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What's UP Ep. 12: Sights And Sounds From The Chicago Women's March

This past Saturday, our very own Jack Lido traveled to the Loop to check out the Chicago Women's March, an event organized by a local college student. For the twelfth episode of 'What's UP,' Jack shared some sounds from the rally and gave his thoughts on the event as a whole.


The Unplugg'd NFL Show: Missed Calls, Coin Tosses, and an Insane Championship Weekend

For the first time in NFL History, two playoff games went to overtime in the same day. For 10 quarters, we were treated with some historic football, but when the dust settled, not everyone was pleased. From Tommylee Lewis to Tony Romo, the guys tackle it all the stories from a wild weekend


The Unplugg'd NBA Show Ep. 7: All-Star Bonanza

On this episode, Host Karim Noorani is joined by Owen Guetschow and Charlie Goldsmith to talk All-Star festivities and player check-ins. The trio discusses the U.S vs World game(0:55), NBA skills competition(5:25), three-point contest(11:40), dunk contest(21:11), and All-Star team selections(28:32).


The G-L Review Ep. 16: The NFL Offseason Has Officially Begun

NGL welcomes on a whole slew of panelists this week, including JGL on shooting around with RJ Barrett and making some picks for the #MovieTrailerMusicMadness Bracket (5:09), Boston Sports Fan RJ Michaels on his fellow Beantown loyals and their me-against-the-world mentality (17:31), and Jake Liker to give Jake's Take of the Week on an event that blew up social media earlier this week (51:28).


The Unplugg'd NFL Show: And Then There Were Eight

Andrew Golden, Jack Lido, and NGL recap a wild Wild Card weekend in considering whether or not Chris Collinsworth's "Double Doink" call is among the greatest ever (0:49), debate who out of the last eight teams has the best defense (10:46), talk about why teams like the Seahawks just need to stick with that got them to the playoffs in the first place (22:03), then predict who will move on to their respective conference championships (32:56).


The Unplugg'd NFL Show: End-of-Season Awards, Playoff Predictions, and More

Andrew Golden, Jack Lido, and NGL talked about the state of several teams after missing the playoffs, including the Steelers (2:10), Titans (12:52), and Vikings (30:14). Then, they figure out where the rookie QBs stack up heading into 2019 (36:34), dish out regular-season awards (45:11), and finish by predicting the fantastic slate of wild-card matchups this weekend (1:09:07).


MacGuffins & White Russians Ep. 3: Into The Movie-Verse!

In looking back on the past year in entertainment, Nate and Jake G-L talk about Into the Spider-Verse (2:31) and Vice (18:02), reflect on the best movies and television they watched in 2018 (49:23), look towards the future of television and whether or not people will continue to watch shows live (1:08:40), and discuss the movies they're most excited for in 2019 (1:12:42).


The Unplugg'd NBA Show Ep. 6: NBA Christmas Eve Special ft. HalleLUKA

On this episode, host Karim Noorani and Andrew Fenichel bring in five teams from across the league who that intrigue them this season. The duo discuss the upstart Los Angeles Clippers (2:08), the defensive problems of the Utah Jazz (13:43), the "rebuilding" Phoenix Suns (28:31), the mediocrity of the San Antonio Spurs (39:13) and the greatness of Luka Doncic and his fellow Dallas Mavericks (47:54), before finishing up with some bold predictions on the 2018 Christmas Day NBA games (58:18).


The Fantasy Geek Ep. 14: For all the Marbles!

Week 16 is fantasy championship weekend, and Jack Lido is getting down to business. He's discussing running backs, from McCaffrey to McGuire, Carson to Coleman, and everyone in between. Plus a possible game-winning starts and sits of the week, and a look towards the fantasy future


The G-L Review Ep. 15: Dr. Neal Lester On Rap, Culture, And The N-Word

Way back in October of 2017, I talked to Dr. Neal Lester about the first ever college-level class designed to explore the 'N-word' that he started teaching over a decade ago (4:47), why he believes that the 'N-word' is like no other (15:28), what he thinks about non-black kids using the word at concerts (28:36), and the ways in which the media talks about the 'N-word' and rap as a whole (39:01).


The Unplugg'd NBA Show Ep. 5: A Micro Look At The NBA (Eastern Conference)

On this episode, Host Karim Noorani and Charlie Goldsmith take a microscopic look at the NBA's Eastern Conference. What's the vibe of the Eastern Conference?(1:26) Likeliest team to upset the Raptors in the playoffs?(2:53) Chatter on the Boston Celtics.(3:41)What's the best Celtics lineup? (7:50) Chatter on the Milwaukee Bucks. (9:40) Comparing the Celtics and Bucks.(13:10) Making sense of the conference standings.(15:20) Pistons' and Pacers' standing in the conference.(16:50) Chatter about...


