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The Banter Group Chat Premier League Preview

Jake Liker and the rest of the Banter Group Chat bring you their preview of the 2018-2019 Premier League season! The six-strong crew go through each and every team in the EFL Championship and dish out some thoughts on where the club stacks up compared to the competition. Also, the guys give out end-of-year awards predictions, including their champion, Player of the Year, Golden Boot, Bold Prediction, and Best Transfer.


What's UP Episode 10: The Academy Decides To Shake Things Up

Jeff Siniard and Nathan Graber-Lipperman discuss the Academy's decision to shorten its telecast to three hours and whether or not the new "Outstanding Achievement in Popular Film" award is a net good or simply creates a new problem altogether.


What's UP Episode 9: On the NFL's Controversial New Helmet Rule

On May 22, 2018, NFL owners approved the new, controversial, and downright confusing "Helmet Rule." Three months later, and there's still a lot to be talked about. As the 2018 season approaches, Jack Lido shares some thoughts on the new rule and how he thinks it will affect the game.


The G-L Review Episode 10: NCAA Expenses, MLB Tweets, and Alex Jones

NGL welcomes on Andrew Fenichel to discuss what Northwestern's new Walter Athletics Center means for college sports (1:51), debate the odds of NU becoming a true sports school (14:05), and finish up by talking about MLB player's tweets (21:30) and the future of discourse on social media (34:00).


What's UP Episode 8: The Fox-Disney Merger is (Nearly) Complete

This week, Fox and Disney both held meetings with shareholders that went on to approve the purchase of 20th Century Fox by the Mouse House. Ray Tang talks with NGL to discuss how this changes the media landscape and where indie movies fit in during the age of big-budget blockbusters.


What's UP Episode 7: 32 In 32 (AFC Preview)

Jack Lido returns with the second part in his '32 in 32' series, where he recaps what each NFL team did during the offseason in just one minute. This time around, Jack bounces around the AFC to determine which team will finally dethrone the Patriots dynasty.


What's UP Episode 6: 32 In 32 (NFC Preview)

Jack Lido delivers the first episode in his two-part '32 In 32' series, where he gives a minute-long refresher on what each NFL team did in the offseason and what we can expect from them moving forward.


The G-L Review Episode 9: #SUMMERMOVIESZN is in Full Effect

Jake Graber-Lipperman joins the pod to discuss why the incredible action sequences make the sixth installment in the 'Mission: Impossible' franchise a must-see (0:50), get into some spoiler talk about what worked and what didn't (10:45), and rank their favorite films in the series (22:30). The G-L bros then give some spoiler-free thoughts on 'Sorry to Bother You' (25:13) before unpacking the plethora of threads and commentary present, along with that crazy twist ending (35:15).


What's UP Episode 5: San Diego Comic-Con Lives Up to the Hype

Connor Blodgett welcomes on Joe Marks to talk about Warners Bros. and DC's busy day at San Diego Comic-Con 2018, as well as discuss the rebooted Clone Wars, Matt Groening's new show "Disenchantment," and more.


What's UP Episode 4: More to the Mesut Özil Story

Jake Liker reflects on Mesut Özil's decision to quit the Germany national football team and the complicated factors at play, including immigration in Europe and how the media coverage has effected the story.


The G-L Review Episode 8: James Gunn's Tweets and Kawhi Leonard Trades Seats

After a week off, Jake Graber-Lipperman joins the pod to determine who won the Kawhi-DeRozan trade (2:03), recap the offensive tweets and subsequent backlash surrounding 'Guardians of the Galaxy' director James Gunn (14:37), discuss what's in line for Chris Pratt's future following the Post Over-Pratturation period (21:30), offer up some more 'Mission: Impossible' hype while discussing the greatest spy franchises and individual films of all time (27:03), and finish up with Winners and...


What's UP Episode 3: The All-Star 'Lion King' Cast Could Beat the Warriors

Connor Blodgett makes his podcast debut with NGL as they talk about the (fake) casting announcement for a live-action 'Hunchback of Notre Dame' that went viral and Disney's quest to fill our future with live-action remakes.


What's UP Episode 2: Summer League Scoops with Andrew Fenichel

Our man Andrew Fenichel was in Vegas for three days catching NBA Summer League Action, and he dishes out his five most impressive rookies, three least impressive rookies, and some other players that stood out in Sin City.


The G-L Review Episode 7: Marvel Studios Just A(i)n't Slowing Down

JGL joins the pod to recap the World Cup quarterfinals (0:29), go over what they did and didn’t like about “Ant-Man and the Wasp” (9:56), determine the best rookies of NBA Summer League so far (23:02), and dish out their Winners and Losers of the previous week (29:42).


What's UP Episode 1: Lonnie Walker IV and That One Deleted Tweet

In the first-ever episode of the 'What's UP' Podcast, Jake Liker welcomes Nathan Graber-Lipperman on to discuss Lonnie Walker IV's woke tweet about July 4th and whether the backlash he received was warranted.


The G-L Review Episode 6: LeBron To La La Land as the World Cup Heats Up

Podcast stalwarts Jake Liker and Andrew Fenichel join the pod to discuss all the fallout from LeBron’s bombshell decision to move to La La Land, where the rest of the free agent dominoes fell (16:40), debate the merits of penalty kicks in determining a game (24:29), talk about who should be the favorite as the World Cup draws ever nearer to a finish (27:40), and wrap up by dishing out their winners and losers from the previous week in pop culture (31:35).


The G-L Review Episode 5: So Much For Mikal Bridges in Philly...

The one and only Jake Graber-Lipperman joins NGL to recap the NBA Draft, including the Kings deciding to take former Dukie Marvin Bagley III (1:05), the fallout from the Doncic/Young trade (3:29), and the Cavs' decision to take Sexton and what it means' for LeBron's future in Cleveland (10:40). They finish with some appreciation for the World Cup (19:31) and who won and lost the week around pop culture (31:26).


Style, Soundwaves, and Soccer Episode 2: Yeezy Architecture and Beware the Book of Eli

Ethan Cano welcomes Dylan, Tyler, and Elijah to the pod to dish out some thoughts on Ski Mask the Slump God's latest album, "Beware the Book of Eli" (0:47), discuss the divergence of trap and rap into different sub-genres (14:00), talk about Kanye's venture into architecture (25:05), an finish with some MLS chatter (38:20).


The G-L Review Episode 4: 'Westworld' Midseason Report

Eric Hochberger drops in to recap everything that's happened through the second season of 'Westworld,' including why he's still holding out judgement on whether it stacks up to the original (0:35), why the Man in Black is the most compelling story arc of the show (5:20), what he wants to see from the show in the near future (11:10), and finish with the winners and losers of Season 2 thus far (12:13).


The Unplugg'd Podcast Episode 21: Airkenny on Tracking Down Rare Kicks and the Chicago Sneaker Scene

Notorious and well-known Chicago sneakerhead Kenny 'Airkenny' Weiner stopped by to talk about the degree of his influence in sneaker culture (1:18), how he tracks down rare sneakers such as samples and "unseens," (3:00), why he uses Instagram as his preferred form of social media (20:07), the difficulty of not posting the LeBrons he gets before LeBron receives them himself (24:41), his favorite sneaker in his collection (38:30), his go-to stores in the Chicago area (46:45), the shift in...