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A weekly podcast covering all things related to the Baltimore a little extra.

A weekly podcast covering all things related to the Baltimore a little extra.
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Baltimore, MD


A weekly podcast covering all things related to the Baltimore a little extra.






New Year, New Orioles? (Ep. 28)

We made it; 2018 is officially history and the Orioles can now begin their march towards major league dominance. Hopefully. It's been a while since our last episode. The O's have a fancy new manager, a NASA alum in the front office, a fresh-faced manager, a couple of Rule 5 picks and all of the hopes and dreams of the Birdland faithful in their grasp. The Warehouse crew chit chats about everything that's happened this offseason and also discusses the merits of chopped...


The end of the road (Ep. 27)

The Orioles season is over and both Buck Showalter and Dan Duquette are out of a job. Jesse and Marcus meet up to discuss their surprise of the moves, who they think should take over and, more importantly, should stay as far away from the organization as possible. Links: Orioles GM...


The Orioles are limping to the finish line (Ep. 26)

We are back! And things are a little different. Showalter won't be back. Duquette will be. The scouting staff is getting bigger. AJ did turn down a trade. And the O's could have signed Machado to an extension. Oh yeah, and we have a new home! Listen to the whole podcast to find out where our episodes will be posted going forward. Thanks for listening! Links: Our new home, Eutaw Street Report: Bob Nightengale reports that...


A new low in the Orioles nightmare season (Ep. 25)

It's been one of those seasons in Baltimore. The Orioles are really, really, really bad. This past weekend may be the worst they have looked so far, and that is saying something. Tyler, Marcus and Jesse get into it and discuss the mishandling of Miguel Castro, why Adam Jones is on the bench, Caleb Joseph's assessment of the team and the possible front office changes coming. We get fired up in the this one. Get in contact with us on social or via email and let us know what thoughts you have....


The September Call-Ups Have Begun! (Ep. 24)

Sorry for the late upload again this week. Holidays: they just screw things up. The trio is back together. Despite the Orioles poor record, we had a fairly upbeat show. Chris Davis and Trey Mancini are playing well. Cedric Mullins is only playing against right-handed pitchers. The Orioles are going to celebrate the blind community. And the September call-ups have begun! Let's get into it. Links Mullins not playing against left-handed...


Evaluating the Orioles Player's Weekend Nicknames (Ep. 23)

The crew is reunited! Tyler, Marcus and Jesse discuss Player's Weekend, why John Andreoli is on the team, explore any possible waiver trades that could happen this week and take a way-too-early look back at the July trades of some of the team's most recognizable faces. Connect: Website: Email: Twitter: Instagram: Facebook:...


Cedric Mullins is the best player of all-time (Ep. 22)

Tyler is out, so Jesse and Marcus hold down the Warehouse this week. What all do they talk about? Cedric Mullins, because the rest of the team is just too darn depressing. Connect: Website: Email: Twitter: Instagram: Facebook: YouTube: Camden...


Welcome to Baltimore, Cedric Mullins! (Ep. 21)

Jesse is back in Baltimore, and he brought Cedric Mullins with him! What a debut for the young centerfield. The crew discuss Mullins's call-up, the DFA'ing of Danny Valencia, Alex Cobb's return to competence, Tim Beckham's extreme failures, and Brian Roberts's induction into the Orioles Hall of Fame. Then, they cap things off with a HEATED discuss on Chris Davis and what needs to be done. Let's just say Jesse and Marcus disagree. Links: Mullins promoted, Valencia...


The Orioles did what they had to (Ep. 20)

The non-waiver trade deadline has come and gone, and boy, do the Orioles look different. In additiion to the earlier deals involving Manny Machado, Zach Britton and Brad Brach, the O's also sent away Kevin Gausman, Darren O'Day and Jonathan Schoop. We might have cried a little bit this week. Jesse is out, so Marcus and Tyler dig into the deals, discuss whether the O's got good value or not. Then they transitiion into the comments made by Adam Jones on the R2C2 podcast as well as the...


Let's get this Orioles rebuild started (Ep. 19)

The times, they are a-changing. Manny Machado was traded last week. The fire sale continued this week with the exit of Zach Britton and Brad Brach. It's a good start, but there is work left to do. Tyler, Marcus and Jesse react to the moves made so far, discuss what else needs to be done, how likely those things are to happen and what their feelings are on the direction of the Orioles organization. It's a jam-packed show! Join us, won't you? Links: Pirates interested in Kevin Gausman ans...


