of which allowed WWE fans to vote on the stipulations of various matchups, and since they didn't really know what matches they were getting, the butyrate...


Episode 4 - No Mercy 2008

The PG Wrestling Retrospective presents its memeiest episode to date! The boys cover No Mercy 2008; headlined by Jeff Hardy vs Triple H in Hardy's last shot (not really) for the WWE Championship, and the famed Ladder Match for the World Heavyweight Championship: Chris Jericho vs Shawn Michaels. Also a hilarious 30 minute segment that starts off with Big Show being super whipped by Vickie Guerrero. PLUS: More super dark jokes about Mike Adamle. If you enjoyed the podcast get on the Twitter:...


Episode 3 - Unforgiven 2008

We are back from a brief hiatus! Episode 3 covers Unforgiven 2008; the Pay-Per-View that was so bad it was the last to have the 'Unforgiven' name! (Or at least that's what Lewis thinks). You've seen the Hell in a Cell, you've witnessed the Elimination Chamber and you've felt the Royal Rumble, BUT have you ever seen the spectacular Championship Scramble!? Also, Shawn Michaels vs Chris Jericho is on this show! Featuring off-topic conversations like: Mike Adamle's dementia Why Big Show sounds...


Episode 2 - Summerslam 2008

Jack and Lewis are back with a brand new track... or podcast. In episode 2 the boys meander through Summerslam 2008; a stacked card featuring Edge vs Undertaker, Batista vs Edge, Triple H vs The Great Khali and of course the dream match for the ECW Championship: Mark Henry vs Matt Hardy. Featuring a wide variety of off-topic conversations about: Saturday morning slam Jeff Hardy at Victory Road Lewis' love for The Brian Kenrick Jack's love for Ezekiel Jackson Maria Kannelis in a jetski...


Episode 0 - Introduction & Childhood Memories

Jack and Lewis talk early memories of wrestling, weird favourites and Smackdown vs. Raw 2011.