The Fantasy Geek Ep. 13: It's Fantasy Playoff Time!

Jack and Sam are going through each and every game to help you through your playoff matchups! Jaguars @ Titans (2:55), Panthers @ Browns (6:20), Saints @ Buccaneers (10:48), Colts @ Texans (16:38), Giants @ Redskins (20:40), Ravens @ Chiefs (23:20), Falcons @ Packers (29:52), Jets @ Bills (36:38), Patriots @ Dolphins (38:47), Broncos @ 49ers (44:51), Bengals @ Chargers (53:34), Lions @ Cardinals (1:01:34), Eagles @ Cowboys (1:03:39), Steelers @ Raiders (1:06:48), Rams @ Bears (1:10:40),...


The G-L Review Ep. 14: Condoleezza Rice Should Be The Next Coach Of The Packers

NGL is joined by Noah Sobel-Pressman this week to talk about the excitement surrounding UConn Men's Basketball under new head coach Dan Hurley (0:38), his thoughts on the media's lack of coverage surrounding the MLS Playoffs (6:50), and his 5-minute take on the most intriguing teams and players heading into next season (22:40). Finally, Packers fan Jake Liker joins the pod for a new weekly segment, 'Jake's Takes,' to air out exactly how he feels about the firing of Mike McCarthy (33:28).


The Unplugg'd NBA Show Ep. 4: A Macro Look At The NBA

On this episode, Host Karim Noorani and Andrew Fenichel take a macroscopic look at the NBA. They discuss everything from player empowerment through the dynamic of NBA trades and free agency (2:05), and Adam Silver’s role as commissioner and front office decision-making (26:03). To finish the pod, Nathan Graber-Lipperman joins to debate the media’s impact in exposing organizational turmoil (1:04:52).


The Fantasy Geek Ep. 12: Nyheim Hines Is A Weird Flex (But OK)

In today's episode, Jack and Andrew discuss injuries around the league (1:46) have a conversation about mid tier running backs (18:23) and give their starts and sits for Week 13 (26:50).


The Fantasy Geek Ep. 11: Josh Adams, Gus Edwards, and Sparkling Apple Cider

Jack, Andrew, Sam and Toby unpack some of the last backfield committees in football (3:58), go over some starts and sits for Week 12 (21:29), and get into the holiday spirit by comparing fantasy players to Thanksgiving foods (51:42).


MacGuffins & White Russians Ep. 2: The Ballad Of Liam Neesons

In the second episode of 'MacGuffins & White Russians,' Nate and Jake G-L explain why Steve McQueen's new drama, Widows, deserves the Oscar hype (3:14), dive into some spoiler talk regarding what they liked and what they didn't like (15:09), debate over the weirdness of the Coen Brothers' The Ballad of Buster Scruggs (26:39), talk about whether or not Detective Pikachu is a must-see (52:30), and finish up with the bankability of the horror genre in 2018 (59:12).


The Fantasy Geek Ep. 10: The Cooper Kupp Fallout and Zach Ertz is a Beast

In this episode, host Jack Lido is joined by Andrew Fenichel and Sam Johnson as the squad breaks down the Cooper Kupp injury(2:15), makes keep/trade/cut decision on some high-profile players (9:00), and go over their season-long and DFS starts and sits (23:00), while finishing up with some fan questions from social media (39:25).


Home Ice Episode 1: Quenneville is out in Chicago and the Lightning Strike Again

Host Andrew Fenichel and UNPLUGG'D NHL expert Jacob Neuman huddle around a microphone to break down the first two months of the NHL season. The duo go team-by-team, firing off takes on all 30 NHL teams' outlook going forward into the middle chunk of the season. We talk about the Western Conference and the early season dominance by the Predators (1:09), and if the defending champion Capitals can repeat in the East, among other storylines (27:00).


The G-L Review Episode 13: Kevin Yngve On The Future Of Ultimate And Making Nationals

Kevin Yngve joins NGL to discuss making college nationals for the first time (4:40), the importance of team culture in building a successful program (11:20), talk about the future of ultimate and its visibility (24:23), how the gender equity has influenced the sport (31:44), whether or not ultimate can replace the football at the youth level (37:38), and wrap it up by going over Yngve's favorite movies of all time (52:07).