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Whistles Ep. 3: Preparation and Self-Talk w/ the NU Strength Staff

Jeremy & Jake are joined by NU Strength coaches to discuss how important their jobs are to an athlete's development and team's culture by instilling the head coach's principles. This interview also explains why Alex Spanos doesn't listen to Drake (4:29), why Matt Flannery got into strength coaching (6:04), how Spanos never uses lower-case letters for anything (13:57), Lark's hard-work ethic and why the road to recovery doesn't have to be lonely (20:09), the strength coaches claim Jeremy is...


What's UP: Stranger Things and MLB Trade Deadline

Co-hosts Ryan Coleman and Ethan Fore discuss Stranger Things 3 and the MLB Trade Deadline on the 'What's Up' podcast.


What's UP: The Bachelorette's Birds and Bees

On a solo-host episode of the 'What's UP' podcast, Ethan Fore talks about Hannah Brown's season of The Bachelorette, focusing on Monday night's fantasy suite episode. He comments on each of the four remaining guys and their dates with Hannah, including Pilot Pete's windmill experience (2:22), Tyler being an absolute dream (5:22), Jed complaining about Luke (7:56) and Luke getting annihilated on national television (10:44). Tune in for a Greek mythology lesson, Twitter beef, Bachelor in...


Whistles Ep. 2: Dealing With Adversity

On the second episode of 'Whistles,' Jared, Jake, & Jeremy discuss why a locker room is so important to a team (1:41), the transition from dominating in high school to college workouts (3:50), how the crew feels about naps (7:33), Jared's three tips to being a successful athlete (9:49), Jake's misconceptions about what a college weight room would be like (11:44), how Jeremy tricks the media with his humility (27:00), and how being injured has a psychological affect on a players recovery...


What's UP: Baseball Still Matters

On a baseball-only edition of 'What's UP,' co-hosts Ryan Coleman and Ethan Fore review the MLB's best stories of the first half (1:46), biggest surprises (4:56) and biggest disappointments at the All-Star Break (10:54). Next, they hand out midseason awards (16:34) and give playoff predictions (21:08). Plus, as always, they answer and ask trivia questions (25:15). Tune in for Vlad Guerrero Jr. and Pete Alonso praise, juiced baseball conspiracy theories, green oranges and more.


The G-L Review Ep. 29: The NBA Offseason Is Officially Bigger Than The On-Court Product

On this episode, NGL talks about how taking a break over his four-day weekend set him up for a more productive week moving forward, then welcomes on Senior Creative Karim Noorani to cover the biggest storylines from that last week in NBA Free Agency. They talk about NGL's several-week saga to install a WiFi router in his apartment (5:25) before discussing whether people find the offseason more entertaining than the on-court product itself (7:11), why the moves by both Durant and Kawhi...


What's UP: Kawhi Goes Home, Soccer Comes Home and 'Spider-Man: Far From Home'

On a jam-packed episode of What's UP, co-hosts Ryan Coleman and Ethan Fore discuss the Los Angeles Clippers' busy weekend (0:50), reflect on the USWNT's supremacy in France (7:20) and gush over the greatness of Tom Holland, Zendaya and Spider-Man: Far From Home* (13:32). Later, the pair offers trivia questions for the week (24:39) and gives predictions on Monday's MLB Home Run Derby (26:07). Listen for NBA title favorites, historic US team comparisons, MCU post-credit scene appreciation, and...


Whistles Ep. 1: Transitions

On the first episode of 'Whistles,' co-hosts Jeremy Larkin, Jared Thomas, and Jake Saunders talk about the inspiration behind the podcast (1:32) before diving into important conversations such as whether or not Jeremy is really from Cincy (5:20) and how Jake started a trend on the football team by wearing Birkenstocks (16:26).


What's UP: Happy 4oJ!

On an Independence Day edition of 'What's UP,' Ryan Coleman and Ethan Fore chat about Stranger Things Season 3 (0:49), give a refresher on NBA news (2:38) and the USWNT's victory over England in the World Cup semifinals (8:23). Next, the duo discusses Joey Chestnut and the Nathan's Famous International Hot Dog Eating Contest (14:05) and give trivia for the week (21:23). Tune in for tornadoes, limitless matches, poker, walk-off walks and more!


The G-L Review Ep. 28: Jeremy Larkin On His Career-Ending Injury And Why He's Launching 'Whistles'

On this episode, NGL provides an update on PBM's journey through the Wildfire startup accelerator before welcoming on Jeremy Larkin to talk about whether or not NBA Free Agency has eclipsed the games themselves (5:35), what a given week looked like during offseason training (21:17), why his touchdown celebrations were always so low-key (36:27), hearing about his cervical stenosis diagnosis and preparing for life after football (42:45), and why it's all led him to creating the 'Whistles'...


