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A weekly podcast hosted by blog creator Nathan Graber-Lipperman. New guests appear weekly to talk about the current news cycle, discussing anything from Oprah's campaign for the presidency to Antonio Brown's new hairstyle.

A weekly podcast hosted by blog creator Nathan Graber-Lipperman. New guests appear weekly to talk about the current news cycle, discussing anything from Oprah's campaign for the presidency to Antonio Brown's new hairstyle.
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A weekly podcast hosted by blog creator Nathan Graber-Lipperman. New guests appear weekly to talk about the current news cycle, discussing anything from Oprah's campaign for the presidency to Antonio Brown's new hairstyle.






What's UP Episode 3: The All-Star 'Lion King' Cast Could Beat the Warriors

Connor Blodgett makes his podcast debut with NGL as they talk about the (fake) casting announcement for a live-action 'Hunchback of Notre Dame' that went viral and Disney's quest to fill our future with live-action remakes.


What's UP Episode 2: Summer League Scoops with Andrew Fenichel

Our man Andrew Fenichel was in Vegas for three days catching NBA Summer League Action, and he dishes out his five most impressive rookies, three least impressive rookies, and some other players that stood out in Sin City.


The G-L Review Episode 7: Marvel Studios Just A(i)n't Slowing Down

JGL joins the pod to recap the World Cup quarterfinals (0:29), go over what they did and didn’t like about “Ant-Man and the Wasp” (9:56), determine the best rookies of NBA Summer League so far (23:02), and dish out their Winners and Losers of the previous week (29:42).


What's UP Episode 1: Lonnie Walker IV and That One Deleted Tweet

In the first-ever episode of the 'What's UP' Podcast, Jake Liker welcomes Nathan Graber-Lipperman on to discuss Lonnie Walker IV's woke tweet about July 4th and whether the backlash he received was warranted.


The G-L Review Episode 6: LeBron To La La Land

Podcast stalwarts Jake Liker and Andrew Fenichel join the pod to discuss all the fallout from LeBron’s bombshell decision to move to La La Land, where the rest of the free agent dominoes fell (16:40), debate the merits of penalty kicks in determining a game (24:29), talk about who should be the favorite as the World Cup draws ever nearer to a finish (27:40), and wrap up by dishing out their winners and losers from the previous week in pop culture (31:35).


The G-L Review Episode 5: So Much For Mikal Bridges in Philly...

The one and only Jake Graber-Lipperman joins NGL to recap the NBA Draft, including the Kings deciding to take former Dukie Marvin Bagley III (1:05), the fallout from the Doncic/Young trade (3:29), and the Cavs' decision to take Sexton and what it means' for LeBron's future in Cleveland (10:40). They finish with some appreciation for the World Cup (19:31) and who won and lost the week around pop culture (31:26).


Style, Soundwaves, and Soccer Episode 2: Yeezy Architecture and Beware the Book of Eli

Ethan Cano welcomes Dylan, Tyler, and Elijah to the pod to dish out some thoughts on Ski Mask the Slump God's latest album, "Beware the Book of Eli" (0:47), discuss the divergence of trap and rap into different sub-genres (14:00), talk about Kanye's venture into architecture (25:05), an finish with some MLS chatter (38:20).


The G-L Review Episode 4: 'Westworld' Midseason Report

Eric Hochberger drops in to recap everything that's happened through the second season of 'Westworld,' including why he's still holding out judgement on whether it stacks up to the original (0:35), why the Man in Black is the most compelling story arc of the show (5:20), what he wants to see from the show in the near future (11:10), and finish with the winners and losers of Season 2 thus far (12:13).


The Unplugg'd Podcast Episode 21: Airkenny on Tracking Down Rare Kicks and the Chicago Sneaker Scene

Notorious and well-known Chicago sneakerhead Kenny 'Airkenny' Weiner stopped by to talk about the degree of his influence in sneaker culture (1:18), how he tracks down rare sneakers such as samples and "unseens," (3:00), why he uses Instagram as his preferred form of social media (20:07), the difficulty of not posting the LeBrons he gets before LeBron receives them himself (24:41), his favorite sneaker in his collection (38:30), his go-to stores in the Chicago area (46:45), the shift in...


Style, Soundwaves, and Soccer Episode 1: New Carti, Lit or Dead?

For the first episode of 'Style, Soundwaves, and Soccer,' EMJ, Seung-Bin, Dylan Ward, and, Pyles join Ethan Cano to talk about Playboi Carti's new album (2:00), streetwear label Palace Skateboards and their new drop (30:32), the puffer jacket trend, such as Canada Goose (42:18), and recap their weekly MLS scores (43:34).


