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Episode Three - A Contest, Más Rants & A San Diego Thank You?

Episode 3 - "A Contest, Más Rants & A San Diego Thank You? *This silly episode starts off with a contest for our audience. Then, some healthy discussion on nutrition/supplementation. Jesse breaks down his break dancing experience from back in the day. We get into some rants about the "Millenial Generation", TV Shows & talk a little bit about 9/11. 1.) Intro 2.) Audience Contest - Guess the Song Title & the movie that it's played in 3.) Nutrition with Coach Jesse 4.) Break Dancing in the...


Episode Two - Bo Grechka

Episode Two features guest Bo Grechka (professional boxing coach) 1.) Intro to Coach Bo 2.) The Truism - Who/What/When/Where/Why - Bo's Boxing History & Where He's Going / Oleksiy 3.) Hip Hop - We discuss Bo's all-time and current musical tastes 4.) Movies - We had to get into the movie scene...All of our top 5 movies & BOXING MOVIES 5.) Conspiracy Theories / X-Files - Sexual Energies, Shawdow Government, Flat Earth, Government Spying, etc. 6.) All X-Files - Craziest place you've ever...


Episode One - The Intro

This is an introductory podcast episode to give listeners a glimpse into the topics we will discuss on a weekly basis. Also, this episode explains the type of guests that will be on, concept ideas the show will have, some sample segments, as well as, the complete idea and mission behind it. Strap in & enjoy the ride!!! SEGMENTS 1.) Intro - Meet Drew & Jesse (Listen to the 54th Regiment) 2.) Concepts & Guests 3.) Hip Hop 4.) First X-File (My First Time) 5.) Conspiracy Theories 6.) How...