What's UP: World Cup, Netflix and…Snails?

In their second episode of the What's UP podcast, Ryan Coleman and Ethan Fore examine the FIFA Women's World Cup, looking back on the highlights of the group stage and Round of 16 (1:25), and previewing Friday's quarterfinal matchup against the hosts, France (5:38). Later, the pair looks at the discussion of Megan Rapinoe and the White House (11:38), and Netflix's announcement that NBC's The Office is leaving the streaming service (14:18). Stay tuned for a killer snail (18:28), Takes of the...


The G-L Review Ep. 27: The OG Crew Reflects

On this episode, NGL notes both his anxiety and excitement for getting to work full-time on Powder Blue this summer (0:39) before welcoming on podcast stalwarts Andrew Fenichel to reflect on the growth of the company over the last two years. They talk about how nervous Andrew was when they recorded their first ‘Unplugg’d Podcast’ together as a trio (7:29), shooting the first episode of ‘The Hot Takes Show’ and doing man-on-the-street interviews downtown (33:49), the biggest lessons we’ve...


What's UP: Ranking NBA Rookies' Style At The Draft

In the return of 'What's UP,' co-hosts Ryan Coleman and Ethan Fore bring back the podcast to talk review the key aspects of the 2019 NBA Draft, from best dressed (1:32) to best picks (12:52). The duo also attempts to pronounce some of the toughest draftee names (20:08), and introduces a couple new segments (23:07). Tune in for takes on Jedi robes, shoes without socks, grandma's jackets, and more.


'bet!' Mailbag Mini-Episode 4: Partners ft Delaney McCallum

The 'bet!' mailbag is back for the fourth episode, as this time, Abriel Siregar, Chris Burton, and Delaney McCallum answer your deep, funny, or hard hitting questions from social media.


'bet!' S1 E16: The Last Normal Episode

In the final episode of 'bet!' ever, Abriel Siregar and Chris Burton break down the 2019 NBA Finals, and give their takes on the Drake massage bet (9:20), take a deep dive into the Raptors' victory in Game 1 (14:45), give their predictions on the series odds (34:15), and finish up with the "moneyline" segment (41:00).


The Fantasy Geek S2E3: Opening up the Offseason Mailbag

In this offseason mailbag episode, the Geek Squad will run the gamut of fantasy queries. Jack and Andrew discuss how many late-round quarterbacks can lead a winning fantasy squad (2:03), how to draft Nick Chubb with a suspended Kareem Hunt behind him (25:27), Andrew's beloved Washington Redskins backfield (31:56), and so much more!


The G-L Review Ep. 26: Flashback Friday With Our First-Ever Featured Guest

On the latest episode of 'The G-L Review,' NGL turns back the clock to celebrate all 25 of our previous episodes and re-release our first-ever interview with sneaker legend Ken 'Airkenny Weiner. Well-known Chicago sneakerhead Kenny 'Airkenny' Weiner stopped by to talk about the degree of his influence in sneaker culture (9:30), how he tracks down rare sneakers such as samples and "unseens," (11:12), the difficulty of not posting the LeBrons he gets before LeBron receives them himself...


The Ninety6 Pod Ep. 1: The Future of Sneaker Culture and Reselling

For the first episode of 'The Ninety6 Podcast,' Ashton and Nate are joined by Alex Eng and Sheridan Clayborne to talk about how reselling has progressed from online forums to StockX and Facebook (13:33), how physical retail spaces have somehow become both outdated and a commodity (32:41), how Kanye's antics have helped or hurt his Yeezy brand (42:42), debate the best sneaker of the decade (51:18), and wrap up by naming their favorite sneaker stores in the world (1:01:37). Thanks to Vino...


The G-L Review Ep. 25: Jake Nickell on Monetizing Art and His Favorite Threadless Tee

On the latest episode of 'The G-L Review,' NGL recaps everything that's going on with PBM before diving into a conversation with Threadless Founder and CEO Jake Nickell. They talked about his personal favorite shirt Threadless has produced (10:09), his idea that it's a "human necessity" to make things (26:20), and how his passion for helping artists support themselves keeps him -- and Threadless -- going (41:37). Then, Nate finished it off with his big bro and recent Duke graduate, Jake, to...


bet! S1 E16: Bachelorette Bets ft Ethan Fore and Jack Lido

This week on 'bet!', hosts Abriel Siregar and Chris Burton welcome on the power duo of Ethan Fore and Jack Lido to discuss a huge week in TV, starting with a quick recap of the final episode of 'Game of Thrones' (1:30) before moving on to the full prop betting breakdown of Season 15 of 'The Bachelorette' (14:20). They squad then finishes the show with everyone's favorite, the "Moneyline" segment (55:00).