The G-L Review Episode 3: I Saw Lady Bird 6 Months Too Late

In the third episode of 'The G-L Review,' Ray Tang stops by to discuss why Nate saw 'Lady Bird' way later than he should have (0:55), bask in the box-office glory of 'Infinity War,' (6:21), preview how 'Deadpool 2' will fare in theaters (10:27), remark on how Star Wars everywhere gave a big sigh of relief when 'Solo' turned out to be meh (12:30), get excited for 'Mission: Impossible -- Fallout' (14:18), and dish out some final thoughts (17:30).


The G-L Review Episode 2: I'm Taking the Warriors in Three

Peter Warren and Andrew Fenichel drop in to recap the Celtics taking over their series with the Cavs (0:37), the Warriors and Rockets giving us the conference championship we deserve (8:38), an exciting time to be an NHL fan (14:45), and some final thoughts on the Panthers' sale and the legalization of gambling (17:27).


The G-L Review Episode 1: Donald Glover Had One Hell Of A Week

In the first-ever episode of 'The G-L Review,' host Nathan Graber-Lipperman welcomes on Jake Liker to talk about how Donald Glover had a big week (1:45), appreciate the dynamo's fantastic SNL performance (8:02), and recap a wild Eurovision 2018 (11:09).


Episode 20: Nike in the Age of #MeToo

Resident streetwear contributor Ethan Cano marks his debut on the pod at the tail end of a wild week for the apparel giant from Beaverton. They talk about the surprise of this news coming from a brand that's always branding itself as forward-thinking (4:53), discuss whether Nike is catching up to Adidas in the sportswear market (9:23), remark on Kanye's respective influence on Adidas' rise and stock rises (16:30), judge whether or not Drake's apparent jump from Nike will shake up the...


Episode 18: The NFL Mock Draft Show

Jake Liker, Andrew Fenichel, and Peter Warren join Nathan Graber-Lipperman in putting on their NFL General Manager caps for this week's episode! NGL makes sure to set the ground rules (2:23), the draft gets off and running (4:30), and the boys review which GM performed the best (1:13:09).


Episode 15: An Ode to March

Peter Warren joins the pod and makes sure to tell Loyola-Chicago that it's not good-bye, it's see you soon (0:25), try to think over Chris Mack's decision to move on from Xavier to Louisville (15:00), discuss Darius Bazley's trail-blazing decision to skip the NCAA for the G-League (24:33), appreciate the amount of talent Nova will be both keeping and gaining in 2018 (34:30), debate the quarterbacks in this year's class (45:30), fangirl over the legend of Cristiano Ronaldo (49:31), and...


Episode 7: Super Bowl Week and Fun With the NBA Trade Machine

The regular trio of Nate, Jake, and Andrew welcomes Peter Warren to the podcast this week, and they start off with Nate's apology and get-well wishes for DeMarcus Cousins (0:32), dish out some NFL Awards picks alongside Super Bowl predictions (2:30), debate over who won the Alex Smith trade (18:52), marvel at James Harden's big night (29:28), talk about the Blake trade and make some moves of their own (32:34), highlight their thoughts from the Grammys (51:57), and finish with a lightning...


Episode 6: What Do We Do With DeMarcus Cousins?

For the third week in a row, Nathan Graber-Lipperman is joined by Jake Liker and Andrew Fenichel, and they talk about how wrong they were for underestimating the Eagles (0:43), Blake Bortles' future with the Jaguars (8:41), reactions to the 2018 NBA All-Stars (11:03), the split between love and hate for Boogie (22:38), and Kawhi's potential replacement in San Antonio (35:19). They finish the podcast guessing which 14 songs this decade have reached diamond status (44:05) and with another...


Episode 5: The Miracle in Minneapolis

This week, Jake Liker and Andrew Fenichel make a valiant return to the podcast. When talking about the recently-released Grammy lineup, Nathan Graber-Lipperman embarrasses himself by wondering aloud if SZA was a member of the Wu-Tang Clan (1:08). The guys also talk about whether 'The Minnesota Miracle' is a more fitting name than 'The Miracle in Minneapolis' (11:48), whether or not Doug Pederson deserves to be mentioned in Coach of the Year discussions (30:16), reflect on how star-studded...


Episode 4: NFL Playoffs, the Golden Globes, and More

This week, Nathan Graber-Lipperman welcomes two new members to the UNPLUGG'D team in Jake Liker and Andrew Fenichel. They discuss Nick Saban and his big, bronze balls during the college football championship (1:18), recap Wild Card Weekend and preview the Divisional Round of the NFL Playoffs (11:00), talk about the ramifications of Franco and Winfrey's contrasting situations at the Golden Globes (44:54), and end with a new segment where panelists compete in a Lightning Round (1:02:10)....