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Episode 17: Wait, Does Eric Bledsoe Still Not Know Who Terry Rozier Is?

Andrew Fenichel joins the pod this week to appreciate the NBA's surging ratings as captivating storylines emerge(0:56), tells a story about the time he met Stephon Marbury (7:03), recap and look forward to the rest of the NBA Playoff landscape (9:30), and end with some quick takes talking about Kendrick Lamar's big Pulitzer Prize win (54:00), the NHL Playoffs (58:50), Kanye's glorious return to Twitter (1:06:00), and the surprising move to cut Dez Bryant (1:09:00).


Episode 16: Tristan Thompson Is Wildin’ But Isaac Haas Is Just Evil

The podcast welcomes Jeff Siniard and Jake Graber-Lipperman to discuss their expectations for the upcoming release of 'Solo: A Star Wars Story' after the most recent trailer drop (0:27), talk about whether or not Disney's release date maneuvering for 'Infinity War' should be taken as a legitimate concern (11:!5), and express their excitement for 'Mission Impossible 6' (21:47). Then, Jake Liker joins to explain the origins of TMZ, or the "thirty-mile zone" in Los Angeles (25:20), determine...


Episode 15: An Ode to March

Peter Warren joins the pod and makes sure to tell Loyola-Chicago that it's not good-bye, it's see you soon (0:25), try to think over Chris Mack's decision to move on from Xavier to Louisville (15:00), discuss Darius Bazley's trail-blazing decision to skip the NCAA for the G-League (24:33), appreciate the amount of talent Nova will be both keeping and gaining in 2018 (34:30), debate the quarterbacks in this year's class (45:30), fangirl over the legend of Cristiano Ronaldo (49:31), and...


Episode 14: And Then There Were Four

Exclusively talking about what they've seen so far as the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament reaches its final weekend in 2018, Jake Liker and Andrew Fenichel call in to review the specifics of Nate and Andrew's polar plunge into Lake Michigan (1:07), appreciate how mind-boggingly wild Loyola-Chicago's improbable Final Four run has been (7:01), recap the irony of Michigan's last loss--spoiler alert, it was Northwestern (18:50), try not to get second-degree burns from Malik Newman's hot hand...


Episode 13: Ramble On!

Andrew Fenichel joins to open up the debate about UConn and parity in the women’s game (0:40), talk about whether this is the Maddest March in recent years (5:30), go over some of their favorite games from the opening weekend (8:08), discuss whether or not Tom Izzo is on the hot seat (16:40), rave about UMBC and the guy KenPom told you not to worry about (29:30), preview how the tournament affects NBA draft boards (34:00), make some lock picks that, if wrong, lead to the loser having to...


Episode 12: Happy (March) Madness!

Jake Liker, Andrew Fenichel, and Peter Warren stop by to give some of their bracket picks on the eve of the greatest (annual) sporting event known to mankind: March Madness. We begin discussing how, per usual, it's a hard year to fill out a bracket (0:49), go around and give some locks and upsets (10:00), talk about the importance of free-throw shooting in the tournament (27:00), and give their Elite 8 and eventual champions (40:00). Andrew then stays on to give his thoughts on Kirk...


Episode 11: The Oscars Preview Show

Regulars Jake Liker and Andrew Fenichel drop in to give some updated thoughts on the #NCAAHoopsScandal after the Sean Miller-DeAndre Ayton report (1:20), may or may not spread conspiracy theories about the FBI (7:40), and discuss the current and upcoming conference championship tournaments (22:50). Nathan Graber-Lipperman then welcomes on movie-critic-at-large Jake Graber-Lipperman to talk about the Oscars (32:10), and the original crew finishes off the episode per usual by sharing their...


Episode 10: The Sky is Raining Money for Marvel and Falling for the NCAA

Peter Warren, Jake Liker, and Andrew Fenichel join the podcast this week to get lambasted for not keeping up with the cultural phenomenon known as the Marvel Cinematic Universe (0:30), dish out some reviews about Black Panther (1:08), talk about a bombshell report about the NCAA by Yahoo! Sports (28:09), open the long-awaited floodgates in talking about why the NCAA is broken and how to (potentially) fix it (30:47), and finish with a weekly lightning round competition (59:39).


Episode 9: Don't Sleep On The Celebrity All-Star Game

Jake Liker and Andrew Fenichel are back in the booth this week to discuss whether or not they'll actively drop money in order to see the upcoming 'Uncle Drew' film (0:35), how LeBron and the new-look Cavs look like surefire bets to take the East (8:57), Ray Allen's apparent foray into pettiness (20:37), debate over the best dunk contest ever (27:39), the committee's first take on ranking March Madness (43:04), how Peter Rabbit stirred gobs of controversy (47:37), the dominance of college...


Episode 8: There's A Firesale in Cleveland and We're All Invited

Peter Warren and Jake Liker join the podcast this week to talk about how February is a very underrated sports month (0:55), whether or not Super Bowl LII deserves to be labelled an instant classic (2:11), where Jason Kelce's speech/rant ranks in the sports pantheon of speeches/rants (6:53), what we should expect in the future for the Patriots (12:41), deciding which Super Bowl commercial was the best (19:18), discuss all the moves that went down on the NBA's Trade Deadline Day (25:10), how...


Episode 7: Super Bowl Week and Fun With the NBA Trade Machine

The regular trio of Nate, Jake, and Andrew welcomes Peter Warren to the podcast this week, and they start off with Nate's apology and get-well wishes for DeMarcus Cousins (0:32), dish out some NFL Awards picks alongside Super Bowl predictions (2:30), debate over who won the Alex Smith trade (18:52), marvel at James Harden's big night (29:28), talk about the Blake trade and make some moves of their own (32:34), highlight their thoughts from the Grammys (51:57), and finish with a lightning...


Episode 6: What Do We Do With DeMarcus Cousins?

For the third week in a row, Nathan Graber-Lipperman is joined by Jake Liker and Andrew Fenichel, and they talk about how wrong they were for underestimating the Eagles (0:43), Blake Bortles' future with the Jaguars (8:41), reactions to the 2018 NBA All-Stars (11:03), the split between love and hate for Boogie (22:38), and Kawhi's potential replacement in San Antonio (35:19). They finish the podcast guessing which 14 songs this decade have reached diamond status (44:05) and with another...


Episode 5: The Miracle in Minneapolis

This week, Jake Liker and Andrew Fenichel make a valiant return to the podcast. When talking about the recently-released Grammy lineup, Nathan Graber-Lipperman embarrasses himself by wondering aloud if SZA was a member of the Wu-Tang Clan (1:08). The guys also talk about whether 'The Minnesota Miracle' is a more fitting name than 'The Miracle in Minneapolis' (11:48), whether or not Doug Pederson deserves to be mentioned in Coach of the Year discussions (30:16), reflect on how star-studded...


Episode 4: NFL Playoffs, the Golden Globes, and More

This week, Nathan Graber-Lipperman welcomes two new members to the UNPLUGG'D team in Jake Liker and Andrew Fenichel. They discuss Nick Saban and his big, bronze balls during the college football championship (1:18), recap Wild Card Weekend and preview the Divisional Round of the NFL Playoffs (11:00), talk about the ramifications of Franco and Winfrey's contrasting situations at the Golden Globes (44:54), and end with a new segment where panelists compete in a Lightning Round (1:02:10)....


Episode 3: The NFL Preview Show (Part 2)

This week, Nathan Graber-Lipperman couldn't get anyone to record with him, so he opted to dish out his NFC predictions in a short episode. He shares his thoughts on each collective division, as well as the playoff picture, and who will ultimately be representing the NFC.


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