Moving on from Manny Machado (Ep. 18)

Manny Machado is gone. It's a sad time in Birdland, but there is business to be done. The guys reflect on Machado's time in Baltimore, reflect on the trade that sent him to Los Angeles, assess the value of Zach Britton and Brad Brach, discusses the lack of interest in Adam Jones, predicts if and when several other Orioles will be traded and bid adieu to Chris Tillman. Links: Machado is traded to the Dodgers in a 5-for-1...


The Manny Machado Sadness Extravaganza (Ep. 17)

It's happening, and probably very soon. We have likely watched Manny Machado play his final game for the Baltimore Orioles. It is the end of an era, and it might get worse before it gets better. The guys speculate about where the shortstop really will go as well as the potential landing spots of a few other high-profile O's. The darkness, it creeps closer. Links: Barstool saying Machado is going to the Phillies: The latest on...


Everybody loves Manny! (Ep. 16)

It's all Manny, all the time. The Orioles shortstop is the hot topic of baseball this week. Will he be traded? When? To whom? One thing is clear, and that is that there are plenty of interested suitors. The guys get into it this week and also discuss the All-Star Game rosters, the Home Run Derby, Colby Rasmus leaving and Adam Jones's comments to MASN' Gary Thorne. Links: All Star Rosters Manny voted as starting SS...


Jim Palmer thinks I'm an idiot (Ep. 15)

It's been a busy week at The Warehouse Podcast! First, Marcus met two of the most important members of the Orioles bullpen. Then, Tyler got into some good old fashioned Twitter beef with Jim Palmer. Jesse provided support from afar, but was bummed out to not be directly involved. Oh yeah, the Orioles lost a bunch of games too if you care about on-the-field stuff. We love you, Jim! <3 Links: Machado says the O's didn't show...


Adam Jones wants to reunite with Nick Markakis? (Ep. 14)

What a week! The Orioles almost won more games than they lost. Apparently, they are allowed to do that. Wild! On the latest episode of The Warehouse, Tyler, Marcus and Jesse answer the most important Orioles questions. Should we want the O's to suck? Is Adam Jones angling for a move? How long did Jesse cry about Pedro Alvarez? Is Chris Davis fixed? When will we see Ryan McKenna in Baltimore? What to do about the fifth starter spot? And which is better: PTI or Around the...


The Orioles have won three games all month, so things are looking up! (Ep. 13)

The crew is back together again! Tyler, Marcus and Jesse have finally realigned their schedules to bring you a weekly podcast. This week, they contemplate the reasons for Chance Sisco's demotion, banter about potential landing spots for Manny Machado, complain about the interview of Ned Colletti, wonder about Dan Duquette's current role in the organization, cry about Richard Bleier's injury and sadly agree about the fate of Chris Davis. Links: Chance Sisco optioned to Norfolk, Caleb Joseph...


At least the Orioles have cool giveaways (Ep. 12)

Jesse has no idea how the internet works. Chris Davis is getting worse. Ryan McKenna is awesome. We are on the Manny Machado edition of #HugWatch2K18. And the giveaways are the highlight of the season at this point. The Warehouse is now partnered with Camden Depot! Check us out at Links: MLB Draft: Luke Heimlich: Yahoo! story on Heimlich/O's:...


Overreacting to the Orioles draft pick! (Ep.11)

It's MLB Draft day! Tyler and Jesse don't know too much about it, but they overreact to the Orioles selection of high school pitcher Grayson Rodriguez anyway. The duo also touches on the latest quotes from Dan Duquette, the promotions of Cedric Mullins and Austin Wynns, the possibility of signing Hanley Ramirez, and they discuss pitching strategies of the future. Links: Duquette's quotes O's considering Ramirez Pitching roles in the future Orioles select Grayson Rodriguez Tyler's post...


The Memorial Day deadline is here (Ep. 10)

We have made it to Memorial Day! That means a brand new Orioles team will soon be unveiled...we hope. Until then, we have to talk about the bad team we have. Marcus is out, so we get Jesse's brother Eli to fill in. Tyler, Jesse and Eli discuss what needs to happen now that we have reached Memorial Day. Was Jim Palmer right to criticize Chris Davis? Is Brady Anderson a problem? Can the team continue to function with John and Louis Angelos running the show? Plus, we preview the upcoming MLB...


How do you solve a problem like Chris Davis? (Ep. 9)

The guys discuss the week that was in Orioles baseball: Where has the offense gone? What to do with Chris Davis? Should Caleb Joseph have been demoted? Why isn't Chance Sisco playing? The good, the bad and the ugly of the pitching staff. The latest trade rumors involving Manny Machado and Adam Jones. All that, and more, in this week's edition of The Warehouse. Links: Tyler on the Locked On Orioles podcast with Justin McGuire Ben Badler's Baseball America article on Orioles signing...